Moving to the brass club people, this house has three floors of symmetrical construction.

It is also equipped with a well and an entrance as soon as it enters the front door, and the dining room behind it is 100 people.

And there are beds, chairs and desks in the private rooms, and a set of clothes in the closet.

Outside, fruit trees thrive, and well-maintained fields are home to large quantities of potatoes and carrots, as well as very comfortable living spaces up to the flowering courtyard.

... I don't care how you look at it, it's too aligned. Thank you so much.

I mean, I don't have half the 'feeling I was prepared'.

Then all you have to do is create a setting called 'It was prepared'.

This is a different world. A lot happens. And no matter what happens, it's not weird.

For example, you think there will be a ghost of a maid who keeps waiting for her husband to come home and keep cleaning the house?

So here's the scenario!

When the people from the brass club come in, the floating ghost maid greets you.

If I get slashed and thrown away at this point, I'm in Pattern B, and if there's room for dialogue here, I'm in Pattern A.

Pattern A says, 'Buddha the ghost of a maid!' Route.

The scenario where people in the brass club work a little harder to get a sense of accomplishment, and as a reward, give this house away.

So, Pattern B says, 'Let's demystify the ghost of a maid who's stuck in the house!' Route.

This one is in complete hostile mode.

As soon as they're about to be slaughtered (though I'm anxious if I can do this), they "transfer" and attack me with poltergeists and stuff as I fly around the house, moderately hit and de-psychicized.

It might be nice to have an easy to understand change like poisonous swamps becoming flower gardens after de-psychosis.

When I made the suggestion that..., I ate the suggestion fierce rebellion.

"Well, that's too dangerous for Maido."

Know who you are.

... Yeah, well, don't say that. He said that the character setting, which looked like NPC and hasn't stayed there for a long time, was a ghost.

No, 'cause, why don't you live? It's crazy to open it up here, huh? Or even if I did, it would be strange if I didn't live here permanently? Then my adventure ended here! It becomes. That's not going to happen.

"Uh, well, isn't that okay with me wearing a full-face armor?

That's what Birdsea has suggested, but I want you to think about it.

Ghost maid or ghost armor, which leaves more room for dialogue.

... Absolutely the former! Why don't you open the door to the house and come out the back with your armor? I'm scared! I'm absolutely scared! Then you're definitely in Pattern B!... What's wrong with Pattern B is that not only is there going to be damage in the house, there's a good chance of injury, but the peace is somewhat diminished.

This is your home. It doesn't taste good to be recognized like Dungeon: Abandoned House with a Haunted Knight.

You want to live in a dungeon? No, I don't.

Well, the feeling of winning for that matter is going to get stronger.

... Well, then, I still don't know anybody in the brass club better than Torikai, who seems to be able to speak out no matter how much armor he wears, so I'm largely free to change his looks and looks, isn't it appropriate? Says.

Well, eventually, you all broke. For some reason, even if you enter Pattern B, you have a good chance of winning.

Somehow, if you use the sight of the maids, you're going to do something about it, right?

All attacks from the rear are foreseeable, and if you have to, you can do things like mind and eye.

Suzumoto made me practise cutting me out, so I'm pretty confident.

If the target is a person with a stick weapon and weak.

And if you're wearing 'Invalid Magic' made-up clothes, you can take the magic.

Invincible against magic. Invincible. Invincible.

I repeat, I, am invincible!

So the stop to become a Buddha is magic, and after all the physical attacks have been carried out, you can pretend to have become a Buddha with that magic and "transfer" and even pretend to have been inflicted intact.

Of course, I've never crossed the line to be Pattern A, and First Contact would like to go and grab Mr. Heart firmly disappointed over there to go for it. Yes.

That's why I have to look like a ghost.

Ghosts don't have legs, they're floating, they're transparent, that's what I want.

… 'Disguise' is a skill that can change the color of hair, eyes and skin. Yes... but can't you be transparent? So colorless transparent disguise.

I tried. Done.

I got it. I can do it. I can do gradients.

Now I can be a ghost, but I can be a transparent person! Of course, clothes don't become transparent, so if you want to be a transparent person, you must be naked! I'll never do it because I'm scared when I break my skills to some kind of clap!

So make your legs this gradient transparent, Mr. Rosemary. ver. I succeeded in becoming a ghost, I...

"Something... doesn't look very ghostly, Mr. Maido"

... why.

"You can make your feet transparent with a long skirt, but you can't see it."

... Complete!

So I hurried to wear one and even grabbed my maid clothes to the lower knee length.

"Ko, how about this!

"No... something different..."

But your reaction isn't fragrant!

"You look too lively."

... should I look like I'm dead?

"You look too good."

Skin color, make it a little whiter? You're already white, aren't you?

"Maybe the colour flavour is too bright. Why don't you drop the saturation?


As such, I ended up settling on making my hair and eyes pale blue gray because I was complained about a lot of things.

This isn't Mr. Rosemary anymore.

And, if you get this far, it's an easy job to wait for later, so you'll be waiting for everyone in the brass club to come this way as you prepare for Pattern A, plant around this house, sweep the monsters around here, cut fruit trees, and unplug edible plants.

... Would you have understood?

This operation, when it begins, is entirely in the hands of the opponent.

It could still come, or it could take three days or something.

It's a very unstable way to start, but it's always a little tough for me to keep Stenbay, so I decided to keep the maids resident.

