... Heaven, I've never seen anything like it before, I am.

Boyah, I was looking at the lid and I remembered a lot, so I roll around the fur blanket and look at my left breast.

... They made me change, so I can't see where the hole was.

I couldn't help it, so I peeked through the collar and I couldn't even see the signs that the hole was empty anymore.

Oh, it's boulder restorative magic.

... but heavy head. Anemia, I guess. You're anaemic. Let's have a liver or spinach or a frying pan later.

Even if I slept, it wouldn't be obvious, so I got out of the bed... Akan! This bed is a demon cave! I can't get out! What the fuck is this? Huh? Huh? And get wet at your own temperature!

But... if I don't answer, if I don't... and where I was fighting myself, I reluctantly opened the door and the president...

… OH.

"Maido, how are you?"

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine just because the futon is fuzzy, I'm fine, but the president, that face, what's wrong with you"

The left side of the president's face is red and swollen. Plus, it's kind of sloppy. What's the matter!

"Give Senior Yatsugawa a flat slap."

"Why again?"

When I got out of bed, the president pushed me back into the futon, mugging my head. You ghost! I could've gotten out of a corner demon!

"Because I let Mr. Maido wander the abyss of life and death"

"Well... that's unreasonable"

'Cause that was the reason I hit the stray bullet, which means it wasn't my fault for not avoiding it? They said, "If anything happens, run."

"I'm a combatant. And you take the non-combatants with you, because this is the result."

"... could it be the dead"

"There are no dead. Maido was the most seriously ill person in the venue."

Oh, well. Good for you.

"Ideally, people don't die, but if Maido was dying, he should have killed Fukuyama."

"Why don't you kill me in that situation? The nobles made a scene."

... I wonder what happened to Fukuyama since then, but let's put that aside.

"Yes, it is.... If you were willing to kill me, would you have killed me?"

... Well, it lacks decision making, doesn't the president?

"I didn't want to kill him in the first place, so it's an airline theory on the desk."

"I think that's fine. People are resources, it doesn't make sense to die, does it? Not all of them so far."

This was also the case in the battle against the Temple.

So far, I'm the only one who's tried to kill people.... See, when Mr. Hagiwara. But even then, I used the poison "Maybe I won't die".

"... Maido, trolley problem, did you know?

"Are you licking me?"

Is that it?

"The trolley is rampant. Five people working on the tracks are sacrificed if they stay this way. But if you pull the lever and change course, it will only take one sacrifice '

Come on, you pull the lever or not.

"The trolley issue ends up being a question of whether utilitarianism is right: 1 and 5, and if we quantify the value of human life, one person would have died better, but I wonder if that's right.... I don't think human life is worth it. If 5 people were a chemist in Fukuyama, I wouldn't pull a lever."

Right. I think I will, too.

"That's because the value of life to me is that kind of standard. So, in the future, if my people are going to die, I'm not going to get lost, I'm going to kill people."

"… the trolley problem has a continuation. You know that, right?

"..." The trolley is rampant, five people will be sacrificed if it stays this way. But if you push one in front of you onto the track, the trolley will stop and five will help '"

"The lever question just now seems to be that a lot of people say fine, pull the lever. But few answer when you push people."

Utilitarianically, it's the same story, because it's a matter of numbers, of 1 and 5.

"That's because one person jumps out onto the tracks and the trolley really stops, and so on, but there's more resistance to people killing people than that, so I think that's... that's important to humans."

Even if we leave it behind because if we stick around and think about why it's going to be resistance, for now, at least, we're certain that murder is going to be terribly stressful.

"It's not rational"

"Humans are irrational chunks. And you are human. There's nothing I can do about this."

... I think the trolley problem is a mean one. In the first place, this wouldn't happen if the trolley didn't run wild, and why don't the people working on the tracks notice the trolley, and so on. If I went with this example, I wouldn't have had to force Fukuyama to make two choices if either of them had changed, either because of your rampage or because I didn't run away.

"... right. The narrowing of field of view is the least advisable. The problem is not 0 and 1. I know. That's okay. I'll think about pulling the lever half off and derailing the trolley, too. … it's all right now"

I'm just not capable of choosing between 0 and 1. But the presidents have the ability to choose between them. That's why I can't choose between 0 or 1, I guess there is.

When the president exhaled for a long time, he stared at this one. You're one of them now, aren't you? Huh? You're one of us. Isn't that how you're staring?

"... Mr. Maido is a good person. It's easier if you blame me."

… I'm not convinced. Either you're a coward or a coward, not a nice guy. Closer.

"You guys are too nice from me."

This is where we push each other forever. Maybe.

"Thank you for keeping me company."

"This is our dialogue."

Look, right.

"Now, as the reflection ends here, Mr. Maido, do you have an appetite"

"I want a lever or spinach"

Or a frying pan. Of iron. It's already bursting.

"Is it anaemia? You don't have to either. Because I was losing a lot of blood. Honestly, I think it's amazing that you were able to 'metastasize' on your own in that state."

Oh, did you come home on your own for once? Good. Good.

"As soon as I get here, I need you to recover to Kaiya.... Senior Itsushikawa made me angry.... or they cried"

Ugh, wow... Oh, I don't know what that is... sorry.

"Other members were pissed off with the needle students. So this is it."

When the president rolled the sleeves of his clothes, he showed me a familiar bracelet.

