If you think back often, you're moving and coming to wake me up when I'm not operating, or sleeping in Mr. Ketrami's tummy with me even though I'm not operating, these guys.

What, what, what the hell!

... so I asked.

"Why are you moving when you haven't moved it, gentlemen?"

The maids said, 'Shit!' I looked like, 'but no. Pretty, but no. Teach me properly.

Then, looking like trouble, I brought a small bottle.

... uh, this. Just made it, mint extract that didn't turn up!

When I smell the maid's doll, after all, it has a refreshing scent of mint.

Hmm, it's a corner, so when I 'appraised' the mint extract, it was called 'MP Recovery (Large)'.

If you lick just about a drop to try it, it feels almost completely healed by the MP emptying.

Hmm, this is a pretty good performance. Maybe we should mass produce this.

But I still have something to worry about.

There was only a few ml of this mint extract... but for some reason, it's increasing.

There's more, that's right.

"Maybe this, you know, making it at night"

'I will!' They looked like that. Oh, no more. This, what are these dolls!

I mean, these dolls take this mint extract after I go to sleep (?) So I was moving with the MP I got from it, assembling the Soxley extractor to extract the mint ingredients, and cleaning everything up as if nothing had happened!

Hey, why are you getting so far... Ha! Right! It's all to ease my MP burden! For that reason these kids extract the nocturnal mint......

Hey, what good kids. But from now on, I won't do anything like that in hiding, so please do it with dignity.

That left the Soxley extractor set in one corner of the chemistry lab, and the mint grew all the time in a large plant pot.

The maids make mint extracts stain their bodies just a little bit when they're running out of MP to move them.

And in my spare time, I felled the mint to extract and store the ingredients in the Soxley extractor.

If there is no more mint in the planting pot, it is only for me to let it grow.

Honestly, Mr. Maid, it's more MP efficient to 'grow' mints than MP to move the dolls. This helps.

Nevertheless, it was a big discovery that the doll could move with an external MP.

I would have liked this to be reported sooner, but at any rate, he couldn't tell me that he used the mint extract without my permission.

I told him to report it immediately in the future.

I was so happy with the maids dolls that I found I could move more freely in the future.

Yeah, yeah, keep it up.

I did something like that and did dinner support.

Today is another 18 people dinner so I made it a grilled chicken.

Please all flip over as appropriate and eat properly.

Later it is a menu like rice, miso juice, vegetable simmering and pickling. I'm out of my hands, but forgive me.

That's how you all get home.

"I'm home."

Welcome home, Master Legion.

How magnificent is the return of 17 people. At first, the three of us went home.

Compared to those days, progress has been made.

"I went to an underground auction. but... Shit, they're going to overlap a lot tomorrow, so I need a ton of money by tomorrow"

I asked him over dinner, and that's terrible, because one classroom, two exotic slaves, is going to be on the market tomorrow night.

"They say the lowest bid for the classroom starts with 30 white gold coins and the price for foreign slaves starts with 80 white gold coins"


All right, all right, all right, let's think.

First, at least 160 white gold coins for two exotic slaves.

Then, the classroom has the lowest 30 white gold coins, so it'll be a few times that. Think of it as five times what it is here.

and...... 310 white gold coins, 31000 silver coins for each, hence the dress to make...... 62 clothes!

Stay put, yes, I just made it. Okay, that's, uh, 29. One, that is...... 33 more!

I'm gonna die! This is gonna die!

Moreover, this is a considerably smaller amount estimated. Actually, I want this twice as much.

Die! Die! I'm gonna die. Absolutely!

Ahhhhhhh! What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do!

I can't help it if we get here, it's a last resort!

"You guys lend me your dog tags!

I've never done it before, but I should be able to. Oh, my God, I could have gotten it. Then I hope I could give it to you, it's 'shared'.

"Let's start with Suzumoto." Textile Alchemy, "" Yarn Spinning, "" Machine Weaving, "" Sewing, "" Dyeing "... Damn it off!

Oh, my God, I couldn't give Suzumoto any of these.

