Uh... Awesome.

What's so awesome... It's awesome that the president wrote this, and that's why he read the romance novel... it's awesome that Suzumoto does this...

Uh... uh...

"... Hey, Maido"

"... hmm?

"Can you say this line in the face?

"I can't."

The hurdles are too high from the start! What's with the Moon Beautiful! It's President Boulder!

Absolutely. The president wrote it in his face!

"I don't feel like I can say either. Absolutely throw up on the way."

That's right.

"By and large, it's too difficult to change the line in response to Ariane's reaction."

Right. The possibilities for a response are endless. For once, the president thinks about Ariane's personality based on the information he gets from Kaiya and Kabir, and leads the most sensible solution from it, it seems like a kanji, but nevertheless...

"Maido, you play Mr. Ariane. I want to practice giving it back for what I've returned."

Oh, Cheng Cheng. You can't practice like that on your own. My pompous head. Then I may not be able to respond like Mr. Ariane, but is that okay if I think it's an ad hoc exercise?

"Yes, sir. Here you go. Blackboard's the front of the chapel."

Stand up and take a little distance and turn around.

One breath apart, footsteps.

There's no way Mr. Ariane won't notice at this point, so I'll look back.

"Good evening. The moon is beautiful"

Looking back, Suzumoto is standing there jojojo with a doya face.


And he spit it in when he breathed, choking.

"... sorry"

Don't come to make me laugh from the start if you want to apologize!

I managed to get TAKE2 out of the way.

"Good evening. The moon is beautiful"

Looking back, there was Suzumoto standing normally this time.

"Ah, you belong to the Demon King's Army!

Perhaps because she is about to come to confession, Mr. Ariane will fulfill her duties, at least only pose for it. I mean, I think they're definitely showing hostility here.

"No. Now... I just think of you, I came as one man"

Oh, I'm in for a quick add-in! This guy is capable of something like that when it comes to trouble.

"Stop joking, please!

Don't retreat if you're Mr. Ariane here, I'm sure.

"I apologize for falsifying who I was when I first met you. But my feelings now are not lies!

Oh, back to the scenario.

"I... I have the temple... no, I'm here to protect you"

And Suzumoto staring straight at me.

Hey, the laughter is coming up again!

"... protect?

Curb laughter by taking a surprising look. I'm being rude to Suzumoto for trying to practice seriously.... Is that where I'm going to end up saying it's the president's prediction?

"The Demon King is going to attack the Temple as early as tomorrow. And when that happens, many lives will be lost, innocent and innocent of the temple."

"Oh, no!

"I hung with the Demon King to stop invading the Temple, but the Demon King didn't have the ears to listen..."

"Oh, hey, Tamma"

"... what"

Suddenly I stopped it, so the gap is great. All of a sudden, when I get back to vegan, my abs are overloaded again, but I can see that.

"Here. Come on, if you were hurt, wouldn't it be easy for Mr. Ariane to get on your worrying route?

"... Oh, Cheng Cheng"

You think I'll keep a bandage around my leg so I can understand it?... Oh, no. "Damn, my right leg hurts! 'It played in my head. Why don't you?

"Why don't you ask the president this evening?"

"Copy that. Then resume. … If the High Priest will at least come out, I can hang on to the Demon King to bring him in for a ride."

Whoa, suddenly you're back. Uh, uh.

"It won't! I can't believe the High Priest fought the Demon King alone!

"Yeah. So I want to think of measures. The Demon King uses a variety of moves, but the most powerful of them will be moves that cause state anomalies. Does the High Priest have the art of counteracting it?

Oh, did you get into the information turn quickly? Then maybe after Ariane's 'seduction', she'll be fine.

"Yes, cut. What do we do, practice from here on out? Or before that?

"... Isn't it important from here on out?

"No, Mr. Ariane, if I let you fall before this, you'll be all right to say anything after this."

For once, it should be after it's already been 'tempted' once, so it should be okay if the information-gathering turn is somewhat poor.

