So I'm on the table.

I'm armed once, but I'm a maid even if I'm armed.

"Look, I fight with my bare hands, but you use a knife, but what do you want me to do, you can be serious."

Suzumoto is unarmed. Instead, he hasn't even come for his usual dressing.

Look, that dressing isn't a substitute for getting more aggressive with the 'wanderer' correction. That's why you changed. If you decide poorly on me, you're going to die before you recover.

I'm a little pissed off even though I know that's coming from a difference in strength, this licking puff.

Yes, so thank you. Combat training began based on predictions that the first round of the Department of Gladiators Games stuff is likely to be in Battle Royal format.

My goal is to break through this Battle Royal = WWI for now.

... You can't! What do you want from a maid, you guys!

No, sure, I've stretched Osama by about three when he escapes from being grabbed, but that can be called Huntle's shame, and Battle Field was pretty good for me, too.

If there are many blind spots, it's easy to be surprised. If you're surprised, there's nothing you can't win.

Or I could win.

But the colloquium is a colloquium.

We're talking about having an audience seat, so this should make Battlefield easier to see from the audience.

I mean, you don't have a blind spot or anything.

It's pretty impossible at this point, my survival.

... Well, in the worst case scenario, if you keep 'metastasizing' and running away, just surviving... Oh, no, wait, don't ever lose your MP.

Anyway, "metastasis" is surprisingly fuel-efficient.

If so... I don't know what to do, really.

"If you're not coming, I'm coming."

Well, come on, Suzumoto's beating me up.

In the meantime, I will change this with 'metastasis'.

When I moved behind Suzumoto, this guy, it was a hitting system until just now, and all of a sudden he changed his system and kicked me in the back!

"Now you're out."

And if it was, it was inch tight. Bit, scared......

That's why World War II.

Now I'll set it up from here.

Remove two knives from the skirt slit and run towards Suzumoto.

And since you can pack your time in an indicative moment, throw one at that moment, "Metastasis".

Turn around the back and the other one protrudes as much as you want... Yes, Suzumoto was gone before that.

And the knife I threw won't stop.

To the comedic thing about coming straight ahead and stabbing yourself.

"Wow, are you okay, Maido?"

"Are you okay, 'Heels'"

You're all worried about your recovery, but this doesn't really hurt that much.

Look, because when the snake ate me, I tasted another lifetime of pain.

It didn't even fart as long as the knife stabbed me because it came with 'pain tolerance' at that time. I'm sure you can do something like gag cartoons.

This seems to be something that everyone else has in advance as a correction.

That's the guy Suzumoto said before. I can pretend there's nothing in the vanity even if they decide to flank me.

I wonder if that's what happens when you get me as a skill.

"Then it looks like he's recovered, and we'll go again"

Hmm, that was a good line for you earlier, if you get one more hand, maybe you'll hit it.

... Hmm, if you just need more simple maneuvers, you can.

So WW3.

Me at the same time as the start, "Transfer" over. Yes, I did while I said I wouldn't do it anymore. But now there's plenty of MP, and you're all right because you're here.

And the moment Suzumoto lost sight of me, he deployed exactly 20 maid dolls in "Doll Manipulation"!

Mr. Maid, the dolls think independently. And I'm giving these orders.

"Stick to Suzumoto! Be as cute as you can!"


As ordered, the maids puppets usually stick to Fu Suzumoto and get in the way of their actions.

Suzumoto shakes it off relentlessly.

But what we have here is a number of violence! The moment Suzumoto's vision slips away, he 'transfers' to the ground and goes to stab Suzumoto!

But where the blade tip hits or not, the counter turning kick is inch tight or nothing, it's nicely decided, and there's a feeling the ribs should be, me, down.

... No, damn it.

"Hey, you okay!?

When I woke up, I was surrounded.

Is this the norm at the earliest?

"I'm sorry, I'm going to stop, but with reflexes,"

"No, you're not bad. You can't stop me in action."

But, you know, just a spinning kick makes my ribs itch, and I'm not the weak one, am I? There's something wrong with Suzumoto, isn't there?

"I don't feel like I can fight anymore"

I got my ribs healed, but my temper doesn't heal.

The maid's job is not to fight in the first place. It's wrong to fight.

"Hmm, if you're looking at something now, it's a good line, but unfortunately, it's a shame..."

"Isn't that the wrong policy in the first place, Mr. Maido? Maido's strengths will be that he has a lot of weird skills, and he needs to make more use of them to get around."

Sure, I knifed the means of attack this time, but a knife is short reach, and it's not really the right weapon for someone like me.

... or, after all, fighting, is the wrong premise in the first place.

Yeah. I'm a maid. Weak.

