So you're all gone.

... Why is it that only highly manoeuvrable Horizon leaves, or something like that... it's Mr. George.

Ask Mr. George to copy the compass.

Compass is just a directional thing, so it must have changed a lot if the performance dropped by 1%.

... So Horizon flew away on Terra, Suzumoto and Needlework went on Glida, the president and Torikai went on Ketrami for two, Hanagasaki and Kaiya went on Marvelo, and Kabir flew away on a human optical weapon.... flew. Finally flew, human optical weapon.

So I'm leaving a message with Huntle.


Huntles are totally big too, so I can't hide in my clothes or anything.

No, I can, but if I do, the maids won't be able to take the dolls because the skirt is filled only with hunts.

Or heavy.

And right now, we're rebuilding the ribbon for Huntle, who's totally a fantasy-sized snake.

See, the guy who wrapped it around his neck... he broke it as Huntle grew up...

Cloth woven with glida yarn...... a little lost, but dyed with "The Big Black Snake Scale" and embroidered there with "Prayer Song" yarn.

... I'm going, I was supposed to!

"Mr. Maido, I was wondering if you'd come because I found you."

The work was interrupted because our mechanical warrior contacted us quickly.

Let's get Huntle to wait a little longer...

And on the move, a big man-type optical weapon sat physically in a flower garden.

"Here I come."

Waving toward the man-made optical weapon, the man-made optical weapon waved back and pointed to one side.

... Seeing that direction in "Farsightedness," Cheng Cheng, on the flowers, the culprit was floating.

... The humanoid optical weapon and the bird will probably lose its power if it gets any closer, that is, the correction will strip away.

Hmm. Then I guess I'll just retrieve it, so I walked out toward the culprit and something tangled up in my leg and fell.

"Mr. Maido! Don't move!

And I heard the bird adding voice in "Communication," and I thought, the heat passed over my head, and the sound of ju, and the smell of something burning.

And I'm not sure what it is, but a monster-like scream.

"" Extinction ""

And the bird's special attack bursts.

A flower garden that will be quiet.

"... Ah, Mr. Maido, that's enough"

What was it, now, when I looked up... big flowers, like wreckage... there was a burnt object.

"Don't bother."

"I wonder if it was a monster."

Yeah, even though I know that.

... Well, if you care, you lose. Yeah, especially if we put this, human optical weapon in front of us, any fantasy would be disintegrating...

... but yeah. I still can't move my legs.

I had a bad feeling, and I looked at my legs, and something happened to them... I thought they were fermented with natto fungus, or I mean kanji noodles, or tentacles... something very disgusting like that. Yes. I was there.

... I'm glad it's not raw feet!

For now, the market is set that this stuff is' cleaning '!

Take the hataki out of your skirt and pout the creature a little on its creepy, but increase it by 3rd while turning it off by 1. Soy organisms are growing. More and more. Oh, hey, no! Don't stretch! Ahhhhhhh!

"No, no, no, no, no!

It's out of my control, so God, Buddha. When I called the human-type optical weapon, it was already filled with energy.

"" Extinction "!

Along with arrow cod and a tempered voice, the special attack bursts again and the rays burn my leg rinse......

"Plump, slop, slop!"

And, with some oddity, something like that appeared off the ground, like a snail, or a plant, or a catfish. Is it due to 'extinction of light' that the upper right corner is slightly missing?

"" Ireisbeam "!

"Extinguishing Light" seems to be a policy of shooting lasers that can be easily fired at, whether it takes time to fill the energy.

When the additive bird burns out the catfish plant with a laser, the top half of the cookout falls to the ground... from which the big flower blooms.

And those flowers will also move out, producing catfish plants...... infinite loops!

"Mr. Maido! Recover the culprit and retreat!

"Roger! I'll take care of your catfish!

My legs were free, so I quickly kick the ground and move on.

The catfish plant that grows from the ground so as to inhibit my going, the additive bird burns it down before it reaches me.

And somehow, get close to the distance you can reach the culprit, fly, catch!

"Collection complete!

"Copy that!" Iris Shield "! Now... '

And I recovered the culprit, and I came to the foot of a man-made optical weapon... and suddenly a rainbow, hemispherical shield unfolded around me, and I thought... something awesome came out.

"" Extinct EX "!


It was, somehow... a beam beyond 'extinction'.

Close your eyes to the excess amount of light, but even over your eyelids, that light burns your eyes.

And the heat and wind created by that beam came through the shield, and I managed to withstand by laying low... when that heat and wind stopped, there was, somehow... wilderness, scorched earth, that sort of thing.

All flower gardens outside the 'Iris Shield' range have disappeared as far as they can be seen, and at the same time, the example catfish plant appears to have disappeared only this time.

