What the presidents bought was a gem about the size of a grip with one hand.

"In this world, jewellery stores don't refer to ornamental stores."

A "jewellery store" in this world is not a store that deals with ornaments, but with "jewellery". … "Gems" in this world have a stronger meaning as tools of magic, alchemy, and so on than as ornaments.

So, "Jewellery Store" is a store that sells jewellery that is the source of such magic items.

"It's this gem, but it seems to be that it can be temporarily doped by gripping and crushing it. Sounds like red is the doping of physical abilities and blue is the doping of magical abilities. Then some temporarily gained resistance."

Ho. Cheng Cheng.

Now you can get some of that back in doping even in situations where you have the culprit, so that's what you're saying.

It seems pretty user-friendly about resistance.

So distribute it to someone other than me.

… As you can see, this doping item, "Crushing and Crushing Stones," requires a lot of grip before doping.

When I asked you, you could do it because it cracks under the influence of the culprit, but where I tried one, it cracked, but it consumed a lot of time and strength before it cracked. You liar!

I don't mind because I can do this in an instant when I think about it. Come on, work hard and finally dope, which means there's not much gratitude, or no distribution for me because it's too user-friendly.

Yeah, I don't know, I don't know what to say anymore.

I've learned the intelligent otherworldly circumstance that people who need doping can't dope......

Now, I cleaned up the lecture room in the lab where the memorial was deployed, and I floated the culprit there.

And there, ladies and gentlemen, we started combat training.

Yeah, I can tell by watching you say you don't have a beauty, or you're out of strength after all.

After all, they're not on their own with previous fights. Naturally.

As far as cancer is concerned with a wooden knife, that sounds pretty much right. I guess it stresses me that I can't make the moves I thought I would.

I am a water supply point and knitter.... This net is sturdy for the price, but it is still a mesh on the blade, so if it is slashed, it will not be restrained. If the end of the net stays stuck, I can prevent 'metastasis'.

Based around it, the focus of the training is disarming. Even if the net is to be 'dyed', it will be weak on either fire or blade.

This is overwhelmingly strong for you, Hanagasaki. Just let it freeze, that's all.

Speaking of which, how are the Dahlia and the others who have been frozen in Deiche Mall? No, you're probably not well. Yeah.

I watched him even train like that, and the needlework contacted me.

"Hey, you okay now?"

"Yeah. What are you doing, in such a hurry"

"No, we're talking about what we were mistaken about, and there's no rule that we shouldn't kill seniors unless we're done replacing nobles?

... Oh, yeah, well, yeah.

As for the aristocratic side, I suppose we'd like to secure our own chairs before everything gets messed up, and I think this issue lies in the political strategy of falling apart from the aristocracy.

"We had a meeting at the house where Fukuyama lived today, and after we secured our place, we just defeated the nobleman and the other brave people like Fukuyama. I'll come back when I know more."

... Cheng Cheng, well, I can tell you're in a hurry.

Besides, nobility isn't a single rock, I guess. I guess the aristocracy that's already dived in this way hasn't dived in yet. I'd also like to hurry in the sense of kicking down the aristocracy.

So you're saying it's also likely to come sooner than planned?

I was treading that it would still take another 10 days at the earliest. The fact that the brave men have gathered together means that force is enough, and when that happens, it is not possible to dive into the nobility that has become a stopper after all, but that kind of nobility, I mean, bad procedure, low status, that sort of thing, so there is a good chance that you might think you can do it while you're at it, huh?

Yeah. Maybe the assumption over here was a little sweet.

Then...... maybe it's time to stay in Stembay.

They're all armed because they're restless for now. I'll keep the culprit at my disposal so I can equip him at any time.

The president went to message the seniors and I panicked that it was just a net or carpet that hadn't been 'dyed' yet.

The rest of us set it up or lay it down or something, and for now, we'll be ready and waiting so we can fight for once whenever we come.

... Wait, I don't mind, but you're not coming. Absolutely, you're not coming.

