It is.

Of course, I think there was definitely a student in 1F.

The 1F in the south wing is the staff room, but it's not like there were many students, but the Red Cross Club should have been active in the infirmary, and there should have been a broadcasting department in the broadcast room.

Since there was a family cooking room and art room in the north wing, I wonder if there was also a family department and art department and a photography department.

Furthermore, 1F is ground, so the gymnasium and room building 1F are 1F as well.

What's more, if the ground is also 1F, it can't measure the number of students anymore.

... So, how many maids were there in there?

So far, I've never seen a maid other than me.

I've never even heard of it.

Everyone but me won't be surprised at the earliest possible time in combat, I am.

And I wish I had a maid and a clear upper and lower relationship, but if not, if all the students were treated in the same line.

... they may also fear being enslaved. Especially women.

And if I can help every student who might be that unlimited number of slaves... think realistically, I feel harsh about Hiji-kun.

We definitely don't have any money. No handouts, no connections, no power.

There is no way that we can do that or the slave liberation movement.

Worst case scenario, we're slaves too END. In that case, I don't feel like I can use my skills to get down normally, but I can't even get eyes on a lot of people if they get passive.

So, based around here, we need to think about what we should do when we find classmates, juniors, and seniors who are being enslaved.

It's too dangerous to just hit it.

"As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to help as much as I can. It's just that if this one's in danger, I don't have any chili. So I don't think I can do much with my neck stuck in power or power"

"Well, as far as we're concerned, if we can help, I think we should stay within reach."

Within reach, how much... well, that, how far ahead of us in the future... can we get the money, how much status can we get, and so on?

"Does that mean you need money... I haven't decided to have a student who's still a slave, but I guess I've never been over there to prepare them. Probably the most gold now.

"Not me, huh?

... Yep, how come you all look like AA from Kochminna.

No, it's me, isn't it? I don't care what you think. I don't think slaves are that cheap.

"You know! Let's go! I don't even know how to make collars like this to keep you from being enslaved! Do you know that?

Besides, I was not just amused, but annoyed by Hanagasaki. I can't solve it.

"No, because. Once you sell me, and I'm the only one running away with a 'metastasis', and you sell me, you run away, and you repeat, you make infinite money, right?

See, it's not common, when you steal and steal the store number's eyes in some strange dungeon, and you sell all your belongings and then you steal them all and you run away, like... Oh, I don't know. How about that?

... That made me look like AA from Kochminna again.

It was a blind spot.

"Oh, Maido, you could have run away..."

I don't know.

"I think this is the fastest! What do you say!"

"Even so, why would you try to cross a dangerous bridge that way... Even if it were to be" transferred, "it would be out at that point if the equipment was confiscated."

Oh, speaking of which, you are.

'Metastasis' is a barretta-dependent skill, so you can't activate it without it.

"Anyway, selling Maido is definitely nasty. Even if you do it, when there's really nothing you can do about it, you're going to do it with strict vigilance. I just hope that doesn't happen. At least it's not something you do over and over like you want to sell, run, sell, run, whatever you think."

Well, I thought it was a good idea.

"... what were you talking about..."

It's a golden plan.

"Oh, yeah, it was about the gold measure. Yes, it's a golden measure... but the most realistic thing right now is to sell clothes made by Maido, or birds and birds and oceans made of metal processing, and then... the president's poison will be a little hesitant to sell. Oh, is the stone processing in Kaiya okay?... er, anything else?

"Yes, sir. Me, Ketrami, and Huntle."



"Who else thought of a decent idea?"

"Yes. Why don't you go get a job somewhere else? We can use our skills."

"Hmm, if you do that, you're going to get tangled up in rights and smudges, us"

As a result of the deliberations, there were no more jobs.

There are more disadvantages than disadvantages.

Whatever, we want to set up a short-term showdown. Only to get back to the original world. I don't even want to live in this world forever. Come on.

"What about a demon crusade or something?

"Uh, it seems possible"

"It depends on the amount of money you can earn, but that's probably the best part."

Sure, this world is mostly fantastic, and it's not weird to have an Adventurer's Guild or anything.

"So in the meantime, should I make and sell things?

"No, you stay with us. Stolen."

Oh, whoa. Yes, I was.

Mm-hmm. Then it gets harder and harder, a lot of things.

I'm not a fighter, but leave it alone and it'll be a problem.

I'm really sorry for the trouble.

"Well, if there are any students who are in a slave capacity, I'll help them within reach. I won't force it. As for the golden measure, basically if there is a demon crusade or something, it is. If it's inefficient or something like that doesn't exist in the first place, make something and sell it. Then, Maido will never leave us.... so that's it, okay?

