I'm back because I can't have dinner even if I keep taking a break. I'm back for dinner.

But even though he was resurrected, he was chopping cabbage with no heart. Shit, I was gonna put you in the soup, and you're forcing me to cook you an okonomiyaki for lunch today? Shit.

Oh, no, wait. I've come to this world to get all kinds of spices and seasonings, but I still haven't been able to do just the sauce.

That, seriously, what's going on? I've been doing a lot of research, but you can't do it well, can you?

Therefore, I feel that it is only painful to eat okonomiyaki or something without sauce, so I have to consume this large quantity of chopped cabbage, not powdered.

Uh... oh, hey, I'm not turning my head! Damn, why is my mentality so tofu! Physical tofu, mental training! At least be hard on Takano Tofu!

... I can't help it, so let's soak this cabbage group... Keep it with chopped kelp and seasoning......

A little late but reasonably done for lunch, and the task of getting gear and tools together again.

After all, armor, among other things, seems to take a long time to make bird sea armor.

That's why I've been using excavations, not handmade.

That's right, it looks like it's hard to adjust or something, and it's just strange to think about processing metal.

They seem to have knowledge of baking and burning and metal processing, but I only tell them to work hard because metal processing is refreshing.

They're talking oxide film and paint now. Yeah, I have no idea!

People who don't have production skills are going to go outside and pick a lot of things up. Well, well. If you're going to make something out of metal, it's natural that you're going to need metal, and they're going to need a lot of other stuff, I don't know.

Most of the other parts are related to the president's poison. That's not funny! President, they make something, this is strange and disturbing again...

Cloth products are not particularly skill related to someone, it is not necessary to share parts or anything like that, except for the ingredients, I generally complete them all by myself, so I will work alone.

If it's embroidered, you don't even have to think about it, and it's easy, right? I'm really glad you have all these skills. The maid chief isn't that bad, is he? Even if it's correction 0. Yeah.

If I even moved the needle, made yarn sometimes, checked the gear I could do sometimes, and did something like that, time would pass pretty quickly.

Unlike metal, I think the good thing about cloth products is that things can be done quickly. Thanks to my skills, I'm going to complete it at a hell of a speed.

So the last thing I made was a new outfit for the maids dolls.

Until now, it's been an empty apron dress, because it's about time.

Why was I named to stand on the arrow as the 'Demon King' when my defense was paper, no offense, and if I ate one shot, maybe I would die instantly? Also, why did you all forgive it?

There's a lot of maids out there for that.

Now the maids are capable of moving like my hands and feet.

And no matter how far away you are or how different the hierarchy is, you can 'share' it, and most importantly, you can gear it up.

And we have "Magic Invalidity" by "The Big Black Snake Scale".

It's invalid, so it's invalid. It doesn't work.

Even if it was a maid doll with no physical endurance any more than I did.

Then I can do this.

Place the maids at 360 degrees and keep my field of view perfect (although I need to keep my own eyes closed because I'm going to blow my head off with too much information, and I still need practice).

And I myself loosely (pretend to be) in formation away from the enemy formation.

While you're out front and actually fighting, I avoid magical and physical attacks that fly towards me anyway. Avoid even.

Some of the magic, of course, is massive. But that doesn't work. Neither me nor the maid doll will be done by magic first if 'magic is disabled'.

If a physical attack is about to come, you can avoid it if it is likely to be avoided, or 'transfer' it as soon as it is not likely to be avoided.

... I mean, I have to declare war, and when it does, I just have to be a runaway clerk.

Or maybe it won't actually either.

'Cause that's your fighting power, isn't it? That's a lot of fighting power, isn't it? That's eight of them. Why don't you fight them? There's no time to attack one of the weirdos behind it, this.

So I wonder if I'll take the form of avoiding a real stray bullet.

Well, 'Demon King' shouldn't be defeated in the first place. It is also undesirable to be hurt.

To play the utterly indispensable "Demon King," you don't have to engage, or you can't engage, you just have to run. I was the right man among the nine, that is.

