Yes. It's that morning.

Have a quick breakfast and maybe prepare lunch, MP recovery tea, and an afternoon snack. I'm no longer in the mood for excursions.

And all armed, and I "disguise" in Mr. Dahlia's condition (red hair, orange eyes, and wheat skin) and "transfer" to the example inn in Wang Du.

We're supposed to be staying here right now.

Then I pack all my luggage into a luggage compartment that looks like a traveler in this world, like a newly bought leather bag or a leather napzak, and I'm leaving for the Coliseum.

The colloquium offered a reception.

It's the stuff department today, so the reception is for each and every one of us.

Here, as Mr. Dahlia, I will complete the reception without difficulty and explain the time of attendance, etc.

After all, they had a huge number of participants this year, splitting Battle Royal into all eight blocks, and two winners for each of those blocks can compete in Game II.

There are theories as to why two people are so strong that I don't have half the shame when two people get into the same block and crush them, or I don't have time to divide them into 16 blocks.

I'm... G block.

Um, what about the rest of you?

"I was a"

"Oh, um... I'm an A too, right? Wow, you're wearing it. Oh, but can I wear it for up to two people?"

"Yes!? I'm an A too."

... Quickly, Suzumoto, Kabir and Needlework were worn with a

At least one of these guys will never make it through the first round, so...

"Um, then I'll abstain. My methods of warfare are not for Tyman."

That's what Kabir says, so maybe Suzumoto and Needlework will win.

Yeah, come on.

"I b. Is there another B?

"Oh, it's me b. Why thank you.... you should have had an avant-garde if you could... sorry for me..."

B is Hanagasaki, you and Kaiya.

Um, can the last two win well?

Maybe not one of them. Wizards are at a disadvantage at times like this, aren't they?

"Am I the only C, you're anxious"

Looks like C is just the president.

This is also a disturbing sort. Good luck.

"D is... just me? Wow, are you serious?"

Is D alone in Torikai? But this one feels stable. Good luck.

"Me... F"

Horizon, you look like an F. This one will definitely win, I think.

... that, but then that? Me, alone.

"What about Maido?


"Good luck."

Yeah, I don't know what this whole thing feels like.

"I mean, that's it, because E and H don't have any of us, and C and D and F and G are all alone, so you definitely mean that in WWII, more than eight of us will be anybody but us."

... That, this, me too. Is there quite a risk that WWII will also be a feather to fight seriously?

"Maido, are you okay?

"I'm only confident enough that I can't tell you it's okay!

"I don't want you to run around kidnapped again."

I don't like it or anything, I don't know if I'm here, this is...

"Mr. Maido, for now, think about winning the first round. World War II is after that, so we'll think about it later and we'll be back in time."

... Well, in fact, the president is right, isn't he?

In the meantime, I have to work hard on the first round...

So I'm going to take an audience seat first.

Suzumoto, needlework, and bird addition are A-blocks, so they should be holding off already.

You and Moya from Block B are already in the holding room.

So this is why we're going to relax and watch the game and spill it over here.

"People who have become A-blocks are a little disadvantaged, because people in this world are fighting without knowing how to fight right now."

This is especially true of the president.

In that sense, I'm the most advantageous of all.

G-block is the last of these, so I can see how everyone else fights, do some research, and then get into my own game.

After all, I wonder what their strengths are on average, or something.

Um, I figured people in blocks A and B would be pretty disadvantaged.

It is hard to say that more than half of our members have been assigned to A and B.

There's nothing I could do around here.

"All we have to do is research and win... good luck"

Well, Horn Three, you're right, we just need one of us to win.

One winner. I want us, because The Magic Room of the Other World is a winning prize.

"Oh, it looks like it's going to start."

Your eyes are serious as you pinch the tea and baked confectionery and it looks like you've entered a relaxed watching system.

I need to take a good look, too.

Athletes gather on the circular stage of the Coliseum.

That number, 25.

Um, a lot or less?

No, that's a lot. I can't imagine 25 riots or anything.

And somehow the announcement flows, explaining the rules, etc.

At the end of the day, he didn't become incapable of fighting, and the two remaining men entered the second round without even going off-site, which explains it well enough, so the discount.

Note that the announcement appears to be magically loud.

'Then let's come. Lady Fi!'

Live is the same in all worlds, let me take a tour of the brawl that started quickly.

I knew the three of you were extraordinary.

I can't laugh at the fact that I blew up about half of it just the first shot of the bird already.

Later on, I'm going to play the needle raw and the people Suzumoto shot and leaked as if it were a digestive match.

