There is a lot of suspicion swirling around my head about whether those who are approaching me are enemies or allies, whether there is room to discuss them in the first place in a peaceful way, and as a result of the discussion, I will not parasitize over here with a high standard of living, etc., etc., but there was not much I could do because Mr. Ketrami would carry me away if I had to.

And the result of a long wait.

"Maybe not you, Suzumoto!?

One of the women among those approaching suddenly raised her voice.

"... uh"

On the other hand, Suzumoto didn't seem to remember his name.

There's a strange sense of intimacy in this place.

"Look! It's me, Ai Habara!

But on the other hand, the girl...... she seems to be Mr. Hagihara, but Hagihara gave a favorable interpretation that she didn't know because she was wearing a hood, so she took the hood and named me. Um, beautiful girl inside.

He also managed to remember Suzumoto in shame.

"Oh, Mr. Hagiwara? Long time no see."

Suzumoto is watching as he smiles sales.

It looks very friendly, but its hands are always in a position to pull through the sword.

"Really, it's been a while! How have you been?

Adorable Tatsuhara takes Suzumoto's hand and shakes it up and down.

"I guess I'm bummed. You know... a lot of people don't look very well."

Something tells me that a few of the following people are a little bit obnoxious, but the others feel pretty bad. He's pale, and he doesn't have a facial expression.

"Yeah... no food, no safe place to eat, and I've been fighting all my life"

Ho. I wouldn't even think about serving rice or anything. There's still plenty of pork.

...... hmm? Something happened to Hanagasaki. You smashed Suzumoto's back. What is it, that?

"That was tough."

Suzumoto shook his hands off subtly and took a step away.

And before Mr. Hagiwara reacted to it, the walls of dirt and ice surrounded Mr. Hagiwara.

"Yikes! What!?

"Mr. Ketrami! Run, please! People in the back, it's weird! It's moving to 'unconscious'!

... Huh? What's that?

Ketrami, who listened exactly to the orders, ran off on me, so I'm not well aware of the developments that followed.

The only thing I can say is that when I came back to my original place in the morning, there were a few other girls who fished for food and clothes in the lab, Suzumoto, whose expression was disappearing, and the rest of you who were scratched and fell down.

Description, Plump......

Well, I don't know what's going on - but we have to get some information for now.

Let's hear it first.... but there's no way I can hear you at this distance.

If you go in from the front, it's your two dances.

You all lost, even if you were strong enough.

Wouldn't this kill me just fine if I were to go in?

... That's fine, I want information somehow.

Sometimes you ask Ketrami to look at it and tell you, but then you have no idea what the details are.

Yep... Yep...

Um, I wish I could borrow Mr. Ketrami's visual hearing.

If you're in extended trouble, Ketrami will get me down to the ground and stick my nose out towards me.

Correction. It sticks out towards my face. On a few occasions, I was faced with my nose.

"Hey, what's up, Mr. Ketrami?"

If you're in more and more trouble, you look like, "Meet Me Forehead," so I stuck it on your forehead.


"Ugh, wow."

There's a sudden feeling of something spilling out of me... and instead, it's a tremendous amount of information... it's visual information, it's auditory information, it's feeling, already, it's all sorts of things, all at once, getting into me.

To the excessive amount of information, thoughts cease to work.

"Hey, okay? Now you're sharing your senses with me."

The voice that suddenly echoed in his head was that of a man who passed low and well.

My forehead was let go when I was even more confused by the unknown feeling that I could speak directly into my head with an unknown voice.

"... right now, Ketrami?

They made me look like, "Make me understand."


I heard a voice, not a face like "Gutsuzu, let's go."


Talked! Talked! This guy talked!

Is this a dream? Is this a dream? No, but this is a different world.

Then I don't know what the wolf's talking about, but come on!

'Now, the smart thing is, there's a path between you and me. All right? Let's go again, shall we? Then use my ears. I share a feeling, because if you look, you'll know what's coming through my ear. "

"Oh, hey, ma."

