Then I picked up the people from the town of Kukultz to the temple.

"The birds were able to be defeated safely,"

The president talked to someone like the mayor and decided to reassure the people in town.

... Look, we're the ones who unsealed it...

If you think about something that might be said later, you should appeal to me that you took responsibility here.

... I was just anxious to show it as evidence, because it was a metal mass... but I think you believed me.

Anything, metal, not gold, not silver, not copper, they say, is legendary metal and whatnot.

Do you think I have to believe that something like that is ruined?

"Hey, my God! I didn't know you were going to defeat the golden and silver copper monster bird!

"It's a feat that couldn't even be an ancient brave man!

"It's a feast tonight -!

... I thought you should appeal, but I didn't think you'd be so happy.

It's a corner, so I decided to attend a temporary festival in Kukultz.

Surrounded by delicious rice and beautiful ladies, it's fun to stay up late at night.

Dairy farming also seems to be flourishing in Krutz and Argis. Glad you have lots of dairy products.

With sneaky mellow cream soup or broiled and melted cheese? There are cream confectionery types, and buttercake and maybe delicious.

Dairy products sold at Deiche Mall or something were imports from here, I'm sure.

Because the freshness is different, I still find it very delicious.

Dairy products, buy them all over here and stock them up. Let's do that.

You all blend in for the festival, and you do all the crooked stuff with throwing knives and stuff around the needle raw to entertain the people in town, and Kakusan and Torikai do mock warfare and still fanaticize the audience.

It seems that Kaiya is showing light magic to his little ones.

The president... drives normally. Please, don't let the dead out!

Other faces seem to be blossoming in the rigging of tools and weapons with the artisans of this town.

It came out of that bird. I don't know, metal. That's amazing metal... thanks for making your gear out of it.

I wonder if it is with that consultation. Sounds fun. I'm sorry to bother you, right?

... So I'm going to sneak out and go within the present.

Look, I'll deliver the household goods later, because I didn't deliver them...

So 'transfer' to the residence area of the gymnasium group with what you need.

If you ask anyone who was nearby, we'll find out where the family department people are right away, so we'll head that way.


When I 'transferred' to the living space of the folks at the Department of Family Medicine along with household goods, after being annihilated and stuffed with annihilation.

"Hey, just take this off! Too bad for my taste!

Yeah, don't pull the collar, get the collar! Because I get it!

This is a collar that is also a magic tool.

... this collar, naturally a sealed handcuff, was also a magically sealed substitute.

And these people, largely in the wizard profession.

It's a bit harsh that these people can't use magic to live here in the future because it's a noisy world that monsters don't necessarily attack.

So I'm going to remove the collar for everyone.

Or it was originally intended to be removed even if there was no magic seal. Otherwise, you'll have to stay dressed.

"Yes, then change this or something."

I also take off the last person's share and give them one change of clothes or something.

I only have three dresses each, but please bear with me.

"What? What is this?

"No, that's why I got dressed, I got supplies,"

Somehow, don't you see? Or, at the time I said it, I don't know, somehow?

"... you want me to put this on you?

... Oh, that way?

Yeah, well... right.

I don't know how that feels. I guess I don't like it around there as a girl of my age.

But well... I can't help it.

"I don't have any rubber or anything, so I'm really going to be a string bread."

"Because I don't know that. Nothing else."

Oh, even if they say so......

"If you don't want to, you don't have to use it. But one pair of pants will make your life better."

If you're wearing pants now, we're talking about. If I were no bread now, I'd live with 0 pairs of pants.

"What are you talking about?

... So, what do we do?!? You want me to buy pants now at the town store!? Oh, that sounds like some kind of parsley to me to get my pants. Like, "Ooh, get me some grilled noodle pants".... Oh, no, it's nothing.

After that, she said something so I decided to just go home.

...... Sorry, but I think they only have two options left to live with one pair of pants or wear string bread, so maybe give it up and wear it within.

