I almost missed my chicken cutlet. I'm going to cry over these guys' appetites.

Why do these guys sometimes exhibit this kind of futile appetite? Normally, I would have filled my stomach with four sami bottles.

These guys sometimes bug their appetite, which is good times to fry from. How did this happen? I can't solve it.

After pudding out and cleaning up, I had a little chat and the seniors came home.

"Maido! Pudding!"

"This way, sir."

I've been waiting for you to cool off for a little tired seniors. Pudding.

"Thanks! I did my best to inspire this today! Me! Maido! Praise me! Now praise me!


We all soothed by watching the seniors eat really delicious as they accidentally stroked the head of the seniors who had sat down and started eating pudding.

You'd love it if you ate it looking delicious. Right.

"Hey Maido, when you're done eating this, let's take a bath together!

Senior who ate the second pudding looking delicious, he said so happily as he reached for the third.

"... OFURO?


… a word we hadn't heard in a long time.

Something... I miss you, this sounds. OFURO.

"... no way, Maido, you haven't taken a bath before... it's not even a kanji...?

I explained 'Cleaning' to my suspicious senior and also tried to demonstrate it.

"It's not convenient, that. But that's not what I'm talking about. Taking a bath isn't just about keeping your body clean. Better blood circulation and fatigue is one of the benefits of a bath. If it's true, I was going to come in with you last night, and that's what happened. Right. Come on, let's go if we decide to. You boys can go in after the girls like you did at the sleepover!

Momentum made me wonder if the seniors had said that all at once, finished eating the third pudding, and then dragged me to the bath.

… maybe the Queen needs this ability to act.

"Rose bath today."

When I opened the bathroom, it was a different world.

A gorgeous rose scent in a large bath. Beautiful, yellowish pink rose flowers float on one side of the marble hot tub.

What the hell, this...

"... Um, seniors, what's this...?

"This is part of my skills, too. I can do anything with my own castle. Yes, if it's a" royal castle operation. "

Here's about the profession of 'queen'.

This profession, in fact, is as weak in correction as it is in 'made-up length'.

Therefore, even if my senior held me, my ribs held up.... Terribly, it is the power of the land of seniors that has made me unable to breathe. That's scary!

… but instead, it is the strongest. If Battlefield is your castle.

The castle is' royal castle operated 'and can be suddenly speared out of the floor, arrows jumped from the wall, rooms made into secret rooms, or ceilings. What a trap house. What a Moment ○ Hall.

So for waiting and fighting, you're roughly a strength that won't allow other followers, seniors.

… is, of course, a fairly competent skill in the direction of bath construction, like, peaceful usage.

"Nice water."

"Isn't it?

I knew exactly how great the bath was when I stuck my back stream and soaked it in a hot tub.

You were lazy not to try to make a bath before because you could 'clean' it.

I feel like I'm taking a bath after all.

... It's a long way from a Japanese bath when it comes to a rose bath.

"Seniors take baths like this every day?

"Not every day. Rose bath because occasionally roses arrived today. I had a cypress bath yesterday."

Senior, I, Cypress was good today.

"I like rose baths, but I don't have time to grow roses on boulders, and they're too drained, so it's not me. The nobles of this country sent me. Oh, of course you're a trustworthy nobleman. It's called" Rose of Peace. "Isn't it beautiful? It's a rare flower."

Senior took one rose from the hot tub and put it on my head.

"I knew you'd go in with a corner girl, you'd better be gorgeous, right? Besides, if it weren't for a bath like this, you wouldn't have a chance to go in there, would you?

... especially you.

I wonder how much it would cost to do a bath with a huge rose so far or something in real life. Oh, oh, my God, I'm scared and computational! And it's gonna be hard to clean up!

... but.

"Seniors, this, after this, you men will not enter."

There is no need for the bath to be gorgeous in vain at that time.

Rather, I don't think they like this very much.

"... isn't a good rose for the boys to come in"

... seniors, something tells me the direction I'm worried about is different from the direction seniors are worried about.

