Last time, the snake ate me. That's it.

Sure, I think I'm dead, but I woke up on a futon for some reason.

Uh, me, who was it?

... that's where it comes from. I'm surprised myself.

Sure I was born in the desert...... I wasn't, uh, what, that? Your head's hanging in there, huh?

I woke up, but my head was hanging on, my whole body hurts, I can't help it, I'm alive for some reason. So I was panicking, and I saw someone.... hey, what is someone?

"Did you notice, Mr. Maido!

"Uh, you... yeah... yeah"

In front of me, I looked tired... uh...

Yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, ya Is that his name?

"Are you okay, where it hurts, don't you?

"My whole body... and my head, hanging in there... this is terrible"

Hold your head down with your hands...... that, you have hands. Why? Didn't it melt? I mean, I, I'm dead, right?... slashed flank.

Despite the confusion, a few seconds later we were to be surrounded by all of you.

I am restless.

"Maido, are you okay now"

"Uh, maybe. He's got a headache."

Good. Oh, so it became several.

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure who it is, because my head is hanging in the middle of nowadays.

"In the meantime, me, what happened?

I'll ask the guy in the kimono, thinking this guy was the leader for now.

"The snake ate me, remember... Oh, here, don't get up. Don't get out of the futon! I'll explain later, but now you're naked!

Hmm? Something wrong with being naked... it's full of problems. Um, what's wrong with me, general common sense is missing, I mean, isn't it fading?

"... so! You were eaten."

"I know."

"So, I managed to get the snake, Horizon, and Torikai, and from there... I let you out, but..."

... I know that too. It hurt so much. Is that it? Something's wrong, okay? No. Please continue.

"You had lost your right hand and both legs. There was no bone to the right leg. My belly's melting and I see ribs, and the contents... well, what, that, elucidation part 1. You weren't wearing any clothes at this point, but it wasn't an R-18E, it was an R-18G, so please do it in Nocan."

No, that's okay. That's right! Instead, I'm sorry I showed you the big groggy. Really disciplined.

"At that point, the snake died. And then Hanagasaki, you, Kabir and Kaiya used all the MPs to cure you, and so they managed to, well, form people.... Explanation Part 2"

"No, that's fine, that's... If you care about that, I'm dead."

It's a momentum that's going to cut me to the stomach, so block it and stop it.

"... so, well, then I refilled the MP and healed a little more, and the wound almost disappeared... sorry, my right leg and flank and... more than that, it stayed on my face. And my hair. I'm so sorry."

I can't help but panic this way anymore because I've been lowered my head with a face that sounds really sorry.

"No! You helped me get eaten on my own and melted on my own, so about that."

... or how awful is it?

So where you showed me the mirror, Cheng Cheng, it did discolor from the bottom of your right eye to your cheek. But it's smooth on the surface, it doesn't feel like it can pull off, and it's no big deal. Yeah. I lost it worrying.

My hair is about 20cm shorter... but I'm not bald, and yeah, this one's out of the question.

On the other hand, the one on the right leg was a little worse, and from the thigh to the inflated tibia, it left a larger burn mark.

My stomach is just like my right leg, I guess.

"To the extent that..." Disguise ". Cure."

I almost didn't know what I was like for a moment, but yeah, I'm fine. I get it.

It healed me all the time when I activated 'Disguise'.

Yeah, it doesn't even feel convulsive.

"... what do you say"

"Oh, it's healing. Good."

I don't know about the functionality, but at least if it just looks like it, I can get it back as much as I want.

"... So, you, something's wrong since just now, what's up?

"Uh yeah, it's kind of a mess of heads, like it's all mixed up, like it's not connected... like that"

I was seen suspiciously, but because I am.

"... you, can you explain what happened?... No, I wouldn't say impossible if I didn't want to remember"

"Oh, that's okay. Uh, swallowed whole, so, oh, yeah, I remember until after that... there it is, it's a mess"

Uh, I don't move, I'm in tears, I don't work my head anymore, so... from there, my memory is fragmented. Eh, I can't move, Kakusan slashed me flat in that gap, and my bones were crushed by the bird sea, but as usual, they melted and ate me out of the slaughter...



"Wow, what's up"

"I remember. I remember. I remember!

The moment I remembered that, the pieces of the puzzle were all sorts of tidy and neat to fit the pussy correctly.

"You, Suzumoto! Uh, Hanagasaki-kun, president... Shiatsu. In Horizon, uh, needle raw, bird addition... bird sea, Kaiya. It fits, doesn't it? It fits, doesn't it?

"Hey Maido, have you forgotten our name before?

Hanagasaki, you've looked indescribable, but as far as I'm concerned, it's just so refreshing.

"I remember, you say?

The president asks me and I try to stir it in my head again, and I'm convinced it is, after all.

"I shared a lot with the snake."

"Tell me if I'm wrong. Well, since I was swallowed up, gentlemen, you've been flirting with snake speed."

