Successfully serve the brave with overwhelming power! And the knights, the main force of the opponent, are hit with the president's tear cream, so I guess we can make a lot of time.

"Fuck, fuck! Get off me!"

All right, Fukuyama, let's save it with the Sleeping Cocoon. It's troublesome when you move, but it's also troublesome when you die.

... and I thought.

"Damn it, remember! Absolutely. I will take you down!" Spatial Jump "!

... Fukuyama-san, just a moment mobile skill user. Suzumoto also laughs bitterly at this.

... Well, it makes sense to go home from that auction venue to the temple. This sucks. It's pretty hard to catch...

"Goal F escapes with skills. Repeat, Goal F escapes with skills. I don't know where it's coming from and I don't know when I'm gonna run. Cautioned. '

When Suzumoto told everyone in "Communication," they each responded appropriately.

Uh, Kakusa-kun and Torikai took the president's shooting leak... Oh, is that sinking in a punch? And then there's Horn Three, before you rebuild. Your sword came with a skill called 'glory', but I wonder if you still have that and use it. Looks like they're aiming at losing their mind and not winning the war.

... Well, if you have the overwhelming power to just not have to kill it here, you don't want to kill it.

Fact is, I don't know... this side has the president and the birds over-speaking against the pair...

Especially adding birds.

Why did you build a man-made weapon? [M] You're out of time right now, man!

... Well, maybe the look of this has already sharpened the wars of the knights a lot...

Who the hell is willing to fight watching an auto part like I've never seen before......

Overall, most of the Knights of the Temple lost their will after a dozen shots of the president's tear gas. I have to wonder if chemical weapons are awesome.

The leak almost got you and Torikai out of battle, and somehow, overall, this is how, clapping out,...

And then I guess I'll wait for the needle student.

Needle students are now exploring the interior of the temple across the shadows.

As soon as we find life, we retreat, and all the needleworkers use their perspectives to rendezvous, protecting all life.

This is why you wanted to scratch the temple before the brave ones.

As a temple, I think if a brave man goes back to sleep, he'll kill him. If this one comes into contact with a brave man first, it could smash his life (physics) at that moment, and he could be run into something like that.

Only, I want to make contact with the brave men with the temple no longer in control of the lives of those who have been made brave.

... I'm buying time for that. This fight.

So, well, I didn't even have to exactly control it this far, because it would be quicker to show overwhelming force as soon as possible to get the brave or temple top out, well, the result is O'Rei.

"I saw a knight moving a little great inside the temple. Caution because you seem a little strong '

Looking at the main entrance of the temple with a "far-sighted view" because "communication" arrived from the needlework, about 10 knights of white armor with slightly different designs emerged.

They're saying something, but I can't hear it coming from here for a second. I think it sounds about the president and Horizon, so I'll ask you later.

... and the next moment an arrow of light hit my clothes and I could play it. Whoa, I didn't see you. It was magically helpful. If it was a live bullet, you'd have stabbed me.... I think it would probably be slower if it were a live ammo, and I figured you'd figure it out because I think it would need pre-working or something.

"Hey, Maido, Maido! I said," Welcome back! "

I hear voices from under my armor shoulders. Huntle, as in the example.

I don't know, when this kid peeled off, he got big and couldn't fit in his sleeve. No, I'm going in, but you say the feeling of being in it has peeled off. It's stuck.

Still wanted to follow me, so I hid it in my armor and carried it. Also, Mr. Ketrami left a message on the boulder. I didn't need to expose myself, and I wasn't motivated by Mr. Ketrami in the first place.

He seemed very interested in "The Demon King," but he hated it when he imagined the ensuing engagement.

Yeah, well, I don't mind because I'm already over-spec at the point where the Mo 'l suit is all in one piece.

So, it's the hunt in question.

Maybe now I'm here for the light version of Shadowedge. I don't think that's what Huntle's up to. The only attack technique Huntle can use is "What the hell".

But, you know, if I'm badly fought back here and I'm being sighted, it makes no sense that I'm looking slightly more relaxed in the first place in a one-person safety zone.

I can still figure it out if you come one shot like right now, but if you come at me seriously, it's obvious you can't win first.

Then you have to withdraw, because you feel bad, don't you? I'd kinda avoid being told, "Ha ha ha ha, even as much as he talks about nephews, demon kings and warros."

"... so I can't fight back."

"Mm-hmm... you can't help it, Maido has become the Demon King, can you?

Acting, though.

"The Demon King is very smart."

...... hmm?

"So I didn't fight the goddess."

... that?

"Hey, and maybe Huntle, you know about the Demon King?

"Yeah! My mother used to make me listen."

"Maybe you know Ketrami too?

"Ketrami, I think I know because I know things."

... Oh, my God!

"Uh, so what about my name as the Demon King, as a hunt? Don't you hate it?

"Eh, if Maido does it, it's funny!

... Oh, let's ask Ketrami later too...

"We'll talk about that later for now. No counterattack. Okay?"


Okay, okay. I wonder what's coming next......

The ten newly emerging knights were boulder-resistant.

It's not like just a few of them. 'Cause I'm in equilibrium with that horny three of you and Tyman. It sucks a little.

I wonder if "Prestige" works, that would suck a bit.

Kakusan, you are the leader, so maybe you can see that I am the cap of these knights. But, well, Kakusan, you're the one who's going to attack, and that sucks.

Torikai is... damn, uh, what shall I do? There's nothing I can do because you know it's useless for me to go help, and he can 'transfer' once he sucks... I'm being brought in 2-on-1 right now. What was a knight?

