Well. It's evening. I was worried, Mr. Maid. When I was watching on the communications network, they each secured one person by various means, such as ascending to the roof, hiding on a tree, or sinking someone in the other room.

The last one was Hanagasaki-kun. Thorough enough to sink again the moment someone wakes up makes another sexual harassment statement. Yeah, great.

"Uh, Tess, Tess. This is' Minamo '. Everyone, please make progress... Hahaha, shit, what fun this is.'

For once, I didn't know where or who was asking me, so I decided to call them all by code name. The code name's stuck, Mr. Maid. That's the name of the doll. I mean needle raw.

"This is" Asagi ". The faggot almost attacked me, but I returned the favor. The information obtained means that there are likely to be areas inhabited by humans in the north as well. Above '

"Asagi"... a great applause and laughter when your report ends.

"Russai! As far as I'm concerned, I was desperate!?

'Cause let's hit the faggot. Hi-ha, ha, ha, ha.'

"'Minamo,' shut up. Next person report."

'Uh, then it's' Moegi '. I've spoken to the clerics. Uh, I don't think I've ever seen the face of a high priest saying that the temple is a difference in status, or a big difference due to his position, and he's a regular cleric. And it looks like no ordinary clergy can get in above the third floor. Then, it looks like the temple is divided into two main parts. Looks like there's a knight division and a cleric division. Uh, that's it, then.'

Hmm, looks like Kaiya's been talking quite a bit. Good luck.

"Then it's my turn, okay? This is' Ayame '! The position of chief priest has not been made public, and we have received information that only the chief priests and high priests know who is the chief priest, even though there is one of the priests! Salute!... Oh, later, I saw Deiche Mall or something, but the Lower Knights of the Temple are policing each town, and there was talk like that. I can't believe you're trying to keep me safe, but if it's a temple thing, you might have no choice."

Torikai likes nori. Yeah. And the discovery of new facts.... right. Maintaining that security is bad, isn't it?

After all, as Alive Grimoire said, the Temple wants slaves from other worlds, and that's why... you're missing out on people... no, you're thinking too much...

But you've been talking to that bunch of knights for a long time. Ah.... So what kind of talk did Torikai use to talk about the chief priest?

'Uh... uh, here,' Micah '... The Knights are out to escort the High Priest, apparently. And then the high priest, the chief priest and the chief knight... uh, maybe equipment that's going to prevent' sharing 'too... amulet, he said.'

Oh, Torikai and Horizon, when I combined your information, it's starting to feel like there's a high priest in Wang Du!

"" Tokoyo, "is that okay? Um, you know, the woman's priest started going to the chapel by herself every night from about yesterday, and the information that... and even love bana... it was hard. '

... Good luck. It's bad that I even shot through the minds of the women. Don Mai!

"This is Sakura." I've planted doubts about monotheism in some of the temples'

... I knew I was brainwashing. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Damn! The President's Doya face seems to come to my attention even though "Communication" is just audio!

"... any info?

"The High Priest uses miracles that bring people back to life," they said.

Say it that way! Pretty important, that!

"Taken together, we just have to get information about the High Priest from the Knights Commander and the Chief Priest, and" sharing "probably doesn't work for those two and the High Priest, we don't know who the Chief Priest is."

Right. Hmm... it's hard to say I don't know who the chief priest is after all.

"For now, this evening, the code name 'Maid Length' sets up 'Sharing' for the female knights contacted by 'Micah'. Each one of you... especially" The Rabbit ", be careful and reveal the night."

That's strange because my code name sounds like a code name even though it's not. Yeah.

"It's not in the shadows, it's"

Come on, Hanagasaki-kun.

"That's it for today, then. Good luck after tomorrow. In particular, the chief priests, the chief knights, the pair of 'shared' equipment amulets, with a focus on the information per. That's it then. Dismissed."

When Suzumoto tightened, it appeared that each responded individually and cut off the "communication".

But about a minute later.

'I forgot, this is' Minamo '.' Maid Length 'should be picked up as soon as possible. I'm hungry......'

Yeah. You can't come back here on your own.

Then I pick up the needle students and come home, make dinner (I made it omelet today) and eat, and wait for the night.

"Do needleworkers know where the example female knight is?

"Yeah. I've already looked into it, so it's okay. It's a private room, so you don't have to worry about other people."

Oh, thank God for that.

... Step by step, Needlework and I will "transfer" to the side of the temple, Needlework will "cross the shadows" to pack your bags to you... change clothes, mainly. Yeah. Deliver that.

Then I went to the female knight's room in "Shadow Crossing" again, where I also "transferred".

And have needle students block their ears before using 'lullabies' against sleeping female knights to get them to sleep deeper.

In the meantime, they show me their memories so I can't straighten them out with 'sharing', and I'll be right back. Ask a needle student to escort you during "Sharing".

