Uh, Suzumoto and Needle Student go to the floating island in the middle of the lake that hits the courtyard and don't come back.

I told everyone to come home for lunch, so it's time to go home and wear it. Are you in a bit of a hurry?

"What do we do? Want to 'communicate'?

"No, let's not. Maido-san, you can all talk to her."

"Conversation, I mean... well, I can see the information everyone's got."

Not all of us can efficiently transmit something ourselves, can we?

She's not talking, she's about body language even if she does. Even I'm "sharing," I can see I'm kind of blurry, to the extent.

"I don't mind. So could you take a look at Suzumoto and the others?"

Right. 'Communication' can be annoying depending on the convenience of the other party.

In that regard, it's hard to believe that if everyone just takes a little peek, it'll get in the way of Suzumoto and the others.

All right. Everybody. Everybody.

When I 'shared' the feeling with everyone, it was dark as it seemed to go inside the pouch, so I opened the pouch lid softly. but dark.

... What the hell?

I'll give it a try, but it's dark. Yeah, everyone. What is this all about?

... When I asked, I knew that the needlework had done something. Uh, yeah. All right. I had my head stuck outside the porch, so I stuck around the needle raw hips.

'Hmm?...... ah! Oh, my God! Everyone had you!

Oh, I hear needle students. All right, needlework, talk about what's going on.

"Er... could you all tell Maido my voice now?

Everyone snorts and shows. Yeah. This kid, he's never been able to use it as a one-way comm from the other side to this side, is he? Plus, it's high performance.

"Mm-hmm. Well, Maido, if you hear me, you can all move your right hand."

Ho ho. I manipulated everyone directly and let them wave their right hand.

"Oh, I'm hearing you. Yeah. Well, uh, my situation now, but I'm in the shadow of Suzumoto '

... Uh, yes, yes, yes. No, needle students had that kind of skill.

"So, Suzumoto is now encounting with the Temple"

... okay? How did that happen! Or is that okay?!?

"If you try to get to the floating island in the middle, you suddenly fall over. Come on, dive into the waterfall pot beautifully. Well, once I reported it, it was a temple under that waterfall. Haha, I guess I know that. '

Wow, that's funny!

'So, what do I do? In the meantime, I've heard a lot about Suzumoto pretending to know nothing about the Temple people right now, but I guess that's the backup to what Maido has heard about that weird book so far. The temple is trying to summon the brave men to bring down the culprits of the world's collapse. Suzumoto must have failed the subpoena a little and summoned him away, or something. I'm willing to cheat and laugh. hahaha'

Yeah, I'm really glad you had Alive Grimoire. Because it's a really good book for that book.

'So, we, you want information because you don't know how to deal with the temple. Can I pretend to be part of the temple? This. I'm getting Suzumoto to do his best to be alone though. I can communicate information to Suzumoto, but you can't communicate information to me from there.'

... Well, what is it?

Everyone else, the maids can receive the dolls, but they can't transmit them...

"Communication" has only a common line, so when I put it on the needle raw, it won't be long before Suzumoto does, and that's not a good idea when I'm talking to the temple right now.... Ah. Yeah. I mean, should I ask a needle student to remove Suzumoto's 'Communication' bracelet?

Move everyone, look for the needle raw arms. It's just dark in the shadows. (If I'm looking in person, "Dark Vision" asks, but that doesn't work because I'm just showing everyone their sight...

And then I found the needle arm and I finally found the bracelet.

And then I urge everyone to pepper and slap it so they can notice.

"Oh, maybe Suzumoto said to take this off? I wonder if I can... Yeah, I'll say it for once '

Then it got quiet for a while. I hear the needle student is talking to Suzumoto by some means.

'Yeah. You took it off, so you can' communicate 'with me.'

Oh, that's good. Then we leave. It's weird to keep staring into that dark space.

"The needle students can 'communicate'. Suzumoto is now encounting with the Temple people. Suzumoto has a bunch of needles hidden in the shadows of Suzumoto."

When I told everyone who was leaving and watching me worryingly, they each activated the 'Communication' bracelet.

"Needlework, can you hear me?"

"Yeah, I can hear you."

"In the meantime, I'll just tell them what I just found out to Mr. George. In the meantime, we must never let the temple perform an institutional ritual."

Are you saying that maybe not all of us can go home after the ritual?

"Yes, so we need to disrupt the temple or even the brave ones."

If the brave man manages to return, the temple will have to perform the ritual.

"So, hostile?

"No, you're an idiot. You don't need to be understandable and hostile, do you? You don't have to be so vigilant."

... Yeah, well, you're right, Hanagasaki, you're a little bit more - to Oblate...

"Well, then, without any contract or anything, but without making a particularly bad impression, should we leave successfully?

"That must be the best part. Mr. Hanagasaki, can I help you?

"No, I want Maido to get information from Alive Grimoire as soon as possible. There's too much you don't know yet, right now. It's a little dangerous to move without knowing."

....... it doesn't work now, is that the best,? Yeah. That's hard, isn't it? As for the temple side, you'll only want to move something.

"I can't say that to Suzumoto, but can you do that?

"Hmm, I'll say it for once"

And it was quiet again for a while, and the needle student returned.

"I think I got a place to rest because I was feeling sick. Then I think I'll buy you some time. Then Maido hurried as much as he could to hear a lot from the book, draw conclusions on how to move over there, and tell them. Okay, I'll hang up. Greetings."

...... yeah. For once, for once... well done, I guess.

"Why did they fall into the waterfall in the first place?"

Come on...... Well, that's strange first, isn't it? Those two have fallen, which means I can only think about whether the skill-activated MP has expired or if I've got something from the skill-disrupting system.

"Let's think about that over here. In the meantime, Mr. Maido needs to talk to that book as soon as possible."

"That's fine, what exactly am I supposed to ask?

There's a lot going on and there's a lot going on, man.

"First, the culprit, what is it called, right? Next, if you can figure out what a brave man is, how many brave men there are now, what the brave men are doing today, and so on. And then I ask you to do as much as you can about the temple."

"Mm-hmm. Roger. Then in the meantime, please ask for the English lab people." Sharing ""

I'll leave you to the people in the English department lab and head over to Alive Grimoire. Here we go again.

"Hmm, I think I'm in a hurry."

Quick, but let's talk!

"Uh, just to be brief, answer, okay. You mean Mr. George."

'Mm-hmm. Correct. I thought you'd find out sooner.'

It seems like this even with meta reasoning. Sorry.

"So, I heard a lot. We can't all go home in the temple ritual."

"I will only pick it up from the other people who were there when the ritual was performed, and from the classrooms you speak of. If it's left behind, that's it."

"So, all of a sudden, when my people went to the middle of the lake, they fell, and they were in the temple."

"Hmm, Cheng Cheng, are you close to that one?"

What is that... Yeah, I think it's about floating island.

'That sucks magic without limits. I have no choice. If you want to get close to it, you'll be in charge.'

... Yeah, uh, that's... yeah, that's through! I'll ask you later! I'll ask you later!

"So, we don't know anything about brave people."

"Oh, brave man.... Hmm. You are a man of the other world, whom the Temple has made a covenant with."

"… contract"

"Dear Left. The other worlds who will be brave will make a covenant with the Temple. Brave men erase their culprits to save this world. And the temple gives the brave men the tools, the power, and the means to return to the original world at the dawn when the culprits are extinguished. And... take the lives of the brave men as collateral for every vessel. No matter what, they can't say that. I know you're saying it's a precaution not to die. That's partly correct, but at the end of the day, it's just a measure to keep the brave from teething."

... Bad business practices, eh!!