You can swim in made-up clothes! With these heavy clothes! It's sinking!

... so once I got back, I changed into clothes that wouldn't be that heavy if I got wet, and I came back again.

And water again!

... No, no, no, this, no jellyfish or anything coming out of the sea, I don't like it anymore, the Unique Monster Festival...

"... I'll go then. Say hello when you drown."

"Oh, I asked for it"

"Go away."

It's hard for people who don't like to swim, even though it's 100 meters or so.

Besides, here, it's the ocean! There's a wave!

"... are you okay -?

"... isn't it too late, that guy"

Ugh! Big favor, you son of a bitch!

We are currently progressing with a breaststroke.

My breaststroke will take less than five minutes to swim out of the 50m pool.

"... what a surprise, Mr. Maido. It's fast enough on land."

"There's something I don't like about him either. Guess what."

Ugh! Ugh! This audience!

After a few minutes of hard work and breaststroke, I finally managed to get to the culprit.

Ha, now I can go home.

If that's what you think, it seemed sweet.

"Maido! Avoid... or say it's you"


I heard Suzumoto give up, and I thought, "Here's the water." It swelled.

And it swelled and pushed up and lifted, and what I saw at my feet was... big, big, jellyfish.

On one of the jellyfish legs. Like this, I ate the upper from the bottom, and it blew me away.


And I thought I was going to fall, and Suzumoto picked me up at the rink.

"Okay, Mr. Maido, do you have the culprit?

As the needle raw kicked into the head of the jellyfish, the jellyfish sank again into the sea.

"I have it."

"Then do you want to turn back to Glida for now? You can leave me alone."

As Suzumoto kicked back into the air, the jellyfish legs stretched out from behind.

"Needlework! Pass!

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!?

And then, being caught, Suzumoto threw me cheeky and the needlework caught me.

Suzumoto immediately pulled out his knife and cut off his jellyfish leg.

"... Maido, are you okay?

... No, my heart... my heart...

Still, what the hell is this, today's unique monster occurrence rate! It's like there's a unique monster in every place where the culprit is...

... Oh, no, is that right?

Yes, if so... what is the Demon King doing for me?

... or is there nothing more we can do about the Demon King?

Yeah, if so, I'd be convinced of the "I asked for it" then.

"Maido! Can you 'transfer'?

Although Suzumoto is back, the jellyfish persist in pursuing it.

"Yeah. 'Metastasis'"


"Maido, how many men are you equipped with right now?


"That's what caused it!

It's a name deduction!

"Then I'll 'share' it with you and reduce the burden"

"No, if the state changes, it may no longer be 'Narrow Ashes'.... I can't help it, just wait, I'll get rid of it"

Suzumoto kicks the air and turns back again, heading towards the jellyfish.

Glida, it's nice to meet you.

"Yes, copy that."

And I was thrown into the ocean by a needlework who lowered altitude to the point of landing in the ocean.

Until the glida...... yeah well, no 50m......

By the time I climbed Glida, I was running out of strength. Swimming uses unexpected strength, yeah......

The two were pretty strong, despite the poor local interest in the ocean.

Especially since needles and needles can often be fought in unstable seas with their largest weapon, the shadow.

I guess jellyfish aren't such a struggling enemy.

Maybe it's inherently hard to fight because of the poor local interest in the ocean, but it was a story that had nothing to do with the two of us being able to fight in the air.

The jellyfish weren't hard, and they didn't seem that aggressive, but the only biggest threat was electric shock.

This jellyfish, electrical jellyfish pattern. Um, if I catch this alive, Kabir might use it as a power plant... no, then I should turn Hanagasaki into a 'lightning' power plant...

But, well, that's it. The defensive side is about two people like the one who specializes in dodging, so it didn't seem like that was going to be that hard either... 10% of the time, it was completely cleaned up.

Though the needle student had one last shot and had a brilliant electric shock, and is still paralyzed.

And so it's currently on the glider.

The needlework is "heeled" by the maids and puppets.

So the damage is going to recover, but is paralysis a special condition abnormal treatment, or something still seems paralyzed.

I'm asleep because I can't move myself, but I've been hoping for something that will become a pillow if I can't move, so I'm lending my knee as a pillow for now. I know your stomach is the best, but, well, forgive me.

"Nevertheless, it was sudden"

Suzumoto and Needlework must have been Jellyfish's first presumed unique monster of the day, huh?

"From now on, this is the third time I've encountered an estimated unique monster..."

From now on, I've been eating something strange.

The catfish are attacking me, the lava sharpening... isn't it? But the ice dragon was perfect, and your temperature drain attack was complete after that!

And my body swimmed further in the snow country area just now, so somehow, the wear and tear...

"Still, it's cold"

"It's because you're wet. Dry it up quickly."

No, it stayed wet. Why don't you? Wet clothes take away the temperature with vaporized heat.

Wet pillows make needle students uncomfortable. Dry it quickly.

... Oh? You do poof with a hatchet, but you don't dry well, do you?

...... hmm?