If you get used to going out, the ribbon bread is not bad either.

The men also said that it's not bad if you get used to it, and getting used to it is important.

When I got back to the festival venue in Kukurtz, it seemed like you were all looking for me.

He panicked when he realized he wasn't there. Sorry.

When I reported that I had been to people in the family department, I was angry to report it in advance. I'm sorry.

Well. That's how the feast opens, but I have something to do.

Yes!... it's a duvet production!

I sewed sakuri and a nice touch of lyocell, turned it into a big bag, and! There! Plenty of feathers to pack!

In addition to this feather…, the material picked before the bird became metal had the effect of indicating or 'healing'.

… but this feather…… in dyed ingredients, then no!

Kuh, shit, blood, wings, I should have taken more and then had it become a metal mass!

It is also inefficient to spin feathers and thread them, so the feathers are made into futons, which is unanimous.

Our passion for this futon is our hallmark. Yes.

And the futon that I was able to do, when I fell asleep, healed... that was what made it the finest futon.

It's an amazing futon that heals your injuries just because you're asleep.

Besides treating injuries, it seems to work on mental stability, sleep, and that sort of thing, and I figured it's reasonable to assume that this was futon to be futon!

... Just for a moment, I made it like an amulet bag with feathers in it, so I'll have you all equipped later...

So it's been a long time since I slept well in a futon that's not Mr. Ketrami and the next day.

Once you've had your breakfast, let's head to collect the rest of the family medicine department.

I asked Homura about the place for once, so it's okay there.

Heading to the corner of the residential area, far from the mine, there was a home study room.

This discomfort that hasn't blended out. A lost classroom in a tree or brick house.

I wonder if the neighbors have told me anything. Is it okay? May fly people are going to damage the town landscape, or something...

When I rang the ringing bell attached to the door, the door opened with a flashing noise inside.

And when I wondered if a little girl looked from inside, she pulled right in when she saw our faces.

I can hear it locked inside.

... They're pretty alert.

Homura, what brings you to the point of listening to these kids?

"What do we do? I can if you just break in."

The needle students have offered, but if I do that, I'm seriously going to be on a level of alert that I can't take back.

I can't help it. It's a positive attack here.

"I'm sorry. This is not hostile to you. Open it."

Talk even as you do more and more doors. Only this.


More and more.

"Open it..."

More and more.

....... yeah, this is no good.

"Well, listen, you don't have to open it"

Talking across the door, I somehow saw signs across the door. Yeah, they don't listen to me.

"Today, I bought some of the people from the Family Medicine Department who were enslaved in the mines to evacuate them."

Oh, the other side of the door panicked.

"I didn't tell you about this place. The place you evacuated is also quite far away. I will not harm you."

... Ah, it's a little quieter.

"So, I'd like to talk to you about the future."

When I said that, there was a sound of the lock opening, and the door opened.

"I'd like to talk to you a little bit about how to get back into the world."

After staring at each other for a while with the little girl,

"... go ahead"

I was supposed to get you in.

All right.

"... so if I can collect this classroom, I'd like to."

Somehow we had tea and sweets served, and we talked about giving each other the information we had.

It looks like the Family Medicine Department, and I can see you doing your chores at the end of the study room.

The red stone plate on the stove is probably the ore of the fire attribute. Maybe I can use it like an IH stove.

The tea they're serving now was brewed with boiling water. Inside, these people, they enjoy this world, or they seem to be adapting to this world.

"Yes. We came here all of a sudden... so, you know what? I sold them. I may have done something wrong, but I'm not reflecting. Oh, I have to, 'cause I'm pretty sure that's what we've been seeing."

The head of the Department of Family Medicine, my wife, spoke to me from there in a pale way.

They're working on ore and cooking and making money.

This town is essential for the work of processing ore, as well as for those who eat meals. With that kind of technology and skills, I can say it's a very easy town to live in.

"So if we can, we want to stay in this town until we get home. Can we go home for the classroom?

