"You mean you have to go to the gladiators' tournament to pack it?"


We are currently having dinner with fish taken from admirable sea fishing.

It would be extremely dangerous if we deployed the classroom and the people in town found us, so we sat on the coast driftwood for dinner. That sounds outdoors.

... That's crazy. It's weird that you haven't been outdoors before when you think about it. Wow, I'm scared of feeling mahi.

The menu is simply sashimi, rice and miso soup. Um, fresh fish is delicious.

I've never done anything fishy, and I just did it right for the price, but I was surprised to get the fish.

I wonder if this is also of a different world quality.

"I didn't know it was a prize, classroom. Maido-san, take the soy sauce."

"Ah, needle student, next, soy sauce me.... Is it Mono Tri Nona's department that makes the classroom a prize? So what's the prize in the Dj Hexa department?

"I think I'll have to go to the royal castle once, including around there. You have to compete in the gladiators' tournament anyway, but it's no different."

We have to collect 'Shards of the World'. I'm not sure what that is, but maybe it's about a classroom in a falling apart school. If so, it has to be in our hands before the classroom gets into someone else's hands and goes somewhere else. If I suck, my classroom could be destroyed, and if it does, I can't take it back.

And then there's the means to get that classroom... the gladiator tournament, though it will be, in the individual battles, 3-for-3, 9-for-9 parts, each of which has to win...

This is terrible.

I mean, we have to have nine fightable people... without me, eight, right?

"Isn't it Maido?"

"Yeah, you don't think we should let them compete. I can't say anything because I don't know one rule right now, but I think maybe the winner is the kind of rule that can demand something from the loser. So when you take Maido and Marie, it sucks."

"If you say so, then there won't be enough one this time, that means..."

"Do you want me to try my best to meet a shadow figure or something?

"No, it's why we have to be two when we sign up... I mean, shadowy, do we have any more?

Um, you can't stay. Do you borrow one person from somewhere or let me out with risk awareness?

"If possible, one person, somewhere we'd like to find it, but the risk of Maido just now is something we can tell you about. It's no stranger to be done than we are exotic. Will someone join me in knowing that?"

... Oh yeah. "The fear that I will take if I lose" can remain, as can "the fear that you will all take if you lose". Well, there's a difference in status between slaves and nobles.

"Maybe if you go to the royal castle, you'll be waiting for a scout or something?

Yeah, well, it's gonna be hard to get people together, like, in Nona's department.

It's not weird to have someone like that.

"Then let's go to the royal castle first.... needlework"

"Ketramilide... I don't want to disturb you, but can't someone who's not me do it?

When Suzumoto rang his voice, the needle student clearly looked disgusted.

Yeah, if Mr. Ketrami swung you around, you'd definitely get motion sickness no matter how much of a correction you were.

"It depends on Maido's burden. Maido, who can 'share' lighter burdens than needlework?

"Come on... I haven't done it all before. But if it was Needlework and Hanagasaki, I wonder which way it was going."

Needle students get tired because their gaze moves all the time. Hanagasaki-kun doesn't have very good eyes with Hanagasaki-kun, and from my height convenience, I feel uncomfortable bursting and that makes me tired.

"... because. Anyone else want to do this to open up new frontiers?

Needlework, don't you like so much full-blown ketramilide? [M] I don't like it.

Please, give that armored brother a break. Can you give me that ride?

Oh, I also have an application from the Ketrami side. That's right, you don't like being heavy.

"Ketrami said she didn't like bird sea."

"Because it's heavy?

"Because it's heavy!

No, I'm not talking about the original volume, I'm talking about armor...

"Mm-hmm... then outside of Needlework and Birdsea. The loser rides. Yes, at first."







... By the way, it was Horizon who served the goo, and it was the president who served the choke.

It's a boulder, gentlemen.

After a few actual advanced brainstorming attempts, the president, who had read too much behind it, was to ketlamilide.

