"I go to sleep because I'm sleepy. Maido, you're free, right? Do it in a performance experiment."

It was, so quickly, you guys got involved and it's an experiment.

... No, somehow, I have an idea.

At first, it is a red stone bracelet that has become somehow new.

This is easy, simply as it is, copied Kanji. Like the orange guy, I was able to 'communicate'.

So, the problem is three orange guys.

Me, the needle raw and the birds equipped one at a time each, experiment.

Hello, can you hear me?

"I hear you."

"I can hear you, I can hear you"

"That, you hear needlework, too?

"Huh? Yeah, can you hear me?

... Sounds like. This one... looks like it's been like a chat or something.

If one person manoeuvres it, it leads to everyone with that color stone on it and they can all talk.

This has a very convenient feeling!

In other words, if we have this with all the party members, we can communicate our intentions even if we are apart.

Well, this is something we can talk about even if we're away, so if we give it to the Information Office/Newspaper Club and the Daiche Mall Pawnshop Club, it'll be very convenient... Uh, but we have to wake Mr. Tsukimori up before then.

"Ha!? Tell me to still 'duplicate' this!? Are you kidding me? What do you think my MP is!

I was pissed. As it were, well, that's the case: if you 'replicate' four times, the limit will come. Keeping so much MP consumption going, they wake me up right after I go to sleep. This. Then, you're angry, yeah.

But there's a bump over here.

"That's it for you, mint extract"

From the hem of the skirt, the maid dolls, each holding a bottle containing mint extract, came out in the first place and offered it to Tsukimori. Under the hem without under the sleeve.

"... what, this"

"Drink and you'll recover your MP!

"What, is this a doll drink?

No, not that way.

When I explained the mint extract and the maid doll to Tsukimori, I laughed at Tsukimori and said:

"Okay. I'll 'duplicate' you as much as I like. Except! … I'll take one of these dolls."

As I said, I already have a maid in my hand holding up a doll.

Lifted maid doll, suddenly I stand by, but Mr. Tsukimori will not let go.

... Oh, Mr. Tsukimori, did you like this?

"Um, this is working with my skills for once, isn't it? All I have to do is give you a mint extract to replenish the MP, but if I leave, maybe it won't work?

"Hmm... yeah, that's fine. Then that's it."

Yes, negotiations are in place.

Therefore, about three maid dolls were left at Tsukimori's place.

Why are there 3 of them... The maids are all different in their hair, face, etc., so Tsukimori was wondering which one to make. So, I was lost in the last three, so I decided to give them all three because it was a corner.

This one can be mass-produced again, and if you like it, well, I was wondering if that's okay.

More importantly, each maid doll has a subtle personality. It's because he's a worker, he likes to play, he's a relaxer... but all three maids chosen by Tsukimori were oddly maids.

I thought we could get along with this, so the three maids became exclusive maids to Mr. Tsukimori.

No, you really call people friends.

So I went into a futon with Tsukimori, the maids and the puppets who gangled the MP back and walked the gangling MP interval into happy nap time.

But, well, now that we have everything we wanted over here, all we have to do is hand it out and walk.

First of all, Mitsubishi.

I hear he's become the leader of this team, so let's have him be the one to keep in touch.

Explain the performance of this "Communication" bracelet and give it to Mr. Tsukimori for other copies. The orange bracelet should be used to communicate with us and the water bracelet should be used within your team.

I also gave Mitsubishi the original orange bracelet.

It would be better if there was an original near Tsukimori who could "replicate" it, so here's what happened.

Then, Mr. Tsukimori also asked me to increase the barretta of "Metastasis," so now if you give it to Sora and the Daiche Mall pawnshop group along with the bracelet of "Communication," it will help them.

So, that's okay. You just have to give it to me when I get home.

The problem is this way. "Will the temple return us to the original world when we have wiped out our culprits?" This is it.

It seems it's lunch time after everything I've done, so I'll pass on the information I got from 'Alive Grimoire' to you as I treat you to lunch here.

On top of that, I'm asking. "Does any of our customers know, 'Will the temple return us to our original world when we erase the culprits'?".


No one knew, including Mr. Tsukimori.

Or brave men, goddesses, temples in the first place, they say.

That's right, it seems the one with the temple is 1F, and the one they're acting on is 3F, which is no longer the level where I suspect that if I knew it would be the culprit.

Well, I don't mind because I didn't expect it.

Then I heard about the progress over here.

Hi, I think I've probably taken all the classrooms in 3F North. Sooner or later, it looks like they were headed south.

Danger, danger, it's good to see you just at this time. Otherwise, I almost didn't know where he'd gone.

