In the meantime, I couldn't get Mr. Ketrami out of under the tree, so I 'metastasized' before I got involved.

Then I saw a glass spider spit out like a thread towards where I was just now. Habu!

"If you're in there, you're stuck. Aren't you? But what time do we have that, too?

... I'll be back!

He rushes to 'metastasize' and flees again. But first on the run, this time it flew like strong acidity, so I "metastasized" again.

I don't care what you think, the glass spider is going up at a different speed than just now.

Besides, I've already ignored all of your attacks, and I'm the only one who's after you!

...... yeah! This is a good thing! You're super efficient! You can all focus on the attack, and I just need to be on the run.

I don't know what a glass spider can do for me... but it seems... Grr! I'm not even thinking about it. I am! Run! Run! Run!

But, well, the MP went out after even repeating the 'metastasis'.

And I gave all the MP recovery items to Hanagasaki.

... Yea! It's my wife's hand! Or even if I have an item, I can't afford to use it! Not very efficient, but reasonably helpful!

First, 'share' with the maids dolls. And have the maids split the MP that the dolls have.

Mr. Maid, the dolls can use the mint extract in the lab to MP refill, and now I can continue to 'metastasize' semi-permanently!

"... Hey, what time do you have..."

They're starting to hate glass spiders, too. Ha-ha-ha! What do you think?

Though combat power is close to nothing! If this is just how you get away with it! Probably me, in-house one, no, if I suck, I'm really top notch in this world!

And while I was even running away, I hear you all kept hitting and finally succeeded in destroying another glass spider leg. With an awesome sound, the leg runs on the leg, shattering one leg at a time.

"Ohhhh! - It's depressing! What the hell? Ugh!

Despite the fact that you have six legs, the glass spider doesn't seem to care that much.

'I'm not just lending it to you!

"What are you going to do with it!

'Don't worry, you'll be borrowed! You don't have to do this!

What!? Before I thought, I heard the groan that pushed me to death.

Of course I feel a lot out there when I get away with it, so "Metastasis" kept checking how it was going, and I found a bird ocean with every leg melted with armor with acid.

The acid that sticks like that water candy isn't very much, but I can't flush it with your water magic, Hanagasaki.

... Yeah, that's a trap. Definitely.

But we have to go. I think I know best the pain of being dissolved with strong acids.

I was supposed to "transfer" next to the bird sea, "clean" the acid, and then "transfer"...

... Yeah, I should have been a little over a second in the meantime, but I knew it.

When I finished "cleaning" and tried to do a second "metastasis," the yarn was already tangled all over my body and the "metastasis" didn't activate.

Thank you. They have this yarn, "metastasis" or something to seal it off.

Hanged straight in front of a glass spider. I feel like a worm. Maybe this yarn will disappear if you 'clean' it, but unfortunately, my hands are tied to my torso, so I can't wear it with a hatchet, this is it. Ha ha.

... Yeah, I'm not reflecting. If I hadn't gone over there to 'clean' the bird sea, it wouldn't be by my legs, it'd melt. Just a candle.

And somehow, well, if I were to hang up, it would be me more than Birdsea, I suppose.

"Hey, I finally caught you. Wow. I've already put a lot of work into it."

"Maybe it's not good for me to eat."

It would taste thin salt, but I think it might be watery and not tasty.

In other words, the conclusion that human meat is watery pork has been around for a long time, but there is no way that it was delicious to eat that person's meat without aging or anything!

"Oh no! I don't want you to eat it, do I? You look like such a nasty creature.

Yeah, it looks amazing.

"I need you for your body."


'I get it. Hey? The magic is out of step. Must be sarcastic... user-friendly, huh?

Oh, it wasn't in the direction I was afraid of, but if it was enough, it was.

You want me to lend it to you?

Glass spiders say no or stab something like a needle around my neck...... something broke in from there.

It is bad in nature because it is not shaped. It was a flash, and a flash later, it was impossible.

… let me explain. I can't move down from my neck. End of description.

'... oh? That's weird... a little different than I imagined. Wow?

Mr. Glass Spider, I don't know if you're unhappy with me, but I'd like you to put it back on as soon as possible.

"... maybe it's me, the kind that doesn't come out, even with magic and tricks. Yeah, that's why I don't think you can live up to expectations."

"There's still something I'm just admitting... don't worry, I'll use this magic power for you, Chan and Atashi."

I'm not relieved!... I think I meant Ketrami.

I heard Mr. Ketrami tongue at the end of my consciousness.

"And that's fine. Wow, what's a girl's body?"

I can hear the glass spider groaning or no... my arm moved on its own.

My hand, which I could not do with my own will, touched my face, and I stumbled and stretched out.

"Don't. Yes."

'Slip and soften. I knew you were right. Wow. It's not fun to use a man's body!

Oh, I see. That's a disagreement there. I want to be an honest man, leave that alone and stop stretching my cheeks for now!

"... what are you doing with Maido...?

"Could it be manipulated from the neck down there?"

And downstairs, on the ground, Suzumoto and Hanegazaki were having that conversation. First name reasoning!

"Yes! Something doesn't move from my neck down to my will!

"Do you think you can handle that on your own?

Hmmm...... I don't know, I think half of it is something physical. He got stabbed in the neck.

