Morning. Good morning.

When I woke up in the morning, the maid usually got more fit even when the doll slept with me.

So cute.

Leaving that aside, today is the last day of the gladiators' tournament. Let's stick it out and come.

That said, it's easy because my job isn't a big deal anyway.

Just like yesterday, make rice and lunch and leave when you have breakfast.

Today's lunch box is the type of old good Japanese lunch box.

This type is the most worthwhile thing to make.

He just said it would be hard to pack a lot of freaks.

Especially since fried! It's hard to pack this kind of 3D shape and irregularly shaped unaccommodating solidity.

Let's just say that stir-fried chopped vegetables and such are very good stuffed personnel.

When I pack it, I pack it with the maids. Oh, not like this. I did it and packed it.

So, off we go.

I'm going to keep my mind off it because it's probably like a half digestion match today anyway.

... Hmm, apparently this nona department, I'm ashamed to leave alone, but not so ashamed to be with my people! Like, it seems like a lot of people come out thinking like high school girls who all go to the bathroom together.

Oh, no, I'm a little unsure when the high school girls say they're all going to the bathroom because they're ashamed to go alone.

Now, it was a team of only nine girls who won the first round.

I have nine young and beautiful daughters called Running Adventurers.

It's hard to fight!

Um, but you're more than ready to come out on these occasions, aren't you? I won't take responsibility for my death at this tournament, but I have a proviso like that.

"Wow, hang out with me when we win!

Besides, when they make these cute declarations, it's hard to fight as far as I can anymore. I mean, there's only one woman here, but these cute girls... uh, are there more than one? I don't really care about you, do I?

"... you didn't take any measures or anything from them anyway. Dahlia, please."


I couldn't help but fight, so I got everyone to sleep in The Lullaby.


The next team to hit was the example gatekeepers.

This one, well, there was a similar proclamation yesterday, and I fought cracking and serious.

Not very much, but I couldn't afford to 'clean' my weapon, and I reserved it for turning from behind and 'cleaning' my armor and stuff.

No. If I go inside that spear, I'll eat one shot or two without reading through it.

It would be better not to do anything so much as let me crack my recovery, so I'm even watching later.

I hope you have strong company.

So I won without any effort here either.

Once lunch was pinned here, we were set to reach the semi-finals.

Well, you'll be able to go without so much effort this time, and I was wrong to think.

'Let me introduce you to the match cards here! First, the east side! Hammer Warrior Alai! Singing Princess Uttagawa! Mage Hanamura! Swordsman Kono! Mage Kabragi! Warrior Siina! Knight Kaji! Archer Umino! Archer Ikeda!......'

...... all opponents, all the names that sound nostalgic somewhere.

Yes. All, like us, exotic...... I mean, it was a bunch of people who could use their skills, not magic.

Maybe that's it. I guess this was the result of the nobility who bought exotic slaves while avoiding the depletion of slaves, and then tried to obtain the 'exotic magic room'.

If it was Nona's section with a lot of teams like the ones that hit it in the first round, it would certainly be easy to win.

The difference in power per capita is too different. If that were as many as nine, even a rubbish tactic would reduce wear and tear and win.

'Come on, it's the rarest, most exotic match in the world! I can't keep my expectations down on this!

This... yeah. You've decided on my method of warfare.

Zubali, Operation "Take One More Road"!

... this is a fine operation too.

So I met him on stage, but this is terrible.

Full face for all opponents! Damn, I don't know. Yes.

To be honest with you just by your last name, as far as I'm concerned, the friendship wasn't that broad, it's refreshing who it is.

Well, we can't lose here, so we just have to win somehow.

I will not hesitate to take note of the strategy I take, as it has already been acknowledged by all of you.

So immediately after the start, we "transfer" and move into the middle of the enemy formation.

Then, although I didn't assume it, it was still much faster than I imagined, and someone's sword stabbed me in the stomach as much as I wanted. But, well, it's not painless, but I can move.

Unfortunately, I have 'pain tolerance'!

Honestly, unless it hurts more than being dissolved alive in the snake's stomach, I think it's mostly bearable.

So with your sword stabbed in your belly, 'metastasis' again.

Someone who stabbed me with a sword and I should be able to get involved in about four later, but the two of them left at an unlikely rate of judgment, so in the end there were three of them involved.

Still, it would be better if only three maids could get involved.

I moved him off-site, so I was able to treat the three opponents as exits.

... and I thought, I don't know how it works, but when I realized it, one of them was leaving.

Hmm, was it an illusion or something that you thought you were involved in?

Well, no, still, they shredded. And for one person, the palm was exposed slightly.

Yeah, up. I guess I could say I worked hard inside.

I'll leave you guys to it.

Watch the game while the clerk heals his belly wound.

While I was talking about myself, drooling my bloody blood, I said, 'What the hell!' I have the energy to scream, I can walk myself to the emergency room, the quality of the other world is amazing.

Well, he said it was painful for the opponent inside that I shredded the two of them.

I see disturbances in movement.

