I'll sleep, wake up, and we'll leave again after dinner.

I wonder if today's goal is to recover 1F Northwest? Although it's subtle to go that far, Mr. Ketrami is fast, especially to the extent that nothing seems to have to happen. One head in the family, Mr. Ketrami.... No, I'm not willing to go anywhere but ours!

Everyone is experiencing Ketramiliding concerns except Birdsea and me. I was rejected because I didn't have as much arm strength or strength as I could have on it, but Torikai was told to shy away from Mr. Ketrami because of his heavy equipment.

... Well, what happened was that the first Ketramilider of the day turned out to be an unequipped bird sea. Nannon.

Meanwhile, even Hanagasaki keeps sewing clothes with you, Kabir and the maids dolls. It's not like I have to sew so fast, so I'm loosely sewing there. I've been relaxing since yesterday, and I was wondering if it's time to wear about 10?

Then maybe it's time to leave Sora at your place. If we don't give them the money, they won't be able to operate in the city.

... maybe it was somewhere between the staff room and the broadcast room, like the library.

So, maybe it's... it's going out around Wang Du.

I got it because I was at the auction last time, but if the owner says he won't sell it, securing the classroom is going to be extremely difficult.

So, you can predict that the library might be something like that.

... Just looking, it's tough, I'm sure. Come on, Sora!

Before Birdsea contacted me, Birdsea herself came back with a 'transfer'. I knew you were sloppy. Mr. Ketrami said, 'We're keeping it down to 80% of full speed, though?' It was. If you walk all you can, these guys will die, I'm sure.

So, while we're at it, Birdsea takes us all to 'transfer'.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

It was the library that was on the move. Yeah, yeah, this is what I expected. Explore inside the library and find the gems, and if you take them outside, the 'library' is also collected. Yeah, it's refreshing in there.

By the way, the jewels were falling behind my encyclopedia shelf, which is my territory, so I found them first. Ugh.

From there, we also proceeded to Ketramiliding and Cancer in turn, reaching safely the 1F North area.

... but this was the problem from here. "Communication" came from Horizon, who rode Ketrami. Did you find the classroom? I tried to get out.

"... something... uh... I don't know what to do, so just rendezvous."


"It's faster for you to come, I think..."

Well, the Hundred News can't be seen at first sight, so we rendezvous in 'Metastasis'.

When we moved, it was a burning world.

Really all of a sudden, it got hot. Or it got hot. If you look closely, it's steaming up from the crack in the ground. I see a volcano over there. Maybe it feels like an active volcano.... You were in the woods of the South just now! What's going on, different world!

... because they all have 'warm and cold resistance'. So, the desert or something, it's just a little hot. It's done, but... it's just about 'hot' and they don't work for me about 'hot'.

So here, it's hot. It's so hot. It's hot, it's hot.

Still, I'm good, not yet. I knew it... people in armor, right? It's tough...

"It's a nightmare comeback... no, once we leave... no, should we just give up and get skills again...?

You guys just messed up. It's this heat.

"Hey, you guys are sloppy."

"I can't let you all be like Ketrami."

Mr. Ketrami seems fine. I mean, I'm usually stepping on a crack in the ground that's steaming out. He said, 'Better than a dragon's nose like this, huh?'. Have you ever had a dragon snort or something?... I'm scared because it's really going to happen.

And conclusion. More than Mr. Ketrami is okay, we'll take the way we've been exploring. I mean, Ketramilider and staying, like.

So, others aspire to get skills here too! That's the only way!

So the president traveled. Hang in there.

And there was a "communication" from the president, more than a dozen minutes before he gained the skills to continue the patience tournament here.

'I found people. Join us.'

For once, I owe the president his sight, so I confirm.... uh. Yeah, for once, it's possible that the president is hallucinating like that, so let's get confirmation.

"That, seriously, people?

"It's a person. He's my classmate. Quick, please. '

... I don't remember anyone burning in school, do I?

I joined him and looked, but he was still on fire.

Or he's wearing armor made of flames. Um, I wonder if this is also a skill. Yeah, I guess so. If you start from a place like this, it's hard to live in the first place unless it's also these weird skills......

"So this is my classmate Homura."

"In Homura! Nice to meet you!"

Even during this greeting, it is burning. It's hot, so everyone doesn't come near me, and I'm watching it from afar.

"He's like this, but he's better at making heads for himself."

"Ugh, Shacho, that's terrible, huh? This guy is awful, isn't he?

Correction. Even if it's not hot, I think it's going to be a little far-flung looking.

"Uh, for now, Homura-kun? Is that okay? What's that burning?

I asked him once. I think it's a skill, and if it isn't, it's all kinds of weird.


