Okay. I got a psychotropic, I got it.

...... Seems like it would have been easy if only the procedure.

"So, the question is, how do you use this?"

... As things stand, it's hard to bring the choir people back to life.

For some reason, only the physical part can be managed with the spirit medicine, because this is how life cannot be done.

At present, the choir people are only in the vessel part of life.

So even if the flesh is added there, you don't have the life at heart, this is it.

… so if you can use the most effective psychotropic medicine at the moment, that's it.

It is quick to use it to return life (physics) to you brave men.

... I mean, kill it once. So, bring it back to life.

They've come back to life scattered in that way, and I'm going to go with that this time.

... If possible, you should also know how to handle life (physics) at that time. Right.

... so have dinner for now.

Then I went to Mr. George's and carried my life (physics), and then all the brave men this time.

I'm currently asleep in "Sleeping Cocoon," so if I leave it like this, there's nothing. Unzip this one person at a time... Unzip the cocoon in "Cleaning" and then, kill it, bring it back to life, I guess.

... Hopefully, I can return my life (physics) directly to my body. There are limits to psychotropic drugs.

"Then I will bring back the brave ones more than this"

Mad science isn't half the way around when the president says it. Stop it - this is charity for once.

It's an authentic resuscitation technique that has been demonstrated in the past.

Mr. Maido, please.

"OK. 'Cleaning'"

In the meantime, I unlocked Fukuyama's "Sleeping Cocoon" first.... No, it was only the first one I pulled because it was in front of me occasionally, and I have no other intention.

"Yes, disarm complete"

"Thank you very much. Then I'll kill you. That said, I still don't know what I'm going to do."

...... yeah. No, seriously.

Suzumoto wasn't dead when he burned his lower body.

"Mr. Maido was also alive with a severed neck."

... really, how to die.

"For now, do you want to go from the carotid artery"

He borrowed a slender knife from a needle student, and he cuts your carotid artery in Fukuyama.

... I can do the whole thing with all the blood.

Taking a relaxing look at it, suddenly, poof, and.

... Fukuyama disappeared when you became a grain of light.


"That's amazing. I didn't expect to die so lightly just because of the amount of bleeding."

"What the hell was the burning down of Suzumoto's lower body and the burns & defects in your whole body..."

What did you do to me? You're flying. And you're still alive?

"Perhaps there are some conditions around there as well.... Well, you're going to need to be careful in the future. Maybe every time I die, my limit to death gets shorter."

... What's that scary.

And when Fukuyama died, there was a change in the shelves where he had put his life (physics) in.

One glass, it was a gem.

I tried 'appraising', yeah. Cheng Cheng, it was Fukuyama. Same as when they were in the choir.

"Then I will bring you back to life."

The president put the jewel on the floor, opened the lid of the test tube with the psychotropic drug and punched the contents into the jewel.

... then what the hell.

It was just a jewel until just now, but the grains of light that gleamed there gathered together, and you became Fukuyama!

... As early as possible, the law of mass preservation or something, I won't say. I can't tell you.

"Maido, can you wake this guy up?

"Wouldn't it be better if you all called?"

"Right. I'm just gonna call it in."

Also, the president and I are the only ones doing this work.

... Somehow, it was me and the president who seemed to be tolerant of this kind of thing when doing this kind of thing.

So the two of us are doing it for now.

... The president seems to be fine because he's a good splitter there, but I think killing people can be absolutely tremendous stressful, even if you know that's not a very good person, and that's what's going to bring that person back to life.

... Well, it looks like he's come back to life for now, okay, so I'll call you all once I've restrained him and 'cleaned' the blood.

If you're in this state, it's not just the scene where you're sleeping, it's the scene where Fukuyama is being held and rolled back.

"Okay, Mr. Maido, please"

Where each of you stumbled, I tried to poke Fukuyama in the head quickly, and before that, Hanagasaki woke me up blistering.


Suddenly I got blistered Fukuyama, I woke up.

"How are you feeling?

"Mood, what... uh..."

... Fukuyama's gaze turned to me and hardened.

... Ah. Do it.


"I don't think so."

"Yes, no, there's no way I'm looking at it wrong! Maido! It's Maido, isn't it?!?

... I turned my gaze and asked the president for help for now, but he said "let's give up" with a mouth move or something.

... Well, I guess it's time for the tide.

"That's right. It's Maido."

Mr. Maido, he's dead.

He's not dead.

"'Cause he said he was dead... mostly that wolf"

... uh... wolf, I mean, Mr. Ketrami, huh.

"That, lying"

"... what?

I couldn't help it, so I called Mr. Ketrami through the pass, and his face peered through the window.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!?


Don't scream in people's ears.

"... as you can see, that wolf is one of mine"

"Huh!? 'Cause you're attacking me!?

"I became one of them shortly after that"

I'll tell you what, I don't feel like I'm telling you anything.

