... and so on, let's just say we really relaxed... and enjoyed a different world vacation.

Honestly, I'm more confident I enjoyed it than anyone else.

Or maybe it's just us and the people with George who are in a fun environment... Yeah.

No, but the people in the theatre department used to tour. Yeah.

Sightseeing, buying and eating each town and temple in the past few days, chilling shops, exploring the secret frontiers of the less than foreboding...... a little bit of a big deal, something, etc.

The funniest part was when you had cat ears.

No, I heard good ears. Ha ha.

Then we've also been immersed in natural hot springs.

Somehow even hydrogen sulfide was full, there were no monsters, and it felt good to soak slowly.

Because we are 'poison resistant'. It's because you're immersed in dangerous secret water.

I also found new food.

Make fruit tarts with newly found fruits or have a meat party with new meat.

No, I said I recommended the favors around here to other organizations properly.

Or fruit tarts, even because the girls in the theatre department were moaning "eat sweet".

I have recommended treats elsewhere. And meat.

Yes. I really enjoyed it. I've enjoyed the rest of my life!

... and if I was doing it, I could finally get in touch with Mr. Tsukimori.


"Oh, Maido, what's wrong?

No abnormalities? Hey, no abnormalities?

"Oh, yeah, I think I'm really going to be able to go home, you know, report, or something... Um, you know, something? I couldn't reach him."

"I was asleep."

... Really?

"With a recoil of skill...... phew......"

... If you ask, Mr. Tsukimori seems to have worked hard, putting him in battle with presumed unique monsters.

... Oops, I 'replicated' the unique monster and let them talk to each other about it and do something like that...

And because of the "replication" of that size, it caused the MP to run out, and I've been asleep ever since.

"Are you okay?

"Sleepy though."

Suzuki seems to be alive and well.

... and various reports borrowed the sight of the maids with Tsukimori, 'metastasized' and talked and something.

Mie, you guys worked very hard, so I was wondering if you could collect all the 3F students and classrooms.

The classrooms were all there, and the students checked with each other, and maybe it's okay, so it seems.

If it can be recovered, there is no need to be in 3F, so the information room/newspaper department group will also live in the same place as the gym group.

Yeah. It'd be easier if you were in one place.

Then... I recovered one of the culprits again.

I knew I was the culprit in a unique place, what is it?

And after lunch, Kino contacted me.

"Uh, hello, Ma"

But Jinno, I can hear your voice interrupting there, Tata Tata...

"Yay! Might? '

Carissa's out.

"Oh, yeah."

I can do it. I can do it! Come on, come on! Looks like your sister could have done it, too. Ah, bring the body!

Oh, finally!

"... Oh, hello, Mr. Maido?

And he just said what the high-tension Carissa wanted to say, and he baton-touched you, and I heard you tired Kino.

'Something like that, so will you come?

... Yeah, I don't know... I've been doing that sisters caretaker for a few days, so I guess I'm pretty tired, which is the kind of voice that comes through.

"Oh, yeah. Well, I'll be there."

"Yeah, that's how...... and get Carissa"

… So, 'communication', was interrupted….

I prepared a lot and tried "metastasizing" and Carissa was flying around in high tension.

"Yay! Maito! I got it! I got it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

And when I held my hand, I twirled it out. Whoa, whoa, whoa! My eyes! My eyes turn!

"Well, Might, where's the body? I can't tell you without a body."

And while Mr. Shreira is laughing with a cup of tea and what he thinks in one hand... I don't know, maybe, hey, he's the best guy ever. The atmosphere is strange.

That's probably what researchers do for research and development. Yeah.

"I'll make the body now."

I brought the spirit medicine and the jewels. Because I thought I should make it on this occasion.

... I can finally bring you back to life.

It was a long time.

Arrange the jewels on a soft carpet, where the president sprays his spirit pills.

Occasionally, the gem takes the shape of a person and becomes a corpse.

...... yeah. corpse. It is a lean, thin corpse.