"You're next, Hanagasaki-kun!" Fiber Alchemy "...... Ooh!" Yarn Spinning, "" Machine Weaving, "" Sewing, "" Dyeing "...... oh, but fine! All you have to do is make fiber! Thank you. Nice to meet you."

"Uh, hey, uh, what? I make fiber?

"Oh, my God."

I don't know how to make fiber or anything.

But your dog tag was engraved with skills to be 'fiber alchemy'. Give it up and make it.

"Do it and you'll figure it out, yes, timber"

"... 'Textile Alchemy'"

Hanagasaki, you gave up and started making fiber...

"Hey, Tamma"


"You, what fiber are you making?

"What, why don't you just take the fiber-like out of the wood?

…. Completion. They don't have the idea of having cellulose removed, rearranged, and made of fiber.

"OK, it was my fault. Uh, make a cupro."

"What, Cupra?"

... you did it in class! Even family medicine is chemistry!

From there, I pulled out a chemistry textbook and explained Cupra. In five minutes, Hanagasaki became a fine fiber maker. I did... but for some reason, unlike when I made it, the waste comes out. I mean, I made the fiber, but the rest comes out.

Why? Hmm... well, there's nothing wrong with that to this extent.

Then when I tried to 'share' with all the others, the birds managed to remember 'dyeing'.

... But, well, there was a lot going on over here, and if I didn't use the plant, which originally worked alone, as the raw material for the dye, it didn't have any special effects. Besides, the color development is... something different than when I did it.

Well, I'd rather be thankful now for this, so I'll have Hanamura-san cancer 'dyed' with flowers grown from around there appropriately!

So I even cut it and turned it into a sewing machine.

The work process is simpler and easier than just now. Maid, the dolls spin and weave at no cost, so this one is easy again.

Also, it turns out that the maids can make cloth that fast if they increase MP consumption, so they have the president produce a mint extract for it.

And it's very easy to say that Hanagasaki and Kabir will be entrusted with the process of consuming a large MP.

In about 2 hours before going to bed like that, what a success in producing 24 clothes! Now you have 9 to go until your minimum goal! Oh, I think I can take a lot of money for tomorrow night's auction and doing this.

And again, Mr. Ketrami gave up and went to bed in his futon, and woke up.

When I woke up, it was around 5 o'clock in normal driving.

It's a little inefficient that I'm going to sleep three times, like yesterday, so I asked Hanamura, Singkawa and Haino to sleep in the broadcast room.

Look, the broadcast room is not wood or linoleum, it's carpeted, so it's hard to cool.

So we can arrange dinner early this morning, so I'll make it breakfast for dinner.

I am satisfied with buying eggs in boxes and then being able to make egg rolls.

If you insist, I want a frying pan for egg rolls.

Let's have it made around Toriko next time.

Once you've had breakfast, start working today by cutting and turning it into a sewing machine!

"I've seen this sight many times for the sake of it, but I've seen it many times. There's something wrong with Maido's sewing speed..."

Ha ha, that's what I said about skills. I don't even know exactly how I'm sewing at this speed.

Next to me, the maids are threading the fibers, the yarn is clothed, and next to me, Hanagasaki-kun is turning the wood into fiber and waste.

And outside, Suzumoto, Horizon and Sora are cutting wood, and the girls are repeatedly picking flowers and blooming and picking. Dear Hanamura-san, Awesome efficiency, great speed.

Anyone with no other job is out collecting ingredients.

I was wondering if I'd run out of meat again.

As for vegetables, it's fine because I can grow them raw in 'buds' and 'growth', but meat doesn't grow...

If I continued those tasks until lunch, I could wear 40 clothes. Fast!

Now, uh, since yesterday, 93 dresses, courtesies, sometimes just kidding. It's like a waitress uniform for nurse clothes. That's why I made it. Oh, I didn't make made-up clothes. Somehow.

Hold them all together and 'transfer' to Osama's at the pawnshop in Deiche Mall.

Oh, he's already got permission for Osama regarding this' metastasis'. In other words, permission to push directly into the back of an unseen store.