Well, yeah, I'm in a meeting, so I guess I'm not coming until something comes from the needlework. Come on.

Looks like we're in a lot of hurry, too. Yeah.... yeah......

... Ok, can I even make some tea...

The maids knit the nets with full mobilization of the maids dolls because they drink tea and snack without disarming them, and in the meantime prepare even one more net, in the evening, at night, the needles and bird sea finally returned.

"I ended up in a conference without a conclusion"

... you bastard! This way! How much! He said he was waiting! I'm thinking!

Moreover, just because the meeting has flown, it is the brave line + alpha, including Fukuyama, that actually comes to attack, so even if it doesn't come suddenly ignoring the nobility's intentions, it's not necessarily. So vigilance continues.

He said he didn't know when he was coming, so he couldn't even rest his mind! Son of a bitch! That's the kind of operation! Is that the kind of operation! Goddamn it, you manipulator! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

"Hey, can't you just leave us now?

Needle students seem to be the limit of patience already. It's too early because I've been tense. Too soon.

"I'm sure that's okay for the recovery of the brave, because it involves the political problems of this country. Wouldn't it be safer to crush every nobleman?"

"Why don't we just leave that to the seniors?

"If the seniors wait to do a lot of things, they'll be late to go home."

"Uh, where?"

...... hmm?

"The Original World"

... That, I don't know, something, I'm not sure, but there's an unidentified discomfort.

But if you wait like this, you don't know when it's gonna be.

... That, the president is thinking something.

"... Maido"


The president is silently giving in as he raises his forehead.

Hmm, I guess this means' share '. All right, don't hesitate to poke your head while' sharing '.

In a mysterious space, find what the president wants to give you and take it.

... Hmm. Uh... yeah, the possibilities are undeniable. And I keep my suspicions for now, and that's the policy.

Shortly after I left, I poked my head at you, Kokusan, who was nearby and 'shared'.

As soon as I gave them what I would give them, I left and 'shared' them with everyone while restoring the MP.

However, needle students are excluded.

Instead, I'll try to connect all the maid dolls to the desk.

... dark.

The sound you hear is......

Oh, they did it!

"Needle raw, hey"

Invite me, call me in, head poke. And not like earlier, unilateral 'sharing'.

Come on, give me the information. Where is the needle student? And who are you?

... When I get the information I need, I'm leaving, and I'm going to head over again.

The bewildered look is right. Needle students don't look like this.

"'Sleeping Cocoon'!

So let's just get you asleep.

"Well, what do we do? Do you want to split it up, or do you want to ride the other operation?"

"Let's ride. However, I will, of course, let you take action. I'm not at peace anymore, but that's worse over there. Let them repent fully. That you put your hands on our people."

Angry. We're mad.

The intruder is a needle raw, and if you just look at that, this one's bad, but you're gonna get angry. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna get mad. And forgive me.

... what the president thought was roughly the same as mine. However, he had noticed the discomfort earlier.

I mean, the possibility that the needle student is switching with something else.

... you noticed it yourself a lot, on the other hand, why didn't you notice it sooner?

The figure is exactly the same, but the tricks and reactions were something different in retrospect.

Yeah, I got hit with this, I just have to say. That was sweet. The fact that the opponent is a brave man meant that the opponent will use as many skills as possible.

The timing of the needle change is between noon and night.

In the meantime, the needle screwed up somehow, and I found it. And the other guy sent the fake over here so well, that's what happens.

I guess the fake purpose was to keep our moves out of the way, disperse our power, and beat the royal castle in the meantime. That's why I was advising you to go attack me from this side.

...... so dare to ride it.

I know where the needles are. We can all go via, and the fake ones gave us information. So I'm just going to ask you all to head to the needle student rescue.

In the meantime, empty between the thrones of the royal castle.

... Yep, of course, it's empty.

There, there's not even a queen. The queen is on the back, so she's hiding.

Yes. Only the Demon King is there.

Well, we need to get ready for the line.