And, for now, check the situation. Apparently, this is a place like a barn.

Stone floor on stone wall. It's more like they put me to sleep on top of it for once.

One side of the wall is made of bricks, the other side facing each other is an iron plaid. Both neighbors are made of wooden planks. Hmm, it's a room I don't know. Looks like they caught this after all.

No, what's 'be careful not to get caught'? Yikes! You're getting caught brilliantly from the side you're talking about! Don't do what I say! Idiot! Idiot! Bastard!

Yeah, yeah, maybe he was mixed up in some spicy stewed dish that went out to dinner.

That's why it's so spicy. It's hard to tell if something's in there. Spicy.

It was probably something that didn't catch on to 'poison resistance'.... Not surprisingly versatile, 'poison resistant'.

That means it's possible that everyone who was eating the same food is doing something about it.

We need to get out of here.

Well, I don't have any trauma whatsoever. My head hurts a little. My hands are handcuffed, but they're loose. No restraints on the legs. I tried to 'appraise' the collar, but when I tried to remove it, it didn't explode. All right. Let's just see if there's a 'metastasis' valletta.... None.


... I mean, I don't even have the hatchet and knife I kept hidden in my skirt. Mr. Maid, there are no dolls!

Oh, if you look closely, there's no more scarf fastening with a defensive lifting effect!

They couldn't remove the collar because it didn't have a key, and at that convenience, the "demonic voice" choker that looked like it was under the collar remains intact.

Because of this, the collar newly worn is of any size. Well, it's sad that it's not coming off.

And the most disturbing thing...

"Huntloo... are you there?

Oddly enough, my shoulders suck. Yes, there's no Huntle here! What if Huntle has also been confiscated!?

I'm here. Ohhhh. '

When I thought..., I made a face from between the second and third buttons on my chest.

Why are you here?

"Um, if it stuck to my arm, I'd be crushed because a lot of people would touch it there, and I'd be running this way"

Oh, I'm glad you're a good driver! I was laid on my back, so if I did stay on my chest, I wouldn't be crushed. All right, all right, it's hard.

"I'm going to be so fuzzy here, I'm going to stay here!

"You can't do that."


"You can't say it cute."

Let Huntle go back to his shoulder puff sleeve and figure out a way to get out of here.

... Currently, I wonder if the skills I can use properly are about "Fire Magic," "Appraisal," "Song Song Song"...? Yeah, but, well, with all this, you can do anything.

Yeah. Let's check the cheap first. When he sang a little and activated "Prayer Song" and "Wish Song," he immediately pounded, and an empty pattern floated at his feet. Hmm, at least you're safe, Hanagasaki.

Okay, okay. Well, actually, this cheap check is also important.

Look, Hanagasaki, your "song song" is "Watermirror Song," right? Flame damage reduction, right?

... So, I, I can use Fire Magic, right? So, so... the wall here, the iron plaid in front, the brick wall in the back... the side, the tree, right?

Yes, arson. Keeping the stove's strong fire gutted, the wooden walls managed to burn out. They were reasonably damp wooden boards, and smoke often appeared. Wow, that's pretty hot because it's close, it looks like "Watermirror Song".

All that is left is a big voice.

"It's a fire! It's a fire! There's a fire! Help me!

If I had even made a scene, I could hear the doodle and the footsteps. All right, that's good. That's good.

And when the men came to the front of the iron plaid, they saw me and the fire, frightened (pretending) by the fire, and hurriedly opened the key of the chamber. Alright.

"Help! Please help me! The collar's connected to the wall!

And if they behave as if they were to panic, and let them rumble and ring the chains of their collars, they would be in great haste.

"Damn it! Why the fire! If the slave in the corner dies, neither the ex nor the child!

"Collar keys, collar keys..."

"Hey, hurry up! Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! If I didn't want to die!

Someone who was doing something terrible managed to find the key, and he took my collar off.

"Ooh, we're out!

And he pulls me out of the barn. Yeah. Thanks. I've been waiting for this moment!

"Huntle, it's now!

"How dare you!

A brilliantly controlled 'shadowedge' pierced the people's chests without any difference.

And two people who fall lightly.

... 'Shadowedge' is one of the dark magic skills of flying and attacking a blade of darkness. For some reason, the hunt can be used, so I also asked the needle students who can use the "shadow edge" about the effects and characteristics. Thanks for this, the effect of stunning the target is more valuable than the damage.

Huntle's "How dare you" just comes out with three smaller blades than the needle raw, but it works great.

He's stamping the two Osama exactly.

Just in that gap, when I walked into the door across the street from the store, it was a cleaning equipment storage area.

Super lucky! When I find a hatchet in the corner quickly, I 'clean' the handcuffs with it.

Let Hathaki stick it in the apron pocket, go outside the door, and work on handling the two stamped Osama.

Osama Part 1 had a knife pinched in his belt, so I will use it as much as possible.

Cut and rope Osama's shirt, let the monkey bite and tie his hands and feet. Same goes for Osama part 2.

Then I'll strip Osama and the others of their gear.

... Oh, I'm not stripping (but I cut) weapons and ornaments, sort of.

