So torture and rice are repeated while taking appropriate turns and taking a nap.

... Look, it's getting faster and faster, so it's getting faster and faster every other 8 hours until every 4 hours.

I mean, if you don't take turns sleeping, you're gonna have to wake up every four hours.

You all seem to be working on something inside, letting me throw up to speed up my hungry pace, trying to water blame it to make my senses messy.

When I say, I can't do it if I make porridge once every 4 hours, so I make about 3 kinds at once, sleep 3 hours, rations, sleep 3 hours, wake up, make the next meal, and so on.

And add to that and make our rice too, so something is going to mess my head up......

Furthermore, unfortunately there is only one Mr. Rosemary, so I am in a state like a mother awakened by a crying baby at night.

I mean, the baby's crying at night, I'm being woken up by a porridge blowout...

Yeah, well, if there's any benefit to this, Mr. Rosemary is getting tired of sleepless, so I guess it's about time your feelings shifted. The prisoners started worrying.

Especially Fukuyama.

... Ah, speaking of which, as mentioned earlier, there are no walls near the ceiling and the space is connected, right? So, voices and sounds are fine. It's a leak.

As a result, Fukuyama's outrage (laughter) has been contagious to all the other prisoners.

Thanks to you, in the eighth distribution of rice, all the inmates are favored.

But I'm sorry about the porridge every time the rice. But I won't allow it. So it's porridge again! Think I'm as thankful as I can eat!

Now, for the tenth time to be remembered in the next rations, the president came.

He's getting tired of torturing me for the tenth time over here, too.

"It sucks. This is unexpected."

"Hmm. What's that?

Stockholm syndrome.


That's... that's, yeah, that's bad.

… Stockholm syndrome, is.

Simply put, the phenomenon is that the victim, imprisoned or held hostage, becomes intimate or fond of the perpetrator.

In this case... the prisoner is torturing someone... yeah.

Completely, this was unexpected.

"I ask, just in case, is it a woman who went to Stockholm? And you haven't had Lima syndrome, have you?

"It's a woman. And we're normal. Isn't that natural?"

As opposed to Stockholm syndrome, there is Lima syndrome, something that becomes, and this is a phenomenon where the killer side has a favor or familiarity with the victim side.

Especially since this one seems easy to keep if the index of life intelligence on the killer's side is extremely low than on the victim's side, it doesn't apply this time, just in case.

"If the subject is Suzumoto or something, I know, but I don't think so."

Don't tell him that's a bad idea.

"In the meantime, Mr. Maido. We'll take care of the next ration, so go to sleep."

"Uh, okay?

"Yes, Mr. Rosemary is being punished because he has begun to get along with his captors"

"Cheng Cheng"

So you're going to fight here, right? So I'm free from the porridge keeper! Yay!

"Even if you prolong them any longer, they will just become more and more blind, and it's hard to do it any more because of this relationship of strength, etc."

Yeah, I get it. I know perfectly well that I've been woken up by a night cry of porridge.

"Maido may still have work to do after this, so please rest well while you can"

"Work, what exactly?

"Is that a sleeping cocoon?"

...... yeah. Super specific.

But yeah. Unless you have to use it for hostages to pull out the former king's side, or something like that, it would be easier for you to put them all to sleep and pack them somewhere already.

"Then I'll be there, Mr. Maido, go to sleep. Well, maybe, I don't think it's going to work for 9 hours, so take your time."

"Are you guys okay?

"We sleep quite a bit in turn. Never mind, sleep."

Right. Then don't hesitate to let me sleep.

When I woke up, I got eyes on you, Hornsan.

... Dejab!

"Oh, uh, I'm here to wake you"

"Then just wake up!

I'd be pretty surprised if my eyes met as soon as I opened them!

"... something... because I slept so comfortably..."

... right, yeah... something, sorry. Don't look so sorry......

"Any progress?

"... yeah, the information, maybe this will stop it, the president said. So, Maido, it's your turn."

Oh, well. All right, I guess we're going out then.

"Oh, so, the president, he said, get dressed and be someone else,"

Hmm, I mean, other than Mr. Rosemary. May I speak to Eulalia, the ghost maid?

Can I get dressed when I go to the gladiators' tournament?

All right, let's get dressed.

Where I got dressed and became Mr. Eulalia of Blue Gray overall in "Disguise," I talked to the president for a little while before going down to the basement to put the prisoners to sleep.

Then, open a private room and 'sleep cocoon' the captive confused by the onslaught of someone who has never been here before, and just go to the next private room.

While pinching the MP recovery, Sakukukukuku 'Sleeping Cocoon' and finished it for 27 people. Ya, light!

Well. I guess I'll be asked to give me the information that came out.

If we pull all the prisoners and gather them all in one place, we'll all have a meeting.

