"... seriously?

Hanagasaki-kun finally talked and the air began to melt.

"Fortunately, in this world, we're treated like beauty, so why don't we do something about it?

Speaking of which, I think I did. When do you think you're gonna get it? Is this the correction you're gonna get here? Oh, this.


"I mean it."


"I mean it."

"Shake it!"

"It won't shake."

... Cheng Cheng, speaking of which, the staff of our Demon King's Army was a 'mad' scientist.

And to you, Mr. President, who still desperately resists, a word.

"I won't make you say you forgot. You used to say that." But only handsome, "he said. Are you going to stay handsome (tentatively) and withdraw that now?

This is settled. Ahhhhhh! Critical hit! A blow to the president's hatred! They're all making noises. Argumentative! Argumentative too much!!

"And it's okay. I don't care if it's a color trick."

"Oblate, oblate!

An instant needle student blocked the president's mouth. Boulder Ninja, you guys are fast at work but in a hurry with one of those words. Are you junior high school students?

"I'm not telling you to get to the real thing. Simply leaking information, 300 anomalies in Heinrich's law, and, if possible, 29 minor accidents on it."

Heinrich's law is that, right? There are 29 small accidents before one major accident, and 300 anomalies before that, like.

I mean, if you make an effort to get rid of 300 anomalies, you could avoid one serious accident, which should have been the guy, but this time it was like, 'If you get 300 small information leaks, you can get about one serious information leak!' Like, you're using it rudely to Mr. Heinrich.

"We don't know who has important information on the boulder. I can see that it's probably a high-ranking figure, but I don't even know if that's a knight's side or a cleric's side. I don't even know how many people hold the position of priest. Maybe there's a position between a high priest and a priest."

... Well, yeah.

"Maido, you can steal other people's memories with 'sharing', right?

"I've never done it with anyone else in the red, so I don't know where."

Or, actually, I don't think I've ever done anything other than you and Ketrami and Huntle and books and maids of honor dolls.

"Really, please be able to steal"

What the hell is this black?

"Maybe even if I could steal it, it would take a lot of time, and I don't think it would be half as expensive."

"I know that too. Even if you could, it would be precisely about two people a night. So this is why Maido needs to work on selecting people to 'share' with. Besides, if Maido's 'shared' measures were taken, it would be one shot out. I also want information in advance on whether or not the measures are available, as for this one. In that sense, it would be easier if you could take all their gear to the point where they peeled it off."

"I can't."

"I know."

The end of the staggered gaze without the thing called temperature by Hanagasaki and the president...... it was Hanagasaki who missed my eye.

President Boulder, strong.

"And to do that, I'm going to have you do a color trick and cause a mild leak of information, 300 anomalies"

I don't know.

"But why do you need to do that again with color tricks? You should normally be friends. Or I'll shadow it."

"We also need information that we can get across the shadows, but what information we can get from that is even a wiretap of stories between third parties, right? Which means you're unlikely to get the information you want to hear."

... Well, yeah. People run away when the shadow tells them to "learn more about it there" or something.

"And I'm sure it's easier to have love blind than to have friendship blind."

I just feel uncomfortable coming out of this guy's mouth in love or something.

"No, but, uh... the right material, isn't there? I'm not a communist."

Yeah, it's not limited to Kaiya. Everyone here has a weak ability to communicate.

"Think of it as a gal with no choice."

"I'm not a gal when I didn't have a choice..."

Besides, you can't save or load.

"You can do it if you think it's an act."

But, Mr. President, I'm not frightened.

And finally, the president's blow of hatred bursts again.

"If you're handsome, you can do anything. That should be easy enough to drop one or two or three or four female or homo clerics and build a harem and divulge information for a week or so."

... Right. If you were handsome in another world, you could do that, couldn't you? I'm sure. Besides, it looks like it's finally time for this.


"Dyeing" with the effect of "Seduction". It's finally time for this. This was for this time, wasn't it? Convinced. Convinced.

I just showed him the cloth. Guys, he instantly figured out what cloth it was. My face got interesting all at once.

"With the help of 'seduction' skills, it would be more certain."

And the president's face gets more and more insane. Wow, that's frightening.

"Oh, I'm a ninja! Because you should normally connitiate and intelligence out of the shadows!

Oh, the needle student got away.

"Too bad. I'm so sorry. I had already been seen by a priest. I'm sorry I can't join you either. Good luck to you all."

Suzumoto also escaped.

"In that sense, I can't either. I don't think he's peeled off a good-looking correction with two killers in his arms."

I escaped, too.

"... because I, uh, don't like to talk..."

"There's demand for that, too"

Horizon, you couldn't escape.

"Too much. Me too?

"There's demand for that, too"

"Root darkness like me."

"There's demand for that, too"

"I'm sorry."

"There's demand for that, too"

'Cause I'm a mobile warrior.

"There may also be demand for that"

Scary. 'There's that demand too'. I've sealed off all the excuses, now.

"So needle students are good, but Suzumoto is out. Because there will be demand for that. It can be dangerous, but it would be easier if you drowned for them to know what this request is. This is going to happen after the others gather information about the female priest."

... What, that kind of demand? Is that him? The enemy general and the forbidden...?

And drown, is that it? Psychology that contributes to knowing they're hippos? I don't know.

"If I start to say that, even Maido doesn't have to correct me... that... yes, it could take a skank only!? You have no idea why this guy is exempt!

Hanagasaki, especially what you said... I stared and was blatantly distracted. Terrible.

"Mr. Maido has no fighting power, so it's too risky to send him to enemy territory. If I were to send it, I think it would be better for me to be the clerk of purchasing rumours about the Temple's female community, and then maybe I should manipulate the doll and intelligence it."

