Yes, good morning. A little early, if I wake up before sunrise, I'll slip through it...

When we talked about the situation before we went to bed, we came to a peaceful neighborhood called Corner 2F South, so let's go to sleep here today.

Some parts of Nara still don't know what kind of monster she has.

I can't sleep with Ketrami as a futon unless there are only monsters that would not attack me if Ketrami were here.

... and so I slept with Mr. Ketrami holding him in his stomach. Yet when I woke up, a maid doll was added to me, plus Glida slept nearby.

Not so far. It's normal driving. Yeah, tolerate it.

And this is the biggest problem.

... like a cream-colored tiger, you had a few weird monsters spinning around us.

Why did you leave me alone until this happened! When I looked at Mr. Ketrami with the will, he looked like, "Well, look at that."

Even when I look at Glida, she just looks like, 'Yes, yes, you stay put for a second.' Huntle said, 'Dinner!' I'm just trying to be happy.

... If you say so, I guess so.

And that's where I watched those cream-colored tigers go around... and their contours are getting blurred... and to this day.

I mean, they... they became butter. That's something I've heard somewhere!

... Seems to have been a rare, rare monster seen south of 2F when I asked for an explanation.

I mean, when you find something just right, you go around there with a few heads, it becomes butter, that's all.

They're not going to disappear until they interfere with the roundabout, but if you leave the roundabout alone to the end, they're just going to be a pond of butter.

... Ketrami said that half fairies and spirits and stuff like that.... Butter essence?

So now that I've got some tap butter, breakfast is bread! Bread, soup and more omelettes! I feel like eating a fluffy, thick omelet!

Bread is croissant. I have time and butter. I want that crisp.

The soup can be blistered in the corner-cut vegetables and the bacon sautéed, and then it can be delicious if you do something later. The last time I tasted it, it was done.

When the eggs melt, salt pepper and a little milk. And then I drop butter in a warmed frying pan and cuddle, and when I do, I put egg drops in there! It's hard to stick to a frying pan if you keep it here and keep it on high heat.

If you mix it up like a scrambled egg and let it go through the fire properly, use the abyss of a frying pan to shape it well.

It is the completion of a fluffy omelet if it is hung on a plate with tomato sauce to avoid collapse.

This dish is appetizing with a refreshing and savory tomato sauce, the roundness of the eggs and the aroma of butter.

The omelet is delicious whether it is chopped and added with petite tomatoes, stir-fried potatoes and onions or sautéed with spinach and bacon. Both meat and demiglass sauces go together. It's delicious even on a curry.

It helps because it is varied and delicious.

After breakfast, you'll confirm your plans for today.

Horizon, you even flew with Terra to prove the devil. We can't let this itinerary get wetter than there's a chance of something.

And in the meantime, I decided to head to the 1F Northeast area too, as there would be so many more free people.

1F It is assumed that there is one country in the northeast. And it is possible that there are students there who are also enslaved and caught, like Deichemale and Eizor, after all.

... For once, Homura and you have been there... but I haven't heard from you lately, and if anything happens...

So this is Ketramiliding. It's Birdsea on board.

See, I figured it would be convenient if I could 'metastasize' on my own, so to speak.

... No, actually, I don't think so. Torikai volunteered himself.

Perhaps you expect to be a dragon knight once 'upset disease resistance' is attached. He's a good romantic, too.

Now, where the two of us and the two of us had traveled, I was admirably weaving.

… I finished sewing all my gear yesterday and what more can I do, it's an experiment.

The clothes that came out of the temple were woven with literature.

... If it works, what do you think?

And so you're experimenting with it, and you're trying.

At first I tried to imitate and 'embroider' the clothes that came out of the temple,... something, I couldn't.

Why! I knew it had to be a weaving pattern, not an embroidery!

So, I'm dyeing the yarn first and trying to weave it into a pattern.

... dye the yarn, I mean, come on... isn't this how you dye the pattern into the yarn? So you don't have to do it all the time with 'dyeing'... it's harder than I thought because it's going to happen and while controlling 'dyeing'.

If there was salvation, I wonder if the clothes that came out of the temple that would serve as an example were the type that dyed the longitudinal yarn with color and the transverse yarn woven undyed.

I don't think it's just the longitudinal thread, but even the horizontal thread.

The Japanese artisans won't be able to lift their heads when they make it, when they weave the pattern. I'm dying just thinking about Yagi or something. I can easily imagine that the color of the transverse yarn shifts from the pattern of the longitudinal yarn when the density of the weave changes slightly.