"... Hey, Maido, how many culprits do you have right now?"

Uh, to the default two, one for Kabird, one for Kakusan, one for Hanagasaki and Kaiya...

Six now, I guess.

"Take it off."


When I let go of the one I had in my hand, the cold was mostly relieved. Uh, muddy.

"Hey! What the hell! You're losing your strength!

Glida's complaining, but just wait till you dry your clothes.

"... Maido, you, if you had this culprit, wouldn't you be able to 'transfer'?


"It's time for lunch, and you guys are going back, right? So if Suzumoto can have it, it'll be fine."

"... I can't help it"

Because it's a moment! Because it's a real moment! Hey! Hey!

So for now I return to 2F Northeast.

The needle student deposited it in Suzumoto. Because you can't cook rice without being on your knees.

Well, lunch is...... oh, the maids who were leaving messages. The dolls said they kept the rice cooked. Ray!

Then I guess I'll make it a bowl.

...... yeah, cow with mystery meat (?) Let's make it a bowl.

To add, mysterious meat, that's what I nominally say, but for once, it's the cow part of the chimeric meat.

So maybe it's beef. Maybe.

I leave the beef to stir and simmer, and in the meantime I collect them all in a 'transfer'.

And in the process, the president and Torikai were finding the culprit in the desert area east of 2F, so we recovered it.

... There were no monsters. Good!

Oh, and for convenience around there, I had Suzumoto keep two of the culprits during that time.

Even though Suzumoto was training for the culprit for once... when he equipped the two culprits, he couldn't stand.

"I was able to move with six gears, and you, what's going on..." is Suzumoto.

Haha, subtly superiority.

... No, the result of the lack of correction is here...

So it's reporting time at the same time as lunch.

"Uh, I've found one of the culprits and defeated the whole Unique Monster thing. I found another one, so I guess I'll have to ask Maido to come back after dinner."

It's quick to find the birds.... Well, does that mean a boulder gao dam?

"I found one culprit. But unique? Wasn't there.... I haven't found the next one yet"

I guess I didn't run into a unique monster when you were Horizon. Um, what's going on?

"I found one culprit. And then Hanagasaki."

"I've defeated a whole dragon of ice"


Oh, Horn Three, you reacted.

"It's icy, but if you care, why don't you take a look?

"... Maido"

Horizon complained with his eyes that he wanted to go to see the dragon, and then, if he could, he wanted to serve, so he wasn't the culprit of the birds in the afternoon, he was your dragon. Yeah.

"We engage jellyfish in the sea. I've also got one original killer. So the needle student got paralyzed, but now it looks like it's healed."

"I'm sorry. I was hoping you could try my pills anyway."

When Suzumoto reported, the president looked seriously sorry.

... He wanted to verify the state abnormality medication.

"Torikai and I discovered the culprit in the desert. We haven't encountered any unique monsters."

The president and Torikai apparently roamed the desert for two on Mr. Ketrami, and his first reaction when he met him was, "'Clean up'! It was." Even with "cold resistance" there are limits, and the sweat and sand made it difficult.

"So we and Horizon are Nakarma. End of report!

Yeah. Torikai and the presidential pair, and then Hornsan, you haven't run into a unique monster, have you?

... right.

"You know, maybe there's a unique monster near all the culprits, and... you don't meet a unique monster, which means, come on... simply because you've already defeated a unique monster in that area, can't you think of that way?

If you do, you'll be convinced.

Horizon, in your explored lava zone, you've already defeated that disastrous fire dragon, and in the desert zone, you've defeated Huntle's mother.

... and it looks like you're knocking down a unique monster, is that it? 2F South and the extracurricular learning building...

Oh, no, wait!

The extracurricular learning building is where Glida was, but Glida said, "I'm the weakest of my brothers!" So I thought the tougher, nasty bolder spider than Glida was still naughty...

I'm here, I guess......

"So I demand a reorganization of the squad!

The needle student said well, and it passed unanimously.

... so far, for what it's worth, it looks like you're blessed with a monster that's not that strong.

I mean, the jellyfish was light for it, the catfish was a blow in a way, and the ice dragon... yeah, well, I could handle it with you, Hanagasaki.

It's just, if there's going to be a guy of strength like that fire dragon out there, what do you think?

You're all getting stronger, but still, since you're expected to fight a streak of unique monsters from now on, you should consolidate your power.

... No, normally, I think it's okay to find the culprit and the Unique Monster goes through the total.

In Time Attack, the only enemies that can get through are total throughs, which is an iron rule.

... It's just, well, Carissa's going to take a while there to get ready, and most importantly, she's already got the culprit, six on hand. Including 7 new birds found.

So, well, in the meantime, I think it's a good idea to just have it on hand right now to manufacture life and psychotropic drugs, and to look for other culprits later.

... and most importantly, folks, here's the odd thing... they're on fire with the struggle.

I mean, "I'd like to butcher it by myself if I find it unique and easy to defeat! Like."


The birds, then, are bad with human optical weapons!