After dinner (after all, the seniors ate too. Senior is the second time for dinner. What's with the stomach!) I am going to go to Mr. Ariane.

"... Hey, Maido. Last time, you, what were you talking about?

When I was ready, Suzumoto asked me something.

"Hmm? About Mr. Ariane officially becoming a high priest, about the brave men joining the Mediterranean urban revolution, about when you talked to Mr. Ariane alone, and all that related stuff."

That's about it, I thought, I got my head.

"You talked to me... what did they say?"

Yep... you're cowardly inside.

"... when you asked me what was between me and you, I said it was friendship and respect."

It was very hard to say. What the fuck!

"Something related to that."

"They asked me what I thought about you, so it's respect and friendship," I replied. I mean, when I answered that, you answered the same question. "

"Right.... So, what about Mr. Ariane?

"Huh? Something..." Terrible people, "and then all of a sudden," Can we be friends? "


"I've been shaking hands"

After a little thought, Suzumoto concluded.

"...... hmm. I'll go, too. Just give me a minute. I'll be ready."

Looks like Suzumoto decided to go too. I don't know what to conclude.

It is a "transfer" with Suzumoto, who wrapped a souvenir pudding for Mr. Ariane and changed to Demon King's Army gear.

Good evening from the terrace, too.

When I knocked on the window, I heard a stark noise and Mr. Ariane came out.

"Oh, good evening"

"Good evening. I'll get in the way."

Observe Mr. Ariane, who seems somewhat happy while handing over the pudding wrap.

... It's so cute that you seem a little happy about it. I think Ariane is definitely a little older than us, but she must be cute.

"What is this?

He opened the pudding wrap and seems to be concerned about the contents.

"It's an exotic treat, called pudding."

"You look like Putting.... you're so puffy in exotic"

Mr. Ariane is cute to observe pudding while holding a vessel and puffing.

"I'll make you some tea now."


I am also a little excited because the tea that Mr. Ariane makes while I say it is delicious.

Before going to make tea, Mr. Ariane added one, chair, to the table.

It's somewhat funny how Suzumoto looks indescribable when he sees it.

"... by the way, I brought three puddings"

Of course, I was willing to do that from the start.

This guy seems to have spoken a lot, and I've spoken a lot, so now I won't need a setup for the Demon King and his men.

"... then don't hesitate"

Afraid, so Suzumoto also takes his seat and waits.

A moment later, Mr. Ariane brought me pots and cups and made me some tea.

Gently thank me and tease me.

This tea smells a little sweet like flowers. What is it, this?

"Today's tea is from Krutz."

Where, that.

... Well, to think, maybe it's the name of a town, a country, called Northeast.

"I like this.... Well, what's going on today? Is something wrong?

... Hmm, I guess from that pranky face, all the cities in the ocean are passed down this way. Then I guess that way first.

"Let's report back to you.... We captured all the brave men who have attacked us there, the Mediterranean city southwest of Eizor. For once, don't be in the shape of a current queen with shoulders.... I can't go into details about why, but this is not hostile to the brave. You can't be bad for a brave man."

I don't know much more... Or Ariane, I know I'm a different person and I feel like I am, but it's a bone to go out of my way to elaborate around there, and I'll stop.

"Really? If that's a good thing for the braves, I have nothing to say."

Oh, it was so light.

"Right. I thought they'd say something."

"You said nothing about the actions of the brave men beforehand, so I thought there was something there."

Is that what it is? Yeah, well, if there's nothing from Mr. Ariane, I'm done reporting this, okay?

"Does the Demon King have a connection to the brave men? Your tin moto seems exotic."

Do you know that much? Hmm.

"... didn't you think anything about an exotic like me being on the side of the Demon King?"

When that happens, I am concerned about the circumstances during the fighting with the Temple. He also worried about Suzumoto, and asks Ariane about that.

"Because I knew you were summoning multiple exotics with a brave summons.... It's not strange that the temple is resented."

"What do you think demon kings do to brave men?

"I don't think so.... Demon King, is not hostile to temples or brave men, is it? You've been so worried about the braves that you warned me, so there's no reason to do anything terrible to the braves."