That's what makes you a maid of honor, boasting a weakness to lose 100% if you fight head-on with someone in a combat position.

Then I guess the maid should fight on the maid's mound.

All right, well, let's check the terms of this win one more time.

It's not like we know the rules in detail, but the Battle Royal format, after all, is that the people who fought each other in large numbers and survived to the end won.

I mean, you run around like you first thought, and you just have to stay until the end.

You can't just run around, you can't win this.

In other words, even if you take the tactic of war of fighting each other with people other than me, you will be single-handedly beaten with the last one left.

Then what do we do?

A way you can be a maid, a way to win without fighting.


... Yeah, it's a corner, so let's try some new skills, or moves.

I mean, that's it. It doesn't have to be an injury or death, as long as you keep your opponent out of combat.

"Are you sure you're okay? I still don't want to be a murderer."

"Hey! Come on, let's go!

It is dangerous to deal with Suzumoto any more in action, so I decided to try to fight Hanagasaki-kun, who still has relatively low physical attack power.

...... yeah. He's a wizard. Still, you have a level of aggression you can kill me with your bare hands, don't you? That's crazy, isn't it?

That's why I avoid Hanagasaki, who went in without saying anything right after the start, with a "transfer," and take a great distance.

And before you move, Hanagasaki, I'll sing as much as I want!

Singing songs is an old good number.

People call this a lullaby.

... you see, there's both 'song singing' and 'babysitting', me. I wondered if I could, but I knew I could.

When I thought the wave of thin purple had spread, Suddenly Hanagasaki-kun... Instead, I put all of you to sleep.

... Hmm. Isn't this something you can do?

I woke you all up because staying asleep interferes with everything.

You didn't even notice you were asleep.

"What about MP efficiency?"

"For what it's worth"

At least, if you want to put 8 people to sleep, the MP consumption when you manipulate 5 doll manipulations for about 10 minutes on your own thoughts is not enough.

Well, I mean, you're more ecological than 'metastasis' or something, this is it.

"Then Maido manages to win the first round with this. We'll keep our earplugs shut, so if there are any members in the same group who are going to be in the first round, we just have to fight them right at that point and lose."

"What if I didn't join any of you in the first round?

"We'll meet in WWII anyway. Neither are we weak. I'm going to win the first round or so. So you just have to retake."

Oh, well.

"And then… what to do with the time lag until you use it,"

Yeah. Right. That's it.

"I wonder if I'll buy time by 'transferring' over the sky,"

The moment I said that, the physical momentum began to simultaneously calculate something.

"Mr. Maido, if you moved over 300m, you don't have 10 seconds until you fall... are you okay?

The fastest calculation was Kaiya.


But 10 seconds. Ah. Well, then, you can't sing a little.

Um, well, you can try "embroidery" or "dyeing" to slow down the drop rate or something like that.

If we maximize the effect of the "flying" of the empty lily, we may manage to ease the fall speed and do well.

It's time for the evening, so I'll make dinner arrangements.

And all of you said, I went hunting for a big spotted bird flying around there.

No, I'm going to fry today's rice from, so I told you to hunt the birds for what you eat, and we're all out hunting.

Oh, my God. I didn't think we were all going.

I can't help but grate ginger and garlic and prepare sauce to rub on meat, make vegetable soup, and to wait for you all to come home.

While I was waiting, I was just thinking. Enter the study "Something to Improve Stagnation Time".

The empty lily grows on 1F, so it's not here, but I have stock for once, so let's explore it.

First of all, the first thing I try is to embroider it in a cloth dyed with an empty lily thread.

I tried it, and it came with a skill called 'Flying Sky'.

... is it a quick hit?

If I use it quickly, something, my body floats in the universe if I want to float. However, up to 1 cm from the ground.


But this, I wonder if we could go with more cloth area. Or will I be lighter?

... Ah, a little town. Hey town. This... I've been thinking about a great way to use it.

If you use it for light things, can't it be worth it?

So I made it, doll-sized apron dress.

Quickly put on your maid doll an apron dress with a light impression of an empty embroidered skirt made of plenty of cloth on an empty cloth. Then floated.

I floated. I floated.

"Come open the door for a second"

I thought independently, and when I gave the order, I flew away and opened the door and came back.

Yeah. Now you can widen the scope of 'doll manipulation'.

However, I envy this, the other maids dolls, so it's going to be the wings to make for the number of people...... yeah. No, we'll go to 1F again tomorrow to get an empty lily.

And you're all back.

"I'm home."

"Welcome home, master."

"So stop it, it's disgusting"

It's been a long time since we had this exchange.

"Birds, because I've got them. This one, please."

That said, the number of birds you all pile up on the lab desk, 16.

... How much are you guys going to eat?