... Oh wonderful, Japanese culture and all the craftsmen responsible for it.

I managed to weave one before lunch.

Once they succeeded, I tried "appraising" and it came with "consecrated protection".

It looks like a radial line extends and is shaped like a circle. It reminds me of the light wheel.

... Hmm.

Lunch was powdered. It's okonomiyaki.

Horizon, I didn't know when you and Torikai were coming back, so I'll just have some dough and utensils ready, and when they get back, I'll eat the rest while I cook.

I got the sauce. I thought I'd have to do this too. I'm not reflecting.

A thin slice of three slices of pork cooked crispy and juicy and delicious. Coupled with the sweetness of the sauce, I can't wait any longer.

After all, fat is delicious.

Hornsan and Torikai report as they eat lunch.

"No anomalies...... Ah, I've encountered a flock of pterosaurs and dogfights"

"Were you okay?

"Yeah.... Inmelman turn was too efficient"

... seems to be steadily on the path of acrobat flight above all. Mr. Terra also seems to be steadily turning into a fighter. Above all.

"How was Birdsea?

"In the meantime, I found a town called Kurz. That matches the name of the town Maido told Ariane, right? Also, Argis, I've been checking that there's a town next door."

Cheng Cheng. After all, Mr. Ariane said the name of the town was 1F Northeast Town.

"What do we do? Horizon, it's bad for you, but you want to go all the way?

"Don't worry about me."

We decided to head out to explore the newly discovered town while we asked Horizon to continue her flight.

... Hmmm... 1F Northeast, ah...

That's why I did it for eight people, except for you, Kukurtz.

... From what I've seen, Krutz seems to be a mining city.

In the first place, the 1F Northeast area is a mountainous area. It must be an area blessed with underground resources such as ore.

I hear the ore mined in Kukurtz is also transported to Argis, the king's capital, for various uses.

... ore mining, just saying... because it's manual labor... very, very annoying town. Yes.

That's it. If you think you're going to dejab something, it's near the Coliseum, when the gladiators enter.

Even then... it was like this. Yeah.

"Ore, is it"

The president originally liked this aspect, so it might be a nice town for the president. It's been so poisonous and sumptuous lately.

"Maybe there's a blacksmith or something."

Almost all of our equipment, metal guys, are homemade, right?

Perhaps it would be better to have the equipment professionally made that way in this world than the amateur blunt ones.

"... I was selling some kind of wand, can I see it?

Hanagasaki, your weapon... wand, you can't make your own because you don't know how it works. So if you can buy something nice here, maybe you should.

"Oh, I think I can use it for some parts. I'm selling it. Wow, wow, this town."

A delightful pattern of town for adding birds. That's a wide range, Kukurtz!

... Hmm. All right.

"Shall we move freely for a while then? Everyone seems to want to see something."

"Hey, slave."

... uh... Yeah, you did. Speaking of which.

"No, I don't think it's a good idea. It's not us."

Oh, does the president agree to a different action?

"I think I can act differently, too. If anyone comes at me, I'm confident I can stretch it. haha."

Oh. Needlework seems to agree.

"... take a majority vote. Someone in favor of another action."

When Suzumoto voted, it was Hanagasaki and Suzumoto who opposed it at first, but others insisted on a different course of action, so it ended up acting differently.

"Hmm. Money, then."

... I saw the market in this town using Farsightedness and the like, and found that if I had one or two pieces of white gold coins, I would be able to buy a pretty good piece of equipment, so with three pieces of white gold per person.

"If you run out, Mr. Maid, if you call me through the dolls, I'll be there."

Well. Then I guess I'll buy one, too.

There's a vegetable over there that I've never seen before... it's like a spice... there's a liquid I'm not sure about...

"Hey, wait."

I tried to go that way and they caught me.

"You stay with someone."

... Right. Looks like you should get in trouble with someone. Yeah. I'm fine. I don't expect anything from my combat skills.

"... people looking around for food, anyone?

... Of course, there's no such guy!

In the end, for now, I can't help but look at the metal based equipment, so I decided to follow you Hanagasaki.

I'm simply interested in magical relationships.

… If there is information about life (physical) relationships, it is something I would definitely like to purchase. No, I'm not expecting it.

And when someone had finished shopping, they said, "Transfer" to the person and take him around to see the food relationship.

... I'm so sorry.