The dead didn't come out, but it wasn't strange to die, no, rather it was strange not to die Suzumoto and Hanagasaki-kun, and Moya, one of the causes of that strange thing, didn't wake up in the morning.

And there are others who don't wake up.

Yes, I was in the study room, sleeping people.

These people, troubled frying sentences about what to do, they're all putting them to sleep in the principal's office for now. Why is it that the principal's office was carpeted and low in size?

"Mr. Maido, can you wake these people up?

By the way, Kabir woke up in the morning. I'm sorry that it was so hard because no one could recover from falling down to the birds.

"Want to try?" Sharing ""

That's why I'm surprised to try to 'share' with a girl who I feel has somehow seen her face among the people I've been sleeping with... I can't.

"Maido? What's the matter with you?

I tried to 'share' it while poking my head a few times, but I felt inhibited by something and I could always' share 'it! Oh, is that it!? Hanagasaki-kun, is this because you've weirdly' shared 'with your opponent?!?

"I'll borrow some birds!

"Uh, hey."



I tried it while pounding my head on the bird, and the usual information excess space hello, so I just left.

Hmm, that doesn't sound like a problem on my side. That means it's a problem for these sleeping people.

"Sounds like something's not working. I feel inhibited. These people, something's covering them up, maybe."

In fact, when I touch it, it's covered in an incredibly thin invisible membrane. Hmmm...... I guess this is someone's skill in sleeping.

"Uh, that's fine, Mr. Maido, but are you glad you stopped poking me in the head all of a sudden?

"Oh, I'm sorry"

I was so sorry when I saw the birds rubbing their foreheads.

Sorry, I thought it was a strange 'shared' sequel that tempered me a bit. I'm so sorry.

Gather the awake and rig about this membrane quickly.

"Membrane? What the hell? I didn't realize."

Everyone, including Homura-kun, didn't seem to notice the presence of the membrane. Surely there is nothing strange about the touch on top of the fact that it is not very tearful. So I'll check again and move on from there to rigging.

"This is someone's skill, right? Then make him stop using his skills, or something?

That would be the quickest thing to do if you could do that, wouldn't it? I mean, the boss hits me a lot with some RPG and I'm very happy with that, you see, that's it. ○ fluctuations that follow.

Yeah, I wish I could use that. Then about 1 piece of thin armor will surely peel off.

I gave him defense, doubled his attack, and he took magic precautions, and he ruined it all with a wave of waves!

"Hmm, who would you be if you could remember that kind of skill? I guess I'm a pass, Guardian."

When I say that, I'm left with scientists, knights, assassins, musketeers and maids?

"Oh, speaking of which, Homura, what's your profession?

"Huh? Me? I'm a" militant "."

Oh, I guess not more, this.

"... can't Maido stick with a hatchet?

... Oh, I did. I forgot my identity, 'Cleaning'. This isn't right. Let's do it for once. All right. "'Cleaning'" Pough, Pough.

... Oh, something's gone, isn't it? This.

It is easier to give birth than to guide you correctly.

For now, it's an MP tease because I repeated the task of erasing the membrane of the sleeping person from one end and then 'sharing' it to wake him up. Also, I don't like it anymore!

But now seven of the people who were in the study room are safe and all woke up.

... but don't regret waking you up.

Five out of seven are boys, and among them, Homura has three of your friends... the class calls friends... I mean, friends are more or less the same.

"Autumn Garden, what were you asleep for? Yikes! I was super scared you wouldn't wake up or something!

"Ginger, huh? There's no food or anything? You're just gonna have to sleep, aren't you?

"Tsukahokumura, what are you burning!? Seriously, I'm taking it."

"Yay, I want to make a streak, but I'm not a smartphone."

Yes. Right now, it's totally noisy. I'm not sure what language is flying around!

They also said that the two girls and the two remaining boys were friends with each other, and they stick together and won't leave me.

"Let, let, let, let, let!

But if it stays like this, there was no confirmation of the situation or anything, so let's shut up for once.

When I started speaking, they all paid attention to the boulders.... This makes me uncomfortable.

"Uh, hello everyone - we're from the chemistry department"

And the moment I said it, two women set themselves up.

... Yeah, something, I often forget that I'm inside it myself... the chemistry department, well, I don't know... I mean, it's very bad for some girls in particular.

... Suzumoto is good for what it's worth, but not as long as it's not... Yeah, I think maybe that's where Kaiya and Torikai, who were in the information room, were thrown into the monster group.

No, well, no. I think it's okay if they're going to have to do something. There's already a sneaky needle student stumbling around.

"This time I pulled your study room out of the lava stream."



Ooh, ooh? Somehow, Homura, your group of friends is strangely nosy. I don't know what it is, but they're good people.

"So I evacuated you all from the study room, where you are currently awake. So, I'd like you to tell me how you survived before, and the skills you used."


"Hi-ha-hoo!... leave that aside, skill? I'm the one who used it."

