Where the clouds were becoming somewhat suspicious, the president began to take measures by sorting out the information he had obtained so far on the royal marquis nobility and the stories he had heard from Mr. Singkawa.

I will go to George because I asked him to share his memories with me for this reason, and then the president started talking to Mr. Singkawa in order to boil a lot more based on that information. To tell an important story.

"Mr. George."

"Oh, what's wrong?"

Mr. George, I was just doing something underground, but you stopped me. Yeah, well, it's important.

"Mr. George, do you want to go back to the original world?

I asked, Mr. George, and it solidified. I hear it was unexpected.

"... well, all of a sudden"

"For once, Goddess Book said there wasn't much inconvenience when George left. So if Mr. George wants to go home, he's invited to come home with us."

I don't think I should be so wrong because I mean Goddess Book. Yeah.

"Yeah, well... um, can I think about that for a second?

"Of course it is."

"I'm not even half my life, but it's been a long time since I started living in this world. So, well, don't get lost."

That's right. Because this is a different world with nothing but admiration for some people. If your attachment is added to that, you'll get lost.

"... well, yeah. Going home is... bad, huh? Even more so now.... Hmm, I'll think about it some more. I have to make up my mind today and tomorrow, right?

"Please get lost."

It's still going to take a while, all right?

"Right. Ah. Well, I'll be a little lost."

Now that George has finished this conversation, he is finished here. I think it's important to worry about it alone.

Then I waited until the president had finished talking and decided to buy the aristocracy and go home on the way home.

"It's easy because you can buy it for money."


70 white gold coins for the price.

... Is that it?

"Didn't you have nobility?"

See, back at the auction, you guys bought the nobility, didn't you?

"What are you talking about, it's for Maido, it's"


"Mr. Singkawa says he's with his partner."

... what?

"Maido, are you listening"

"What time is your party, by the way?"

"This evening."

... not too abrupt? Are you all right? So, is it okay that the guy who suddenly became a nobleman on the date today came in without any contact?

If you think... Well, this place is worth it enough to just leave as a 'spectacle' if you let Mr. Singkawa tell you, and even on top of that, if you can get along with delicious people from different worlds, you can make money.

boulder aristocracy. Various.

... Well, what, the... Well, I'd like to say no, this.

"You know, president."


"I think the birds look pretty cute"

"You're a man no matter what the skeleton thinks."

"Needle Raw"

"You're a man no matter what your muscles think."

"Take Hanagasaki-kun with you now."

"Do you decide the trauma of Mr. Hanagasaki until Mr. Maido?"

"I'll get Akashi."

"That's irrational."

... hey.

"Mr. Maido, let's give up. Mr. Maido hasn't even been to the temple yet."

"He's gone! Demon King did it!

And Mr. Ariane, I hit the other guy in the play!

"It's okay. Singkawa-san says that if a woman smiles, she can generally talk about it, so in fact, Maido's job is to have flowers on the wall."

Well, well, then, well, well, somehow...

"And if anything happens, Mr. Maido can be a transparent person."

"Damn it! You! I thought you were someone else!

"So, Maido, when choosing a dress, I suggest you take it off with one touch."

... If you were out of tune with the rest of the presidential nism, the president would smile,

"Isn't that sensible?

I can't say anything anymore because I've said something like that.

Oh, ruthless. And oh rational.

Yeah, forget it. I don't care anymore.

Then the president also had to sew clothes, so I couldn't help it, decided to come home and sew.

And while I was mindless and turned into a machine, the president briefed others on the situation.

And they all laugh a lot.

"Hahaha! Maido-san finally made a sacrifice."

"No, I knew it wasn't fair not to just Mr. Maido."

... I mean, that's it. I know.

Others' misfortunes are super sweet and good. and.

... Yeah, I don't care anymore...

Unsurprisingly, the president's clothes, struggled.

Easy to move, excellent resistance, and get out into the social world, thinking about the possibility of fighting when things get rough.

... Yeah, I could have made it easy to move around with a lot of attention to the lining and thinking about how to weave the cloth, Swallow Tail Clothes.

I've focused on the design. Good luck.

... The problem is, it's mine.

"How can I be a dress that I can take off with one touch..."

If I blurred, I saw it over here with a face with a little face other than the president's. Don't look at me.

"... hey, hey, president, no way... no way, really, in that sense, you're not going to let Maido color you!?

"No way. I just thought Maido should be an instant invisible person."

