There was a lot going on, but for now, the original purpose was to succeed in rescuing the "office" and two exotic slaves.

You can be happy with this.

Just... Sometimes I wonder. Brave men, goddesses, temples, etc.

You should gather as much information as you can about this area.

Well, for now, I erased some of the collars of the two slaves in "Cleaning" and removed them.

Oh, of course, I took it off after "appraising" it and making sure there was no fear of explosion or anything!

"No, thank God. When I heard they'd sell me as a slave, I thought I'd be dead by now."

"Really, thank you for your help."

With that said, the two people who were slaves don't try to let go of their connected hands.... He and his girlfriend, uh, Miura and Mr. Cape, are a couple in the broadcasting department who are too close together.

The broadcasting department has only these two members, which in a way is already the perfect part. Sure enough, the advisor teacher in the broadcast department was a nice grandfather who died well again and looked happy with three good things...

Leaving that aside, it seems these two were in the broadcast room when they were flown into this world.

But while we were out of the broadcast room and exploring, the local residents stole the broadcast room, and they were about to sell it as slaves before they knew it.

I don't know, what does that mean... Wouldn't that be a little too smooth, you guys?

"I, Miura, would never have lived without you!

"Even me, if it weren't for Mr. Cape!


"Mr. Cape!

... I watched the play for a while with Osama the pawnshop because the two of them are in a state of Romeo and Juliet, but abstained on the way to Osama for too much sweetness. I pulled into the back.

Osama, the pawn shop, said, "I hope you're young. Ah! Chickshaw!" he said.

"So, what are we going to do with Miura and Cape?

As a rule, I explained things like classroom gathering.

These two are stupid couples, but they're not retarded, are they?

It helps because it gave me a good idea of the main points in one explanation.

But somehow the two of us are hissing and twisting their necks. And after I twisted my neck for a while, I said something.

"Hmmm... something, I'm just wondering... really, just collecting classrooms and we can go home? Fukuyama is a little different from what you were saying..."


"We were summoned to this world as brave men," he said. So, the temple man said, "If you defeat the culprit who's trying to crumble this world, I'll use ritual magic to bring you back to the original world,"

... Okay, just give me a minute. Uh... not what Alive Grimoire said... oh, wait a minute! Sure, I told 'Alive Grimoire' then, 'Tell me how to go home', but I didn't say 'Tell me all how to go home'!

Nothing, it's not weird that there were multiple ways to go home!

... but yeah. Is that for real? Can you trust the people in that temple? Mostly, if we use ritual magic and doings... can we 'all' go home?

Well, there was a chat around here, and I could go ask 'Alive Grimoire' later, we'll think about it later, and the pawn shop door bell rang.

"Georgie, I'm home... oh? Suzumoto, you guys were home. Good day. Looks like you got two of them safe."

Mr. Singkawa and Sora came home with a paper bag.

"Mr. George, I bought you the stuff you asked for, but I'll leave it here, okay? Ready?"

"Oh, good, leave it where it is."

"Wait, who is it, Mr. George?"

That said, for once, I know. Because none of us are George.

"It's me, Chickshaw, you guys always call me Osama."

Osama from this pawnshop back from the back, apparently says Mr. George.

Well, speaking of which, I haven't heard your name in a long time.

Excuse me, Mr. George. From now on, let me call you Mr. George, Mr. George.

"... hey, so, what happened to the two dumb couples there, after all"

"Um, as far as we're concerned, the battle is a bit, hey. I don't want to put Mr. Cape in danger..."

"Neither do I, Miura, want you to do something dangerous!

"Mr. Cape......"


The play was going to start again here, so I ask you to be solemn there.

"Well, honestly, we're not fit to fight. If it's backwards support or something, it's a horn... honestly, I don't want to fight monsters if I can."

Well, if you're normal in spirit, you are.

We are the children of a time when criticism will come when animals are eaten.

If you lived normally, and then you weren't very good at breaking it off, and you were a sensitive person, you wouldn't be doing any fighting.

In my case, I accepted it very much, but I'm not going to force anyone else to do it, and I don't think I can help it.

... I have hardly fought, so it is also my fault to say this.

"So here we are, monitoring the markets of Sora and Wang Du and Deiche Mall, huh?

"Well, if we could stay here too, I'd look for our enslaved friends here to help you.... I wonder if Inamura Sensei is somewhere."

Inamura Sensei, is the teacher of the broadcasting department's advisor.

"... we're from 2F Northeast... in the meantime, not one of us has seen the faculty. On the contrary, no clerk, no one."

When Suzumoto answered, Miura and Mr. Cape looked a little sad.

Um, that's right.

Maybe only the students flew into this world... I don't have a single faculty member around here, but I was wondering if you know, 'Alive Grimoire'?

"What, these two end up living in our house, too? Well, it's fine because there's a place..."

Mr. George, you're feeling a little rusty, but you can't help it.

"Thank you for your help!

"Thank you for your help!

Looks like George somehow went to clean up the room where he was stored again, detoxified by the couple's innocent smile and energetic reply.

It's tough.

After that, we did a little rubbing of each other's consciousness.

That is, that we are still going to continue to gather together, that Sora will find and help the fellow enslaved here, and that the broadcaster couple will act with Sora.