"... it's okay."

He is the culprit. He is the culprit. I repeat, he's equipped with the culprit!

Right, does this make you feel good?

"It's not okay.... but it's necessary, and it's a punitive game."

"... necessary?

Oh, the president's switch is back. Nice, yeah, this face.

"Yes, probably because this will be the key in the battle against Fukuyama"

... I'm getting excited about Ola.

After listening to the president's explanation and applauding him, he left the room for breakfast… lunch for the others.

"Mr. Maido."

And after all, the needle raw in the left half of the face was loose.... I hear he's gearing up for the culprit over here too.

"Are you okay now?

"Yeah, thanks to you"

"Oh well, I hope so. Oh, can we have dinner?

"I came out for it"

Because if you don't eat it, it won't be blood. I'll eat a lot!

"By the way, Senior Yashigawa..."

"It's official business. The queen is in trouble, too."

This, official business, ah.... Oh, my God, really.

I tried to apologize for not wearing a dress and say hi to you for worrying, but if that's the case, I'll let you do it later.

"What about the others?

"I'm making dinner."

The president and needlework also entered the adjacent room, which was a kitchen reserved for Senior Mitsugawa.

... If I asked you later, seniors, I would have made a kitchen for myself with my skills for sifting pudding, but I refused, and so on.

... cooking, I can't, that senior. You've seen hell before when you're sleeping together or something because of that...

"Maido, are you okay now? Don't push it too hard."

"Yeah. I'm sorry, let me do my chores"

In the kitchen, Kaiya made something like that. Kabir and Kakusan are helping, and everyone else is talking about something about their seats at the table.... These guys are also called a group that can't cook.


"Oh, no. It's okay. Instead, please go over there for him. Looks like Maido has some information."

Oh, yeah. I accidentally fell asleep without handing over all the information. Let's go.

So I decided to leave the cook to me already and go to the table.

"Are you awake? I'm sorry it was early, but give me all the information I picked up."

Suzumoto, who wrote all sorts of things on the paper, stops his hand and scratches up his forehead. Yeah. It's quick and helpful.

"Okay, 'Sharing'".

... Really. You know exactly what a big L.A. task it is to fix what you see and hear and output it to the outside world again. Yeah.

After that, I repeated head thrust and MP recovery about 7 times, and everyone was to get information at the noble party.

By then, we were ready for dinner, so it's an ops meeting while we eat.

... because rice was rice, stir-fried meat and vegetables and miso soup. I'm porridge. I don't think it's necessary to digest well.... Then there was spinach in the porridge. Yeah, it's delicious.

"First of all, reports of aristocrats who have fallen asleep or been newly screwed by Senior Yatsugawa, and rooting around there"

This country is royal, but there are things like the House of Lords. So the way to turn the city upside down is to acquire the aristocratic majority, which is quick.

That's exactly what Fukuyama said.

"Then, when Fukuyama comes to Senior Itsushigawa, it will be captured... even in such a situation? President, what do you think?"

"Come on, what do you think? If I had a decent spirit with that, I'd still know. You may have to burn it in some cases, but nobility won't stop moving now, and it won't be a problem."

... Well. I can easily imagine that this would have been a problem if Fukuyama had killed you.

And I was about to be killed by Fukuyama, but is that going to be a problem... No, it is.

Because it seems that many nobles who were in that place had already 'invested' in Fukuyama. This is what the president heard from the nobles of the drug enthusiasts and also from the strange people.

So you can't pull in now, or it would still be in your interest to move forward with this plan. Fukuyama will have nothing to do with this country if it is captured.

If so, it's hard to imagine cutting Fukuyama in the position of killing one person.

'Cause if you burn it, you can move it for free, a force that can counter an exotic queen. Rather, it's easier to move than ever before, as I know my weaknesses.

... The exotic queen is gathering exotic people, there will be enough rumors, and she will want even one more force.

And if you want to defeat the Queen, and as far as Fukuyama is concerned, you're trying to do it by force.

... it is very likely that the 'exotic slaves' held by the nobles of Wang Du and Deichemale will be driven out.

That's why I want you to carry out this plan until the final phase.

And we ride this way to the final phase, and we slap it at the end.

... Fukuyama I know what's in your hand.

Fukuyama took the lead on this plan, so I can almost imagine what kind of M.O. it might be.

That's why we need to set up a trap to deal with it.

"In the meantime, the plan is still in the middle of nowhere to compare Maido's information with what Senior Itsushikawa has told us about the nobility of today. It's hard to imagine things moving tomorrow or the day after."

"So, we have to get used to the culprit by then, right? It's a pain in the ass not knowing the deadline."

Same as us, otherworldly...... if we are to fight the students.

'The culprit', no doubt, will be the trump card, right?

Because if you float one, that's all you can do to almost disable the otherworlds.

The president and needlework seem to have actually improved considerably.

When you were freshly equipped, you said you couldn't even stand up.

I can walk on my own in a little over half a day, so all I can say is sky and sunshine.

... Yeah, me, I've been asleep for over half a day. … and that is.

... Senior Yatsugawa, where did you sleep?

There, I think it was the senior bedroom... Speaking of which, I, am anemic right now, and my temperature shouldn't be that high, but the futon is so warm...

....... let's not think about it.

Yeah, nothing, I didn't go because I was sleeping with a senior, and there's no reason for me to have any trouble.