I couldn't help staying here, so I decided to go inside the gate for now.

... I'm on the Marvelo with you, Hornsan. Kakusa-san, I woke up and I was hesitant to ride Terra because she still seemed to be falling asleep.

As for Terra, she's following me by flying behind me on her own.

... Terra is looking at Marvelo with her jealous eyes.

Do you regret that they took the role of putting your husband on board?

Yeah, but I want you to give me a break because it's too dangerous to put a sleeping human on a flying terra.

Walking down the gate, the landscape gradually changed.

From natural objects, more and more places with added hands become completely artificial objects within them.

Crystals that light the light of pale red and purple inside are orderly arranged as street lights, and plants and mushrooms that glow pale in bright greenery are still planted orderly underneath them.

The various colors of light mix to make the light look white. Perhaps this is the whitest place in Naruto.

And as I went further, I saw something like a tower made of crystals.

"I wonder if it's the Imperial Castle."

This is not bad enough for Demon King's Castle.

The tower is somewhat spicy overall. I mean, I have a good taste, or something.

"Marvelo, does anyone live there?

You were there for once, so you must know.

'Yes! There comes the demon king who created us!

... Oh, yeah. I knew it!

But if that's the case, you should hear it for once.

"Marvelo, weren't you a family member of the Demon King? Are you sure you want to follow me?"

Somehow, for once, I have a feeling of guilt too. Once.

"Yes! The Demon King has only created us, but he is not your master!

"Your husband is only Maido!

"I don't even hate to bite the Demon King if you have orders from Maido! Wait, demon king!

"Stop it, asshole! You're gonna kill us!

For once, for once! When the goddess book was still a goddess instead of a book, the demon king was so stretched out by the goddess, but I don't even have to think about how much it is compared to us! Absolutely strong!

You think you're gonna fight and sell to a guy like that? That's a little sane!

... Well, we have to ask the Demon King something.

I mean, about 'Ashes of Narrow Down'. The Goddess Book told the Demon King to listen. Then I'll have to ask the Demon King.

Therefore, there is no option of hostility from the outset.

"Marvelo, we are not hostile to the Demon King. So never bite. Or don't do harm."

'Yes, I did!

'Just say it!

'You'll never bite!

Yeah, all right, all right.... Will it be all right?

And here we are, Demon King Castle.

At the entrance of that beautiful tower we tried again for now, the 'transfer'.

In conclusion, I knew I couldn't. Yeah, I knew it was something like this, a kanji called 'Fumigi Nanaka Kanjo'.

I couldn't help it, so I decided to keep going into Demon King's Castle.

"... for once, do you want to knock?"


Even so, I tried to knock on the door because it is the house of the people.

Good afternoon.

"Go ahead."

Oh, come on. Sorry to bother you then...

... Huh?

It solidified them all a little unexpectedly.

No, 'cause it's the presumed demon king in there, what... go ahead, say. Go ahead!

"... what do we do?

Unusual, Suzumoto has a pulled face.

"No... I just have to go in"

Hanagasaki-kun says it's a bad way to get in, but nobody tries to get in.

"Yeah, me, no!

Needle students are already trying to hit the run.


"I'll Grandpa"

I'm not that long, so I'll be grandpa.

Come on in. I'll be right in front of you.

Everyone who has somehow solidified leaves it and opens the door, where you'll find a luxurious table set, a crystal finishing chessboard and pawns. And there was a man with silver hair, who was moving it by himself.

The man looked up from the chessboard and saw us.

Those eyes are crimson.... The Goddess Book has instructed me to "red eyes with silver hair" about my fitness when fighting and selling to the Temple as the Demon King. From there, too, this guy? but demon king, so, it seems no mistake.

And the demon king's eyes looked at us and opened gently.

"... you are"

"Excuse me! We've been dropped from different worlds and come to this world, different worlds!

In the meantime, both the attack and the mouth blow are ahead of the game and the market is set!

This is the only way I can name it at the earliest, so I kept it this way for now.

"... of different worlds... Right."

When I named him, I closed my eyes and thought about something a little bit, or I showed him the bare gesture I thought he would, and then the person said:

"You know I've come all the way to a place like this, but let's name it for once.... I am the Demon King"

The Demon King looks a little different from what I imagined, or more like a normal person.

Goddess Book said, "He's the Demon King," so maybe he's not human, but for now, he looks like a man in his late 20s to early 30s.

And, Demon King, uh-huh. So I thought this was going to be full of disastrous thoughts, and that wasn't happening at all.