"Oh. If only I could get in touch.... but is it really good? There's plenty of money over here."

"Yeah, so far we can live on our own."

Everyone in the Department of Family Medicine was to live in this town, Kukultz, as it were.

It seems to be an out-of-the-box fun to make our own money and live our own lives. Yeah, I get it.

If they work as a part of this town because they have a solid occupation, they will not be enslaved.

Hmm, I know it's not a mistake to say that the best way to prevent crime is to keep up with your neighbors, but I guess that's it.

… so I decided to let them continue to live in the town of Kukurtz.

Of course, she said to contact me as soon as something happened, so, well, I think maybe it's okay.

So we decided to let the maid put the doll here for contact as well, and we decided to leave Kukurtz.

Argis, the king's capital, is on his way. Sounds like a town where alchemy flourishes.

It seems to be about 3 hours walk to Argis.

So Horizon on Mr. Terra headed to Argis, and in the meantime I decided to hear what you guys had done in the pit.

... No, 'cause come on, something...' Abyss Stone ', the transparent guy who shouldn't have to bring it back... I mean, even the unused guy, he's bringing it back.

"This is the Abyss Stone, isn't it? If you add a strong shock to this, you can already see the nature of absorbing some of the nearby stuff and sigging it in."

View the ore as you hear the description of the pruning valley.

It is a translucent crystal-like ore. It's more slippery than slippery.

"And when you crush that ore, it's like the contents come out and go back"

Ho.... So if you hit this ore with any water flow, the water will come in, and if you crush it, the water will come out?

"What goes inside looks random. Aside from losing emotion, people who have suffered 'haunts' in the past seem to have lost their ability to use magic or have bad eyes."

Is it random?... emotions, or something very blurry, can sometimes be selected, even if you hit the water stream, kinetic energy or something, I guess... I can imagine the tragedy when you crushed it.

"Did you do experiments or something, by the way?

"I did it. I did it. It was a mess. It was funny. Hanagasaki."


... a needle student who almost said something has frozen his mouth by you Hanagasaki.

... Yeah, no, I'm not asking you anything, so heal him quickly.

... but I feel that the nature of this, something random or whatever, absorbs it is important.

See, that mercury-like guy filling the glass of the dead choir people in the example. Isn't that the most powerful candidate so far as a means of getting rid of the array?

Kakusan contacted me, so we all "transferred" over there.

And we arrived in Argis without any difficulty!

We arrived, but it's almost sundown. If you see town for a moment, you'll be withdrawn.

Argis seems to say many times, but it is a town where alchemy flourishes. In other words, it is a town where the study of magic flourishes.

You have fantastic thumbing dotted over there. Fountain made of mirrors (fountain mirrors?) was a sight to behold.

The store also sells all sorts of magic equipment. Premium-oriented kanji over kukurz, but more magical kanji.

It's expensive, but the quality seems to be good for it. Also referred to as high performance.

... but I don't see much gear or anything like that. Is that the jurisdiction of Kukurtz?

Hmmm.... oh, they sell like big cucumbers. Is that a zucchini or a cucumber, that's the problem.

Cucumbers can be made into vinegar or a classic pickle along with octopus or something like a pasta, and zucchini can enjoy a decent flavor with ground beef pinched and fried, bacon pinched and cooked carefully! You can boil it with tomatoes!

I definitely need to see and confirm this nearby.

"Maido, what's wrong? Anything wrong?

"There was a cucumber or zucchini or one that I couldn't tell by, so I'm gonna get some."

"Same as always."

Looks like they'll come with birds as well, with about half a shudder, so I'll put a no in everyone watching the magic equipment and then head to the outdoor store where they sell vegetables.

... all of a sudden, I heard people on the road squeaking and hooves pounding cobblestones.

When I turned that way, when I thought the armored man on the horse gave himself up from the horse and grabbed my root while running, I lifted him up and put him on the horse.

... that?