Now, negotiations have begun with Alive Grimoire.

"So, that's okay, right?

"I don't understand."

"But I told you earlier."

"I have not offered such conditions"

"I told you the contract would be included in what you get. You know, you get the right to increase the amount of stuff you give me because it's an intelligent thing called a contract, right?

"But that's indirectly going to be breaking the first condition, unacceptable."

"The first condition would be 'up to three points per person'. It didn't say anywhere that every single one of them shouldn't be a set product."

"Think Common Sense"

"Common sense doesn't make any sense in a broad sense to think more commonsense than can be transformed by position! You have common sense and shit in your contract in the first place!

"Within Good Sense"

"Good sense is just like common sense, boggle! You're getting worse!

"The moral."

"Fuck you!

As a result of a prolonged exchange that seems very irrelevant, such as...

"Give me a break already......"

Hence, the loose letters appeared at the end of the page.

"All right. Let's respond to the indication that you're bad at 10: 0, okay?

I won.

"Then there are seven things to give me"


"However, if I wanted something that was" used in intellectual activity - used by intellectual activity "but you couldn't give it to me, it would be no-can and there would be one more thing that would give me"


"I do not want 'the right to more things to give' or its equivalent"


"I don't want the same thing"


"You can only give me what you want, but I'm free to give it to someone"

"If I could give it to you, it would be possible, too."

"That's it, okay?

"That's all right now..."

All right, I've mounted the conditions quite favorably for such a kanji.

Seems equal at first sight, but it's probably pretty bad.

'Cause I already know one thing that will definitely treat you like a' no-can '.

All right. Then let's hope not.

But going from the rules I just presented, it seems like it would be a good idea to hope for 'something you don't know over there or can't give to me, and it's not going to hurt if you really can give it to me'. In other words, a line that is too much for a no-can aim and does not damage a no-can aim when it comes off.

... Okay, but first, there's something I have to ask you about that irrelevant.

"Tell me how to get back to the world we were in."

"Gather the shards of the world and form them into their original form." If you do, it won't open the way. "

Oh, the way this book suddenly talks (or it says, so the sentence, what is it?) I got stubborn. Thanks to you, it's hard to understand, a lot.

But the shards of the world, what?

... but I'm too ill to use one question here. Let's hear it if we can afford it.

Next, then.

"Explain in detail the conditions under which you can master the 'skills' of this world"

"Skill becomes a mirror that reflects itself. The corresponding skills are more within themselves than they were. The skills you gain if you change the appearance of things also change. Especially if people can change '

... Yep eh? I mean? You can get what you need and if you're right, you mean you're just finding the skills that you originally have, and if you keep repeating them, you're getting the skills that we change.

Yeah, well, maybe... there are people who don't get it with the same skills or repetition, or who don't have to repeat it a lot, you know?

Yeah, convinced.

All right, next. Third.

"Then explain the profession in detail"

"The profession is also the same as the skill, a mirror that reflects itself. However, the profession becomes a mirror that mirrors the path of itself. Off the road is unacceptable. And when the man meets the way of division, and chooses one of them, the path of the same shall also change. The fact that you can only see one path without guidance is proof of the strength of your thoughts on your path. '

It's hard to get involved! For the book!

Maybe this is it. In the end, that person's aptitude.

This can be a 'split path' too, but I guess it's not something you can change right away like a skill.

So, the last one... did you cheer me up? For not changing my profession like the others.

No, one after the other.

Four.... maybe it's time.

"Seeking Jewelry Information on Gale's Panties"


"If you don't know, you can't give it to me, then you're a no-can. So, add one more thing for me."

So full for fourth take 2.

"Where are the people from the beginning of this world?

The point is not to dare ask people about their very existence. If you weren't there, you'd get more things in Nocan, and if you were there, you'd save on the number of questions.

"To the lower world. flourish, especially in the heart of the lower world, in the heart of the lake '

Lower level...... hmm, 1F, you mean. Hmm. I'm just about to go.

Next, then.

"Is there a common sense in this world and a decidedly bad feeling in our common sense?

"I can't answer you because I don't know your common sense."

"You said +1 in Nocan. Then learn more about this world's identity system, including our classification"

"The king obeys God, the nobility obeys the king, and the citizens obey the nobility. The slave is to the king, to the aristocracy, to those who obey the people and resist God. You are of the other kingdom. And if thou shalt be ordained, thou shalt be a servant, and therefore thy servants shall be treated as citizens or nobles.

You have slavery. This is what I wanted to know. It sucks when you're accidentally enslaved.

We... yeah. Sounds fine. If I were a maid of honor, at least you'd be more than citizens. All right, all right.

Then let's go next.

"Regarding money in this world, based on currency units and prices and the long panniers I'm wearing right now, please."

"Long Pannier......? And?... um... '

Oh, I'm in trouble. All right, all right, make it no-can.

'... All right. There are seven currencies in this world: iron, copper, silver, gold, white gold, magic steel, and treasure balls. Each of them will be equivalent to one currency on top of the other in ten sheets. Are you Long Pannier? Then, there are special enchants, made of a rare cloth… roughly 120 pieces of silver coin, etc. With 100 pieces of silver coins, a family can live in quality for a month. Others......'

Uh, it still went on a lot, but here's a discount.

However, if I were to say anything, this might have been the best place to do it.

Next, then. Uh, three more to go?

I'd get more if I could no-can it out, but it wouldn't be nice to be too greedy.

...... then, is it time? Did you play your role as a maid, gathering information well enough?

"I want you to strengthen me. At least not without pulling everyone's legs."

This is what I want most.

'I don't understand. In Nocan.'

... Yep, yep, yep!? Nande!?