"As a result of checking the information obtained, they probably did not know how to return to the original world except by the ritual of the temple," he said.

There's no question about that. Temple...... or, well, I guess I didn't want the former High Priest to know that there was another way back to the original world.

"Then it's about other students and classrooms, but this was informed by several people. In addition to the testimony that we saw in the Wang capital and Deichemale, it seems that several people have also been confirmed in countries located northeast of Deichemale. There was no new information about the classroom."

Well, it's clear that there's a country in the northeast. I wonder if my next destination will be there.

"When it comes to connecting with the former king, everyone but Fukuyama was told the story by Fukuyama, which means that Fukuyama came into contact with the former king who had fled to the king's capital. You're lucky."

Was the previous king lucky or bad... bad, is this it?

Senior Yashigawa will be squeezing me tight by now. Nannon.

"Finally, on 'Ashes of Narrow' and the Life (Physics) of the Brave, this could be a bit of a hassle"

First of all, this troublesome matter… how did it end up in a very unpleasant situation where 'Ashes of Naruto' was not in the Temple and the High Priest did not know whether it was there, it was in the system of life (physics) of these brave men.

First, on life (physics), but the braves, in fact, have already died a few times at a time.

... and when he dies, he says, 'it will be a restart from the presence of the High Priest of the Temple'.

It was explained that the contract necessary for its resurrection was the task of the "covenant of the brave", that is, to separate that glass of life from the flesh?

And they were redoing that contract every time they came back to life.

… based on relevant information obtained so far, this, that is, the resurrection of the flesh by separating life and putting the brave man in the flesh alone, and, once that flesh is dead, resurrecting that flesh with 'spiritual medicine'.

If you then separate your life from that resurrected brave man again, you can loop infinitely, right?

... and it will be about "Ashes of Narrow Down".

As you know, "Ashes of Naruto" is the ingredient of a psychotropic.

And "spiritual medicine" was certainly used more than once for the resurrection of the brave, meaning that it would have been made more than once. But there was no 'Ashes of Narrow' in the Temple, and the High Priest did not know whether there was' Ashes of Narrow '.

… The answer to be derived from this is one.

The former High Priest used "Spiritual Medicine" like an idiot to revive the brave, and because of it he ran out of "Ashes of Narrow" that had been stocked in the Temple. I don't even know how to get it.

And I'm sure it's more like it's been in the temple for a long time than I knew how to get it.

... Mr. Ariane, please.

It's one of the temple's untimely ends, so, well, let's get it done...

Still, isn't the former High Priest too unplanned? There may be a stock of 'spiritual drugs' in the temple, but I used something like hot water that couldn't produce any more, which is... all I can say is asshole business.

I don't think Ariane is pitiful enough to let you wipe that asshole's ass......

In the meantime, it was a long time before we could relax as we waited until night to reach the temple.

Yeah, in the meantime, we came to the conclusion that the irregularities in sleep and the slightly unsympathetic sequence of acts of torture, and in the first place, it was here between us, because, you know, you need rest.

It's too late for lunch now, so I decided to spend as much time as I wanted until dinner at night.

Sleepy people go diving in futons, free people are interested in cards, etc., and I mass produce pudding.

Look, if you're tired, it's sweet. Fortunately, no one in this section hates sweets, so that helps.

The reason for making it pudding is more than our fatigue, and now it is a fatigue to Senior Yatsugawa, who has been working hard all night in 3 serial villas.

There are chocolate-like treats in this world too, so I made chocolate pudding with them.

I made quite a bit of chocolate pudding because I can predict that seniors will eat an awesome amount.

Well, there's a different world quality pantry (lecture room) where you don't have any trouble storing food, and if you have excess, you're fine.

Then I'll also get ready for dinner.

Shall we roll cabbage this evening? The guy who simmers with tomatoes. You want to eat stewed tomatoes when you're feeling tired. Yeah.

When I was ready for dinner, and I was free and mixed up in a ring of cards, a cavernous senior returned.

"I did it. I did it.... Maido."

Seniors fluttered towards me like ghosts, mugging, and hugging me.

"Uh-huh. It's Maido. - It's Maido. - Was it soft? - It smells good. - Uh-huh."

"Senior, I know you're tired, but let Maido go and do it. His ribs are fragile."

Even though my ribs screamed at my senior's relentless bearhags, I couldn't help but break them safely thanks to Suzumoto pulling my senior back. Yeah, really, give me a break!

"Senior, the chocolate pudding is cold. Do you want some?

Heron, speaking to the seniors who went into the place and stuck up,


and resurrected with his eyes shining.

... All right. I'm going to call the chocolate pudding a psychotropic drug for Senior Yashigawa.

Now, did you manage to talk about this country?