The dragon must have fallen in love if it wasn't made of ice and it was coming at us.

Both the wings covered in thin ice, similar to feathers, and the clear, thin blue body, which reflected and shined with multiple reflections of light, were creatures of beauty everything was luxurious and likely to break if touched.

Yeah. Really, if it's not coming at me, yeah.

"Another unique monster. Ahhhhhhh!

But he's attacking me, this guy!

The ice dragon that hit the ice wall shook his head a few degrees and he flies toward us again.

"Hey Maido, what do you mean" again "?

Hanagasaki-kun floated the ice wall continuously into space, forming a cage surrounding the ice dragon.

"No, when I went to the bird additive earlier, there was this weird plant like a catfish."

"Was that okay?

It creates a wall of light so that the pruning valley quickly surrounds its cage.

"The unique monsters and flower gardens were disappearing in the Extinct EX."

"Ha!? You mean uniquely slaughtered by one bird!?


That's all I could have done to keep the dragon locked up on the wall.

Sharp sounds and mainly double walls crumble and fall brilliantly. And the roar of the ice dragon sounded.

"So, retreat! You're not retreating, gentlemen!

The ice dragon is going this way. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!


... I doubted your ears, but I hear you were sane Hanagasaki.

"You made a bird, didn't you? You can handle me."

"Ha, Hanagasaki-kun..."

A guy named you!

"I wanted to try something."


"Mr. Maido is this way. Yes, 'Ark'"

Oh, you're an accomplice, too.

"Well, I'll clean it up all the time"

"Stop! I can't do it with your firepower!


I stopped, but it was useless, so I gave up. Make sure you can 'metastasize' at any time.

... because there's also Kaiya, well, I don't think it's going to be the worst. Yeah. And even Hanagasaki-kun is such a fool to be impotent without a chance... yeah.

But I thought, if you were Hanagasaki to the ice dragon opponent, wouldn't it be the worst compatible?

'Cause it's ice on ice, right? Doesn't really work. I wonder if...


Oh, no, you, you could have used that.

When Hanagasaki-kun dropped the thunder just to do a little research, the ice dragon bounced the thunder with its wings.

... what's going on, that.


Oh, now you're water-based weather magic.

But the ice dragon froze the rain storm and gave it back to Hanagasaki.

Hanagasaki-kun looks disgusted and prevents it with an ice wall.


That, now hail weather magic patterns.

... Naturally, the ice dragon is ice, so it seems to be about a little painful even when hail hits it. It must be resistant to cold.

"... heh. That's how it's done."

But Hanagasaki-kun, it's an extra look.

"Kaiya commentator, please explain"

"Huh? Yeah, uh, yes. Well, that's probably the look on the face when you realize that ice dragons don't play or avoid ice magic."

Kaiya likes nori. Yeah. Good thing.

"But Kaiya commentator. I don't think hitting the ice dragon will do much."

"No, no, I'm sure you have an idea, Hanagasaki. Besides, at least, it's hard for Hanagasaki to attack. Long-term battle is expected."

... a long fight - is it okay?

Hanagasaki-kun, I don't think you had that much stamina...

... I was worried to watch, but something went beyond the diagonal of my worries.

"'Ice Chain'!

Instead of frosting, Hanagasaki-kun put up a cane that was already frozen, and made him represent a few strands of ice from the cane.

It seems that the chain is oddly strong for its luxurious crust, stretching and intertwining in the ice dragon.

… complete the process. This dragon, not to mention himself, is ice, or very strong against those with low temperatures, but instead, he may not be very alert either.

But the dragon doesn't even try to untie the chain, and he sticks it towards you, Hanagasaki.

The dragon breathed and exhaled it.

Of course, it's not the breath you keep sucking. Even the moisture in the atmosphere freezes and is thrown out as an ice blade.

It blows away as it cleaves you, and the dragon approaches to bite you, Hanagasaki, who stopped moving with that breath.

... I didn't move because I could see Hanagasaki smiling.


Towards the dragon's mouth, I wondered if a thin blue light had been emitted from Hanagasaki's wand... in the next moment, a blizzard!

... I don't see anything...

When the blizzard cleared, I didn't really know that you were frozen, Hanagasaki, and the completely frozen ice dragon.

... Both of them, you don't move.


Kaiya unravels the Ark and rushes to you, Hanagasaki. I run over with Marvelo, too.

Uh, uh, uh, uh! I'm so frozen!... for once, for once, the heart is moving... Apparently.

I mean, it's not even frozen to the blood vessels, I wonder... No, does it make any difference?

"You mean frostbite, you're frozen. I'll cure you."

And the treatment with Kaiya began.