But I'm capable of doing it as much as I can... maybe, maybe, there is. There is, isn't there? There's got to be... Yeah, there is. I do! I can get away! I can avoid it! I can play complete indelibility! And I think!

Yes, if you have a maid doll.

... so if it breaks, you have a made-up doll that is a troublesome camera and healer and effects clerk, so you are strengthening it. Yes.

Specifically, if you dye a piece with the "Big Black Snake Scale," it will have "Magic Disabled" and "Greater Defense Up", so that's pretty much it. Later, if you let them wear panniers with 'flying skies' in empty lilies, and then make an apron and head gear embroidered with yarn dyed with dyes that enhance each pussy magic, that's really it.

The difficulty with this equipment is that it can't keep MP consumption down, but my own MP has gotten gutted with the equipment, and the maid herself uses mint extraction liquid, so there's no problem surprisingly.

... so after that, just make a number.

But number. Just number. Numbers are always a threat, violence.

... Currently, the maids have recorded 50 more puppets - 50.

That's more than enough to be a shield if you line up in front of it, 50 bodies.

So there's the task of even sewing 50 miniature maid clothes...... yeah, the maids and the dolls will make their own gear! She seems to have the temper of position, so she helps me so much that it's easy there, but I'm the one who sews and embroiders. Give it up. I'll be a machine. but there are injuries.

I managed to get geared up while I was doing this. No, my shoulder's gonna blow. The needlework is fun, but the shoulders are tight.

I am currently dressed in a black apron dress and happy Sakura and everyone is jumping on my shoulder. Oh, of course what you're doing is shoulder to shoulder. Thank you. Yeah.

"Maido, try to equip yourself with this for a moment"

They had my share of the armor prototype while I was doing that.

"It's a confidence piece. Maybe we can gear this up."

It was some vain white color and glossy black armor that was handed to the birds. It has a shape that covers the neck, shoulders, and chest, and a part that protects the arm and a vertical part that attaches with a belt.

... Obviously, it's increasing. Yet it's not that heavy.

"I'm anxious about the intensity for the light, but that's probably okay, I think."

"Scales and... bones?

"Yes. Bones. Fire dragon guy. And then there's the scales of the big black snake. I've got a new skill called 'Material Processing', so I tried it, okay? So you think you can move?

When I equipped it, I was familiar with strange positions. Heavy is heavy, but I don't mean to run in this, and yeah. Not in the way of the motion position to avoid at all. I don't use weapons anyway, so I don't have that many problems with my arms moving.

"Yeah, I'm fine. There seems to be no obstacle to escape."

"Uh, good. And I'm head-equipped, this."

This is a made-to-measure white brim made of thin metal.... you don't look like a maid at once when it comes to metal, this is... something else at the earliest.

"Crown, this"

"Yeah... this is what happens when you make it out of metal, because the maid's head is standard..."

... Yeah, somehow, I'll lose my mind to all of you trying to stay that way and preserve your maid length identity.

"So, how much does it weigh?"

"We'll be fine with this."

No matter how much metal you say, it's thin, and like this... it's luxurious to build, this.

So fine.

"Oh well. Yeah. Then Maido's share is up now, too, and then my share... oh, yeah."


"You know what, can I borrow it?

For the time being, are you tired or are you hanging out in my apron pocket?

"Yeah, fine, but what do you use it for?

"Um, man romance"


Oh, yeah. I didn't think of anything unpleasant. It's all right.

"Yeah, uh, just by the way? You want to lend me seven more positions?

"Yeah, I'm fine by myself. I simply want Maido-san's network for emergency escape."

... Oh, you, gear, I'm making... Didn't you? Emergency escape... uh...

And I looked out the window and I saw something, but I decided not to. I haven't seen it. I haven't seen it, I can't believe it's like a mo 'l suit...

I'll finish my dinner with a brown stew, and your gear building is still going on.

I spend most of it on gear creation except eating and sleeping, but are these guys okay?

