By the time I finished making all this stuff, you guys were up. Good morning.

Everyone wants to have breakfast in Hathaki. You had breakfast at dinner today.

"Exploring a town in the ocean today."

"This world is a lot of towns facing the sea and lakes and stuff, right? Is that just what we're finding out?

Right. Both Deichemale and Aezor, the king's capital, are towns facing the sea, and the temple is on the lake.

"... that faggot magician, I looked and said, 'Are you from the north?' Cause he said," It's not even in the north, it's just something. "

...... yeah. Yeah, we haven't explored the east side of 1F yet. If so, around there, or around the north wing that Homura and you are exploring? Whatever it is, there's still something in town that should be done.

"Whatever, because that town is in the ocean, me and someone other than Suzumoto are in trouble if they try to get out of town other than 'transfer'."

"... because I don't like swimming..."

Horizon, you mean the waterfront, or the town in the water, so it seems that you are getting sloppy.

Thanks, I don't have any fat on my legs, so they sink from my legs. Well, you're not gonna like swimming either.

'Cause I'm not gonna float either, am I?

Hanagasaki-kun doesn't have fat in another way either, so I knew it wouldn't float much.

"I'm not very good at swimming either."

The president doesn't float much either because he's low on fat after all.

"Hmm, why don't you all just get caught by me if you have to?

Torikai... if it had been before I came to the other world, I might have been able to do it.

"But Birdsea has become quite a muscle too, hasn't he? I don't think it's gonna be a floating wheel."

... While I've been working my ass off in this world, I'm pretty sure the fat is getting muscular...

"I'm the one with the highest percentage of fat in this, but be careful, it won't be long before you catch me, so drown."

And I'm not that good at swimming. For once, a super slow paced breaststroke will allow you to swim up to about 200m, maybe.

"I'll grab the straw as long as I can grab you, I will."

Ooh, spicy.

"... well, what, for now, everyone definitely stay with Torikai or Maido. If anything happens, we'll meet at the pawn shop in Deutsche Mall."

Yeah. That's a reasonable place. The only means of emergency escape are me and Birdsea's "transfer" and Needlework's "shadow crossing", and Needlework's "shadow crossing" is virtually useless because of all the bondage and hassle.

"Contact me as soon as something happens. Then, avoidance should be done early."

I knew it was too late after something happened. Yeah.

After breakfast, I handed out the gear with finished hemming and all dressed up, this time staying lightly armed.

... because you can't swim if you're wearing armor. It's a time of need.

And, well, being weirdly alert is something.

That's why Ketrami and Glida left messages this time. Huntle was to follow me in my pocket. Satisfaction.

And leave with my 'metastasis'.

To the town of Moses in the sea (tentative)!

"Oh, it's a wall of water"

As soon as I moved, I came across a wall of seawater.

You're at the far end of town.

"I wonder what's going on, this"

"You don't even work on shards of the laws of physics."

I used to work quite a bit.

"In the meantime, if we went out into the town centre, the gym would have been close. Let's go."

Suzumoto and Needle Student walked out of the street yesterday as they handled what they saw from above.

"I didn't know because I came right back yesterday, but the laws of physics over there are crazy, I knew it"

In this town, where the water walls are like exterior walls, the water is all kinds of weird.

It's all kinds of interesting to see guys like the reverse version of the fountain where the water concentrates on one point and jumps in, or flowers made of water, or birds that fly are also made of water and clear.

... well, but it is.

"You're not as vibrant as Deichemale."

"You don't even have an outdoor shop."

The streets are similar to Eizor's, but it's not like there's an outdoor shop or anything, and there's no way it's that busy.

"... few people...?

After all, I wonder if it's a small town or if it feels like a small number of people.

When I went into a bakery-like place nearby to check prices and such, well, the prices were so different, there was nothing like that.

I need to buy something more than I'm in, so I'll buy a guy like Shortbread as a snack.

If it wasn't for the outdoor store, the chill wouldn't work.

Well, I don't know what to say, there's something wrong with the water, there aren't that many people, and I don't see any slaves, other than that, it's not that different from Aezor or anything like that.

I think......

If all the gymnasiums and grounds are here... there are too many of us from around the world.

This is strange for boulders.

... I knew why pretty soon.

"Hey! Stop! You're exotic!