"Seems a lot trusted, is that okay?

As for the head of the temple, I think that might be a problem.

"It's not like the temple's current doctrine, but as far as old literature and forbidden books are concerned, I don't think it's in any way a hostile relationship with the goddess or temple. Isn't that right? … then that's what a temple should look like"

That's what Mr. Ariane said, eating a spoonful of pudding.

... As far as its face goes, it seems delicious. Yeah, I'm glad you liked it.

Well, it's time to get down to business.

"You know about" Ashes of Narrow Down "?

"Is it 'Ashes of Naruto'? Uh, I was in the forbidden book. It's one of those things the archpriest of a long time ago brought home from Nara, isn't it?

... Where is Naruto?

"Actually, I want to know more about that. I want you to tell me what you know."

I know, even if I wore it, I may not be able to go on, so I asked honestly, but Mr. Ariane's expression is not fragrant.

"I'm sorry, the information I got from the Temple's forbidden book, it's just for now. It is said that a generation of high priests went to Nara, from where they brought back 'Ashes of Nara' and 'Seeds of the Big Sky'."

And "The Seeds of the Big Sky"?... Um, clear, blue, thumbnail-sized, crushed Shizukushaped arr?

For once, that was a psychotropic ingredient, too, and what does that have to do with anything?

"" The Seeds of Bi Sky "is still in use in the Temple, but" The Ashes of Nara "... I don't know if it might be left in the first place"

Um, "Bi Sky Seeds," you use it for something?... Should I ask George later and become president?

"Nara, what?

"It is a world that is said to be further down in this world. I'm half mythical... sorry I can't be of much help"

"No, enough is enough. Helpful. If that's all I know, I can do anything."

... It's not very good to be unsure of existence, but should we just go underground?

I think the next destination is well worth it.

Mr. Ariane and I had a little chat afterwards, and we were supposed to be free.

et al.

"May I speak to Mr. Ariane for a moment?"

... and a declaration was received from Suzumoto, so I accept and wait on the terrace first.

"Sorry, I kept you waiting"

After a while, Suzumoto also came out.

I don't even care what you were talking about, but I don't ask because I can ask.

... but you look somewhat neat. Yeah, it's a good thing if it's refreshing. Yes.

'Transferring' behind the throne was somewhat quiet.

I need to get into deliberations about the information I got quickly. I thought so, but no one.

... Oh no, you guys are already asleep!?

Can't help it, well. You'll all be tired.... No, some of them were napping...



The meeting was tomorrow, or so I thought, and Suzumoto called me.

Looking back, just a little bit, cruising around looking for words, then...

"Good night."

And I laughed and said, I went to your bedrooms, boys.

"Good night."

When I return the greeting, I respond with one hand gently raised and then disappear across the door.

... Well, I guess I'll go to bed too.

So it's morning. Good morning.

This morning's dinner is bread. And while we're having breakfast, it's a meeting about yesterday's information.

"Nara, hey.... Was it in school underground?

"You do. The oil depot must have been half underground."

Sure, there was an oil depot somewhere we could go from the courtyard, and it was a bit of a dig and half underground. Yeah. Sure.

"I wonder if it's there for now, what's next to look for"

"I guess."

The other basement... I know the back of the ceiling, but the basement, I have no idea!

... Maybe it means looking for the oil depot at first and the back of the stairs or something next.

... underground, underground... hmm... I don't think I can simply dig the ground, I don't think so...

"Well, I'll call you when I'm done with some more goth, too"

"Yes, seniors, be careful how you feel"

Departure, so it is a temporary goodbye to seniors.

Because seniors can't leave this country until they give up their kingdom to someone they can trust.

When you're done around there, the maid is supposed to put you in touch with the doll.

While sparing our farewell to our predecessors, we recovered Ketrami before 'transferring' to a hill near the center of 1F, where we can see the temple.

"The petroleum depot should be east of here."

"Ketrami ah..."

"What are you complaining about?"

So it's Ketramiliding time again.

... Come on!