This means harvesting three rings and a pair of piercings that were in Osama's possession, five silver coins and eight copper coins that were in his pocket, and one large dagger in two knives.

I decided to keep the two knives where they fit and hold the dagger with it unplugged.

... Ah, it looks like Osama and his stans have unraveled. But it's tightly tied, so I'm not moving.

Hmm? Everything says that?

... Oh well. You haven't had a fire yet. All right, all right, you're pathetic that there's no more fire left on than leaving me here like this. All right, can you extinguish the fire with 'cleaning'?

Done. I can do it. I'm not in the 'cleaning' category anymore. No, in a post-processing sense, it's "cleaning."

... Well, I can't help staying here, so let's get out of here.

In the meantime, there were only two empty stores on the floor where I was and the cleaning utensils were put in earlier, so I'm going up the stairs carefully.

As soon as someone is there, tell Huntle to 'do what you want' and show his face a little to the hallway up the stairs.... Okay, no one.

I can see the door at the end of the hallway. That would be a door that leads outside due to leakage of multispectroscopy.

Which - and rather than going outside and running away, it's quicker to 'transfer', perhaps reclaiming my gear that I want to believe is still somewhere indoors.

That opens the front of the two remaining doors in the hallway.

Carefully open the door just a little while making sure it only leaves across the door on your right shoulder. I mean, so that Huntle can see the inside of the room.

"How dare you!

"Whoa!? Does anyone want to do that?!?

"Oh, I'm sorry, Maido, I took it off."

... Apparently there was someone there. Even though I could have accidentally taken it off, I was overwhelmed by it.

But Huntle isn't bad. Sorry, Huntle.

"There's someone there, isn't there?... Don't move."

Shit. Shit, shit, shit.

Something tells me people are getting closer! And there's the sound of a twitch. Shit, they pulled the blade out.

I will never set up a dagger.... No, I don't know how to set up a dagger.

And I made sure the signs came right next to the door, and for now, I kicked the door in momentum and closed it.

I heard a dull noise. Nice hit.

"Say no! Hey, you son of a bitch! What the fuck!

And the momentum opened the door so I hid in the door and moved to the wall.

"... that? Where the hell have you been?

Then, where that Osama is, he slips his face out of the door.

Osama stopped frightened for just a moment, and it's this close range, it can't even be removed.

"How dare you!... Oh, I did it, I hit it! Now we hit it! Maido, praise me, praise me!

"All right, all right, Huntle, that's great."

While stroking Huntle with his thumb belly, make sure that Osama, who seems to have stunned, is properly stunned.

So that Osama is in custody, just like Osama just now.

One gold coin, two silver coins and five copper coins were harvested from this Osama.

No, I'm pretty nervous.

Osama rolls it around the corner of the room and quickly locates the room.

Hmm, nothing big.

There were just two gold coins out here.

My gear, no?

Hope you have my gear, open the next door, just like you did earlier.

... Oh, now there was no one there. All right, I'm going into the room.

It was a normal room in the room. Yeah, pretty normal. It was a normal room in an example inn room that Mr. Dahlia introduced me to.

There are only two conspicuous boxes on the desk. One is bigger, the other is like a jewelry box.

Oh, this looks like something you can expect!

Looking at the contents of the box, it was indicative, or it contained a set of my gear that had been taken. All right, there's nothing missing. Thank you for keeping me with the knife so politely until Hathaki. I thought it might be abandoned because it was the most whimpering thing, this. No, I knew the first hataki was attached.

Retrieved gear will be equipped here as soon as possible. Uh, I put a knife in the knife place... no, I'll keep the knife I harvested from Osama and the others on the apron waistband.

Then 'appraise' the jewelry that was in it, even though it was like a jewelry box. If there is any rustling, take it and go.

What, a thief? What are you talking about, me, I was thieved. He just grabbed me and ran away, and the other guy didn't hurt or anything. The plus just went to zero. That means I paid for it because I found it deducted, that's what I mean.

In other words, there should only be some kind of penalty for the crime, otherwise the crime was done and won, and just in view of this lawless world, I am in a situation where private sanctions can be imposed just as often, and this should definitely penalize those who stole me, even if I think socially...

Well, the early story mumbled, I'm not reflecting, that's what I mean, yes.

Grab it, you bastard. Forgive me. Seriously, make sure it's gone. So that means, yes.

So 'appraisal'. Then, well, there was a brilliant harvest.

One is a weird stone brooch with light running inside. It has the effect of 'thunder'.

The second is a much more silver delicate and simple finely crafted bracelet. It has the effect of 'hidden form'. Hmm, this is easy to understand.

The third, a palm-sized gem, came out 'appraised' and then 'broadcast room'.


... Huh?

... But there's no way we can expand here to make sure...

As, well, no, results aurai. I don't know, but I'm gonna wrap this tightly around the cloth and into my pocket so I don't lose it. The brooch and bracelet... had to be lost, so I put them on to hide in my clothes.

With that in mind, you can 'transfer' here, but I don't even like that you don't know where this place is, so I'll just open the door and peek outside.

... um, a dim alley without a crowd, that's all I know.

Well, no, I don't need to stay very long. We need to find you. Yes, 'Metastasis'.

In the meantime, let's start looking around the last place I was with you guys.