I also got the maids to work and help with the 'heels'.

Ask Marvelo to come near you and get torched and windswept.

I was made a substitute for hot tubs. I can't solve it.

After a little while, Hanagasaki is melting.

"Hanagasaki-kun, can you hear me?

"May Fly"

Oh, he's alive! He's alive. This!

Somehow, it seems to have come back to life, albeit with the same chill. - My liver is cold.

"What do you say?"

"No, how..."

I'm proud of you, Hanagasaki, but what are you so proud of? You!

"Unique, what the hell did you take down?

"Oh, yeah, that's awesome, that's awesome, but I didn't want it to freeze"

Look, your hand, the color's dead, right?

When I touched it, I could tell that it was cold as an asshole.

But Hanagasaki-kun looked grumpy, and suddenly he ironed at me!


Hiccup! Ouch!

Your hands, they're made of ice! Stop it! I want to put it on! I want to stick!

"... muddy"

Stop it. Hiccup! Hiccup! My neck! I don't want my neck! Don't! Yeah, don't!

After about 30 minutes, I was able to do it with Kaiya, who was out of breath, Hanagasaki, who was completely back at room temperature, and me, who took her body temperature to Hanagasaki.

... and we are currently scraping ice walls to recover the culprits while wrapping them in a torch called Malvero.

"Nevertheless, why did you go out of your way to engage? I feel like I should have simply withdrawn."

"I can take you down, okay?"

Yeah, I'm really surprised...

... for once, you have to explain, that, it seems, was a combo move.

"Ice Chain" is the opponent's resistance to ice… that is, it reduces cold resistance, and "Nivlheim", as its big name suggests, is Hanagasaki-kun's strongest move at the moment, and, as a secondary effect, it also has the effect of increasing his resistance to ice.

So, he said that he could stand it and let his opponent die.

"When a bee fights a bear bee, you surround it, give it a temperature, and kill it at a temperature that the bear bee dies and you don't. Something like that."

... The Kaiya analogy is very easy to understand... something... yeah.

I don't have time to twist my head in Kaiya's analogy, and I'm even 'cleaning' the ice to recover the culprit.

This ice, strangely transparent, makes it hard to tell the distance to the culprit.

I'm afraid of inadvertently 'cleaning' every culprit, and I'm going to scrape my little one.

After a while, we succeeded in recovering the culprit. Yeah, it was a hassle inside.

"Then I'll go back. I'll call you when it's lunch."

Copy that.


When I recover the culprit, I'll just go back and start lunch.

Hanagasaki-kun and Kaiya are going to take another break to find the next culprit.... you're doing great!

So I'm back. Ah, muddy. It was even cold until just now, so it's relatively warm here!

… and if you are muddy and joyful, once again, it is' communication '.


"Maido, I found it, so retrieve it"

"Do you have a unique monster?!? Catfish, ice dragons!

"What? Unique? Namako? Ice Dragon......? No, I'm not here... '

Right, I see.

Suzumoto, who went on the glida, put in 'Communication', so he decided to fly that way.

... no rest for the maid! Lunch is getting farther away! You son of a bitch!

So I 'metastasized'. I flew. And slip, land!

And it's soggy!

Oh, yabe! The water's in my nose! Uh, uh, uh, uh!

What the hell is this! What the hell is this! Bubba, bubba, bubba!

"... This is terrible"

It was the sea there.

"... sorry"

It was recovered by Suzumoto and successfully ridden on Glida's back.

Successful but frightening, my nose hurts, and I'm going to get seawater in my trachea!

...... Glida is big.

And long legs.

So here's the thing... if it were a shallow ocean, you'd have legs at the bottom of the ocean, so you could go if you just kept going.

Suzumoto and the needlework were traveling on top of it, and they called me as they were, but I said, with the vision of Suzumoto, who was at the end for the price, they moved to the end, and besides, it was a curved surface of glass wet in the sea water... slipping, diving into the sea water.

"You know, if you'd been in the middle of something, I wouldn't have had to pound water."

"I'm sorry about that. So, that's it."

... while being rushed away, I looked in the direction Suzumoto pointed, and the culprit pounded, and floated.

Just really, Pong, and.

... Oh, my God! Can you just float so defenselessly, the culprit! No, 'Balls of the Void'!

Wouldn't it be shredded by the waves?

"... then I'll pick it up, so get a little closer"

'No, hey! Atashi, what you can't do when you get close to it'

... Ah, Cheng Cheng. Yeah, Glida... she's using my magic powers, so is that what happens? Yeah.

"Maido, you swim."

"I don't like it, you son of a bitch!

What the hell does this guy think I am?

... a maid.