"What, this?"

"I don't know. What the hell is this?"

Pough, and when Suzumoto taps that creature lightly with a sheath of knives.


... sounded, of course, and the creature disappeared.

Later, there will only remain remnants of the light of colour that I am not sure of.

"... what, this"

"... I don't know"

Thus, we erased the first culprit.

"... we've done something irrevocable."

The light of colour, which I am not sure of, had finally disappeared and I did not know that something had happened here, etc.

"Hey, hey, Maido, don't be scared."

"You couldn't kill that mysterious creature."

'Cause, Pussy, if you stick it out, and you get slapped lightly, you stick it up and you disappear, okay? It's stronger than the feeling that you did something, that you made a mistake and turned it off!

"No, but it matches what the Temple calls' defeating the culprit '"

That's what the president said......

"... rather than defeated..."

Kakusa-san is somewhat lonely, following the ground around where the mysterious creature was until just now.

... Truly, that's how I feel.

"You just have to go to Naruto tomorrow to see if this was right."

The president took it for granted, and somehow, subtly… this way, we decided to go home and go to bed, in the same mood.

'Cause I can't be sure of anything else.

So it's morning. Good morning.

I slept with Mr. Ketrami in a duvet and duvet, but I knew Malvero was in a duvet and I woke up hot. I want you to stop being such a dick.

Let me make it western for breakfast.

Bread and fluffy scrambled eggs, minestrone well simmered and tamed with flavor.

Minestrone should not taste sharper after day 2 after all, right?

...... yeah. I made it in bulk a long time ago and saved it in the physics lecture room because it came out......

See, soup and stewed dishes are better if you make them in bulk... that's why you can't help it.

And when breakfast was over, Horizon and Hanagasaki went to Nara.

When I say why these two people, I end up saying that only these two people can travel at high speeds on a flying vehicle.

It would have been easier if someone could have flown an 'appraisal', but, well, that's not selfish. Yeah.

With that, I also made Mr. Schulla's saddle.

More skinny and luxurious than Terra's. I knew it would hurt Mr. Schulla's charm. Then I didn't think it was a good idea. Yeah.

If we taxi two people and two heads to Nara, we'll be waiting for now.

Anyone other than me could have gone looking for the culprit again, but it was judged risky to go without an excellent balanced attacker named Kakusan and a magical attacker named Hanagasaki.

Look, if there's a guy out there that only works magic, it's deadly not to have you, Hangasaki, and vice versa, if you run into a guy that doesn't work any magic, super hard or something, it's deadly not to have you, Kakusan.

Therefore, I waited for the two of them to contact me, and that happened… somehow, I was distracted.

... softly, because I was doing 7 side-by-side, I wondered if I was really calm, maybe I wasn't.

"There was."

Suddenly the 'communicating' bracelet reacts, and once activated, a word, this is it.

"... the same place as before, in the blue flower garden"

There it is! So you were right to erase that mysterious creature!

"How much is the portion?

But even though it did, I'd be sad if the dose was 1 mg or something.

"Er... um, come here for a second"

Ooh, the amount of explanations seems so hard.

"Maido, can I have a cab, please?"

"All right."

In the meantime, take the president and 'transfer'.

"Oh, here we are."

"President, this is it."

Horizon and Hanagasaki look in the direction you indicate, there's... uh... yeah.

"It was less than enough"


A careful serving of salt level, "Ashes of Naruto," properly......

"By the way, how much of this is going to be for the psychic pills?

"Not even one."

Oh, no!

"It's not far from what Mr. Carissa asked me to do."

Oh, oh... Yeah, well, luckily, because we still have nine culprits...

So I'm back.

And I planted "Seeds of the Big Sky" as the culprit again, erasing about 3 more, and adding more "Ashes of the Narrow Fall".

Sang, Kakusan and Hanagasaki are still waiting in Nara.

He wants to see the moment when 'Ashes of Narrow' comes out. Nice.

Now appropriately, I just went outdoors.

Because I already know that only disappointing organisms come out...

"I'll go, then."

When the president plants the seeds on the culprit again, the flowers bloom and glow just as well yesterday... oh, I feel subtly different...

"... maybe we were wrong about something"

I can also see the president saying that.

I was there when the light subsided.


... because it seemed like a small balance ball position, because it was a creature of a different color.

Pu, it doesn't seem so soft. Still soft there, but it won't go away with it.

"... hey, what are you gonna do with this"

"I wish Suzumoto would hit me again."

When Suzumoto wears the sheath of a knife, the creature intimidates him toward the sheath of a knife like he was angry.


And when he lifts up his voice, he strikes the sheath of the sword with a part like his hand.

In the meantime, Suzumoto, don't let it be slight.... I mean, that's the only power they have.

"Wow, that's cute."

Something seemed to have touched the harp line, and the bird joyfully followed the mysterious creature and started playing.

"Pfft! Pfft!

Mysterious creatures don't seem to like being followed, and they resist the hands of birds, but they don't add birds.

