Normally, it's a strange story that the culprit is in the temple.

Because the temple wants to erase the culprit. I wonder why I bothered to leave that alone.

"Well, I guess the microscopic point of view of why we're here is not to let the brave man's life (physics) be taken back by the brave man himself."

The president said that when the correction is suddenly weakened by the culprit, he suddenly can't get the strength or the balance, and on the day he has the glass or something, he's going to grip it and break it or take it off and break it?

It's a horrible story.

From a macro point of view...... well. I don't really understand the connection between the culprit and the temple. I'm not sure what the culprit is in the first place.

"I mean, is it okay to touch that glass directly?

... I don't know who (physics) is, but I do think I touched your guy Hanagasaki in that mysterious space, too.

Hanagasaki-kun, what's the anomaly?


"No, sir."

The point is, I feel generally fine if I don't crack, hurt or spill the contents. I don't think it's that brittle at the time it's (physical)...

"Is it okay if Maido is around when it comes to the culprit?"

I'm a complete killer. Yeah. I'll take care of it.

But here's where the problem just came up.

"Are you saying that the temple thinks it's okay for the culprit to remain?

"... so even if this one has the culprit, there could be a ceremony for the return of the brave?

"No, it's possible that after you erase all the culprits other than the culprits in the temple, you're going to erase them at the end and end them."

... Well, the decision is in the temple.

"Ma, you can't help thinking about it. Let's get the culprit at last. It's better than over there."

Suzumoto tightened and dissolved.

Why it broke up, because I needed to change. 'Cause if the Demon King comes back now just now, it's gonna be a little strange. The rest of us go indoors. The armor still doesn't translate as a mo 'l suit, so it looks like we're rearranging so that it's okay to fight indoors at worst.

So I am currently Mr. Rosemary. I put on a mask for once.

By the way, the one that took me the longest to change was the birds. Well, you are, yeah. I can't help it.

"Okay, I'll go." Metastasis ""

When we all 'transferred' to the room we saw earlier from the perspective, we knew it or you all did.

"I hate this feeling."

"I think I hate everyone but Maido..."

"Maido, hurry up"

This is the second time, so it doesn't taste particularly fresh, and if you grasp the glowing mysterious sphere, commonly known as the culprit, you'll all be fine immediately.

... That... I felt subtle discomfort. When I gripped it. Yeah. I wonder what.

Later, if everyone transported the glass by shelf, it would be this one. It's worse to keep it on a moving shelf. If you didn't want to be stolen, you'd keep it as a built shelf! Ha-ha-ha!

The shelves were three small ones, so even if I did, it would take one round trip to complete.

"Okay, I'll go home then." Metastasis ""

I'm home. I mean, we moved.

I don't know if I'd leave it poorly in the lab, or what happens to this when I put the classroom in jewelry in the first place.

"... hey, that, what"

"It's life."

"Don't touch me, Mr. George."

"Don't break it, Mr. George"

"Please, Mr. George."

Mr. George, I'm going to leave you with bacon in your basement. George looks at the shiatsu glass as he says, "Ooh, ooh" or something.

Security is safe here because people live in different worlds.

I explained the danger to Sora, including George. After that, as soon as it gets worse, you can 'communicate', all I can say.

Sora and I can still count on you.

I decided to keep a few maid dolls stationed at this pawnshop so I could get an idea of what was going on here right away. I wonder if it's like a surveillance camera. Yeah. Of course I put a proper no on Sora and you guys about this.

"Oh, that's so cute."

"Wow, she's cute, she's cute! Thank you, Senior Maido!

... Especially though it was favourably accepted in this sense.

Yeah, the pretty girls are hugging me and the maids look happy with the dolls. Yeah.

And that's why I came back, so let's have dinner. I'm hungry. Even if you do Demon King, you'll be hungry! If you don't eat three meals, you'll be restless!

Vegetable soup I left it flavored on the meat before breakfast while cooking next to it, so I stirred it with vegetables, pickled it out and finished.

I don't know if it's clueless, I wonder if it's going to be clueless, this.

After the meal, the bird made me a bracelet for the culprit, so I got more bracelets.

Attach it to both arms as well.

Uh, what is it, I knew it was something uncomfortable? Will she be cured when she wakes up asleep?

When I slept and woke up, the morning came. Good morning.

I'm still uncomfortable, but I'm losing my mind. Yeah. What is it? Does that have anything to do with what that book said?

In the meantime, make dinner, today...... I wonder if I'm going to go temple raid, or wait for some more over there to set me up.

Which would be better? Waiting for the other one to come out will undoubtedly bring the brave. Then you can explain the situation. As soon as I set it up from this side, I won't have to worry about the ritual of return.

We need to talk about which one is better. Either way, if I were to set you up, I think I'd have more minutes this way in the evening or at night.

In the meantime, get ready for breakfast and wait for you all.... That's too late. Usually it's time to wake up.

I tried knocking on the lecture room door because I got anxious, but I haven't heard back.

I knocked again, counted 10 and then opened the door...... all of them were asleep.

Sleep well. I think I'm pretty sure he's just asleep, so let's get him some more sleep. I had a rough day yesterday with the Demon King's Army and carrying glasses. Yeah.

In the meantime, I'll hang the futon back on them because there were a few people who were not wearing the futon properly and looked cold. I gave up on the guy sleeping with a duvet in his arms. Yeah, you calm down, don't you, futon?

Good night then.

In the meantime, let's report to Alive Grimoire. Looks like he's looking forward to it.


"Oh, here we are! How did it go, it looks like you made it... Hmm. '

"Well, thanks to you"

He took the liberty of peeking into our memories, and is pleased, 'Alive Grimoire'.

"It's like a demon king in the middle. You're doing great."

