In the meantime, we were all just able to get out of the basement safely, and I just wanted to take a break, but there's one problem.

Gentlemen... Especially the rear guards. They drained the HP and MP guys, and I'm tired, but more than that, I feel like the next time they come back to like the roots just now, nothing's gonna happen.

So, let's give up lunch and get through this uncertain meadow as much as we can.

So Mr. Ketrami got on board with a needle student who was relatively light, combative and less expensive and ran away.

… how this happened, it lies in the characteristics of the 'metastasis' skill.

This' metastasis', it's like a skill that allows you to go where you saw it once, but 'saw it' is a miso.

I mean, if you see it, you can go anywhere you've never been.

I mean, all you have to do is' share 'the vision of the needle student who rode Mr. Ketrami and went all out of his way, and' metastasize 'there where appropriate.

Of course Mr. Ketrami and Needlework are slightly dangerous, or something like that, but if that happens, you can sense the crisis right through the needlework's vision. All you have to do is' metastasize 'me there for each of you. Or, if it's Mr. Ketrami's leg, it looks like he can get away from most of the monsters, or he can.

Isn't this a cheetah skill?

For this reason, Mr. Ketrami refused because it was more burdensome to "share" Mr. Ketrami's vision by having him run alone than to "share" with humans.

Also, you wish I was on Mr. Ketrami, which I also reject.

I cannot stay aboard Mr. Ketrami, who walks at all costs......

Then a few dozen minutes later, Mr. Ketrami and the others went through the meadow, and it looks like they went into the forest zone, so here's the 'transfer'.

Mr. Ketrami also has a horn of ravioli, and if he runs any further, the needlework dies.

Even with boulder corrections and combat jobs, it seems tough to be riding Mr. Ketrami, who is fully ill.

Ya, good luck.

Even in the forest, well, there's no guarantee that nothing will come from the ground, but it's better mental health than where the roots were just now.

So I expanded my room, took lunch, which was probably gone, and had an early dinner.

Oh, I got raw meat a long time ago today, so it's not smoked meat.

I'll sauté it and match it with white carrots or potatoes. And then, well, rice in salad for classic vegetable soup.

Also, today's raw meat is bear meat. Except it was on fire.

Since when did the hippo get on fire......

Because of that, well, Hanagasaki was very active. You see, it's not effective for fire to be ice with water.

Furthermore, the "song song" of the confirmation of cheap after being grabbed by the roots, that, after all, was by Hanagasaki.

Sounds like that song, which will be "Watermirror Song," is a substitute for relieving the damage caused by fire.

... This seems to have other attributes, right?

And, well, I finished dinner like this, but instead of going to bed early, the president will confirm my current location in order to make a meaningful use of my time.

The president makes good use of "mapping" and "far-sightedness" and "exploration" to make maps, but this time it was a beautiful and refreshing cut on the road, so you don't know where you are right now.

But for once, the memory of visual information on the road lies with me, Needlework and Ketrami.

So you can share the area, so I'm going to use "sharing" all the time.

Or, instead of Ketrami around here, this floor... you have a perfect grasp of about the eastern half of 2F, so already, mapping is going to progress.

And my MP gets really shredded, and so does the President's MP. Mr. Ketrami doesn't seem to be.

Others were brewing MP recovery tea, rubbing the president's shoulders, and brushing Mr. Ketrami.

... I can't work to my surprise. Well, you're a maid of honor, I can't help it.

So we have a 2f east half map.

No, you look like Ketrami.

I checked on the map and the current location is just, the staircase east of the north wing...... I mean, the ruins that were there until this time and the staircase east of the south wing, which also sounds like something ruin-like, but, well, it looks like we're around a quarter of a point there.

As a result, Mr. Ketrami was roughly a fifth of the distance he was run when he was fully ill enough.

It's fast, Mr. Ketrami.

If you're Ketrami, you're just going to run around this floor endlessly with just the right amount of running around for the day. No, I made it. I made a terrible creature into a watchdog.

... but the end of the fall, or this map didn't make much sense!

I mean! In making this map, I have all the visual information about the 2F East Half from Ketrami! Everything! Shh, be! I shared it and flushed it to the president.

I mean, right now I can go anywhere in "Metastasis" for about 2F East Half.

... What, now the ruins, do we go? Hmm? I mean, that sucks a lot for boulders, so let's not.

Even if we know geography, what's happening there right now is another matter.

I'm not sure there's anything around the ruins, and I'm going to take safety precautions.

Still, I know where it is at the moment, which is important.

Especially since me and the president and the non-Ketrami didn't know where we were, and in that sense, it's good to make a map.

I'm going to be hit by headaches and nausea just thinking about 'sharing' that amount of information with 7 other people on the boulder...

And if it makes sense to make maps, it means you can keep writing there.

Currently, the map writes about the native areas of wheat and the points where they fought weirdly strong monsters.

If it's just Ketrami's information, that's really where it comes out.

Then, I didn't get much classroom information from Ketrami's visual information.

Ketrami has been rooting for the woods around where the chemistry lab was lately, apparently. I mean, it was quite a while ago that I came to the south side.