I don't know what a pass is, who you are, all kinds of things are messy in my head, but I ignore them so much that I don't have to ask questions.

And hello, huge amount of information.

And goodbye consciousness... I didn't have to do anything about it. I managed to hold out.

I manage to move thoughts that don't work, plus I manage to find 'sounds'.

You can hear the sound from my ears and the sound of my or Ketrami's heart, beyond it, farther away, more clearly.

As I was forced to take my consciousness that way and manage to focus there, when I concentrate, I hear a human voice.

... All right, that's Mr. Hagiwara's voice.

"Hey, what happened to this piece? - Isn't it cute?

"Ah, Ai, you look great!

"You can have it, right?

"Fine - these people belong to Ai anyway - and the guy says he doesn't wear a piece -"

I don't have any more concentration and I'm leaving.

Let go of Ketrami and his forehead, he's finally 'back'.

Looks like they took the MP. Shit, I tease my head.

I can't laugh about losing my MP or anything with such an enemy occupying my home base.

I don't have any herbs to restore MP.

... No, until the headache subsides a little... let's not get reasoned and sprinkled until the MP recovers a little.

First of all, those people, you said something that bothered you. "These people belong to Love too," but, well, how?

... Um, normally, Mr. Hagiwara has some kind of skill.

With that skill, I did something to Suzumoto with most of the people in the information room.

Something... um, oh, yeah.

Suzuhara-san is the first to hold Suzumoto's hand.

There was physical contact. All right, this may not be the reason for this, but be vigilant, for once.

Others probably don't even fight and pass out...

It's still more convincing that you've been hit unilaterally.

... Oh, yeah. The president said. 'It's moving even though I'm unconscious'. I wonder what that means.

I'm sure the president did an 'appraisal'.

As a result, it became clear that there was no consciousness without that faceless expression.

I didn't say he was unconscious, just that he was dead, so Mr. Hagiwara was more like "Tutor" or "Slave Merchant" or "Brainwasher" than "Necromancer" or something... I wonder if that's what it's like. No, it's a hopeful observation.

... Ok, I've managed to recover MP as well.

I think I can do it again. Ketrami and I cling to the forehead again.

Yes hello, huge abbreviations below.

Even so, I was more familiar with this than I was just now. Successfully intercepted Ketrami's hearing information earlier.

"Hey, this is delicious! Sweet! I don't know, this..."

Maybe it's not jam or candy?

"Hey, you're in danger, eat on your own."

Ah, damn, I should have mixed it with water candy or something!

"That's right. Okay, we need to make him look poisonous! Yes, Suzumoto, uh."

"Haha, cute ~!"

Looks like there's no poison.

Hey, stop, you're not poisoning my husband, you asshole.

... and I ran out of MP again around here and left.

My headache is worse than just now.

I get my head all twitched.

Disgusting...... I don't have anything in my stomach to throw up......

But if you do. I'm so sick, you're a big pinch, but I can't get any more angry than that.

It seems that Ketrami is the same over there, and he looked horrible. It's extra scary because it's originally strong.

Okay, I'm just confirming the dog tag by the time I get a little MP recovery.

After all, I'm getting more skills. "Sharing," he said.

Is that it? Is that from Ketrami earlier my skill?

I'm sure it's that straightforward skill where you can share your senses and stuff.

How can you get just the right skills when you're here?

However, MP efficiency is a mess, this.

But even if we find out the information, we have terribly few hands to hit.

One is to make Mr. Ketrami feel better.

This is Mr. Ketrami's danger, and the worst chance of accidentally attacking all of you who are in a state of uncertainty.

The second is that I managed to persuade Mr. Hagiwara... that it is impossible. Extremely difficult.

And the third.

It's just like when you met Ketrami, it's the development of new skills.

... You know, a maid's job was to keep your husband's life comfortably perfect, and I think protecting your husband and his house is also a maid's job.

So, that's the scope of my job as a maid.

So maybe that's why you get one or two of your amazing skills.