For now, the first thing to do is gather information.

And it's very simple about this.

What, I just need you to show me a few memories of these raw women in the family department.

I feel like I can already get all the information on "Haunted" with that.

So let me 'share' from one end and peek into the memory of seven people.

The result is that this has happened recently to these people for the time being.

What a 3 days ago for days. Cheng Cheng, Homura, you can see now why you didn't explain to me that seven people are out of their minds. I guess Homura didn't know either. Maybe.

But for the key cause, subtle.

I know where I've been off the side of this mine pit, trying to mine the ore that was there, but then I don't know.

They're all out of memory, and I'm not sure after that.

Subsequent memories make me look like the administrator of the mine who has had trouble coping with the seven people in the loose shell state.

... um, well, just figuring out where it is would be good.

So we gathered the memories of seven people, created a map, and based on that, we explored the mines.

...... yeah. I am leaving a message.

That's right, the speed of travel is too different. And strength! And muscle strength!

Therefore, as an example, I am very handy. Even if a monster doesn't come out, you can think of any trouble with this hand.

I am free.

Near the entrance to the pit, I'm standing by with seven.

... These guys, they don't even talk to each other, so they're very boring.

"Nice weather."


"Aren't you hungry?


Exactly. I knew it had to be an order form.

"... Raise your hand if you're hungry!

Oh, I raised my hand.

... Uh, can't you even communicate your intentions when you do this?

I'm hungry, so once I expanded the lecture room, I came out with a pudding that I couldn't make.


Hand it to 7 people with a spoon, but don't move still with it in your hand.

"You can eat if you want."

Having said that, I finally started eating all seven of them with a spoon on their pudding.

"... turn this way if it tastes good"

All seven of them have been staring at me when I say it.

... They're delicious.

Oh, something cute, these people. I'm mad at you, but you have zero poison.

They were satisfied when they finished eating pudding. It doesn't show up on my face at all, so I asked again.

A few hours to wait for your return with proper observation afterwards.

I'm out of hand again after lunch scheduling.

... It's too late.

Because I am worried, it is confirmed from my sight with a maid doll.

... Uh, it looks like he's doing something surrounding it like some kind of thin, glowing ore.

Especially since there seems to be no abnormality, and even if it seems troublesome, it will be fine.

Well, then I thought I'd wait in the weave again, and I heard a noise.

... I didn't make it slight, but maybe I'm hungry.


"Uh, raise your hand if you want to have dinner"

....... yeah. I can do extra for 7 people. I'm fine.

Today's lunch is a teriyaki bowl of bird meat. Skin eyes are crisp. The contents are juicy. And rice with sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce goes on the menu.

Also make and serve side menu miso soup and pickles for 7 people.

"You can eat if you want."

That said, all seven of them started eating silently.... He wants to eat. Yeah. That's good.

Then a little bit, you're all finally home.

There seems to be no abnormality except that you are all somewhat tired.

... I'm just curious to hear that you took off your cape like Horizon or Torikai and wrapped something around it and brought it.

"Welcome back - do you want dinner?

"I will. I'm home. It's gonna take us a while to get ready, okay? In the meantime, why don't we just put these seven back together?

"I don't mind. But not until these people finish their dinner."

Otherwise, it's going to clog your throat.

"Oh. I'll try to 'appraise' this one again... it could be a total win, it's going to take a while"

... Hmm?

Whatever, ask me... the cause these family department people are turning into soulless humans is the stone they brought home wrapped in a cape.

If I do this, a transparent stone, a strong impact, they'll take something around it and lock it up.

Looks like these 7 guys got trapped with their emotions and intentions.

Most of all, this is easy to put back.

All you have to do is win the stone that's trapping it.

... Except this stone... 'Something's in there' and it looks a little grey from transparent, so I can distinguish it from 'Nothing's in there', but the 'Something's in there' guy, he's not sure what's in there.

So for now, let's crack the 'something in' guy from one end in the stone where these seven family department girls would have done something, it seems.

Good luck.

Looks like he took seven people outside and then started putting them back in because they were done with their dinner.

The reason is that I have trouble getting rammed indoors, so I end up with a word of. I'm terribly sorry, but we don't trust these people, do we?

I heard something when I was roasting bird meat, but I left it!

If there's nothing you can do about it, there's nothing I can do about it, and first of all, you won't.

Then I heard something of a talk or a scream, and the noise went on about how I was doing something of a mess, and, gentlemen, I came back indoors.

"I'm home."

... Everyone, you have a wound on your face and your arms.

"What's the matter, it"

"I was trying to catch him, and he caught me."

... All right, well.

"What's the status of the seven now?

"In the meantime, we're hungry, so we tied him up with rope and left him alone! Dinner yet?"

"We're ready for dinner. Eat it. I'll be right back."

Just in case, Mr. Rosemary, let's stay in shape.

When I went outside, seven people who were rolling in their faces like they had been hit began to twitch when they looked at me.

"Untie me! How could you do this!

Because you guys are gonna get busted.