Or the other side didn't have any combination or anything more than it used to be.

It feels like we put together nine people in a collection.

Maybe if I left nine exotic slaves together while they were getting along, they'd get away with it, or something like that.

In contrast, there are 9 of us at once... No, except for me, 8 of us are people who have been fighting monster opponents for 8 from time to time. We're good friends.

So it's definitely good on this side.

In fact, Harvard of Birdsea played the big hammer of the hammer warrior Alai, who was also in the things section, and immediately drove Mr. Alai out of combat, and Hornsan turned the magician-like person over there off-site, which is a huge leap forward.

Hmm. That's overwhelming. That's 8-for-5. I guess it's enough to keep pushing.

... and I thought.

I thought so.

Lost! No kidding! Yes! How did this happen!

Don't ask me why, I don't know why...

Only, when I told him what happened as it was, he said, 'The girl over there said,' Please, lose! If you don't lose, we're done! 'I shouted,' and this side went all down. The woman who screamed also went down '.

I wonder if it's reasonable to assume that the other girl went down because the MP went out, and this one went down because of the other girl's only skill.

... But no way, I didn't know you'd lose...

What should I do? Now we're gonna miss one of the classrooms.

We won 4 of 5 clubs, but honestly we didn't care about Ji and Hexa, but we lost at the heart of Nona.

Shit. I was supposed to get three classrooms here, but I missed one.

... Will this lapse be taken back?

They are all dark faces and will be attending the awards ceremony.

The award ceremony takes place on stage.

Watching people move around with patties in preparation, etc., while we wait.

casually, we've all won our own club, so we're all supposed to be at the awards ceremony. Anyway, do you guys mind if I leave, no, I don't feel good.

"Hey, sorry, be quiet"

Birdsea suddenly shut everyone up when we were discussing our future policies on the dark side.

We all knew right away that maybe we were using 'Hell's Ear', so shut up as we were told.

As it remained quiet for a while, the bird sea's face became more and more interesting.

I thought I was terribly stunned, and I grew more and more fuzzy, and ended up laughing inclusively.

"... what's wrong with you, you look weird"

Horizon finally returned to me after you poked him. Toriko, I said something very interesting.

"The winning prize for Nona's department was stolen, and they found the people who stole it, and they boarded up and searched Ajito, and they were already gone, right?

"What's the story och?

"In the Azito we entered, there were three detained Osama rolling, and the walls of the basement barn were burning - no, no, that's scary!

... Oh, oh!

"The guy who stole more from the guy who stole the winning prize... what the hell is Mr. Horia!?

"One way or another, I feel like Mr. Wordsmarie..."

... that is. It was supposed to be a prize for Nona's department, and it was, "The Broadcasting Room," he said.

Nice! Me! More praise! You can praise me!

No, it's really all about life, Cylon Horse.

That's why we smiled at Hochhok, and the organizer side started the award ceremony in a bright blue state.

"Uh, Ministry of Things winner Kadmi. Praise your bravery and present the sword that dwells in the lost bounty and the magical room of the exotic."

The eyes of me, the president and Kaiya just moved, 'appraising' the sword and jewels that Horizon gave you.

... ho. The jewel is the 'staff room'. The sword has the effect of 'prestige'.

All right. Next time.

"Next, Ji's ministry winner Holliu, Katri. Praise your bravery and present the bracelet that dwells on your lost bounty"

I even 'appraised' again and these two bracelets are amazing! Maybe! The effect it has is' communication '. I mean, transceiver?

If it's going to be a means of communication, this is going to be quite convenient.

"Next, the winners of the Ministry of Things, Tin Moto, Hagasaki and Dahlia. Praise your bravery and present the wand that dwells the lost bounty and the magical room of the exotic."

You have something on your wand that makes you 'think faster'. Hmm, easy to understand.

And wait, if you're in the classroom, it was "Printing Room". Wow, that's what I expected!

"Followed by Hexa's ministry winners Tin Moto, Hagasaki, Shachi, Haliu, Toriumi and Kariya. Praise you for your bravery and present your coat and spirit pills to dwell on your lost bounty"

Jacket… cloak, the effect it has is' Defense Up '. Are you licking it?

Then, if you are a psychotropic... my "appraisal" only showed that it is likely to become a dye. Too bad.

And here I am. Last.

"Next, Nona's ministry winners Alai, Kono, Kabragi, Hanamura, Utagawa, Shiina, Umino, Kaji and Ikeda. Praise you for your bravery, and present you with a ring of lost bounty and an exotic magic room"

Though it belongs to people, I tried the "appraisal" properly and after all, when I appraised the gem, it showed up as "Amethyst". You're as fake as you think.

The rings were left because of the increase in HP recovery speed or something like that.

... Of course, you can stay through here.

All right, but if we can do something to make it a little more advantageous for us, we'll be in full swing.

"It's fake, isn't it?"

When the president said with a good passing voice pointing to 'Amethyst', the place froze.

Hmm, he's a real air crusher. Good. - Do more.