Well, I'll do my best because it doesn't necessarily suck depending on my 'shared' arm. Yes.

And I sewed up the rest of my gear and the three of us did millionaires (I'm mostly a borough loser) and waited for the night.

Wait till it's time for the grass to sleep, too, and start acting.

"Then I'll go"

"Mm-hmm. Be careful."

Suzumoto didn't have to wake up until this time, but he woke me up with something. That's unreasonable, but sweet.

"You can sleep first. Here we go."

'Metastasis' with needle students dressed in ninja outfits. By the way, I also thought about naked stealth, in case 'sharing' fails and you get into battle, naked means you're the weakest, so I'm dressed as a maid without difficulty and making you Mr. Eulalia.

Look, if a female knight is a ghost when she wakes up, somehow, look, there's no excuse. Yeah, at least better than normal people.

"Then I'll get you all dressed."

The needle student disappeared to dissolve in the shadows, so wait and see the temple.

There is also a moon in this world. But the atmosphere is different.

And then, there are the stars, but not a single constellation I know. No, I don't know that much about constellations or anything. Um, I wonder if you were familiar with astronomy around Suzumoto, which might be interesting if I asked you later.

... but I still don't know if this world itself is a star like Earth, and it's useless to think about it.

I wouldn't wonder if it was a world of elephants riding on a large crowd of tortoises across snakes.

"" Maid Length ". Connect to everyone. '

I looked up at the sky and waited, and the needle student safely arrived at his destination.

Quickly 'share' with everyone and 'transfer' as soon as you borrow your sight.

Once moved, the female knight starts singing 'Lullaby' right before she wakes up. The needle student is blocking his ear at the time he contacted me, so I'm fine.

... Okay, looks like I totally slept. If this happens, it shouldn't happen that way.

Make eye contact with needle students, then softly approach the female knight, softly 'share'.

... That's easier than Mr. Ketrami.

I guess it's easy to say that the species are the same. Still, it's not like you're giving me information, so it's a lot tougher than when you do it with a crew.

Uh, we need to find a place to remember for now.

As I progressed with great care not to spill myself, I finally discovered a place that looked like it. It's more tidy than Mr. Ketrami's, but still it's rarely enough to look for...

... Ah. Found a memory about you, Horizon.... You're beautified, this.

... Yeah, you shouldn't see this place.

If you watch here too much, you won't know what to look like the next time you see Hornsan.

I made one MP replenishment along the way and managed to find some information about the Knighthood Commander.

... Hmm, completion. This could be... troublesome.

I saw what I saw, so I just left.

The needle student said, 'Are you done?' And I've heard just the movement of my mouth, so I nodded, and then I just 'metastasized'.

"Uh, it's almost dawn. This."

There wasn't going to be enough MP to make it back to 2F Northeast, so for now I could see that the horizon was already starting to whiten if I moved up a small high hill away from the temple.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's exactly half an hour or so."

"Not at all! I stuck my forehead together for over an hour and it stayed that way, Mr. Maido"

Oh, well... We have to be careful in the future.

Restore MP and squeeze your strength. Manage to 'metastasize' again.

I'm back in the lab.... That doesn't expand the lecture room. And that is, is…….

When I opened the lab door softly, I found Suzumoto sitting in a chair and lying asleep with his head against my desk.

"Uh... are we waiting for this?"

"I'm sorry, I don't know."

If I move it too much, I'm going to wake it up, and if it stays like this, I'm going to catch a cold, so I expanded the lecture room and brought Suzumoto's futon over to it.

And for some reason, the needlework also came with a needlework futon.

"... may I sleep here too"

"I don't care."

"Uh, then I will.... I miss sleeping alone when I get used to sleeping with eight people."

Resting with laughter, he said in a small voice, and the needlework also laid a futon and dived.

Hmm, I guess I'll futon Mr. Ketrami to sleep.

... and I thought, Mr. Ketrami wasn't here. … Are you going out to dinner in anticipation of my return in the morning? Hmm.

... It's bad enough to call it back, and I can't help it, I'm a futon in the lab too.

"That, Mr. Maido, where's Ketrami?

"Maybe rice"

When you dive into a corner away from Suzumoto with a needle student, you somehow remember when you first came to this world.

At that time, Suzumoto, Hanagasaki, you and the president laid cardboard and slept over there, and I knew I would have laid cardboard and slept over here.

From that time on, I have a futon now, and I can get in touch with you right away, even if I'm away, and I've been promoted to 'Maid Chief' for the most part.... things are different, aren't they?

... Have I changed?

Really, has it changed?

At the same speed, I don't want to be high, but... I don't want to be left behind.

... Yeah, I'm getting sleepy, so let's go to sleep. In the morning...... you can forgive me for sleeping a little, maybe.

All right. Good night!