In the meantime, I ran into the makeup room, so let's set up an operation.

The biggest failure this time was that I came as Maido.

I wish you'd been Mr. Rosemary or something. What are you really doing, I...

... No, well, it's easier to talk to people from different worlds when you look at them, and there are a lot of conveniences.

Most importantly, this one has your unknown combat abilities, which can also be intimidating, so it's pretty good in that sense. Especially under these circumstances, such as getting away with the president.

If we're going back to the gentleman earlier, we have to stay in Maido. But... Maido, it would be more convenient if you were dead.

... Yes, if you are in contact with Fukuyama.

To sum up the story so far, this is what happens.

If someone gets better at another country, they can take over, and even if they don't, they can make it more wide-ranging in another country.

And you, Fukuyama, have been talking about investments.

... this is what happens when you add an explanation to it.

For some reason, Fukuyama is soliciting investment to do something about the country under Senior Itsushikawa's rule. and.

... I think he made contact with the former king in some way.

There was no brave connection between the temple, so it's not strange that you were in contact with the royal nobility through the high priest.

And most importantly, Fukuyama should think that you can 'transfer', or equivalent, without using any particular equipment or anything.

… there is also a great chance that it is a skill that we do not know. For example, you can warp anywhere you've never been.

Well, guess what, because it's a preposterous guess. Even the interpretation is pretty subjective to me.

You shouldn't do anything stupid like move by speculation. For that, you want a solid source.

And for that, I figured I'd better move.

The president can't move. In the first place, you are likely to get away with it the moment the president and Fukuyama count.

I wonder if Mr. Singkawa has ever met him before. If so, asking Mr. Singkawa is one way to go... I guess I'll go.

Because if you're going to borrow the President's word, it's not reasonable.

All you need to do for that is... yeah, the thickness of the skin on your chest and face.

Worst case scenario, I'm drunk and I don't know anything about it, and I can pretend.

All right, yeah.

Let's bet.

My hair's all tied up, and I'm wearing thin makeup. So, I'm wearing heels, and I usually don't look good at all.

... I'll bet.

Fukuyama, to your preconceptions, to your silliness, and to my acting skills.

... sucks, let's shake it off so we can lose memory or something. Let's do that. Yeah.

I blushed a little in "Disguise," pretended that everything was turning drunk, and then went back to the venue.

You found me. The nice middle just now invites me with a grin, so I head over there with a grin, too.

Regardless, Fukuyama, who was there, looked at me for a moment. Well, you'd be surprised if someone who thought he was dead was normally there.

"Are you feeling all right?

"Yeah, a little rest and you're better."

"Really? That's good.... Oops. You're late for an introduction. This is Lord Fukuyama. As exotic as you are...... do you know him?

Instant answer from me before you move better Fukuyama!

"No?... Um, were you a freshman?

"Huh? Uh."

"I'm a freshman, but I've never seen anyone before. Maybe, seniors, right?

... Well. There is no reason to know what thoughts were made of Fukuyama.

But maybe, here's what I thought... maybe.

... that I'm my sister. I think that's what you thought.

"Oh, could it be, Maido's sister!?

Oh, my God! It took! I caught it! Brilliant. No!

"What!? Do you know your sister?

Regardless, I don't have a sister. I don't have a sister either. There are only two big brothers in the figure in vain.

When I returned it consciously of my sisterhood, it crept away as funny as it was.

"Oh, yeah, Maido, I had a sister"

... the story doesn't mesh. But it's okay, now. It would be more convenient not to engage.

"Um, Senior Fukuyama, right? Um... don't you know about your sister?

When I asked him, he found out that he was very stuck with words. Ha, more stuffed and stuck.

"... you know, seniors?

"Uh... I guess I haven't seen him yet"

Lie to me, you bastard.

... Yeah, well, it's hard to say that your sister is dead. Yeah, well, that's not the right decision.


Fukuyama consoled me with some haste. Yeah, well... you're not a bad guy, either, are you, this guy?

It's just that I'm a fool who doesn't listen to people in a devastating way.

... A good person who doesn't listen to people is worse in nature than a bad person who listens to people.

"By the way, Lord Fukuyama, why don't you tell Miss Might about that investment? Miss Might seems wise. This must be a worthy encounter for you."

Oh, here we go. Nice, Nice Middle!

"Investment? What is it? Senior."

"Uh... uh"

Oh, this guy's getting a little proud of me. Uh-huh.

"It seems our people have had a bit of a problem elsewhere."

... ho?

Nice middle once again brought me a drink, so I listened as I pretended to mouth it.

"Maido, too, you have skills, don't you?

Kind of hard to name because you think I'm dead.


"I think I abused that skill, and it looks like one of my students took over a whole country in the southwest ocean from here on out."

... ho. Right or right. Yeah.... so?

"I heard the story from the original king. I'd like to help you... but if you just put the king back together, this kind of thing won't solve it. Everyone seems to have been brainwashed to the nobility of that country."

Yeah, I know. The queen is all corrupt, I know.

"So I think we should take those nobles down from the seat of nobility and make them a new decent nobleman, but it seems like we need money for that."

... Then again, the conversation continued.