Let's go.

Okay. That's how the president and I rendezvous using 'transfer' from the vision we got by 'sharing' our vision.

So we are currently in the shadow of the rock in front of the royal castle.

Estimated 2 km to the royal castle. Relax. You can walk at my pace for about 10 minutes.

"Well, just like when you walked into Deiche Mall, Marie, can you ask for it?

Copy that, sir.

Apparently, the Royal Castle's scrutiny is tougher than the Deiche Mall.

If anything happened, we agreed to ask Suzumoto or Torikai, the master of the mouth, to join the battle, and we headed to the castle gate.

"Stop! It's a bunch of wolves there!

Is that how you treat me, after all? Ah. Well, you're right, Mr. Ketrami is the most conspicuous one, no matter what you think.

Now, the first must win, so when I soot, the gatekeeping soldiers' twitched a little.

... Yeah, could it have been a bad idea for slaves to come out at a time like this? But I don't know if I should leave.

"This is for the sons of certain eminent aristocrats."

Talk to the soldier who was nearby for now. The contents are the same as they were at Deiche Mall, but nothing's good, right?

"Oh, well. And there you are."

"So, a leading nobleman's"

"Oh, no, not those who are later refrained from doing so, but..."

Oh, is that me?

"It's just a servant."

You'll see, dude.

"Oh well... um. So, what brings you to this country?

He said, "We're going to take part in the gladiators' tournament."

"Hmm, well. Then hurry. You have until tonight to sign up for the tournament."

Oh, well, that was pretty safe.

I almost stuffed it really, really. Oh, hey, hey, hey.

"Which way do you sign up?

"There is a huge colloquium going straight through here. We're doing reception around there, so you can go for the Coliseum first."

Ho. Would a building that big ever get that lost?

"Thank you kindly"

"Ugh, um.... Oh, you know,"

That, you still got something? Did I say something wrong? Or did you? and inner cold sweat, but fasten the surface to keep it decent!

"Well... I mean, are you allowed to go out freely?

"... what?

Behind Mr. Gatekeeper, I heard one of the colleague-like people whistle.

Hey, what the fuck?

"Well, no, if you're free tonight, I was wondering if it's for dinner."

...... eh.

Um, um... I'm just happy with the rice, but I don't think it's just for 9 people. I can't leave everyone else alone.

Or are there servants who are allowed to go out freely? Oh well. I'll learn.

"No, because I am your husband's slave. I won't let you."

Or before that, strangers invite me to dinner. I'm afraid of different worlds.

"Duh, slave!? You did!?

I was surprised there for some reason, Mr. Gatekeeper, and I walked over to my colleague to talk to him about something.

... Shit. Oh, no, no, no. I might have done something to you.

Was it a bad idea when I said slave?

What am I going to do? Toriko and Suzumoto arrived when I sent a gesture to all of you to ask for reinforcements for now.

And as the three of us waited, the gatekeeper came back.

"I can give you 180 gold coins. Will you sell me this slave?"

... That's it!

"Say no."

Oh, I'm so used to this kind of interaction, Torikai's calmed down, but Suzumoto's looking pretty!

"Nah, then with 185 gold coins"

The way the price is raised is squishy. Osama from the pawnshop in the north of Deiche Mall has been pumping up 20 sheets or something, right?

"No. No matter how many piles I get, I'll never give this guy away.... can I come through?

"... you're going to the gladiators' tournament. Which part do you want to go to?

I'm not gonna tell you.

Wow, I don't even have a nibble. This is really pissing me off. Hey, this guy.

"... Fine. I'm going to the gladiators' tournament, too. Then I will win over you, and then I will have this woman."

I'm running nervous on this side!

What the hell is that! You don't have to show up. Me!... Oh, well, is that also an ant because slaves are noble possessions?

"... lady, what's your name"

It's Rosemary.

"Don't call me honest, asshole"

Oh, I'm sorry.