Yeah, I know that rationality. That's why I'm thinking now.

"... Mr. President, you know, I wish I was hiding in Maido's shadow."

"Apart from the development that it will simply be a battle, there will be a number of developments in which Maido would be better able to be transparent. eavesdropping, escape, a little illusion, etc."

"Because I can do it all! So don't try to take it off, Mr. Maido!

... Then you all talked about a lot of things, and it was like I should dress you up as a woman, and then Hanagasaki got hit, and the needlework should be taller, and the needlework got hit, and if anything, Suzumoto used it to make the perfect person for you, and Suzumoto and everyone got hit equally. Pathetic.

And conclusion.

"Maido, wear armor."

... What was the social world?

"So you came to me! Boulder, those are my juniors! Nice decision, I'll give you a compliment!

In the end this happened.

"Come on, Maido, I'll pick you the cutest looking dress!

"Senior, if it's not very noticeable, it's troublesome, so please don't worry about it."

"Okay! Because it's not a cute system, it's a beautiful one to put together! Stay tuned!

And when I sloppily dragged him to Senior Yarnfish River, and he was to be taken to the Queen's costume room.

... In the meantime, you all help evacuate the gymnasium group.

I already have a place to live. Actually, it's like I already have a futon or something. I haven't had that much trouble with my clothes either.

So, well, if you move, you can move as soon as you want, so you shouldn't have to move away until later. What the hell was that weaving all over the cloth!

... and then something. I feel the flow of time, but quite a few of you, your hair, it's stretched out.

He was thinking of something like, "Let's go to the barbershop this weekend" just before he was flown into this world. Birds, my collar and feet are already bracketed.

So Barletta from "Metastasis," I deposited it. I could normally gear you up, you bastard. I didn't like it, but I can't help it because I can baretta it. Then after practicing "Metastasis" a few times, the bird can also "Metastasis", so I became a taxi clerk as it was.

... This is because of your move, but maybe you were afraid of my escape.

I won't do that now...... Mostly, seniors like a chunk of vitality are turning me into a dressing doll one after another, here and here. I don't have that energy or time. Yo!

"Yeah! I knew Maido would look great in any color because of the white color, but this looks the prettiest!

After about an hour of extended dressing, it was turned into a blue blue holterneck.

I don't have any skin from the neck to the chest, but my back does. And my legs come out. Cold. Cold. Do whatever you have to do now. I want to futon Mr. Ketrami and go to bed soon.

"Reveal it quickly! Maido!"

If it drifted as it was, even if the seniors dragged me once in a while, they'd just finished the move work quickly, and you were all already around.

"Now look! It would be adorable! It would be adorable! But I won't give it to you! Maido is mine!

For some reason, he is stuck out by a winning senior and exposed to eight pairs of gazes. Yeah, I don't have the strength to complain anymore.

"... uncomfortable, yes, this is really uncomfortable"

I don't have the strength to complain.

"Uh, I get it. discomfort."

"Something... uh, strange, isn't it?"

I don't have the strength.

"Senior, wasn't there anything a little different?"

"Look at his legs, his back, who's gonna get it?"

There's no more life!

That said, I don't have much time to get dressed again... and hell that this is the only way to go because the navel-bonded seniors wouldn't let me get dressed.

I don't like it anymore. I want to go home.

… my gear will be a pair of dresses, heeled shoes, and a little 'transfer' barretta, 'communication' bracelet, and a hataki and maid doll hidden in my skirt.

... The culprit is lost. Until the end.

But somehow the rest of you used the culprit while me and the president and needlework were out with the social world, so I don't know.

I'm anxious. I'm really anxious.

"Then it will pass away."

We're going to the dead, I am. You don't feel like you can go home alive, or your heart is already dead.

"I'll call you if anything happens."

So it's going to pass. Now the text fits.

So here we are, in the heart of Daiche Mall, in the aristocratic area.

It's like walking from here. Somehow, the needle student dived into my shadow quickly, as I could see both of them, like, here and there.

"... don't you look so good, this"

The aristocrats around me looked at it strangely, and asked the president. You gotta laugh. Laugh, dude.

… How about I revise Senior Yashigawa's sense downwards?

"It suits you."

"I don't need flattery."

"I'm not lying. Because Maido defaults when he's in white on top of his uniform. Is that uncomfortable?"

... Oh, yeah. Yeah, right....... yeah.

... Give me my life back.