"... yeah"

I hear you have something on your mind. [M]

Yeah, because the avant-garde was the most flirting.

"The magic didn't work, the sword was hard to get through, and when I was struggling, I suddenly stopped and started wandering around. So, Hornsan, you slashed the snake's flank, Torikai did the bone and the mess, and he pulled me out of it. Fits?"

"It fits. It fits. Hmm... by the way, which side of the belly did I do the bone mecha?


Answering Toriko's question, he looked like, oh. Yeah, you're right.

"And then what?

"I don't know because he's dead."

Speaking of which, obviously, ladies and gentlemen, a little.

"... uh, Maido?

"No, the snake."

Was he dead once? Just declare in order to solve the misunderstanding of a needle student like that.

"... Hi, me, I 'shared' with the snake in my stomach, maybe with all my might without limiting it. Then the snake's memory and mine got messed up, and, well, that's why I panicked earlier."

Well, the snake suddenly poured in my pain and stuff, just like I got snake memories and stuff because I "shared" endlessly as a hazy consciousness. Well, stop moving and go around.

I wonder what it would have been like to try it out of a snake, the feeling of melting hands and feet that don't even exist.

And I... 'shared' seems to have continued even after I lost consciousness, and my dead memories creep strangely into my head to keep me away.

...... just hope there are no sequelae left.

"Honestly, it would be a hell of a story to tell you... if you hadn't been swallowed up and 'shared' I don't think there would have been a chance"

Suzumoto says that with a strangely dark face.

Oh, so it wasn't bad that I was swallowed up.

... Yeah, it wasn't bad, you know, well, for not just getting swallowed up meaninglessly and pulling my leg, there's a way to save it, right?

"... if you couldn't 'share', you'd be like Ketrami and Fukuyama arr. I just don't want to do the same thing with him. I thought I'd be able to do something about a unique monster without you."

... Well, I don't know how it feels.

But I don't think you have to feel that bad, do you?

I fully exploited the advantage of having more than one person... leaving one person alone and slamming him into that gap, or something like that I think I can do more... I guess I can't, these guys.

Kind to put it well, sweet to put it badly.

This is a problem. Bring it to the corner, or it'll only be around the corner, 'cause even without me, I need to be able to do something about it.'

... I'm the one who has to do something.

You're in mental shackles. I'm aware of that. As it is, it will be long overdue.

Retreat while wrapped in a futon to get clothes on for now.

When I get out of the futon and look at my body, it's something emotional.

This melted once and healed.

No, the otherworldly quality is great, isn't it?

Then, there was only a dog tag hanging around his neck. This is because I changed into bedtime clothes and left it unarmed.

Seeing where it didn't melt, it seems this guy is also made of metals of different world quality.

Once I checked the dog tags, "strong acid resistance," "poison resistance," "pain tolerance," and increased skills.

Even if this eats again, well, wouldn't it hold it for you?

... I would love for you to come again!

Just change into made-up clothes and meet me in the chemistry lecture room again.

"In the meantime, let's start today at noon. I've been through a lot, and I haven't slept with most of them."

Sorry, I was the only one sleeping a lot.

"Once we get some sleep, we'll go south again. Dismissed, then."

Though we assembled, it was dissolved immediately. The dissolution in this case is "get out of bed," so I'm going back to the lab.

Even though I did, I wasn't sleepy at all, so I had time to spare.

Oh, you can see the snake's body through the window. Big. Spectacular.

But that, can we just leave it? Wouldn't it be hard to rot?

... or snakes have meat too... thank you.

So this is a snake demolition show. No.

It dissolves quite a bit with the snake's own digestive fluid, but for how many minutes, it stays quite a bit because it's originally big. In the meantime, the skin and scales... you want something. And meat. Is it delicious?

So we'll do one knife, dismantle it.

It's a corner, so let's try it with a weird patterned knife that's dispensed.

All right, then, knife in.


... Oh, just what just happened (abbreviated)

I mean, if I thought I put a knife in the snake, it was split in the wind that the snake was meat, skin, scales, bones, fangs, moths, eyeballs and something......

... is there, strange, has anyone stopped time?

I went to look at the clock and nothing in particular seemed to stop time, so maybe I dismantled it in an instant.

... Is it possible that this knife did something?

Well, it's got a weird pattern in it, and this could happen. Yeah, I'm used to this stuff already.

In the meantime, I'll have Ketrami help me with what I could dismantle and store it in the physics lecture room. Yeah, it's a nice view.

Now, the problem is' something 'that was there after the snake was dismantled.

Specifically, he's about the size of a human head, a metal box.

Maybe it was in my stomach, but there's something wrong at the point where I'm keeping that shape without even melting it, okay?

I found that the box was split between the lid and the main unit.

So, it's got a key.

... It's hard. Let's turn it off in 'Cleaning'.

Yes, I turned it off.

If I lose my key, I can open it already, so don't hesitate to open it.

I wonder what's coming out, what's coming out.

... There was a thick book in there.