"If we stay like this, those creeps will do something to us! Help!"

I don't. I'm fine. Don't worry. They're not interested in 3D stuff in the first place. Maybe.

... Well. I have to remind you here.

These people are slaves, and I am now their owner.

And this town is an indispensable tool of magic.

"I order you as owner. Shut up."

When I gave the order as the mine people had taught me beforehand, all seven of them somehow shut up.

… This is the effect of the collar on these seven people.

I don't know, maybe the 'demon voice' has become more straightforward.

I mean, you can push orders under a lot of pressure, pressure.

Of course, that's not absolute.

It has no more effect than to some extent, and is only a substitute that depends on the ability of the surgeon.

So, it's pretty impossible… for example, "die" or something like that might be difficult to make people listen to orders.

By the way, it seems that that contract was something I had to write for the convenience of this feature. I mean, that contract was one of the magic items.

"I order you as owner. Tell me honestly what you think of the rice earlier. one person at a time."

"It was delicious"

"Was it a bad idea?

"It was delicious for the price"

"It was delicious"


"Who are you?"

"I want more - not enough -"


All right, at the end of the day, I heard a sad voice from a girl, but that's just to let me through... Now I know how difficult this procedure is and how difficult the order is to work.

I knew it was a mistake, this potency.

"Okay. Okay. Then I order you as the owner. Keep it up and wait in silence, reflecting deeply on what just broke out, until I come out again! Don't get away with it! Or don't flirt! I forgive you for breathing!

So if you shut him up again, go indoors.

... Hmm. I don't know what to do, what the hell is this?

It is a meeting after lunch.

"What are you gonna do about it?"

"I think it would be best to take him to the gym group."

Well, there's a lot of people up there who care about each other because it's the best place to live right now.

"But then what about the other family scientists? Intelligence Unit?

I think the information room group is pretty good for the number of people. I'll be done there anyway.

However, once there is an exploratory group. It could be a little pathetic to take people from the Family Medicine Department who probably don't have any combat experience.

But then it becomes the house of the brass club or George's.

The former will probably be tough, and the latter. Maybe this is the best solution.

... Or maybe if I'd been able to live on my own before, I'd ask you to just keep in touch and live in this town like this.

"Then I'll carry them when I'm done eating."

That's what Torikai said to me, so I'll take care of it.

"Oh, before that, I guess. Owner's authority. I'm gonna exercise some more."

It's a corner opportunity.

"I don't mind that... but what are you doing? Are you still eating?"

"No, because there was a kid who said it wasn't enough..."

"... right"

I thought I'd get another drink...

So when I went outside with one small bowl, it became noisy from that moment on.

Yeah. Apparently, the orders worked beautifully.

"I order you as owner. Shut up till the end of dinner. I will not allow you to escape. And yes, please change the rice."

It's not enough, I've said. When I untie the little boy and give him the small bowl, he silently thanked me. 'Shut up' seems to continue. I'm sorry about that.

And for a while, wait and see what's in the bowl disappearing at great speed.

About three of them are staring at me very much, but the others aren't. Especially if she thinks a lot about me. Yeah, in a feeding sense......

After a while, I cleaned up the dishes because I think I'm done eating.

"Well.... let me tell you something, you guys were helped by us"

'Cause I didn't ask for it.

"Right. You could have abandoned me. Honestly, I don't care about you guys, we are."

Of course, it doesn't matter in that sense because it's not clear yet whether 'World Shards' includes students as well.

I have to collect them all, so naturally I had to help them, but you can stay down there.

"But I helped you there with simple goodwill. You know what this is?

"Yeah. Thanks!

Oh, my dear boy laughed and thanked me.

Hey, you're gonna get some poison out of you...

"You shut the fuck up!

And a few of them stared at me and smacked me into the neighbor. Something pathetic.

"You know, so what? What do you want me to do?

"That's good, too. There are many of them. What, can you pull out organs and help people?

When I said that to try it, I obviously blued and dressed up.

"But I'm not gonna do that."

Organs may be included in the shards of the world. Here's an abbreviation.

You don't even know if there's an organ transplant or something in this world in the first place.

"I'm going to take you somewhere safe. There may be friends of yours, and there may or may not be someone who cares. Maybe I can get you something to live in."

"... what?

"You can have that, too, if you want weapons or protective equipment. It's a little dangerous, but if you want to wear a dress and go out into the social world, you can buy a nobility. You can build a new home for the Family Medicine Department."

... I guess you didn't get it when I told you around here.

"What I just said, we can do it in one piece, right? Honestly, I don't think you can do anything to benefit us. So you don't have to thank me back. If you're healthy and don't die, that's fine."

... Well. Let's get these people out of here.

I have household items to make, so I was just thinking about it.

... something, the bulkiness from the other side of the sky, and the loud feathers and... KEEEEEEE! A roar like that was heard.

"Hey, what's that?!?

"Yeah, you're a monster!

Pretend it's Haruhi, Mikasa Mountain... not three big birds who were in the mine!