And, Mr. Ketrami, he didn't see a single classroom then.

Looks like there was only a ruin, but that's probably a lot different, too.

... Oh my God, oh my God, I felt like I was one step closer to the secret of this world.

Well, I was able to create a map here and check the current location, but it's still too early to go to bed.

... so I decided to stick my neck in the problem I was shelving a bit.

In other words, it is the reading of Alive Grimoire.

In the meantime, to try to open it.

"What is this?"

"How many words?

It will, won't it? Ah, good, I wasn't the only one who couldn't read it.

"Then why don't you go 'appraise' against the contents?

Well, it will, won't it?

"... No, I can't read it at all"

"Not this way either... Mr. Maido is"

"You didn't even know the title of the book, but you can't read it, you dickhead! You're making fun of me, you guys!

In the meantime, although I tried to 'appraise' the contents of the book with the facade of being able to 'appraise', as a single person, I could not decipher a single letter. Mindless.

"I mean, as of" Alive, "aren't you going to read it?

Uh, try talking to him or something? Yeah, all right.

"Hello -"

... no change. Damn, you're so busy with this book, you book piece of shit!

"Try burning it!

"Stop being irrevocable."

That's right.

"So, you want to 'share'?

Books and 'Sharing'.

I broke into the opinion that it would be absolutely dangerous and that it would be better than an organism, but the execution was decided by my vote in favour.

"Look, don't be impotent, okay? Go back as soon as you're in danger. If things go wrong, we'll interfere from the outside, right?

"Ohhhhhhhh. Then go and come."

Make the MP go full speed, then head over the cover of the book, and 'share'.

I'm used to this feeling, too.

... oh, this is... so easy! Information that was order! And not enormous amount of information at all! Above all, this welcoming atmosphere!

Ketrami is Suzumoto, not to mention it's easier than snakes.

That - maybe you don't originally do 'shared' to biological opponents.

All right, all right, for now, I don't know if there's a table of contents for this book or anything.

Page one, page one......

Oh, this could be it.

"You are."

... Uh, what the hell does this mean?

Do you want to go to the next page?

"You are."

Oh, hey, seriously? All right, next time, let's go.

"You are."


Um, come on, you, uh, come on.

That's the only way to make sense, right?

If I had a question mark, I'd still be there. Seriously, you're the only one.

You didn't learn to use the subject and predicate in school. The idiot who wrote this book.

I was wondering if page 4 wouldn't be the same. Next time I go, there's the shock content!

Who are you?

... Uh, maybe it reflected my stupidity? This.

That's so cute to think about, this guy.

But that's it. All I can smell is a book or a landmine trying to converse.

This kind of thing mostly brings in trouble and the market is set.

Specifically, suck off the life force of the conversation partner, or something...

... Let's not. All right, go home. Leaving, leaving.

Yep. Exit exit...

... I lost sight of the exit.

Lost in a real book.

The book says, as always, 'Who are you?' as it were.

Um, if you're really upset, will you guys come from the outside?

... Then I can't help it. Do you want me to go out with you?

"It's just a stubborn maid."

I won't say my name. I don't like it if they badly mediate some kind of black magic.

You know, the name, you have an image that's going to get caught up in something like that.

What's a maid?

"It's about the servant."

Don't even know the maid.

When the hell was that book? This.

"What does a servant want?

Do you want it? That's... yeah, that's it.

"Gale's Panties"

... No, look, I was wondering if it was a promise at a time like this.

What the hell is a gal?

No, you know, I'm sorry, too, but guess what.

"I'm kidding. What do you want, yes, yes... hmm... what? Will you ask for it?

"Dear Left"

... What!? What!? Oh, seriously!? Uh, all I can smell is something bad... Bye, yeah.

"... how many, or are there restrictions?

No, you'll hear this first.

Yeah, I think greed is a virtue.

"Three points per person."

... I don't care if you say it like a supermarket sale.

Don't you really know everything about this book? Gale panties.

I'm starting to get suspicious.

"But it's expensive, isn't it?

"The price has already been paid"

"I don't remember paying you, you scammer."

"Dialogue with you is the price."

... Yep, I mean, I mean.

"You wanted someone to talk to?

When I asked, the page stayed the same for a while, and when I thought I finally switched,

"Dialogue is an intellectual activity, and it's only natural to ask for it as intelligent."

I mean, you wanted someone to talk to, right?

... or poor guy! Something about the neighborhood that I don't bother to honestly affirm, and all of a sudden this guy seems cute!

"Oh well. Oh, seriously, you'll give me anything?

"Only by intelligence"

"... and you say?

"For example, knowledge"

... Oh, Naruto. That kind of shapeless stuff, you mean?


"By the way, skills and all that."


... Whew! That's three! Dreams flicker!

This is why you can be the strongest maid of honor!

But you have promises for times like this, don't you?

"By the way, there's a contract or something"


"Oh well. First, then. Give me the right to increase the number of things that I can give you."

... Shiraku, after the book was silent, the page finally turned, and this happened with some trembling letters there.

"I had no idea!

... the guy who made this book is an idiot!