Ooh, ooh? Homura, your friend... Akiyama, maybe. Autumn Garden, you raised your hand, so the conversation is smooth.

"'Sleeping Cocoon'? He says he can sleep invincibly for as long as he decides."

... What do you care, that? Invincible instead of being unable to move, he said.

"Something rocked and glowed in the classroom... and when I realized it, I fell into the study room, so? If I tried to open the door, I wouldn't open it, and if I looked out the window, something would glow red, and obviously I would, yes? But there's no food, so you're gonna die all the time, but you're gonna die out there, aren't you? So I slept without it."

Uh, Cheng Cheng. They survived because they had the skills to cage without food or anything.

"What's your occupation, by the way?"

"Occupation? Oh, the guy it says? Uh?" Sealer. ""

Ooh, that sounds like it. Well, did you get to meet that kind of skill?

"... hey, so, how long do we have to stay here? Can I go home now?

And a women's raid.... Let's be honest. I don't like this hand girl.

Not only do they hate me unilaterally for some reason, but I don't really know on my own. I don't feel like we can get along, either, around forcing the karst system.

I mean, well, it's not even if I'm saying that now, is it?

"I won't hold you back, but I think we should at least stay together until we're in a position to make future policy decisions."

"What's the future policy? I have a school today."

... Wow. Ugh. Shit. I feel so separated! It will never be buried!

"Autumn Garden, when you use your skills on her, did you explain that there is a lapse of time?

"I did! You don't have to tell me like I'm sorry!

No, I'm not saying you're bad... but I'm not saying...

Ugh, um, this is the normal reaction, right? I guess I was just a little too adaptive? Is that right, I guess so? Um, yeah. I can't help it.

"Uh, there's no school or shit, right now. As you can see, here, maybe in a different world."

"What's a different world? Isn't that too much of a game? Are you okay?"

... Yeah, I can't deny the fact that the game is too much.

"It's faster for you to see it. Yes."

When you open the door, it's a lava flow there. I mean, you weren't looking through the window once?

"Do you understand?

"Ha!? What now!? Where are we!?

"No, so maybe if you don't think of it as a different world, it's a different kind of thing."

"What is this!? What are you dodging!?

...... yeah. Let's say it again. I... I don't like the women in this hand.

"Ma Ma, Nagasawa, Tamajo, calm down and calm down. Right?

And here comes Savior Homura! Oh, this guy looks radiant...


And a woman who suddenly grows up. Um, is that it? Ah, poison to control poison?

Somehow Homura found out that the conversation would suddenly be smooth when you guys got in between, so I decided to ask you to interpret.

... so I told him the whole story about this world and how I knew how to get back to the original world.

Yeah. Homura looks like you already around here. It's amazing. Doesn't this guy have a 'translation' in his self? Or I have, "Translation"......

"So, there are other people, so you can join them, or you can do something with them. If you need anything, I'll help you."

"What, am I acting different from the Maidos? What?"

Looks like Homura is going to act differently.

"Maybe, Maido and the others, you get tired of being with me?

... oh, yeah, but when they say that... I feel guilty.

"Oh, you can say nothing. It just simply doesn't fit? Then you don't have to force me to live with you, do you? What?"

No, I have to change your perception, Homura. It's too much to be seen through. Do you even have that kind of skill? You.

"We found Akiyama, Oda and Ishihara, and we were wondering if we could act together."

"The journey. So, what about Nagasawa and Tamajo?

"I wonder if we should join you, Homura. I don't like it when I have to be with weird people."

Right! Thank God for that! It's weird and fine! Thanks! Thanks!

"So, what about the two boys over there?

"Oh, we... what do you want?"

"What do you want me to say, hey... is there a large number of people? If you can get me in there, I want you in there."

Hmm, I guess I'll ask. Mie, it's "communicating" to you.

"Yes, hello"

"Oh, Mitsubishi-kun? It's Maido. Yeah, sure, you mind if I go over there with two boys? He said he wanted to get into a big place."

'Yeah, fine. There's more of them, and it's still about the same for two of us. "

Oh, there's more.

"Thank you. I'll take him later, then. Where is the place?

"I wonder if it will be around the north side face of the courtyard blowout, around here"

"Copy that. See you later."


All right, now I'll ask you where you're going after this, Homura, and if I give you my bracelet, will you be all right?

"Homura, what do you do? Keep going around 1F North?

"Um, well, hang around at will."

Hey, are you okay, guys? You explained that your life was in danger, didn't you? I mean, Homura... you're watching, right? About two dying people.

"Hey, you still look like my Tomodachi around here."

If you ask me, I was in the study room, but I still have a friend who went to the bathroom.

"So I want to find him."

Hmm, then I guess I'll leave the rest of the 1F to them.

Well, I'll see you around for the details.

For whatever reason, he was called to the sea of birds.

"Maidosa-san, something Hanagasaki is calling you, something sooo grumpy... something wrong? Hmm?"

... Coming, I knew it.