"... come on, go through. I'll see you in the Coliseum in ten days. Miss Rosemary, too, I'm sure in ten days. Welcome to the King's Capital, Eizor."

... thus managed to pass the gates of the royal castle as well.

No, I don't know... it was a tough scrutiny in a different way than I expected. What? Was it some kind of check on the beauty or something? The one now?

Uh, uh, Cora! Mr. Ketrami, I can't yell! You don't roar! Mr. Gatekeeper, you must be scared!

Uh, uh, uh! Hanagasaki-kun! I can't hold my middle finger!

Uh, uh, uh, uh! President! Please, stop spraying poison!


"You're in trouble, too, dude. Torikai, even Deiche Mall looked like this, maybe."

"It was similar, but something was of a different type"

"Well...... nevertheless, I was prepared because I heard there was slavery...... that's extremely unpleasant. Should we do something about Marie?"

No, he said he didn't. It's your fault I'm tired!

Nevertheless... I have a feeling I've been caught up in something terrible.

For now, when I went through the castle gate, I went out onto the main street of Castle Town.

It's easy because I think we should go straight through here.

Yeah, I mean, I see it already. I see it, Coliseum.

You're so big. Yeah. You don't have to lose sight of that.

Well. So I got there, Coliseum.

Yeah. There's some really tough Osama around here, brothers.

The woman... she's here, but she's hardly there.

And... no one feels like a wizard. Many women also look like bandits and warriors. Not to mention Osama & your brother.

"Hey, brothers there. Are you going to the gladiators' tournament?


... Oh, you guys moved and deployed me in a flash to surround me?

"Oh, come on, it's not like I'm taking that sister and eating. Easy, easy."

"Oh, that's bad. 'Cause that's what happened a couple of times already."

That being said, ladies and gentlemen, you will not break the siege net.... What should I look like at a time like this? What a complication.

"Well, can't that sister do it? That sister, shouldn't you let her wear a mask?... That's fine. Hey, brothers. If you're short on numbers, why don't you hire me? I remember your arm there, don't I?

Oh, my God. Could we all be here waiting for the scouts?

That would be a quick story. You can hire someone here to go out to Nona's department.

Hmm. The question is who to hire, what is it?

"Hey, if you're gonna hire this guy, I'm stronger, right? Leave it to me."

"No, no, no, if so, when you make it ours! Keep it cheap!

"If you want to hire a guy like this, I'd better! My arms are sure!

... like this, I'm completely surrounded.

Um, what do I do?

Looking at all of you for a moment, the president and Kaiya's gaze were 'appraising' the way they were moving.

Oh, that's the thing.

When I 'appraised' too, I somehow got to the point where I distinguished between someone who was obviously strong and someone who wasn't.

And among other things, who seems particularly strong....... yeah. I'm pretty sure it's better because I'm also with the president and Kaiya.

"Let's make it that guy"

The person who seemed to be resistant to dantoz...... the beautiful red-haired woman stood silently a little outside of the crowd.

And when the president points, he slowly pulls the crowd closer together.

"Oh, you nominated Atashi?

"Oh. How much will you hire?

"Thirty silver coins. Which one?

Suzumoto sneaks up on me, so I sneak out the OK sign.

"Okay. Nice to meet you.... Marie, give me the money"

"Yes, I did....... 30 silver coins. Best regards,"

Take 30 pieces of silver out of the bag and hand it to the woman close.

When the woman received the silver coin, she offered her hand to Suzumoto.

"Atashi, Dalia. Nice to meet you."

"Say hello."

While I say it, Suzumoto doesn't try to shake hands. The... uh... yeah. That's it. Shinohara-san's handshake seems to be traumatic. Confused, Mr. Dahlia. I'm sorry, Mr. Dahlia.

Well, I'm kind of anxious to get ahead of myself, but now we have nine combatants. All right, why don't we sign up?