President Boulder, instead of two steps, we're three steps away.

"... the president will do it too?

"I'll do it. Bad artillery fights in numbers."

... I thought. This guy's brains are great. But more than that, the cleanliness of this guy is great.

It's too great to stop laughing. I don't know what to do, it's too funny. My abs, my abs are broken!

"Maido! Don't laugh!

Sorry, I can't.

"I've seen it. - Well, it does look like you're recruiting people, even local church clerics and stuff. Sounds like you want both your strength and your talent as a health guard. I mean, it looks like I have an exam. There were stickers in the Wang Dynasty, too."

When Toriko and Needlework went on reconnaissance, there was certainly room to dive in.

To Wang Du, too. Cheng Cheng, the threat of a demon king is world-wide.

"Come on, then. Let's get to the interview. Take your practical skills out of your hands."

And reluctantly, me, Needlework and everyone but Suzumoto flew away by bird sea's "transfer" when they changed into equipment that wasn't Demon King gear (something new about recruiting armor).

In the meantime, I'll tell Huntle and Ketrami about the Demon King.

"Hey, Huntle, Ketrami"

"Whoa, what's up?"

'Okay! That's what we talked about yesterday, isn't it?

Oh, good guess and helpful.

"Yeah. A demon king, what?

When I asked, Ketrami's ears moved tingly.

"You want to know?


Now my tail started pounding.

'Right. But, hey, this is a story that's been passed down to my clan for generations, so I can't tell you that easily.'

Saying, Ketrami's ears are tingly and his tail is puffy. What a cutie.

"No, you, you were practicing sharing."

Oh, okay.

"I mean, if you wanted that information, you'd try to take it away with 'sharing', huh?

"You talk early. Oh, come on. '

... Hmm. Well, I'm sure I'll have to practice.

Let's win some information from this tundra wolf. All right. Head poking and 'sharing'!

Immediately swallowed by the whirlpool of information.

It won't be long. I can't even resist. Is this really Mr. Ketrami?

Refine and rebuild the amount of information that gets flown in but still manages to get flown in. As soon as it gets a little easier, avoid ketrami consciousness or feeling and start looking for memories.

It's really hard to find when you're not even offering it from the other side, this!

I managed to find a place to remember, but it was hard again from there until I found what I wanted... specifically, you see, Ketrami's memory is a lot of gross images...

I managed to find it that looked like it, but it quickly became blurred and faint and invisible.

Here's a fragment of the information that I managed to get, staring into my eyes, gathering them with my hands.

"The Demon King went to his place to complain about the goddess who created the world, and he hadn't come out in about 100 years"

"As soon as it came out, the world changed slightly, and the Demon King and Goddess disappeared"

"Ketrami's ancestors were created by the Demon King"

"Apparently the Demon King was a handsome silver-haired red-eyed man, but he didn't fight the Goddess with his strength, so whether the Goddess was a macho or the Demon King was a sprouts"

That's it. All of this sounds like what Ketrami heard from Ketrami's parents.

I don't have the power to squeeze the information around here anymore, so I'm leaving.

"What's the matter with you? To that extent?

"To this extent…"

No, no... My head is so twitchy.

Oh, oh, I've just been 'sharing' with inorganic and cooperative people lately. Well, well, well, here's what happens.

"And for now... the Demon King fought the Goddess... and changed the world, but disappeared... so, I don't know the relationship back and forth, but he created the ancestors of the Ketrami, and the Demon King was a Maeby Sprout... until such a point, I managed"

'I get it, asshole. I still remember when they shared it with me.

... How about that? Do I have to look for information on the other side while I shut out the information on my side, at times like this?

I don't feel I can.

"... well, that's roughly what I have in mind about the Demon King. Ask Huntle later."

Oh, but this is all for the most part.

Uh... Less!

Maido, do you want me to practice?

When Mr. Ketrami got round and started taking a nap, (it's raccoon sleeping) Huntle tilted his little neck and asked. Lovely.


I don't want to be honest, but if I don't, I won't be practicing. The MP recovered completely after drinking the mint extract. MP is.

'Mm-hmm. Okay. Go ahead.'

Huntle also gave me a head, so while I poked my head softly, I also 'shared'.

Now I try to be aware of that while I shut out my side.

Huntle himself has less information than Ketrami, but for that matter it's hard because of the dual structure that has a very big presence: Huntle's mother.

Maybe she remembers it.

As I strive not to let the people on my side fall down somehow, I move toward the double structure, I feel a fierce sense of rejection.

... Yeah, you had a hard time synthesizing this with me last time. Yeah. Leaving once.

Maido, are you okay?

"Yeah, well, somehow"

It's a resting level, but I drink mint extract again, and then I try again.

Following the same path as earlier and going ahead with the dual structure, I managed to ignore my instincts with reason, and there was a considerably more tidy group of information than Ketrami.

I guess this is Huntle tidy.

If I looked from among them, I managed to find one that looked like it.

If you take a peek at it, it's a box.

That's the box. There was' Alive Grimoire 'in it, which means it came out of Huntle's mother's belly, that box.

It was deposited by Huntle's ancestors as precious to the Demon King. At the time of replacement, what the child has eaten of his parents and inherited from his belly to his belly.

It was the ancestors of Ketrami and Huntle who gave them intelligence and power to hide it.

That's the beginning of their unique monster.

And all I could find was that.

Personally, I'm really curious if the demon king is a moat or if the goddess is mucky, but I don't see much of this around there, do I?

"Maido, Maido! Are you okay?

And I say, no. I want to sleep without thinking. Heavy head. Eyes around. Disgusting.

'Uh, uh, ah, it's left open.... Suzumoto! Come on!

I fell asleep thinking Huntle was saying something.