Osama seems to have gotten used to these strange phenomena already. That's right, that would happen if I dated as many as 18 exotic people.

"Hey, there you are.... Oops, that's a lot of money again!

"93, sir."

"93, 93 ah...... you can flush it to other markets on the back route as well as the aristocracy, damn it. Then you'll see me again... Uhihihihihihihihihihi"

Osama, I'm not even trying to hide my mind anymore. It's like we're in the same business at the earliest.

"So, how much do you want me to buy?"

"I wear 93 pieces of silver for 500 pieces... So, 46500 pieces of silver coins, but besides, I'll buy them for 47000 pieces. What do you say?"

47000 silver coins are 470 white gold coins. Hmm, this is all we can handle... maybe. No, I'm still anxious.

"Then that's it. So, it's this way next."

Over here? Did you still have something to sell?

"This... isn't it the prize of the gladiator tournament!?

"Yeah, but?

... Speaking of which, among the gladiators' prizes, there's a cape that just comes with "Defense Rise" to the point of compassion. And six too.

"Are you serious?!? Sell it like this!

Osama, super excited. So much, so much this, so much awesome stuff? It's just a shame that I can easily make more than this.

"Well, because I have a lot of stuff to buy. So, how much do you want for this?

"Oh, yeah, right...... yeah, okay. How about 250 gold coins a piece!?

250 gold coins = 2,500 silver coins.

............. That's crazy. You can sell them for five times the price of the clothes I made?

"All right, I sold it."

"Maido! Hehe... this will sell high -"

1500 gold coins for 250 x 6 gold coins = 150 white gold coins.

Um, blurry money.

"Oh, well, then I'll sell the ring we got."

Yes, the ring that Sora and you were getting as Nona's club winner prize, that was a fairly low "Maximum HP Increase" or "Maximum MP Increase," so if that's what you're going to put on, you should wear the ring we picked up at the ruins.

Sell this, too.

"Are you serious!? This is a gladiator prize too!?

"I have nine, but how much do I buy them for?

"Guru...... OK! How about we collect 9 pieces and 2,500 gold coins!?

Oh, my God, it's a great price. 2500 gold coins = 250 white gold coins.

I didn't fly much.

"Okay, I sold it"

Now we have, uh... 870 pieces of white gold. Ah.... you're making a lot of money.

"Every time! Really, I'm a twat, now that this neighborhood is totally equipped like our exclusive patent, I can't help but make a fortune."

"Don't you sell that much and be seen elsewhere?

"Oh? You're gonna be okay. If it wasn't for the exotic noblemen, you wouldn't be so scared to stick around."

So, are you okay? Some idiot tried to steal a maid from that exotic nobleman, didn't he?

And if he was anxious, Osama laughed and dived into his voice.

"We're just talking here, it's a complete rumor in Wang Du.... stealing slaves from an exotic nobleman makes them icy,"

Oh, well. So the reviews worked.

Maybe the organizers of the gladiators' tournament are encounting with a total of three Osama I've kept in custody in the example crowd-grabbers' aside, so maybe it leaked from around the listening area.

"But that's also a rumor in the end, isn't it? Then we could take turns staying in this store and protect him, because I thought we wanted a place to sleep."

Still, I hear you were anxious, Sora. You said something amazing.

"Huh!? Seriously!?

It is Osama Norinoli. That's right, the exotics are a chunk of 'Lost Benefits'.

"Oh, if the nine of us could be aristocrats, I'd protect the store here properly. For us right now, this store and you are the lifeline."

Well, if we lose this store and Osama, we lose our way to get the money all at once. Besides, it's your job to monitor the market in Wang Du and Deiche Mall, so isn't it bad to be based here?

"Okay, okay. We have enough room for nine people. You can stay with us until you become nobles. What do you say we start staying today?

Oh, that's a good condition, too. Sora and you agree with this. Looks like you came straight here after today's auction and decided to live here from today.

Osama, the pawnshop, seems overwhelmed with the fact that four separate girls are going to live there.

But make no mistake, they're strong enough to slaughter Osama with a swing of that fist.