And you don't look so mucky. Although he is tall as arrow cod.

... Uh, the chemistry advisor's teacher was 183cm tall, but he has a higher body than that, maybe about 2m.

"You've come a long way.... Wait a minute. Let's make some tea."

That said, the Demon King takes his seat.

"Oh, come on in."

"Don't be shy. Hang up and wait."

That being said, the Demon King grinned thinly, snarling one finger.

Then a table and chair appear from the crystal floor. The number of luxury chairs is 10.

And then the demon king went behind him.

Oh, there's not even one of the tea making maids in Demon King Castle? You make tea out of the Devil's Hand?

... Yeah, well, I don't know...

"I wish you had a souvenir."

In the meantime, I pull a chair and sit on the border of giving up.

Oh, it's nice to sit down.

He said, "Just hang up and wait, so let's sit down."

The president pulls the chair next to me and lowers his back. Yeah. Right. I think it's a strange story to be wary of being a demon king.

I don't care what you think as far as the goddess book goes, the Demon King, at least, seems to have had more common sense than the goddess.

"No more, this world. What, the Demon King makes his own tea or something? Unlike the demon king I know."

Hanagasaki-kun also reached the threshold of giving up, pulling the chair next to mine opposite and sitting down.

And when we sat down, the people who hesitated to sit also had to sit down, so they started sitting.

"... Am I here?

"For once, you're the head of the department."

So-called birthday seats.

The birthday table on the other side is open for the Demon King. By the way, the closest thing to the Demon King is the President and Birdsea.


"You kept me waiting."

After a short wait, tea in a cup of crystal craftsmanship in the basin and a demon king with tea treats came back.

... Hie!

"Oh, I really don't mind"

Asking the Demon King to serve him was hesitated by the boulders, so I help him.

"Oh, thank you"

... thanked the Demon King...

Somehow, when I think about it, the goddess book is also a goddess, so I'm pretty disrespectful, but like this, it's totally different from actually seeing the book.

Yeah, I think the Demon King would probably have a pretty nasty attitude if he was a book, too, but anyway, here's the thing... he's the Demon King.

I don't have a bad aura or anything, but it's kind of hard to get close.

I don't know, intimidating, noble, or floating away, at least in the atmosphere you don't come across so much in everyday life.

And when I finished handing out the tea, I put my mouth on the tea next to the Demon King for now.

... Well, that's poisonous. It doesn't make sense if it's slow.

Then, well, it was unexpectedly delicious tea. Some refreshing aroma and flavour. Is it from Nara?

"Well, here we are. Didn't you have something to do with me?

And the Demon King cut me out like this, so I decided not to hesitate to ask.

... Suzumoto, not me.

"Do you know 'Ashes of Naruto'"

When he cut out to go straight into the cup, the demon king put his mouth on the cup of tea and then answered flatly.

"Oh. I know. Especially since I almost used it... but if I put it back, it would be" Ashes of Narrow ""

I'll put it back, too?

"You know the Ball of the Void."

... 'Ball of the Void', what is it? The thought came to his face, the Demon King said as he put the cup down and turned back to me, indicating his left arm.

"You're wearing it on your left arm, aren't you?

... Oh, oh! You mean "the culprit"!

For now, when I stuck my hand in the collar and took one out, the Demon King looked at it in nostalgia.

"I'm the one who made this. So when this breaks down, the wreckage comes down to me." Ashes of Naruto. "... and why do you want 'Ashes of Naruto'?

"It's necessary to bring people back to life."

When Suzumoto returned it that way, the Demon King narrowed his eyes a little.

"I mean, people now create people's lives?


A little, the air got nervous.

... After all, was it a bad idea?

... but at the next moment, the air collapsed when the Demon King laughed.

"Right! After all, people have finally come this far!

And after a lot of laughter, the Demon King narrows his eyes in nostalgia.

"... if he finds out, I'm sure it'll be interesting"

... Hmm.

"If it was about the goddess, it was actually interesting." Humans are things that go on everywhere, "he said."

When I said that, the Demon King turned to me as surprised, looked at me for a while and seemed convinced of something on his own.

"Oh. You found 'Alive Grimoire'"

"You know me well."

After all, when I become a demon king, can I just remember seeing people?

"When I saw you, I felt somewhat nostalgic, but there was a point.... I guess Fiana is the same"

That said, the Demon King put his mouth on the cup again.

Laughing happily with my eyes.