The part where the beam apparently struck directly was brilliantly turned into a crater. Shit, this. Glida can take a bath if you put hot water on this!

... And the man-made optical weapon also stood there while subtly raising black smoke.

'... did you do it?

"That's a death flag, stop it!

But it didn't seem necessary to worry about it either... I've been observing it for a while, but there was no way the catfish plant would come back to life. Well, I guess I can disappear from the ground...

... I wonder if that was a unique monster here.

That unique monster, in an instant, got hit... and then...

... Don't be afraid, Gao Dam.

"Mr. Maido, were you okay?

The bird that came out of the human optical weapon worries me, but yeah, I want you to worry about the flower garden more than that.

"Yeah, well, I'm fine. About the legs. Little bit disappeared in" Cleaning. "

It was disgusting, but that's about the damage.

"Wow, good. Wasn't there poison or something? Are you sure you're okay?"

"You know I have 'poison resistance', don't you? So, more than that, it's okay, machine number one."

"Oh, yeah, I guess I need a fix"

When I looked closely, the human-type optical weapon I was giving you black smoke earlier, did the right arm part melt off, or it was gone. Hiya.

"So this is where the search for the culprit stops?

"No, I'm gonna use Unit 3, so I guess it's okay"

... At some point, it seems, Unit 3 was born.

"Yeah, well, I'll be back, right?

"Oh, yeah."

... so when I go back to 2F Northeast again with the bird adding and the human optical weapon and the culprit I recovered from it... oh yeah. Trying to hide in the trees, Camouflage Unit 3 was seated.

"Then I'll be there again, can you send me to 4F?

...... yeah. I don't mind. Use it if you like...

And while I was all kinds of mental tiredness, I was doing the rest of Huntle's ribbon, and 'communicating' went in again.


It's Horizon.

"Oh, yeah. Uh, there's no catfish nearby, is there?

"Namako?... Yeah, I'm Not Here"

Yeah, I'll believe your words.

So 'metastasis'.

Moving around, Hornsan was waiting for you as you stroked Mr. Terra.

"It's over there, please"

In the direction you point, Horizon, yeah, I saw the culprit floating.

Still, I often find you so pompous. What was it until now?

"Well, I'm gonna go, but as soon as something like a catfish comes out, I'm gonna run, so say hi."

"... Namako? Why Namako...... ok"

I'm sorry for what I said earlier. Yes.

The culprit tried to fit into the solidified lava.

Nice find, you know.

Carefully 'clean' the lava around the culprit and manage to recover the culprit.

… check the perimeter. No catfish plants. All right!

"I'll go home because I can collect it."

"I'm gonna go find the next guy.... I'll call you when I find you again"

When I said that, Horizon, you got on Mr. Terra and flew away flat.

... Ah, I'm flying on the back.

When I got back, I finished Huntle's ribbon and tied him around his neck.

Thank you!

What an adorable bow tied into a bow. But Huntle is already a gometre.

Still cute is cute though.

This, I don't know, snake or something. I like it for me, but this doesn't change when I get big, so Huntle is cute after all.

Well, I guess it's time to prepare lunch.

… and if you think it is' communication 'once again.

"Maido, come here"

"Found -"

... Hanagasaki-kun and Kaiya. Yeah, I guess we'll just go......

Gone, here's what... cold! Damn it, it's cold! What is this?

It was a world of snow and ice.

As far as I can see, it is made of white, transparent and thin blue with overlapping ice.

Yeah, I think it would be a beautiful place if it wasn't cold. Yes.

... Once they explained it, it seems to be the 3F East Area. Cheng Cheng, it's a place I've never seen before.

"So, that's it, bring it back"

When I look at Hanagasaki-kun pointing at you, yeah, sure, I see the culprit buried in the ice.

That's... uh.

"Hanagasaki, if you dissolve the water,"

"Isn't it quicker for you to 'clean'?

... Looking at Kaiya, he smiled with a face like "Good luck". Oh, shit!

I can't help it, so I'm headed for a chunk of ice.

...... I'm on Marvelo. That's a moving torch, this. Plump.

"Master Maido! Shouldn't it be time!

"I think even Master Maido will arrive!

"Master Maido! Please step on my head!

... Something tells me I'm very grateful or sorry I got you an offer, so yeah, don't hesitate, I got you on top of Marvelo's head. That's just the right height, this is it.

And then I do the ice with a hatchet, and I scrape it up a little bit. and.

"Master Maido! Excuse me!

Suddenly I wondered if my body floated in the universe, and the next moment I was stuck in one of Marvelo's heads.

And as it was, Marvelo kicked the ice wall and left there.

"Huh! 'Icewall'!

And Hanagasaki-kun's XVIII flew and hit his head there...... big, it was an ice dragon.

… is today's second encounter with a unique monster (presumed).