Well, I wasted it on all of you. That demon king's dialogue training was a pain in the ass. Yeah.

"So, I've also recovered my life, but there's a culprit floating in that room."


Oh, boy? Does this book ever surprise you, too? I'm surprised by that.

'Oh, my God, no way... no, right. Um, right. That temple could treat the culprit like a fool... utterly lamentable'

"You mean you left the culprit to be erased from the brave measures, right?

'Uhm... ah, how far are they rotting! Because this is it! This is why I don't like the temple!

Oh, this book is angry.

"So. My little snake...... the kid from" The Big Black Snake "? But I know about the Demon King."

"Big black snake? Hmm. Complete. You would know. Sometimes it's okay to bear two of the culprits?

Oh, they teased me. So you're saying the only way to talk about this is to ask Ketrami and Huntle later?

"Is there anything unsavory about more culprits?

"Well, if it's okay, I've never been over it.... then you must really have magic on the outside. '

... Outside?

"Do I have magic, too?

"You have created magic, too. The amount produced also increased. But it doesn't seem to come out at all for that. '

... No, I was told a long time ago, 'You seem to have increased your magic power'.

"Magic is about correction."

"That's what happens a lot."

Then there are times when you don't!

… that's me…….

"Well. Will we be smacking the temple in earnest next?

"I guess so. I knew I didn't feel good about my butt."

Most importantly, I knew it was hard to get ritual done.

'Right. Then you still have to watch out for the High Priest. The temple is a tool for incompetent people anyway. Be vigilant.'

Tool hold, hey.... I only have a bad feeling about it.

'Well, you do it well.... um, if I can crush the temple, then I want to give you something'

"If it's weird, I don't need it."

For example, a demon king raid.

'Well, it's not even that useless.... be careful.'

That's a little snug for today's book. Oh, no, the atmosphere.

... well no. I wonder if I'll see you next after I crush the temple.

Then about an hour, which means you've all been up about two hours late from your usual time, so then a late breakfast.

"What do we do today? Do you want to keep crushing the temple? Or wait?"

"Let's just crush it, if we burn it with a bird beam anyway, the temple will fall, right?

... well, yeah, the undeniable is the sad part. I knew that manoeuvre warrior was over-spec.

"For frontal collision, do you think you can win?

That's where my anxiety is. I don't really know where it is because I'm not fighting myself, and it's teething there.

"Don't they have to use weird hands?

He said, "Be careful, the temple has tools."

In other words, there is a great chance that the "weird hands" will be used.

"I'd like to see how it goes if possible, but..."

"Oh, so you want me to go scout? Just cross the shadow."

I appreciate the needle student offer, but it can also be dangerous.

If they don't know what's in their hands, they can run into each other from the front and really burn it down with an over-spec beam for each temple.

"Sometimes it's harmful to us, but it's the hardest time when the High Priest is dying. Because we don't have the means to get the information and tools that only the Temple has."

There is as much information as the Temple seems to have and we do not.

There is a very good chance that there will be information you want, even if you throw out all of that: the specific way of the ritual of return, the relationship between the culprit and the temple, the goddess and the demon king, the brave man.

In other words, the means to bring people back to life.

We want the means to bring people back to life.

The other party is a religious group. And it's a bunch of clerics. Clerics are people who excel in restorative magic and such.

... that there is only one possibility in the temple... if you don't bet on the temple, you don't think of anything else?

It seems we've all figured it out there, so that helps.

"If you knew or had anything, you'd be a higher figure, wouldn't you?

I mean, the High Priest, that seems to be it.

It has been grasped from the story of 'Alive Grimoire' and the priest who solicited Suzumoto as a brave man.

"... but the High Priest, absent, wasn't it what"

And absent, it was, too.

"Speaking of which, you did. Did the priest, who had solicited the brave from me, say such a thing? There's a good chance he's not back yet."

... that means burn down the temple! Are you saying that if you do, the High Priest's whereabouts could remain unknown?

"Well, normally, the High Priest came out with a demon king, so there's no reason not to go back to the temple. Still, if you don't come out, I think you're pretty gutsy as a business owner."

"They're pretty rotten, that book says"

Still, that book is a recognition that the temple is rotten. I can't bet on one thing right now, whether it's the humanity of the High Priest or the sense of responsibility.

"No more, occupy the temple. Come on, shouldn't we hear from the prisoners where the High Priest is?

"... no, that's dangerous too. The other person is a religious group. Religion is mostly for death. So you can think enough about dying without saying anything about religion."

Oh, oh, oh, no more! There's no way to fix this neatly!

You can think of any number of routes you accidentally attacked and defeated, routes you accidentally attacked and killed the High Priest, routes you attacked and occupied, but you don't know where the High Priest is, and route branches!

"So we have to at least grab the High Priest before we crush the temple."

... Ah, the president looks good. You flashed something.

"So what you do is infiltrate."


"Isn't that what you did before you named yourself Demon King?

"No. In that case, it would have been difficult to infiltrate unless one of us was on a brave contract. Now you can confuse as much as you want with the temple's Gotagota. Anyway, the Temple has been hit by the majority of the Knights of Peace, and now it will be time to gain strength."

Yeah, I know the logic.

"And I can tell you that now is a very good time for people who might have information to end up in one piece."

Well, that can save you a lot of trouble, too. But.

"If you dive in, how do you get the information you need to leak in a short time?"

For once, we are the Demon King.

I can't keep letting it go any longer than I've named it.

If it's valuable information, I have to build trust to get it leaked, so I don't think I can do it overnight.

"That's already done by our Suzumoto. And it has proven that it is likely to work."

... Ah, I guessed.

"It's a color trick."

Come on, the air's frozen.