So bath time is over.

I knew it seemed more fun that way, with the seniors intent to continue the rose bath.

They were supposed to take a bath first. Four avant-gardes came in. I headed toward the bather, and a little while later I heard something like "Wow". Yeah. I know exactly how you feel.

"... uh, bath, do you have something?

Hanagasaki doesn't seem to like you at all, so there's nothing in particular. Half a lie!

"... Maido, you smell kind of like flowers"

Oh, the president has a nice nose. That's not the kind of correction that's higher because you're dealing with poisons, is it? I don't like it if you detected signs of lies or something.

"... take a bath with your senior... oh, boss, is that the scent of lilies"

"No, maybe it's a rose, this"

"Isn't it the other way around?"

...... yeah. Well, you guys are gonna take that bath, right?

And on the desk, there was something, I don't know, like plants and dried food, feathers and scales and stuff like that lined up.

Three people other than the birds on this occasion...... the president and Hanagasaki, you and Kaiya, that is, the Psychotropic Medicine Manufacturing Team, were checking the ingredients of the Psychotropic Medicine.

"So this is the ingredient for 'spiritual medicine'. You've got" Flowers of the Water Spirit, "so later, all you need is" Scarlet Bee Honey "and" Seeds of the Big Sky "and" Ashes of the Narrow "and" Roses of Peace, "right? If I get that, I'll put it in the manufacture of psychotropic drugs later, seniors, don't you have any idea?


"" The Rose of Peace "?

That's... come on.

"Yes. Could it be... seniors. Bath, is it?

Me and the seniors looked at each other... the seniors stood up to the president's words... and when the seniors headed for the bath with great speed...

"I'll wait five seconds for you! Hide the ugly! Five Four Three-Too One! All right! I'm coming in!

Hanging out.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!


"Why are you in here, seniors!

"It wasn't 5 seconds now......! It wasn't 5 seconds......!

"Senior! I told you not to do this when we were sleeping together. - Huh!



The bath was so noisier...... then the seniors brought home a couple of rose flowers.

"Is this it?

"… are these flowers originally originally?"


... Then the four avant-gardes who came out some time later were coming more than the roses that were in the bath. Yeah, I don't know... sorry I couldn't stop you.

"As a result of the 'appraisal', it was indeed a 'rose of peace'. It was, but you're not in very good shape."

That's right. I was in the bath. It's a rose.

"Where can I get this?"

"Hey, you can tell if you ask the nobleman who sent you. I'll ask you first thing tomorrow morning. And then," Scarlet Bee Honey, "I think it was in the food I was storing. I'll take a look."

That said the seniors took their seats and left.

"... well. Ask George about" Ashes of Naruto "and" Seeds of the Binky Sky, "and it's about time he found a cure for the psychic."

Finally, ah. … to bring the choir people back to life, the first step.

"When we're talking about Goddess books, I think we can handle 'flesh' with spiritual drugs. However, the problem is afterwards. … 'Life'."

Yes. This world is a strange one. Life becomes life and George's house is preserved in the basement.

"Because the" vessel ", which is a container, and the" flesh "which puts that" vessel, "are in a condition that seems promising.... Maido, only Maido has dealt with life (physics) among us so far. What is that like? Is it possible to make it artificially?

... um, that's... somehow, I don't think I can.

"... maybe I can't make it, I think. I don't think there are any substitutes."

"Worst of all, if it's life (physics), it's at Mr. George's place in large quantities. And if what hits the" vessel "in the Goddess Book is that jewel, can you do something like" fundraiser "that Maido originally thought of?"

I don't know if you want to use it on your own.

"Whatever it is, I think it will be Maido who does the operation at the moment, or Kaiya, once Kaiya has acquired a new skill, but there are also anxiety elements. First of all, Maido's" shared "characteristics are still not well understood."

...... yeah. I think so, too.

Originally, I thought it might be a skill as a 'made-to-measure' to direct the maid puppets.

But I took this much earlier... Ketrami gave it to me, I think.

... Do you want to ask?