It's too fast to learn anything from it anymore.

And when there are only three left in no time, the bird adding abstains and ends.

In the meantime, the situation didn't seem to have had time to live either, without any commentary.

... for no reference whatsoever eh!

"This is terrible"

"I agree"

"I want at least a decent way to fight next time"

I knew adding birds was unusual, that one.

And block B next. It shouldn't be enough that we don't know what happened so much because we're two wizards over here.

So I've been watching right after the start.

But what a terrible thing, Hanagasaki-kun's first shooting "Lightning" left five.

The other three are awesome.

And the remaining three, Hanagasaki, you and Kaiya continued to make contact, and finally it was the chivalry-style man who moved.

I stick my sword in a straight line aiming at Kaiya. And at the same time, bandit-style women try to get around with daggers.

But Kaiya, sweep them away with a light 'light sphere'. Terrible.

And there were three left.

The man, who is neither Kaiya nor Hanagasaki, is a warrior of war waving a great sword with his length, and so on. My whole body is armored, so I can't see my face.

And that person, when he goes into Kaiya and is prevented by "Ark Boat," he kicks that barrier and forcefully changes direction toward you, Hanagasaki. Wow, wow. It's a complete force move.

Hanagasaki-kun fought back immediately with "Ice Bullet", feverishly preventing it with "Ice Shield".

Every ice shield, Hanagasaki, was about to slap you off. That warrior was avenged for breaking his shield, and the brilliant 'Ice Bullet' hit him.

The armor was frozen from the spot where it was hit, and the "laser shot" that concentrated with the "lens" burst where the warrior's movements stopped.

But this, a warrior who forcefully twists his body to avoid fatal injuries. Wow, wow.

From there, there were countless attacks, and I even looked at it and researched.

The audience is also enthusiastic about this. Um, I don't know because I was too upset about the boulder earlier.

Then, finally, the attack of the warrior was decided upon by Hanagasaki... Hanagasaki was bounced off the scene... on the verge of freezing his own leg and stopping him from sewing at the end of the stage. Yeah, that's absolutely cold!

But Hanagasaki-kun stood up only with the power of his abs in such a situation, while erecting ice like a spear, aimed straight at the chest of the warrior who tried to strike him.

... The moment the warrior's armor was crushed and the ice spear stabbed the warrior, the warrior's sword snapped Hanagasaki's leg.... ahhhhhhhhhhh.

... so Hanagasaki-kun lost the first round here.

Block B will be won by Kaiya and the Warrior.

Yeah. That might have been the best spot of the day, right now.

And block C. It's the president's turn, but as expected, what a terrible thing this one has done.

President, what you thought, is suddenly 'Poison Rain'.

"Poison Rain", as its name suggests, is a technique that rains poison...... still, that is, a snort in an instant.

There remained only one wizard-style person who appeared to have been prevented by some kind of magic in his guts, and one double-swordsman who stood still while his strength was cut.

And finish lightly with the double-swordsman with a 'poison arrow'.

This is terrible.

Next up is block D. It's Birdsea's turn.

This one was already fighting a tank system in the middle of the Kings Road.

Prevent even, hit even.

The tough way to fight like that, though seemingly simple, is terribly intense and difficult.

Do you avoid it, or do you do it, or do you prevent it with your skills?

That's a very good choice, this guy.

And this one is endangered, tailoring the remaining wizard-style women and the bandit-style men among the bandit-style men, who look mighty bandit-style.

Hmm, around bothering to leave a weak guy on top to favor a later war situation, it's not hard. I mean, you're clever, this guy!

E is... it's alley because none of us are out, but, well, you know somehow if you look at it.

The exotic... I mean, the guy who was in the same school as us is being enslaved to compete here, so he was very strong.

Just swinging a big hammer makes it quite a threat, doesn't it?

Well, you don't know what happens when you get nostalgic for that.

Or if you look at it, the exotic... the guy who was in the same school as us, he's a bad fighter.

Perhaps you are all too good, but after all, waste stands out in every single act.

I might be able to avoid that.

... No, I feel like losing even if I avoid it, flirting with the cracking and crushing stage in its aftermath.

And E-block broke through the first round with the guy and a weak-looking runaway swordsman.

There's supposed to be a Horn Three on F, but I'm gonna be on that next G-block myself, so I couldn't be seen.

From what I heard later, I heard you were strong, Kakusa-san.

And Hornsan and the other, this is Hornsan. A bowman-like woman who survived because she didn't come near you broke through the first round.

And G-block. It is my turn. Let's get serious!