Always' share 'your vision, and you'll know when it's coming.

So I can always make ghost maids, while the task of sewing Sora and your sources of funding.

Everyone else went to pick up the music prep room.

To the river, to Laundry Mountain. I'm saying on the mowing level, but the monsters are actually strong enough, and I can't do ketlamidash, so you guys are pretty heavy labourers.

I guess I'll have to make some groceries so I can make it for dinner as soon as I get back.

I wonder what I'm going to do today. It's time to fish again. I think I'll make it Japanese with baked fish.

After all, there was no movement in the brass club that day, so I usually eat dinner and go to bed.

It's been a while since the fish were well received.

It's just that I'm going to bake fish... and I miss the conversation because we're all going to concentrate while we bone it.

Well, I'm going to go to bed, but the maid has asked me to make a pair of four dolls and get up and watch them in turns.

So, if you make any moves, wake me up, so I'll sleep in peace. Good night.

Good morning.

Mr. Maid, when I got confirmation from the doll, I said, "No abnormalities! 'It seems that the motion has not yet moved because the feeling has returned.

Well, there's no such thing as missing fruit trees in the neighborhood.

So right after breakfast, you guys took your lunches and went to collect classrooms in the music room series.

I'm the only one who has to wait, and I rather came out of the way to collect the classroom.

Yeah. Welcome to the full, yes.

It's a waste of time even if we're all stuck here.

And I'm just a clothing machine with nothing to do.

I use MP while being careful not to make fun of MP for once. Haunted Maid (MP0) or something, kinda laughable.

In about four hours, I kept making clothes, and the maid told me, "Maybe it's time to move? 'The feeling was sent to me.

... Um, I don't know, a maid doll doesn't talk. So this, the feeling, or somehow, that kind of blurry stuff just sends... it can be difficult to communicate the will by 'sharing'.

If you have vision or hearing, you know what is certain, so you can light it up.

So, when it comes to the movement of the brass club, it's a situation where a group with a lot of fighting power went out hunting and couldn't find their prey, and a group with a lot of speed found a bunch of fruit trees and came back, etc.

Hmm, we just have to keep going in the direction of the fruit tree, so if we keep following the fruit tree, we'll get there.

The fruit trees were moderately dusted, so there was not much to take from a single tree.

Then I can't take the fruit for the number of people without moving from tree to tree, so I can't stay stagnant forever.

You'll discover this place as early as this evening.

Once I gave you that report, you said you were going west to retrieve the Music Prep Room and look for the Second Music Room and the Music Laboratory.

Maybe we can recover those two by the end of the day. Good luck.

If I kept watching as I sewed my clothes, several groups finally arrived at the fruit tree flock to start harvesting.

"Trumpets should be on the perimeter alert, clarinets should harvest fruit!


"Now get to work!


... Maid, I heard this when I borrowed the doll's hearing.

Oh, I knew trumpets and all that sounded like avant-garde combat jobs. Is Clarinet quick after all, with a finger-spinching image?

By the way, where are the maid dolls looking at them from, from behind the leaves of a tree that is not a fruit tree around the fruit tree.

I'm telling them to fly away as soon as they find me, so it's okay...... or they have absolutely no sign of realizing. A pattern obsessed with fruit trees. Yeah, well, I know how you feel.

In the end, the people in the brass club didn't go that far either, and they picked fruit from close quarters and went home.

Um, I was wondering if it would be tomorrow to find this place.

Because it's close to the fruit flock fabric, I think I'll definitely find it when I make fruit picks. They seem more prudent than I thought.

And I've largely turned it into a clothing manufacturing machine, so I left the clothes I could have at Mr. George's pawn shop.

Then Miura and Mr. Cape were shown the Romijuli Theatre and Hanamura missed me, but I'm generally fine.

Yeah. HP shredded in the first half...

Sora and I are used to Romeo and Juliet.

Humans are adaptable creatures, but they are amazing nonetheless. I'm doing a Romijuli theatre in front of me, and no one's responding. Awesome.

The only thing that makes Mr. George seem uncomfortable. Yeah, good luck with that.

So dinner because you're all back.

I was probably eaten in large quantities and ran out of saving bird meat when I fried it for dinner from but I'm fine.

I really don't like fried chicken. Are you dying of a disease or something if you don't eat a lot of fried food regularly?

"In the meantime, today I've collected The Music Prep Room, The Second Music Room, and The Music Laboratory. Now the music relationship is complete."

And ladies and gentlemen, it is this feat. Now North Wing 2F is...... oh, it still happened. There's a guy in the English lab.

...... yeah. You all seem to remember where you are.

Yeah. The English Studies Laboratory had Fukuyama-kun and several other students, which is the classroom.

I wonder how Fukuyama got from there to Eizor, 1F South. Yeah. I wish I could check everywhere.

Well, whatever it is, it's good to have 2F North Building recovery going on concurrently with the multi-purpose hall recovery plan. Yes, because you can't get stuck here or something a little funny.

Tomorrow's plan is for the others to retrieve the English language lab, maybe I'll be a ghost maid, and wait till then.

As for all of you, if you're east of the north wing, you can ketrami riding, so I guess you can just collect it.

They're going to look in the courtyard when there's time. Yeah, you said there was some kind of island.

Then I'll sleep where we have plans for tomorrow. Good night.