"Well, one more time, then"

And that happened while I was practicing a few times.

"Hih, I'll call people!

"Believe me, my feelings... ah"

A few steps closer, where Suzumoto stiffened.

"... Hey, Maido"


"I broke your ribs before."

There it is. I haven't forgotten. I'm fine. Yeah. Because the result is your current kimono.

"... I don't know how to add or subtract force. Scary."

Oh, oh!? Are you scared?... That's a rare expression for this guy.

"You don't like practicing with me, do you?

"... you, you don't know what it's like to break a person's ribs. It feels terrible, doesn't it?... I don't care if I leave it, do I have to do this?

I don't mind because any number of my ribs will heal, but speaking of which, you don't like to touch or be touched by this guy. Yeah.

"Talk to the president."


Cheng Cheng, these guys, there was something I couldn't do about how handsome the correction was hanging. Too strong is a problem, thank you.

So we had an evening after this with several exercises and several abs collapsing.

"Testes, this is" Minamo "! Ladies and gentlemen, please report!

"Yes, this is' Maid Length '. I was practicing the Samurai Hall's acting of the day. My abs are hurting. So, ask' Sakura 'a question. I'm going to ask the samurai to pretend they're hurt to show the target who the samurai is, but then what would you like?

'Is that a face? Because you should stand out. Wrap it in a bandage, too.'

Oh, oh... That's intolerable, Mr. President.

"Well, then, my samurai, I can't seem to 'hug' you because I don't know how to use my powers."

To say, the president was silent for a while. He's thinking.

'I can't help it, so pretend I'm controlling myself with reason trying to hug you. You'll have that kind of acting ability.'

"… Copy"

President Boulder! That's a compelling alternative!

'The purchasing near the chapel is perfect. And then I expect the Samurai to be active. And then, with regard to termination.'

Oh, speaking of which, there was a start to that scenario, but there was no end to it.

'Maid Chief' is in stealth. Please wait in the chapel. So, if you think it's time for the tide, please manipulate Sakura and give me a signal. Then we'll make a little noise outside, "Somebody's coming!" So please run away, Samurai. The way to escape is, of course, "metastasis."

"I think I have a cold."

"I think it's probably not that far beyond having 'warm cold resistance'. If you do, I'll prescribe you medicine. '

President Boulder. Terrible.

So, is there anyone else reporting?

Since the president said it, it seems that no one in particular has had to report anything, so that's it.

'See you when it's time. I wish you a good fight.'

Well.... I think I'll make porridge already for when I catch a cold...

I taxi the needlework home, have a warm stew for dinner, and try bandaging it around the head of Suzumoto with the needlework. Oh, not like this. And the night came.

All three of them 'transferred' to the hill by the temple around 21: 35.

"Well. Then I'll go"

A needle student sank into the shadow I made with fire magic and headed to the chapel.

Because at this point I am completely naked stealth activated. The equipment was left in the lab all but the 'metastasis' valletta, the culprit and the mint extract for MP recovery. Okay, but here's one interesting thing I discovered. It's about the culprit. The culprit, for some reason, seems to be part of my treatment, and when he's in stealth mode, he becomes transparent. Every bracelet.... I wonder what it is. I don't know, but I think this is kind of important.

Well, no. In the meantime, it's more important that I leave my other gear behind. Therefore, it is currently cold. It's cold for some reason. Why? I did have 'warm cold resistance', didn't I?

"Maido, isn't it cold?


"... Is your 'warm cold resistance' working?

"I didn't. Whoa, whoa! Why not!

Damn it! You look warm in your newly tailored 'Temptation' feathers!

"Know what? Just weave this feather."

If I thought so, he took off his feathers and lent them to me.

"... Hi"

Clothes stained with someone else's body temperature are warm.

I waited for a little over 5 minutes, and I got an OK from the needle student, so I borrowed everyone's sight and then "metastasized."

Inside the chapel the moonlight plugs over the stained glass and it's so beautiful. Cheng Cheng, the president also aimed at this effect.