The cause of death was starvation, wasn't it? It must have been hard.

"Okay, well, I'll use 'Abyss Stone', stay away from me"

Mr. Shreira shocks it as he puts that metal vaporized crystal-like kanji stone one at a time over the body's chest.

"Abyss Stone" is discolored to gray. Probably succeeded. Do it. I'm in trouble if you don't.

"Okay, let's go. You ready?

And Carissa came to a guy like a round bottom flask with a strange pattern.

... There was an odd substance in the flask, like a clear liquid, like a solid, like a gas again.

Probably won't take a certain shape.

When she gave up the place, Carissa painted a pattern on the bodies of the choir people, and she zeroed the contents of the flask there.

The zero contents are sucked in and disappear.

... suddenly as we sipped and watched.

"Ouch, ooh."

… and.

"Uh, over?


... Success, did you? Hmm?

Looking at the choir people still sleeping like corpses......

"I'm breathing."


... Quiet, they were alive.

There's no buzz or anything, just, quietly.

Yeah, this could be it.

When I put him to sleep, he seemed to starve to death again, so I woke him up "sharing" one by one.

Let's start... with this three-knit girl, okay?

"Shared" and woke me up when I swayed the itch.


Here, I guess I tried to ask, but my throat plundered, and I coughed up.

I brought it for now, like an oral rehydrating solution...... like this, dissolve the sugar and a little salt, let him drink a mixture of citrus fruit juice, and whisk his back.

"Um, here it is."

"In the meantime, eat up. Yes."

Before explaining it, a needle student hands over a porridge bowl and a spoon.

"Explain after everyone wakes up. Can you eat?

"... Yes"

This kid decides to leave it to the needle students, and I'm going to wake the next guy up.

When I woke up, you all shared and handed out oral rehydration solution and porridge to help me eat.

Thus, the choir men were resurrected.

It'll still take a debilitated body to get back, but for now, it's back to life. He's alive, seriously, he's alive.

... uh, really, it was a long time. It was a long fight. No, I haven't fought busily, though.

"... so to this day"

And when Suzumoto explained to everyone his previous awesomeness, he was looked at as if he somehow didn't understand.

First of all, I wonder if you haven't communicated your skills, this.

Oh, I feel the wall.

"Um, uh, so, this is a different world?


I don't know if it's from here. Yeah.

"Well... we... tried to get the brass club people to help us..."

"I know the area, so you don't have to talk. You should rest now for now.... Uh, Kino, right? Futon, are you there?

Suzumoto stopped pushing the girl trying to talk spicy and turned to Jino, who gave me a blown smile.

"Hell yeah! I don't think you need it in bed!

... That was Harlem, speaking of which, here.

So when I brought each of the choir people to bed, they all fell asleep.

You'd be tired of being tired, and even though you said you were back alive, you'd still be talking about recovering.

"... well. We forgot the big deal."

"... people in the brass club, how are you..."

... right.

Totally, you forgot!

'Cause you don't interact! I'll forget about it!

I decided to leave the choir people to you. [M]

Kino-kun said, "Because it doesn't change the care of two people or the care of 10 people now". Are you going to be a maid of honor?

I thought... he already did.

Uh, from "Dada Man," to "Manager."

...... yeah. Good luck.

So here we are, 2F West Area.

... Mr. Stealth Maid, fly the doll and see how it goes.

... Yeah, well, maybe we'll go in peacefully.

I can see moving neatly, harvesting fruit as if it were a working ant, carrying it.

And in the house, it's like we're sharing and doing housework.

After all, is there resistance to dismantling meat or not doing it? Or is there no meat?

You're a little thin, but that's a perfectly fine level of thinning compared to the choir folks.


"Well, let's do something and get those people to listen to us"

Okay, here's the problem.

Because the people in the brass club have a priori who attacked them without listening.

We're not optimistic enough to be listened to properly.

"I guess I'll just have to hit a play again"

"Right. Maido, the Demon King did it, and the goddess, what do you say?

... say no!