Well. When I drooled out a description of my performance and finished hemming, and I made lunch, and really lost my job of the day, you all went on a north wing west staircase offense.

And I don't even have to 'share' my vision with anyone, clean up Mr. Ketrami, and take a nap!

Why, because Torikai can 'transfer', I don't have to do ecological things like 'share' anything. The maid's work keeps diminishing......

Sometimes I forget I'm a maid...

Okay, so take a nap. Of course, when I sleep in the lava zone when I sleep in Mr. Ketrami. It's not a bit sane shabby, so I'm 'transferring' to 2F Northeast.

I'm not going to go wrong because I'm telling you this!

Vigilance is sweet on Mr. Ketrami, quick...... is that it? It's cold.

Could there be a shift in the four seasons or something in this world? I felt like it was a pleasant climate around here... but it's really cold.

Whatever the cause, it doesn't change the cold, so borrow Ketrami's tail to form a duvet and continue napping. Good night.

I should have slept in the cold, but it got hot and I woke up. What the hell is this! There's a lot of abnormal weather!

"You're the one who's unusual, asshole!

He read it in his head, and Mr. Ketrami put his head on his tail. Huh.

"... hey, Ketrami, this is, come on"

"Fools have a cold, too."

Slightly better! It's been a very long time since I've had a cold or anything, so it took me a while to realize it and it's been a big dumb thing...

'You know, Huntle was crying that you were too unscrupulous, it's going to flow again! It's gonna flow! Maido's gone! May flies in the ears of humans...'

That's what it is. Note that the hunt is currently napping around my throat. When I said I was going to take a nap, he couldn't leave me anymore.

Yeah, even then I thought, 'I said stop because Maido's gonna be gone, and I did it again!' I thought you were making a scene.

I don't want to hunt you down, do I? Know your limits. "

... The words are heavy for not being told at last. Yes.

"I'll do good... Oh, sorry, Mr. Ketrami, tail..."

It's getting cold again...... Mr. Ketrami seems to have read into my head again and lent me his tail as a duvet before I could finish.

At that time, it's a cool place for Mr. Ketrami to caress his head with his tail. Ugh, thanks.

"Wow, talk to me!

"Huh? Did you talk?

I woke up because something was getting noisy. Um, are you guys home?

"You idiots! I would've woken up!

but Ketrami barked like a rare irritation.

"Karami, what's up?

Something's not turning my head, my vision's twirling for it, my throat and nose are weird, and it's getting kind of genuinely weird.

"Sorry, did I wake you"

"Rajibu. Welcome back -"

If you're all back, wake up. And when I tried to wake you up, they put you back on your tail.



Then Pei Pei, and his tail snapped his head.

"... it's okay, it doesn't look like it. Ketrami, what's wrong with this guy?

"You've got a cold."

"Are you a fool with a cold, too?

Hey, there's some strange sight of Suzumoto and Hanegazaki having a conversation with Ketrami... oh, a dream, this. Complete the process.

"Hey, Cleric. Can't you fix this guy?

"Kaiya, can you cure Maido's cold?

"I think the cold is a little... uncurable. Excuse me."

Looks like you can't cure a cold if you can bring it back to life. Well, you can't help it, can you? It's not like an injury or anything.

"I made it, so why don't I give you some medicine?"

The president came out of the side unexpectedly and said something horrible. I would prefer not to do that if possible. Something smells like that.

"... I guess it's safe"

"It's okay. Maybe."

Maybe it's... it's not okay! Very anxious! Significantly anxious! I don't like it! Even if I bring the pills, I won't take them!

I think you've been having a lot of conversations and stuff since then, but I didn't really know what it was because I fell asleep to something serious that was a maid.... No, damn it.

When I woke up, my vision didn't go around.

Some chills and some headaches. I think I can move this already. All right.

She was on that clap over her head when she woke up trying to get up, Po Po Something slipped off, and I came back again and my tail flung.

... I wondered what Po Po was just now, and when I looked at it, there was water in the plastic bag and Po Po was fine.... Could this have had ice in it? If so, it would mean that Hanagasaki put you to work in vain. I'm sorry.

"Ketrami, it's okay now"

"Sleep all day."

"It's time for dinner."

"Then it's already, um... what, it's okay because straw moves like that little you, maybe"

... Chick, are you like me? Straw?

... Ah, the maids, the dolls. Uh, well, yeah, then I'm fine...... no, I'm worried, I knew it.

"I figured I'd take a look. Just a little! Just a little!


My tail is defensive when I try to get up.

Ku, ku. I have enough strength to scratch this defense right now... no, I don't want to have any strength! I can go! Okay!


"Ah, you idiot!

I meant to move inside the lab, but it kind of got in front of the lab door. Well, that's not going to work. Well, no. Hurry and open the door and go inside before Mr. Ketrami comes after you.