The bird sea is endurance-specific and helpful. Still, I guess that means that pretty much this guy is clever, as he puts in one good blow at a time against two knights.

I don't know what Suzumoto is anymore, they don't move.

I know they'll slash you if you move. Beyond, Suzumoto can't move from himself because of his low endurance.

Yeah, as far as I'm concerned, I'd appreciate it if you kept aiming at time-ups.

It's the birds that make you feel safe watching.

Laser beam for the knight's knee coming towards him. This is the guy around the knee.

However, the problem is that when the avant-garde tries to target the opponents they are fighting, they are likely to hit sides, which scares them, and the other thing is that there are no more knights on their way by the time they do the first three knees already.

Even as an additive bird, it looks like you can't operate in detail on that fuselage, so there's nothing you can do if you're brought into a turmoil with your allies.

For once, I have the skill of "in the middle," so I can go outside and hit the laser with my own skill, but that also means that in the case of a laser that stretches linearly, I would definitely get involved if I had an ally on that line.

Or when I get out of the fuselage, that's dangerous, so I'm going to have to be a shield after precision.

The president was also struggling quite a bit.

I don't have time for that president to use poison. He's not the one who could fight strong in one piece. Rather, it is amazing that the knight is wearing dirt magic or something.... No, you're using it, that. Maybe. The knight's movement is clearly unclean. Did you even give it a delayed paralysis poison? It's the gas mask for that, isn't it?

Kaiya is probably the hardest fight, or maybe it was a bitter meat measure. It's not a belligerent personality, it's a guard and a health guard. But the outfit was too suspicious, so he was targeted. And Kaiya just gave up fighting.

... I mean, it went out the same way I did.

Making it a completely undeserved guard in the "Ark," he said, scoffing and stirring up the knights coming in there gunning swords.

Oh, good for you. The effect of mace, you're using it fast.

I don't have to worry about losing MP when it comes to Kaiya. Sometimes I can afford something. I pretend to drink mint extract.

Hanagasaki-kun is beside me.

The knight on his way was the best. It was awkward, but he was also good at it.

'Cause you went up a cloud of ice columns in' Ice Coffin 'while you went into the other guy's magic. No, I have a lot of nerve.

"Maido, I was flying magic and stuff earlier, okay?

"Yeah, well, like Huntle's parents, you know, each other."


Fukuyama, I was honestly hiatus about your sword, but, well, I guess Fukuyama was fortunate about your character.

You got your head, you came for it. Straight.

I might not have been able to avoid it if they targeted my legs, but it's my head, my head. It was too straight and easy to avoid.

If you move one step to the side, it will definitely come off. All you have to do is check reflexively and move right away, he said.

... It was dangerous. But well, because even the worst headache will heal. In that case, we have to mobilize Moya. It's because we're in danger of getting one step closer to the 'Demon King or Walros' just now, but, well, if it's over, I don't know what to do.

If I did something like that, Horn San-kun's has generally become Horn San-kun's dominance, and Torikai's had one person cleaned up, and Suzumoto's still hadn't moved, but Needlework came in with "Communication".

"I found it! Just connect us all. '

All right, let's 'share' everyone's sight!

... a dark room. There's a shelf. Glass lined up full of shelves. I guess I have about 20 just looking at it, this.

But well, I don't know what to say...... yeah. The smell of this temple jumped dramatically.

"Enough? Have you seen it yet? You can leave now, right? I don't like being here anymore... '

"Fine. Come back here. Because if you come over here, I can get involved and 'metastasize' you."

'Oh, yeah. So can I stay in Maido's shadow?

"Go ahead."

When I had such an exchange, my shadow would be heavier... I had a strange, spineless feeling, and the bright voice of a needle student called 'I'm home' echoed directly to my head.

Oh, whoa. Right, are you here? Fast. Boulder ninja.

"Retreat all personnel?

'Communication' came from Torikai, so maybe there's a piece of it over there.

"I will! All units withdrawn! Return immediately!

When I turned to my bracelet, soon our mobile warrior came gassing. Yeah. You're fast. I don't know if I've got the wrong stride.

Hanagasaki was on your side originally, so it's okay.

The president sees his opponent with a big shot of dirt magic, sprinkles tears on his wasting and retreats.

Suzumoto here, and the moment he turned to me, slashed the knight on the counter and then slowly retreated.

Kakusan, successfully involve you. Torikai 'transferred' to the side of Kaiya, and as it were, involve Kaiya for another 'transfer'. Yeah, in that state, I don't care what Kaiya thinks. I couldn't leave on my own.

All right. I'll set up a 'loud' cane here.

'Poor, temple!

I'll go and stir it up from the start. Now if you expose me to even one over there, I'll make money.

"I'm really bored! I knew knights were like miscellaneous fish, but I didn't expect even brave men to escape without a single machete being showered here! Make me laugh! '

Stirring up braves isn't simply personal, it's because you want the other braves to come this way!

'Fair enough. This time it's just a guy called Greeting. We're gonna have a lot more fun next time, okay? Farewell!'

Say something like a demon king in good shape and 'transfer'.

Ha-ha-ha, didn't you make it look like a demon king, like a demon king?

When I got back, a needle came out of the shadows. What's going on with that skill?

"Good luck to you all in the meantime"


"Good luck"

Everyone, say the tension is back, or it's the beginning of a report where it's firmly lowered in recoil.

"Well, let's go one more time and collect my life... but we need to take care of this one."

"Is something wrong?"

"Yeah, the culprit. Come on, it was in the middle of the room."