I hear you're building face-concealing gear right now. I think they each have their own personality and should be interesting.

For now I laughed heavily at the president's pesto mask. You look too good, you're too suspicious, and somehow... great.

Although it ended up disappearing because it was impractical. Too bad.

When it was time for the date to change, everyone's gear was finally finished.

"Let's line them all up!

We all looked in circles at the bird sea in Norinoli, and it was more disastrous than I thought.

I knew I was headed by Birdsea. Its full-body full plate armor is stained in pitch black, creating a sense of weight and compression, and the large Halvard in hand is too disastrous. It's pitch-black with red stones like blood. It's going to kill a few people with a twig.

Or rather, it's the style of a few hundred people, a kanji who's already fucked.

The next point is the president. Shit. If it's white, I'll wrap it in black, and a gas mask on my head. … practical. Or are you going to fight the way this gets practical, you haha!

By the way, I naturally made black clothes without white!

Peculiar and out-of-the-box. There are a lot of drug test tubes and flasks that can be stored inside that sturdy build...

Horizon finally turned his helmet into a full face. Well, if you want to hide your face, that's easier.

And the armor is black. The crimson cloak looks good. I can't tell you how much I want to ask if it's a blood stain.

According to this, the sword also has a black finish other than the bird sea and the matching blade, and the pattern appears to have a red stone.

Is this what a Dark Knight is about? Convinced.

Kaiya was no longer a priest.

Wearing armor with few parts that felt like my armor was made of metal, and a black and crimson coat underneath it. The head is a cylindrical full face helmet. Honestly, I'm scared.

And there's still a pitch-black mace in that hand. They "grant" this mace, Suzumoto's "Calm" and Torikai's "Speaking Art".

"Even I'm a communally handicapped person. Now I'm an Incitement Skill MAX! Doya..."

What? I want that, too.

I guess it's the needle raw that's funny to watch. Because it's Ninja. Ninja.

Ninja outfit on armor covering part. Naturally, even though I sewed the ninja outfit.

The needle raw is the type of person who wants to store all the dark utensils. I took care of the storage space.

But suspicious. It would be very suspicious if this were running.

But needle students don't run around in this operation. Because I usually just keep it a secret.... I also feel sorry for you.

Hanagasaki-kun is not very different. I just masked it as a head gear, and I use the example silver and thin blue guy.... Hi, they don't work when they try to use a cane with red stones. Um, because I'm not sure how magic works.

Please note that the mask is made by Advice Plus Bird.

... thats it. The one who can be a vampire if he wears this and drips blood on this. I don't know, Hanagasaki-kun, I don't know if I'll stop being human.

... Yeah, the mask was crazy enough. Yeah.

Suzumoto is an example de flashy kimono without armor, but his head is equipped with a fox surface. Very suspicious.

The fox surface is a fantastic item that does not deviate and does not narrow its field of view even when applied due to wastefully advanced technology.

Fox surfaces in the dressing of phoenix on black ground, and knives, I'm definitely developing two illnesses in this, and I thought, "Kuh... get down, my right arm...! He did." Shit, my abs are broken.

And... you're not the Demon King's Army anymore, you're the other army! It is the bird adding that.

Human-type manned man-made weapon that soars outside. The coloring goes with this one: red and black.

I hear there's a laser out there, but the moment I move this and stand on the ground already would be the climax.

I'm sure the enemy army will be stunned. If it moves, I'm sure you'll already be sniffing. "This guy... he's moving! I don't think so.

Oh...... Nanbu, all I can say is.

By the way, I didn't understand how you made it.

They've used a variety of different world-quality skills and magic. This is not a level of production skills anymore!

And the decision was made tomorrow at witchcraft, in the evening. I knew it would look better.

It's not nice to be a little too refreshing about the Demon King appearing with the morning sun or something. It's up to the righteous side and the market to show up with the morning sun.

Well, then I'll go to bed already in case of tomorrow.... What about the Morning Demon King, no, that's good, it's not acting.