Inside, as you can imagine, straw and maid dolls moved around to cook rice and make miso soup.

But... where did Oddie go... Do I have to make this?

"Oh, Maido, are you okay now?

When I was called out and looked back, the president was standing in his hand with a flask with a strange color of liquid.

"Yeah, I'm fine now"

Some chills and headaches. So I don't need that.

"Mr. President, this guy doesn't seem to be okay, so let him out."

"Right. Yes, take your medicine."

I ignored my words all the time, and I spoke to you, Hanagasaki. The president is not sure. I'm coming out with a flask with a liquid of color.

I don't want it.

"Well, don't say that"

No, 'cause that's obviously a strange color! Why do you have such a strange glow, that liquid! Are you sure it's a drug? Isn't that poison!?

"Don't worry, it's probably not poison."

Maybe it is!

"Well, even if it was a pill, it would definitely taste bad, wouldn't it?

"It won't taste good. I poisoned you, Horizon. From what I've seen of your reaction."

Funny how you look at poison, not taste it. It's already poisoned!

"So, drink it. Because I made a corner."

Corner, but I refuse. I'm afraid of your smile.

... All right, let's get out of here. Let's 'metastasize'.

I thought, something plundered the back of my head, and 'metastasis' ended in underdevelopment.

... I checked the back of my head, but Valletta is missing.

Looking around, there was a needle raw with Barletta in his hand. And with a sunny smile, V-sign.

Damn, you Assassin. Yeah!


And while Barletta was distracted, the president signaled, and he was held from behind by an additive bird that sprang from somewhere. Shit! It's the president's trap!

But maids like me are two steps ahead!

He stretched out his momentum well and covered his head in the jaw of the bird, making it look like he was going forward with a frightened moment, taking advantage of the spring of his body and shifting direction sharply to the right. Suzumoto came down from the top and was seized when he tried to sneak through the Kaiya that appeared and run straight for the window...... he was 3 steps ahead.... I didn't know you were coming from above...

"Take your medicine and go to sleep."

Moreover, it is thorough enough to assemble firmly on the floor.

"Yes, it's medicine"

And poison in front of me.

"It's medicine."

The president smiles madly and badly, but we just have to keep our mouths shut! When we get here, they'll let us through!

"Did it come to that after all? Mr. Maido will be sorry if he gets here already. Suzumoto, please."

"Maido, I'm sorry"

Suzumoto says no, no, he pinched my nose.

... I've been working on it for a while now, but at that moment when I opened my mouth for breathing, I got the flask's mouth stuck in my mouth...

I drank. I was drunk. The flavor... yeah, it tasted like mixing ink and cocoa 99% chocolate with dried persimmons and breaking the chemical smell by 2, not 3, 2.

When I was drugged, I was getting sleepy. I can only assume they served me one. Besides, my body is paralyzed. They were serving two clothes instead of one. I knew it wasn't poison!

And it was transported as it was and put back on Mr. Ketrami's stomach.

'... what? Sleep tight. "

... you were the best. Ugh, I feel kind to the tail that caresses me......

... but something, no. Is this really a good place to keep your feet together?

Maybe I've been on track because there's more I can do lately. This can't be it. There are more things you can do. I can't keep up with two or three more things I can do. This isn't enough, you know, yet more...

... He fell asleep by accident something, and when he woke up, the moon was about to sink. Not where you climb, where you sink. The sun is climbing.... Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's a good place to go home in the morning or disqualify a maid!

But thanks to you, the body seems to have completely returned to its original condition. I'll make breakfast fine.

When I walked into the lab, the maids were usually overlapping and sleeping with each other.

I got these kids to work really hard yesterday, too. Let's also think about something to thank you for later.

... is that it? Originally these kids were supposed to be dolls I was manipulating......

At some point, you're treating me like one intelligent life form...?

... but it's strange because if you look at the sleeping faces of the maids, that kind of thing will get better for you.

For breakfast, let's shallow dip it in a miso soup egg roll for rice, and let's go with a rice menu for things like that.

Yeah, by the way, did the maids end up making more rice last night that the dolls were making, or seriously, was it just rice and miso soup......

When we had breakfast, you all woke up.

"Maido, are you done?"

"Yeah, I'm better. It's okay.... Thanks for the inconvenience this time"

I'll be late for departure because of me, I'll make you work extra, Horizon, you'll be a poisonous factor, because there's nothing busy about it. Keep your head down properly.

"Never mind. One end of what caused you to catch a cold seems to be me and Hanagasaki."

"If you care, tell me next time before you fall. Otherwise, it's annoying."

He seems to have made me care the other way around.

Yeah, that's a thankful thing, isn't it? For what you care about, I'm going to work hard to get my mind back together.

"By the way, I'm satisfied that I made new drugs and even did clinical experiments."

The president had a full insane smile.

"I was... just... yummy..."

Horizon, you had a distant eye. I'm so sorry. Forgive me.