But the other half... maybe something non-physical, right? Then it is possible that we can manage to resist.

"I'll try, but if I can't, uh... well, yeah, I asked"

If you can't, well, then I'll totally give up. I am.

... he looked so sinister.

"Well, first, why don't we just get rid of everything that's in the way?

When I thought I had been dropped off on the ground, all the threads that had tied my body were broken and my body began to move on its own.

Ooh, that feels weird.

My legs kick the ground and head straight to the bird sea where I was closest.

And my fist turns to the bird sea where I'm either confused or immobile!

... Well, somehow, I'm glad this is me, right? Really.

That's what I'm reminded of, when Suzumoto was' dolled 'by Mr. Suzuhara.

He said Suzumoto was strong and allied, and you all struggled a lot.

... but, well, it's me.

I mean, uncorrected, weakest, me.

Opponent, Birdsea. On top of the gaping correction, it is armor. It's a helmet.

My fist will not avoid punching the helmet of the bird sea with 100% force thoughtfully......

... my hand bones smashed.

"Ahhhhhh!? Why not!? Why are you so weak? Whoa, whoa!

That's what I want to hear! Ha, ha, ha! I just thought! Me! I'm glad I'm weak!

Birdsea, the one who was beaten, also took hold of me lightly. Yeah, good job!

'Impossible! That's impossible! Why are you so magical and weak?

The glass spider's in a panic, but it's the Later Festival guy.

The attack on you is progressing while you're moving as a pawn that I can't help! It's not too late to get five legs if we keep this up!

"Ha ha, Mr. Glass Spider, you didn't have eyes to see! I don't know why, but I'm the weakest! He's the weakest. Aah!

"... Maido, could you possibly be talking to that spider?

Oh, well. Doesn't Mr. Glass Spider's dialogue sound like a bird sea because I'm the only one with a path connected?

"Oh, yeah. Hey, you got something around your neck, something to stab you in?

Because even during this conversation, Mr. Glass Spider is desperately trying to escape bird sea restraints by moving my hands and feet, but the hardware is me anyway. I'm sorry to hear that!

"Hmm... no, not particularly, but did you stab him?

"Hey, Mr. Glass Spider, what did you stab me with?

"Obnoxious! You guys really obnoxious!

Oh, sad, dodgeball of conversation. It doesn't make sense at all.

Or in the first place, I went out of my way to get Mr. Ketrami to pass me through to interact with this glass spider. We have to talk. Conversations are good catch balls.

"Hey, Mr. Glass Spider is a descendant of the Demon King, too, right?

When I asked, my body stopped, fitting. That's an odd feeling, this.

'... Ugh, yeah. That's right. Wow. Atashi is the descendant of those who have divided their strength from the Demon King. The power is in the sea urchin.... I should have done this from the beginning.'

When I thought the condition of the glass spider's voice had changed, a stream of water was released from my right hand.

Even if it does, it's magic.

We're all 'magic void' gear, so we don't have to worry about this at all... it should be, but Birdsea avoided it.

And I (in glass spider) restraint is untied, and I can move freely.

'Hmm? I knew you weren't weird. I can't feel the amount of magic at all when I use magic?... Well, it's better than Atashi'

... Oh my god.

I... I didn't know the day would come when I would use magic other than the stove fire.

I mean, does magic depend on software, not hardware? I know a lot of things in strange places.

But this sucks.

Physical ability doesn't really matter if you just let the magic go prolonged.

I don't feel like they're using my MP, so I guess the MP has a glass spider, which means I don't know how much.

For once, I cut the line with the maids once because I would be in trouble if my MP was used out.

"Look, look, ah! I'm gonna keep going. Whoa!

"It's magic, but it's not magic. Avoid it because something's going!

Water flows out of my hands again.


And as for the water currents, they wore large pieces of ground and involved needles that were nearby.

… complete the process. Ok.

This is magic, but it's not magic.

Like your water magic, Hanagasaki, if it was perfectly controlled magic, it wouldn't be such a big, powerful thing. Besides, there's no way it works on needles.

This is magic… I'm just calling for water. Because the water itself is not magic, 'magic nullity' does not work.

"It's not this water magic! Avoid!"

As far as I'm concerned, I'm desperately resisting, but my body moves independently of my will, and I can't grasp the take at all.

While I'm at it, the water flow's firing all over my hands, and the glass spider's throwing up acid.

This is it, then. Back to earlier.

The acid builds up dissolved water and becomes a pool of acid.

...... You have a problem with it.

Glass spiders move, and it's a pool of acid around, and it's out of hand no matter how you look at it.


Suzumoto looked sinister while avoiding the current.

"Just now, let's do it."


Perhaps Suzumoto is better than Kakusan or Torikai, this is. The sharpness of the knife is something I know very well.

Did you see me nodding, Hanagasaki-kun set up a wand and headed straight for the water stream?

Hanagasaki, your ice magic propagated forcefully to freeze the entire stream of water and freeze it to my right arm.


Now's your chance!

"All right! Kill him!


At that moment, just, just a little, my left arm stopped.

There's no way I'm missing that gap.

Suzumoto, who has scaffolded frozen water currents, is the sword.

He snapped my neck.

All right.

... Sorry to make you play an unpleasant role, thanks.