He even followed it, caught by the birds he was stroking around, and the needlework began to follow and stroke.

Then again, mysterious creatures seemed to be the limit of patience......


And, of course, it disappears, and later there is just the remnants of light left...

"Oh, he's gone"

"She was cute."

Well, we have to turn it off first!

"Coming Down"

"More than just now, maybe"

And Hanagasaki and Horizon contacted me once again, and I took the president to "Transfer".

Cheng Cheng, if you look at it, there seems to be more 'Ashes of Naruto' than just now.

"Earlier, when I planted the 'Bi Sky Seeds' on the culprit, there was a larger, more aggressive organism than the one that came out yesterday"

"Well, maybe the amount of 'Narrow Ashes' changes proportionally to the size of the erased organism."

... Well, I appreciate that.

"The problem is that there's not enough 'Ashes of Narrow' yet. And the next time you turn it off, I wonder what size of creature it's going to be."

Because soccer balls are balance balls. Hey... what's coming next?

"I hope you're just gonna be big, but if you get strong and aggressive with that, it's not gonna be hard to get rid of the culprits."

Hanagasaki stared at 'Nara Ashes' with a disgusting face.

... Oh, something... something, I hope this prediction hasn't come true...

Seriously, when the big ones came out and got engaged, it wasn't a good idea for the two of them to lack the strength to fight, so I brought them back.

"How'd it go?

"'Ashes of Narrow' has been found. The quantity is higher than the first time"

Hanagasaki-kun explained that even here, he was talking about things like what we were talking about in Naruto.

I mean, "If you keep exonerating me, then there's going to be some strong, big monster out there for nothing, right?."

... but if you don't, you can't bring the choir people back to life.

Yeah, well, it's one thing to do.

"Well, I'll be there."

I hope I haven't hit my prediction, but while we're all watching, the president plants "The Seeds of Binky Sky" again as the culprit.

... And at the same time that the flowers bloom and the light overflows, Hanagasaki, wary of all sorts, creates an enclosure so that you cover the culprit with "Icewall".

And when the ice was watered down and the overflowing light subsided, I saw...

"... Bingo!

It's stuck in a thick box of ice, and it's cuddly, big, monstrous.

No matter how thick, ice is ice.

I wondered if I made a bad noise with the smudge, the ice walls were shattered and scattered, rather I don't know... the end of being like a grenade bullet and coming at us.

One of them stunningly chooses my arms and scares me.

Hey, there was a maid of honor doll who could use the 'heel', so I completely healed it in a matter of seconds. Yeah.

The monster that came out may be close to the form of a person for the sake of it.

I have two arms, two legs, and some parts that look like heads.

I wonder if it's... a little over 2m.

Overall, however, you are the culprit and have no face or anything.

... Well, that's it.

I mean, it's not a dog, so it's not my turn!

"I'm evacuating because it doesn't look like a dog."

"Oh, do that!

Let's just evacuate the classroom and look out the window before we get stuck.

... Oh, yeah, they seem to attack me pretty good. Magic...... but it's not magic, is it?

Sounds like it's not disabled by "Magic Disabled".

However, it did not take that long and disappeared around the area where the dozen attacks were carried out.

... Hmm.

"Good luck"

"... I wonder if this will be stronger next time"

Though the birds seem to be worried, I think they are.

But now you just have to have enough 'Ashes of Naruto'.

If that's enough, you don't have to erase the culprit any more.

Though I thought... before confirming, it's lunch.

For lunch are water dumplings and fried rice.

Eating more, the air is heavy after all.

Yeah, the soccer ball turns into a balance ball and that's 2m...... Will it be about 4m next?

"... president, a sighting is fine. How many more times do we have to get rid of the culprit and we're going to reach the target amount of" Ashes of Narrow Down "? Oh, take the vinegar."

"Yes, sir."

"Right, I think we need two more. Next, turn me the vinegar."

Oh, and... after two years... it's a mess, it's getting big...?

"Wow, I don't want to think about it for a second... how long will it take?"

Right. Doubling it, 8m huh?

… 8 m, ah…….

When I thought about it, they all felt somewhat disgusted, and their expressions sank.

Well, the big one is proportional to the strength...

I'm sure you're getting stronger.

I feel better too.... fight, not me.

"Wow, I don't like it... Oh, Mother, take soy sauce..."


All, the sunken expression gives a raw and warm look, pointing toward the needlework.

The needle student of the day remains a hardened face.

"... Maido-san, soy sauce... Awwwwwwwwww! I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! Ahhhhh!

So they all somehow reached the boiling point, and it started blowing, turning away, shaking their shoulders.

I mean... I kept my thumbs up with a raw warm look.

Yeah, it happens a lot, doesn't it? It would be very embarrassing to call your teacher Mother. Yeah. I know. I know.

... In the meantime, the depressed air has improved. Yeah. Good thing. Good thing.

... It was a disaster for needleworkers, but that, these other people's misfortunes are super sweet.