"And then I don't have a sister"


"That's me too"


"And he's not dead"

"Yep, yep!?

I guess you should live as a reaction artist now, Fukuyama.

I'm telling you because you surprise me one at a time. As for this one, it's fun inside.

... but.

You understand what he's really saying? You're confused, aren't you? You all right, buddy?

"Well, then, I didn't kill anyone, did I...?

They understood that there for now. It's annoying that that's all I understand.

"Unless you've killed someone other than me."

When I said that, Fukuyama seemed relieved and sobbed something.

"Good... really good..."

... but it seems cruel with that and this, but we're not talking about it.

"Except you kidnapped me on your own. It's true how much trouble you caused to all sorts of people who fled in front of your enemies, who were suddenly slashed by my people, who were suddenly attacked by my people, who stabbed me with a knife, who ran over without thinking."

... just in case, okay? When I make eye contact with all of you with the thought, you all reacted back to me like, "OK," "OK, do it," and so on, so I'll be relentless.

Anyway, that's the extent to which I did something relentlessly. I won't hesitate.

"Fuck your teeth, you thoughtless son of a bitch!

Roll up your sleeves and float off both of the culprits from the culprit's bracelet.

And then I stripped Fukuyama of your correction, and then I grabbed Fukuyama's collar, and I thought, on my face, it's a right hook!

"This is for Suzumoto, who was suddenly slashed at the auction venue!

And flat-handed from the opposite direction!

"This is for the president who was attacked from behind in the social world!

Then a round trip binta!

"This is for the needle students then! This is for Senior Yashigawa! So this is for the people in the English department lab who were starving to death because of you! And!"

At the end of the day, they're uppercuts. Ahhhhhhh!

"It's for all the people who got annoyed because of your Sukkaska brain miso. Ahhhhhhhh!

... It's settled!

And, I thought, every knife in the sheath, Fukuyama hit me in the head.

"Hey, are you waiting to penetrate, you.... This is for Maido"

... it seems that Suzumoto's blow has been decided, Fukuyama-san, sinking.

"... he's not dead. Hey, this?

The bird that worried me is stuck on Fukuyama's toe.

"Oh, when you die, you're like a grain of light and you disappear, so you're not more dead than you're not. It's okay. If you erase the correction, Maido's attack won't kill you like that."

... terrible.

So it's a corner, so the president reported the results of his earlier experiment... No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

In particular, I settled on the conclusion that we should continue to explore the determination of life and death, right?

"Maido, are you a little neat?


The needle student asked me with a smile on his face, and I'll give it back with a full smile too!

... In the meantime, you could have hit me with my hands! It's refreshing!

In the meantime, Fukuyama left you another 'sleeping cocoon'.

... No one will struggle if they beat him up and improve the contents of a person's brain miso.

I don't even trust this guy as a shard anymore... or if it was definitely this guy, I'd still be in trouble, so I'll put him to sleep.

"Well, shall we continue?"

Yeah. There are still people whose lives (physics) and flesh are separated.

"Is the president okay?

"I'm fine. Is Mr. Maido all right?

"Yeah. I've come to this world with a lot of blood and organs. I'm used to it now."

Because meat is originally an organism. I've been watching quite a bit around there.

"I hope so. Shall we continue?"


And that meant that the remaining 26 brave men were probably successful in returning their lives to the flesh by killing and returning them to life.

... And as for you brave men, for once, I talked to all of them.

... For once, Fukuyama, there was no one who couldn't get through, so when I talked to him about the various cities in the sea, he understood quite a bit. They, too, if they had the information right, would have made the right decision. There were just bad conditions.

So I decided to ask these people to move to the gym group.

... Don't forget, Stockholm Syndrome.

... Their time has remained stopped since they were tortured.

I mean, right after that.

... It sucked. Something went wrong!

There's a girl! Especially that sucked! I'll refrain from explaining how it sucked, but here's the thing... it was rare for your face to be in deep trouble.

I pulled those people off, the president brainwashed them back or something, and I ended up turning them over to the gym group after midnight.

Some of them were close to each other, and I could hear them rejoicing there.

"Maido! Maido! '

When I saw the people and was flirting with emotion, Huntle came off.


"What's up, Huntle, its size"

"I peeled again!

... Something was getting big again.

It's already meters, not hunts, or it's over.

"Hey, Maido, you, could you have gone to Nara?

And Glida came too.

"Yeah. You got it."

'Smells like it, huh?... Fine, Nara. I want to go, too. "

"Me too!

No, it's nothing like Nara, it's not supposed to be a tourist spot or anything.

... is it like home for Huntle or Glida? Or is Naruto like extreme fun for a monster?

Then after discussing it with the gym team, it became possible to take Glida and Huntle.

Huntle, in particular, was spared a goodbye by the girls. They were totally establishing their status as idols.

... Well, I guess I'll go home and sleep. It's already past midnight...

I'm tired of something, and it's been a long time since I've slept with Master Ketrami Futon.