"Mr. Maido, then I'm already back on the hill. Good luck."

The needle student shrugged and disappeared again. Well. Later, it's my job to kill the signs here and stay still.

Return the feathers to Suzumoto and keep them shrunk over the back seat of the chapel. It's warmer than the floor because it's a clothed bench.


"You should shut up now."

Suzumoto tried to say something, but he whispered and cautioned, "Right," he said, returning only with his mouth motion, then meditating his eyes at the wall in a position that was shaded by the pillar next to the door.

I also waited still for Mr. Ariane as he distracted his consciousness from the cold by clutching it in my hand and concealing it in a vial of mint extraction fluid.

After a while, a beautiful woman appeared with the opening sound of a reluctant door. Is that Ariane? She's quite a beauty.

Mr. Ariane proceeded to the front of the altar, where, on his knees, he began to confess.

"I made an unforgivable love...... No matter how many times you repent, you can't break this heart. I can't forget..."

I omitted the following because it continued to look like this.

And Suzumoto took a step forward, as he had decided after a while.

When Mr. Ariane looked back at the teasing, and the noise of waste teeth touching the stone floor, his face was stunned in an instant.

"Oh, you are!

And Suzumoto said... maybe while making the most of that face.


What is that?!? You, what happened to the stone rinse! I don't think I forgot.

I'm doing something that came off the script quickly. As for Suzumoto, it's hiya hiya. Stop it, I'm physically hissing right now!

Mr. Ariane is surprised, he doesn't talk.

"Did I surprise you"

"'Cause you're from the Demon King's Army...!

With that being said, I guess the other half is rolling around, Mr. Ariane, especially with no way to escape.

"Sorry for the sudden, but I don't have time. Listen. Mr. Ariane, I'm here to protect the temple."

When Suzumoto overlaps words by changing the soft atmosphere to something serious, the discomfort I also felt when I was watching Mae Hanagasaki. Maybe now 'Temptation' has been activated. That's fast!

Mr. Ariane's eyes are also like hot moisturized somewhere. Shh, wow...

"Give me the temple...?

"The Demon King is going to invade this temple. As early as tomorrow, I'm sure."

"! Oh my..."

"That would result in the loss of many innocent lives in this temple. I can't stand it!

"Because you and you are the Demon King's Army."

I'm not assuming that kind of line gets pinched here. But Suzumoto, don't panic.

"I... admired the appearance of the Demon King in the face of one warped world. I wanted to see more of the world the Demon King sees when I catch a glimpse of it. That was very straight, sharp and... respectful, worthy.... but it has absolutely nothing to do with this. Killing people senseless doesn't make any sense to me."

... awesome. Really great. I want to apprentice this guy's adrift power.

"... you're not like the Demon King."

And Mr. Ariane, soften. I can do this! One more push!

"... I just hung up on the Demon King. At the very least, so that you can put things away with a single strike with the High Priest instead of clashing with the temple in general.... but the Demon King didn't have the ear to listen, and I hung up on him."

Ms. Ariane covered her mouth as Suzumoto scratched up her forehead to show her a bandage covering her forehead to the right eye area.

"How awful..."

I'm sorry, I'm not hurt. I was just sentenced to a bandage-wrapped sentence by a hung demon king.

"If we stay like this, tomorrow, the temple will fall.... not very much, but 10,000 mercenaries would be pointless before the Demon King."

"No! What can I do! How can I save the temple!?

... This is the smart and scary part of the president.... When you make someone do something beyond disloyalty, that excuse, or if there is a cause, that person can excuse himself, so it's easy for him to disobey his beliefs, rules, etc.

This time, you're building an escape route so you can replace 'I'm in love with Suzumoto' with 'I want to protect the temple'.

And now Mr. Ariane is moving in that direction. I can see the horror of the president's abilities, at all.

... Nevertheless, I think Suzumoto is skipping a lot of lines. Maybe that's why you're so tempered.

That's where Suzumoto leads us, and there's a place where he's cautious.... I think it's really commendable that it doesn't go out there.