When I roughly put it together and pinched the speculation or something, it is like this.

"What the former king is trying to do, as Senior Itsushikawa said, is a nobility exchange operation that Fukuyama will tag with the former king."


... me, I think.

Things are two-sided. Sure, from the previous king, you're right. A foreign woman who suddenly appeared was chased by the king's throne because of her exercise of mysterious power and took over the country.

It was bad governance, which means that the girls were about to get rambled, which is just the way Senior Itsushikawa looked, and I don't think it was a blue sky thunderbolt for the previous king.

I have no ingredients to determine the former king to be evil.

... But if I were to still intervene, I would help Senior Yashigawa.

That is circumstantial evidence that Senior Itsushikawa will have more armament, and that seniors can be trusted more than this one.

... Is it unfair?

After even hanging out with Nice Middle's drink attack and Fukuyama's story, it turns out that Fukuyama has skills like the top compatibility of 'metastasis'.

Maybe this is what this guy's been showing up over there before. I knew it.

Then I even heard about the new nobility screwing into the Mediterranean city, the upside-down nobility, and eventually crusading the 'evil' queen. And the fact that we're collecting force for it.

All right, now we'll have all the information.

If we can do something about it, we'll make it.

"By the way, Mr. Maido"

"Yes, what is it? Senior."

"Where does Mr. Maido live now?

... where do you live?

"Oh, why not?

The secret/story doesn't mesh.

"Huh? No, I mean, if you don't mind, why don't you come where I am right now..."

"Where are the seniors now?

"I'm on 2nd Street south of Wangdu. Because I have nobility for once. Until now, I was in the temple, but the high priest has been missing since the demon army attacked me. I'm in Wangdu looking for him."

............. yeah. That demon king, it's me. And the high priest is not in the king's capital. The High Priest is in the house.

"So, what do you think? Don't you want to live with me? The room's empty."

I can't tell you where we are, and if you say the right thing, it's a hassle later.

Well, what's the matter? If I thought about doing a machine gun/non-meshing talk like Suzumoto worked hard at the temple, suddenly, there was a sharp piano noise in the venue.

... Uh, it's Pahlberg's Cannon.... As always, the touch of sound is oddly sharp.

Fukuyama, who unexpectedly saw the source of the sound, was astonished.

Although I wouldn't be particularly surprised because I knew. I mean, when I heard it, I knew who was playing it.

... The president said he was studying piano until junior high.

The remnants still allow me to play a little bit.

... Somewhat? This.


Naruto, I'm impressed with the president's head. What an elegant way to incite.

Because Fukuyama attacked me with just one song on the piano surrounded by the odd freaks of poison enthusiasts.

Fukuyama, you grab the knife from inside the cutlery that was close by, activate the 'Energy Sword' and stick it to the president.

The president turns around with a stunned look on his face. Yeah, I know that's acting, to me.

When a figure wearing a pitch-black outfit appeared from the shadow of the president, Fukuyama paid for your leg.

And I'll be right back in the shadows.... I guess not many people saw needle students.

"The undelivered! Holy shit!

"I won't let you. - Huh! Eh!"

"A crook! So, uh! So, uh!

And as you chase Fukuyama, who fell, you take out something like a decorative test tube from somewhere, you're going to pom toss it. Nobility of poison enthusiasts...... No, strange people......

Oh, yeah, right. The poison that I usually just take care of without using it at all, I've got errands to use around the corner, well, I'll use it, right?

...... yeah.

But Fukuyama is a different world, even if he rots. I immediately warp behind the president and immediately try to slay the president by swinging a knife.

The president, unfavourable for melee combat, quickly took a distance and a needle came out of the shadows in that gap and struck. Try to match it and chase the president too.

Fukuyama can't kill you, or say, if you lose your hand, you struggle, it seems a subtle line, and the needlework and the president were struggling rarely.

One of the reasons the president can't move well is that using dirt magic can cause this mansion to collapse.

And needle students have worse minutes when they get into this state of confusion because of their fighting style, which is more of a mess, or an accidental blow special, than a front-cut fight.

... But Fukuyama didn't expect you to insist on attacking the president and needlework so far poisoned. Besides, I mean every blow. He's coming to kill me, that one.

... Is this a retreat? It would have been ideal if Fukuyama would have withdrawn, but I can't help it.

All right. When I lightly signaled to the president and needle students, they both came this way, so I just said, 'Turn...

Suddenly there was a hole in my left chest.

Ugh, wow. I can't stop bleeding. The knife from "Energy Sword" flew in, I wonder. I see a knife stabbed in the back wall.... uh... this is definitely a broken lung, bad, heart too.

Ah, yabe. When I saw the wound, I got confused. My vision waned, and I leaned 90 degrees.

I can't breathe because of holes in my lungs. I don't have a voice.

Fukuyama-san! Fukuyama-san looked at me with a glance at Kasumi with the thought. I thought, shudder... scream.

And you warped somewhere, and you disappeared.

"Mr. Maido! Mr. Maido! Can you 'transfer'!?

The president takes off his jacket and shoves it against my wound.

Oh, well. If I don't "transfer," will I be able to get to the restorer? Yeah, and metastases, transfers, shifts...