There was no objection either, so this is what the future policy looked like for now.

... Ok, I have to get something to sell now.

Now, for the remainder of the afternoon, I'm just finishing up my English studies (getting 'translation' skills) and working on the sewing while I make dinner.

I tried dyeing with the grass around there because it seems like it would be a pain in the ass to cross into something hostile to us after it was in the hands of the local residents that it performed very well.

I tried, though.

... For some reason, it feels like 'weed' when I 'appraise' around there, despite the fact that I used that kind of grass.

It worked. "Soil Resistance (Weak)," he said.

... There it is, that's crazy. Could it be, could it be… I have, until now, misrecognized 'dyeing'.

That alone works grass... mint, laurel tree, that's the only thing that has to work with 'dyeing'... yes, I assumed it on my own.

But, but 'dyeing' was... Hi, that didn't matter, it works a lot, that's what it seemed like.

I grew up there to try it out. I don't know. I even tried 'dyeing' a guy like an empty lily or a rose flower the size of my face, and it got hard.

It is stained with beautiful skies and roses, and the accompanying effects are "Flying" and "Temptation".

... Skill, I got it. Hey.

Especially though it has just been found that these skills are hectic.

The "flying" obtained from the empty lily is like being a needle student in Suzumoto. I can't really do anything like kick air and fly, and I wonder if a flying stone can slow down and fall when it falls from an exquisite height. It feels like, and even to the "temptation," I couldn't confirm the clear effect.

... I don't know what would happen if I did embroidery or something?

But anyway, selling these... hey, it's dangerous.

Only, I want to keep the benefit of my skills as a trump card for us otherworlds.

If they had the same card we have, it wouldn't be a battle from the nose.

So the result is a feather that repeats a really barren experiment called "Finding a dye with no effect".

After mixing three or four dyes, it turns out that the effect will offset each other and disappear perfectly.

All right, now you can make a safe product even across the other side.

... where, well, it's time for dinner.

Therefore, in order to secure a large amount of dye, I let five maid dolls hold the cage and let them go outside. I've actually been doing this for a long time now because I think independently and they pick up flowers, trees and grass on their own. Or because if you don't, you can't experiment with dyes or anything.

Collect the maid's doll at the place where dinner was also served.

There were grasshoppers in the corner of the lab in those days. And then I'll mobilize around Suzumoto and Hanagasaki, who seem to be appropriately free, to get the wood again, and then I'll make a cloth and dye it and sew something up. Let's do that.

So it's dinner.

It's venison today. Kakusan, who just fluttered out, came back in charge.

He was tired of the bear meat because he kept eating it.

The deer around here are horns. It's a beautiful, bright amber horn. It's going to look like a jewel once it's processed, right? Except this deer, the hooves spike. It hurts if you get kicked.

So the menu is a stew stewed in white rice, salad and venison.

Brown sauce and tomato-based brown stew, huh? And there's definitely not enough dairy to make a white stew.

... Really, I wonder if dairy cows have fallen somewhere.

After dinner, they mobilize people without question and without production-based skills to collect wood and even fibre it.

Mr. Maid, I was able to mobilize all the dolls to spin the fiber from the edge, (Oh, my God, the needle raw and the bird made the spinning machine right! It's a proper maid doll size. You did it!) Once all the wood has been made into fiber, it will be gang-woven from the yarn that was made.

Since it's a corner, try to make something that none of the practicalities are called Cupra of Zhu Zi Weaving. Look, if you make it badly sturdy, you're going to gain defense.

And just when the maids finish spinning, my weavers will be mostly done, so I get into dyeing.

One thing to be aware of here is to make sure that there are definitely more than four dyes mixed together.

Otherwise we will be wasting good performance on the local residential market, which is dangerous.

However, when I mixed it unplanned, it all turned out to be a gray, cloudy color, so I decided to do a rough color coding and mix dyes of similar colors. This way it won't be that bad a color.

I leave the sorting to the maids dolls and I even restore the MP while coloring the gangster cloth with my 'dyeing' skills.

The cloth you can do is full of beautiful colors, what a pleasant task. However, while restoring MP, it does not change the fact that I have a series of skills at great speeds, and it is difficult for my head to become more and more hazy.

That's it. It's like I'm walking an MP interval......

Sleep today where the pile of grasshoppers in the corner of the lab disappeared and instead a pile of colorful cloth. I can't do it anymore. I don't want to spend MP anymore.

"Clean" Mr. Ketrami and Huntle as usual, then bury them in Mr. Ketrami's stomach and go to bed with paradise that wraps Huntle around his neck.

Hold on, it's going to be a day I won't be distracted from tomorrow.

Hang in there.