"Huh!? Why are you with the maid? A maid or something. Awesome! Hey, hey, hey. What's your name?

Something's stopping by, so I just have to back off for that.

"Oh, I knew I'd correct it. I told you it's better to make heads, but I'm lying."

It's unusual for the president to look far away, or something, but I just had to look far away, too.

"This sounds like a guy called 'Flame Manipulation'. If I fell into a sea of fire, would I be able to manipulate it?

Sounds like a foreign language, but I wonder if I can communicate my intentions, Homura, when you calm down to the level, it was easy to understand that the conversation was muscular. Hmm, the making of my head... seems like a shame.

No, it's just a shame, though.

"So you can never beat a guy like a lizard throwing up fire, or a moth made of fire. I'm confident."

Well, as for moths made of fire, if you can manipulate fire, you're not even an enemy.

"Homura was flown into this world...... no, where were you when it was dropped?

As Suzumoto put it again, "Alive Grimoire" is admired.

"Uh, sure, I thought there was a place in front of the study room."

Well, then, you mean we could have a study room near here, right?

"So, did you find the study room?

"Huh? Am I?

Oh, it was a problem before that.

"... Homura hasn't seen the classroom before?

"Huh? There was? I don't know."

... ugh, um... at least just the sightings, I wanted them...

So once you quench the hot, bitter, burning flaming armor, we serve tea in the chemistry lab.

When the classroom was expanded, unfortunately the head was made to specifications again, so it was difficult to calm it down again... I don't mind. It's just barren to talk about...

"... that's why we're collecting classrooms."

Homura's tolerant president has explained to me how awesome he has been.

Somehow others were already feeling like they were losing the heat and heat. I don't know, what can I do about this tiresome race just because I'm dealing with it? I don't think they're bad for themselves, but they're just not good with us.

"Heh... So, what's the big deal? Study room, if you suck, aren't you in there?

... Oh, of that flowing lava.

"... Huh? Array or lava? Really?"

"Huh? Yeah. Come on, you were around when I got here, weren't you? So, I went around, but there wasn't a study room?

... What if? I hate to think about it, but what if?... If the study room was magma diving, it wouldn't exist in the world anymore... Wow, I don't want to think about it! Then seriously, go do it with the temple, erase the culprit and do it, is that it?!?

For once, I went to see the lava flow and do of that problem.

"Look, alle."

Yeah, there's a red glowing stream in the distance. I need to see it. Whatever. So you guys went a little nearby to see it. I was just borrowing the needle raw's sight to watch, sorry.

"Wow, heat"

But nearby, naturally, is hot. Only Kakusan and Homura, who are 'flame-resistant', came close.

"Uh... yeah, yeah... I don't know if it's sinking, this"

If the classroom was made of a fine material, whether it was magma-dived or not, I don't know how to take it out a little bit, this.

So come back to the lab again and have lunch before the operation meeting......

If it's hot like this, I'm going to lose my appetite, but I still have tuna yesterday... If it's sashimi in a cooled room, isn't it spicy?

"What, tuna?


"Why tuna?

"I took it yesterday at sea"

"The sea or something!?

Homura-kun was very thrilled with the tuna that he had been eating all the meat of a fire-spitting lizard for a while.... Yeah, yeah, it's hard, no matter what you think.

There's no flavoring, just lizard meat cooked on fire, and I've been living forever, he said... yeah, yeah. I don't care if I'm a little sorry about your head anymore. Eat a lot.

"... so if the classroom was sinking safely in the lava stream, how do we get it out, or how can we be sure that there are no classrooms in the lava stream?"

Impossible challenge or demon proof, huh? Maybe it would be easier if you got that kind of skill......

"Why don't Homura take a magma dive and see?"

"Hey, on the boulder, me too! He said he was going to die!

"Fire, can you manipulate it?

"Apart from fire and magma!?

Oh, well. That's subtly inconvenient, this guy.

"Don't you get caught in Birdsea's 'sensing'?

"Oh, yeah, I've been trying just now... um, it's not going to work, this is it"

Well, 'sensing' what's in the lava is pretty good, isn't it?

"Why don't you stop the lava and wait for the lava to pull?

Cheng Cheng. Then I can manage...

"Why are you stopping me? I don't care if I use rocks or metal, it'll melt."

Yes, they were, they were not water or anything, they were lava.

After all, I tried to talk about it, but I didn't have a decent idea other than to get that kind of skill.

"Uh, shit, if only the lava was gone."

"I won't struggle when it's gone..."

As we all stuck to our desks, accidentally, my flank was stuck around.

Take a look at you......

"… OH"

The maids brought me a giant hatchet and followed me with a pattern of it.

... Right, do it.