Talk about the temple and the brave...... I'll ask 'Alive Grimoire' later before I think about it.

In the meantime, let's decide that this is a good policy for the future, so let's do something like that because we haven't finished cleaning up after everything.

"Speaking of which, you haven't experimented with the performance of the gladiators' tournament products yet, have you?

As I noticed, the bird puts out his bracelet and shows it.

Hmm, two bracelets with beautiful orange stones. The effect is' communication '.

... um, it's an experiment because it's a corner.

Birds and needlework equipped with one bracelet at a time, moving to the pawn shop attic and underground respectively.

And try to use the bracelet's "Communication," something like that.

"Communication" is a name, so maybe we can communicate.


The caller consumes a very small amount of MP and calls the opponent.

Then, the stone on the other side of the bracelet glows, so the other side has no MP consumption, you just have to answer that call. It was then possible to have a voice conversation, as if it were a communications machine.

Completion, this is convenient.

I've never had this kind of contact before, so it was quite inconvenient.

But then it's human sexuality that makes me want to try more. Take the birds and 'transfer' to 2F Northeast.

And from there, ask the needle students at the pawnshop in Daiche Mall to 'communicate'.

Will it connect even at this distance?

When I thought the bracelet stone had flashed for a while, I left it glowing.

"Uh, hello, bird addition?

"Oh, you hear me. Looks like we could have a conversation. Do you have MP consumption or something?

"No, I don't think so. What about you?"

"Yeah, I think MP consumption goes hand in hand"

Ho, so no matter how far away you are, you mean the cost of calling is the same.

The journey is complete. Then I'll go back to the pawn shop.

"I'd like you to copy this bracelet, Mr. Tsukimori."

After all, that's what we talked about.

Yeah. After all, you want at least the last one.

I have a lot of trouble exchanging information between us, Sora's pawnshop group, and the people in the information room and newspaper department right here.

Especially since I don't know where the people in the information room/newspaper club are right now.

... I don't know if he's around northwest of 3F.

...... so as for sleeping because it's late tonight, I'm going to go to 3F first thing tomorrow morning and look for Mr. Tsukimori there.

I think this "communication" bracelet is a big difference.

Well, that's for tomorrow, the rest of the effect... Hornsan, your sword's 'prestige' was, and remains, as it were. The type that works without having to activate it to try to activate something. It just feels so overwhelming to set up a sword.

Furthermore, when I activate it in an attempt to activate it, it feels more overwhelming.

Temper, is that it? Seems like something that adds to that.

The sword itself seemed to be a considerable industry, and your main wapon became this' prestigious' sword.

Then, the wand I got from Tori's section called "Thought Speed Up". This stays the same.

If I was equipped with this, my head would spin faster. For once, these are people who want to experiment properly, so I did compare the time of 100 squares calculation when I equipped this wand and when I didn't, but it was definitely faster.

This was to be equipped by the president. It's been a book, not a cane until now, right?

Finally, the mysterious psychotropic drug I received in the Hexa section (tentative). Not only can't you tell this with my 'appraisal', but neither the president nor Kaiya seemed to know, so keep it clean!

... If I dye it, I might know, but that's a last resort.

Well, dinner at night, oh, my God, Osama from the pawn shop, George, made it for me.

The menu, meat! Vegetables! Bread! is.

Seriously, Kanji. The meat was merely cooked with a thick cut of meat. The vegetables were pounded into a pan and just boiled carefully. The guy who bought the bread.

These dishes, they look right man! Although it is a kanji, the flavoring is powerful but delicate, and the Japanese preferred it. Thank you.

... don't tell me you sneaked in and 'appraised' your meal. You see, it hurts my eyes once...

Because there's no room for trouble here until we do (because Sora and you guys are packed with four people in one room, too), we'll go back to 2F Northeast and as usual, expand the classroom and sleep there.

Oh, I sleep in Ketrami. It's been a long time.

... but before you do, you have something to do.

Yes. This is a chat with 'Alive Grimoire'.

'Sharing' as I pulled out what was inside the lab shelf and poked my head at it. Whoa, it's been a while.

"No! You're here! There he is! Well done, well done!

"Alive Grimoire," which is somewhat soggy and tense.

"Hey, it's not as long as it's been, but it's been a while"

"Well, it looks like you've grown up, but you've got a little bit more magic."

Magic Power? You mean MP.

Well, I grew up, too, for once.

"Yeah, by the way, before, you asked me how to get back into the original world, and, uh, there are other ways."

"No!? Right, you know what? '

When I said it, I felt like I was having a little trouble with the letters. Just letters.

He didn't say, "Tell me all the ways."

"Oh, yeah, fine. That's... Otherwise, that's my mistake."

That's right - if you're trying to pull information out of something like this, you have to ask meticulous questions.

"So. I was wondering why you taught me how to collect classrooms."

"Ugh... that's..."

Something about a bad tooth cut.

'... may be despised, but because the temple doesn't like it very much'

I knew the letters were coming. Is it hard to say?

"Why again?"

"Do you know why you came to this world in the first place?

"I don't."

'Hmm.... ok. You were called to the temple, so you fell into this world.'

... Hmm?