"Mr. Ariane, please take those who are in the temple and run away. If you leave tomorrow morning, you'll make it.... I will stop the Demon King. I risk my life to buy time. I won't let you invade the temple at all costs until you're done running away. But...... too much material to persuade.... at least if the High Priest comes out... no, you have no choice."

"If you're a high priest! If you are the High Priest...... you will be back here tomorrow morning!

Oh, this is a good one.

"Is that to welcome the Demon King?

"Yes. Get the sentence out of here, and that's what I got back this evening." I can go back tomorrow morning, "he said."

"... Will the High Priest respond to a single ride with the Demon King"

"I don't know...... Maybe the High Priest intends to abandon the Knights and the mercenaries."

That smells like less than a cunt.

"What if the Demon King asks you to strike one?

"In that case, I think we can handle the boulders"

... Well, if I were to do that at this point, maybe I would shoot an arrow at the demon king once and for all, or something like that, that person.

"Really? So the rest depends on my arm?...... Mr. Ariane. How familiar is Mr. Ariane with the abilities of the Demon King?

"Huh? Ma, the Demon King's?... I don't know."

"Demon kings use moves that work hard on people's spirits. Does the High Priest have the power to resist it?

"Then I'll be fine. With the High Priest and the Knights Commander… I have an amulet that keeps my spirit strong"

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah!?

So, Mr. Ariane, even though he's the chief priest!?

When Mr. Ariane pulled the chain out of his chest, he showed what looked like an amulet hanging ahead. It doesn't look good from here...

"… Cheng Cheng, then the Demon King's main attack will be sealed. But the High Priest probably uses magic, doesn't he?

"Yes, you will use light magic. And ancient magic that can only be used by the High Priest."

"Really, the magic of light....... then you'll be fine. The Demon King doesn't work all sorts of magic, but he's still not very strong for light magic. I would prefer a physical means of attack if possible..."

"That could be harsh... the High Priest has sword heart too... I don't know if he's better than a knight..."

Hmm, I guess that means a lot. Still a threat to me, though!

"Really...... Now it is advisable to equip with 'lost benefits' that amplify the light magic"

Yeah. Light magic amplification, recommended. Super recommended.

It's okay to be amplified. Yes, if 'magic is disabled'.

Then I got some information about the High Priest for a while, and I thought it was time for the tide.

"By the way... you know, to the Demon King from now on...?

"Yes. I recommend a ride with the High Priest. Even if that doesn't happen, I'm going to at least try to buy some time."

"... the Demon King made a mental attack on you too?

... Oh? Is this...?

"Yes.... I will try my best to resist, but this time it will be bearable..."

Suzumoto tries to reduce the bandage.

"Then bring this"

Oh, my God, Mr. Ariane took the amulet off his neck and gave it to Suzumoto.

All right, it'll be about time.

Maid, I need a doll... that's a long way from it. Uh... Sakura, Sakura, and... oh, there he is.

Moving Sakura and sticking with the president, then showing him with his thumb up, the president moved out with the bird.

and the footsteps and talking.

"Somebody's coming! Mr. Ariane, I'm going now. Be careful, though."

"Yes, you too...... Huh!

All right, MP recovery, and then 'metastasis' involving Suzumoto.

Mission complete with this. Good luck!

So we moved to the hill by the temple to rendezvous with the needlework.

... That, my body is weird. Heavy, hard, cold.

Still, I can't go home without another 'metastasis', so I involved Suzumoto and Needle Raw and 'metastasized' them again, I was going to... they won't activate.

"... that, Maido, is there?

"Uh... uh, needle raw, MP recovery, do you have anything?

"Oh, yeah. Use it? Yes."

A needlework I can't see offered me a bottle of mint extract towards the void, so I take it and drink it.

All right, this should do it.

"Okay, I'll go." Metastasis ""

... activate, do not.


"... you're not gonna tell me it won't activate, are you?

"... say"

... Well, if there's a hole, I feel like filling it. What shall I do?