From the other side of the road, soldiers came.... there are no exotics around, except us, so yeah, it's about us.

Alas, the needlework took all his weapons and dived into the shadows.

Um, nice judgment.

The needle students did a good job, so the soldiers surrounded us unaware that one had disappeared.

"You're exotic. Shall I have you come?"

When the greatest of the soldiers said so, the soldiers around them put up spears simultaneously. Whoa, noise.

"... what do we do?

"Let's just keep up. Marie, can we move anytime?

"Yes. Anytime."

Well, I don't know what's going on, so I decided to follow you for now.

You can 'metastasize' it if you have to.

Well, we were to be detained on the spot and taken to the royal castle.

I'm not exotic, just in case, so it looks like they're taking me.

When I dived through the gates of the Imperial Castle and wondered where they would take me, they took me somewhere like an interview room to make sure I was unarmed.... here, I'm surprised, but none of my skirts were inspected. Thanks to this, both the knife and the hatchet are broken. As a precaution, the maids kept the dolls in a state of stealth, so they were clapped out. I wonder if that's okay......

"By the way, why were we taken?"

When the president asked in a relaxed tone, one of the soldiers returned it to me with a licking rotten attitude.

"Hung, don't you even know that? That's because the Queen wants to gather all the exotic people in the country!... Well, you've been hiding a lot before!

"Why is the Queen gathering exotics?

"There's no way you can understand the Queen's noble thoughts! Well, I can tell you, there are no foreigners who came into this castle."


Uh... "Transfer?" I asked the president with my eyes, and he shook his head small to the side. Looks like I'm still seeing things.

I don't know anything yet.

Well, in that state, we were once to be banged into a place like a dungeon.

"You're making fun of me there!

Along with a dialogue that can also be described as a promise, the chamber is locked.

And the soldier's footsteps went away, and he heard the door shut.

... ugh.

"Well, it's a rapid development, what do we do?

"For now, it's not until you meet the queen.... Just in case, needle students are asked to stand by."

Even without weapons, you all seem strong there, but, well, right now, needlework and I are the only ones who can fight with full force.

... Of course, I know my strength, so, well, it's practically just needles.

"I mean, Suzumoto and Needle Student were safe yesterday a lot."

Well, he didn't stay on the boulevard, he didn't stay long in the first place, maybe it's reasonable.

"Depending on why the Queen is gathering the exotics... all the students who were near the gym will be wiped out."

Ugh, wow, I don't want to think about it!

"But one thing we were glad to do was come to this town. We found the ingredients for the psychotropic drug."

When I looked at the president because he was happy, a flower with a water petal stuck out of his pocket.

"Other ingredients could be here, too, so it would have made sense to be here. After that, we'll see how the queen gets out and decide whether or not to evade."

... Calm down everywhere, this guy!

And I waited for the maid to serve the shortbread I had left in my pocket because I was hungry after being left there for a while and eaten by everyone and finally played werewolf games with everyone because they were too free.

Um, this spare mind feels superior.

And when the sky visible through the windows of brightness came apricot colour, the soldier finally came.

"Come on, come on"

Everybody's been taken by a bunch of kanji, take them.

I climbed some stairs and was put through to a room.

Ahead of the carpet laid in a straight line is the throne, no matter how you look at it. At last, it seems to be the Queen.

Well, how does it come out?

As it were, they waited a little longer before the fanfare sounded grandiose.

Then comes a queen in a luxurious dress and gracefully sits on the throne.

... When I was surprised, one of the soldiers held my head down. How about disrespect?

... No, no, no, but, but... but...

And the queen, she noticed. They figured it out even when I became a Blue Eyes White person.

My face moved a little.

"... back off. I need to talk to these exotic people."

The queen said with a slightly trembling voice, how arrogant.

"Yes, but"

Of course, the soldiers are confused.

"Back off!... can't you hear me?


To the queen's drink, soldiers and servants, all leave.... Now maybe I've got some skills.

... and the queen breathed and said to me.

"Maid there. … mention the pudding I like"

"Yes, the pudding that the queen likes is not a full-bodied pudding, but a sifty melting pudding with milk until it hardens. And I prefer chocolate pudding to caramel pudding."

The queen nodded slowly, OK, suddenly with cold eyes, saying to all of you.

"Hey.... what are you making my Maido cool? Dude, pervert."

The queen is alive and well in other worlds.