... I took it for granted that I could contact you, but it's actually very valuable, and it's very wonderful.

We relied on cell phones to reflect on this place.

From now on, we decided to keep in touch for a little while, and we 'moved' back to the Daiche Mall pawn shop.

This is a couple of broadcasters hanging out with Mr. George's buyout, and they were paying for it, but, well, it's Sora who needs you. Sora, I'm gonna give you an orange bracelet. AND description.

Then, I gave Mr. Singkawa the 'metastasis' valletta. Because now they'll be able to move pretty freely, too. Hey.

So, I even asked over here. "Does any of our customers know, 'Will the temple return us to our original world when we erase the culprits'?".

... Yeah, this way, even though I knew the temple and the brave ones, no one even knew where they were.

Well, that's right... I didn't expect anything from Hanamura-san because he ignored everything and planted it.

"Oh, yeah, we had something to hear, too."

Hey, Sora, did you talk to weird books, too, Kuchi?

"... hey, do you know how many years in this world's annual issue?

"I don't know.... Something wrong?

Why did you put that on the stick?

"Maybe the year of this world is 118 Medilefiana, huh?

What, if you know, don't you have to bother asking?

"... it seems that this world was just like our New Year's Eve around us... I mean, 118 years just started."


"So. Sometimes we go to the store, right? … gold in the store, mostly made in 118 Medilefiana"

Here, an indescribable silence flowed.

... Yeah, that's... let's just not ask. Yeah. I'm going to step into the darkness of this world.

Yeah, let's just say we didn't have this story.

"I mean, you could be making money."

But boulder air crusher president. They said it brilliantly.

"But is there that kind of equipment in this store?

............. here about this pawn shop store.

This store, half of the table, is built like a store, half of the back is a residence, half of the ground floor is a store and a warehouse, the other half is around the water and a dining room, and the second floor is a whole living space. This is another luxury, there are about 6 rooms with 8 tatami.

So, one of the rooms is George's room, and Sora and you live in four of the remaining five, and the last one is in storage.

Plus, there's a basement, which is used exclusively to store food.

... So, money in this world is a coin, right? So, on this street, we don't have the equipment to cast coins, so, well, it's a little hard to make gold.

"It is possible that you are purchasing gold from outside, but was there such a thing?

"No... even if I did, it's only been two days since I've been here, I don't know... but where's the money in this store?

What?... No, no, no, no, that's kind of a problem, isn't it?

"Isn't this Mr. George's room? I've seen Mr. George pick up money in his room when I bought it."

Oh, speaking of which, even when we were scattered around dresses and stuff, it took a little while for the money to come out.

Well, it might be safer to keep it in a safe for people in residential spaces and keep it in there than to leave it in a big money store.

"Oh, me, Mr. George. I went into your room to wake you, but I didn't have a safe or money!

Oh, whoa!? Mr. Hanamura gave me horrible information!

... So, seriously, money... where are you coming from...?

"Hey! Hanamura-san! You can't! A girl goes into Osama's room like that!

"Yeah, because I'm confident I can blow it off Mr. George if I take one shot..."

"Yes, but! Yes, but! You're missing something called a crisis!

"Well, if you say that, you don't feel more critical about Senior Maido. Ah!

... I thought two girls were saying something over here, and I jumped on fire.

"Oh, yes, Mr. Maido, I'd like to say something to your sense of crisis, too."

"You're all gonna wake up on your own every morning, so it's okay! I've never been in my sleep."

"That too, but the other way around! What will you do if you come in!

... Well, come in... Um, no, wait?

"Nothing to go in... I'll be asleep as soon as I get out..."

Trying to futon Mr. Ketrami is going to sleep under a starry sky full of heaven, isn't it?

"Ha!? Hey, hey! It's okay, it."

"Mr. Ketrami has already helped me."

If something approaches you, you will roar and tell me. What a high-performance futon!

Yes, he also told me when Mr. Hagiwara was there, and he also managed because Mr. Ketrami told me when he was a big black snake.

Yeah, what a safe futon! That's so great!

... Even after this, Mr. Sing Kawa told me a lot, but eventually he said, 'It's okay, no matter what, we have a comforting futon called Mr. Ketrami over here, plus eight people in combat positions!' So I went through.

Something's got my head in my hand... but if you want to do something to me sleeping, you have to break through Mr. Ketrami's wall first, and as soon as Mr. Ketrami barks, eight combat jobs will fly in. You can't break through, can you?

Oh, if I insist, is that it, or can't it handle ranged attacks?

Mm-hmm. I hope we can take care of that around here.