When I heard my conversation, I saw the people in the brass club who set up weapons, and I said, "Oh, no."

"Abort attack. Let's hear it."

I heard a clear voice.


"Deputy Director!

I can also hear some blame for that.

Hi, I hear the deputy director made us stop the attack.

"I think it's a great story for us to get back into the world!

The same loss account was alive and well. Excellent.

"But I don't think we should listen to people we don't trust!

And of course there are objections.

"You forgot about this house! The ghost was a good man! I think we should learn from that!

Oh, yeah. Mr. Eulalia. Have you forgotten your name? Yeah. You can't help it, can you?

... and the Deputy General Manager's persuasion finally broke the General Manager and the entire member seems to be convinced.

... Honestly, it was unexpected.

It's about the people in the brass club, so I thought I'd stop listening to you again, but maybe my mental aspects improved a bit when I started living a somewhat relaxed life in this house.

Human beings, when they live in chopped wings, it's something that loses the relaxation of their minds.

Let's hear it.

And a total of three of the department directors and two deputy directors are coming this way.

The rest of the crew is on alert, of course.

... In the meantime, have you succeeded, have you?

"... was it entirely convenient for the people of this world that we came to this world"

Really roundabout, I started by lecturing the executives of the brass club on "How This World Works I Know Well".

What skills are, we (no, because I'm the Demon King, you guys let me through with that body) have this in the way we go back to why we came to this world.

And when we talked about temple relations, already, somehow, the resentment of the people in the brass club was totally directed at this world itself.

... Yeah, well, fine, it's not that way, we're talking.

"I've already talked to other people from different worlds. So if you say no to this story here, there's almost no way for you to go back to your original world."

When I told him to threaten me a little, he showed an obviously upset bareback and started talking secretly.

... Actually, the maid of stealth is listening to all of this conversation, so it was a mistake for me to borrow the hearing of the maid of stealth.

"What do we do? Do you want to trust this guy?

But you're obviously suspicious.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry I was suspicious.

"But if it really is, we won't be able to go home."

"Isn't that why it's an operation?

"'Cause what's in it for an operation like that?

... It was like this.

Well, I mean... he's lost in two things: 'If you trust him, you may be able to go back to the original world, but you may be fooled' and 'If you don't trust him, you won't be able to go back to the original world, but you can live to date'.

... Yeah, fine, but hurry up...

The phrase discussed in half an hour as it were, this is it.

"We need time to talk. Come back tomorrow night."

............. yeah. Fine. Fine.

"Hmm. Right. Nothing else. You can have them all wiped out here, though, right?

I guess I'll make an appeal like 'You can always kill me if you want to'.

Wouldn't this diminish the theory of 'cheating and using'?

"Fair enough. I'm hoping for a good reply. I'll see you tomorrow night."

With three vigilant executives on my ass, I am a 'metastasis'.

... Oh, this, do I have to come back tomorrow...

When I got back, I didn't even have to contact them, and the bird sea they were observing came back.

"Welcome back. How'd it go?"

"Yeah, I'm going again tomorrow. We'll talk about it."

"... well. Good luck."

The discussion is like the identity of a brass club. I don't have a choice.

And it's morning.

Good morning.

It's bread because I wanted to eat bread with butter and jam asexually today.

...... yeah. Bread is pandemic in me asexually today...... oh, sorry. I said boring things.

That's fine with bread, butter and jam, and then I'll just make it a bacon egg with crispy baked bacon and warm up the soup I keep making.

This smell of bacon cooking is fine.

I'll have breakfast and discuss my plans for today.

"No, I heard from Sora last night when Maido and the others were out."

I left my "Communication" bracelet with Kabir last night.

... No, because if 'communicating' came along on the way to do the Demon King and did "Ah, you're answering the phone" or something, you wouldn't be the Demon King...

He said, "Come pick me up after packing and sorting things out."

Oh. Well, first thing in the morning, let's collect the Georges and take them to the gym room.

"What happened to Jinno and the choir people?"

As soon as the choir people recover, I wonder if they will.

"Mr. George, if you want to retrieve it, we'll retrieve it from the theater department."

Right. It's time to collect Akashi and the others.

"Well, so are you, Homura."

They're in Kukurtz, so we'll see how the choir folks are doing and collect them as soon as we can.

So as a result of Torikai and I moving together, before lunch, George and the theatre department and Homura and the people from the family department also succeeded in retrieving it.

I turned to recover Mr. George and the theatre department.

On his return, Mr. George was undoing the appearance of the person in this world who was copying with the ability of "Copy Warlock" and returning to his original brunette black eyes.

... was a man inside. Yeah.

Hanamura was surprised at how it was going, George...... uh, Yasukura Shinji's, I grabbed it and stretched it over the cheeks and said, "I'll skin it off!" Whatever I was doing...

Mr. Yasukura...... Oh, already! Mr. George, no! George's face didn't cut anything. Yeah.

Akashi and the theatre department were able to move out.

...... Before you moved, I 'cleaned' them all.

Without punishment again, these kids were painted with mud!

... No, so are they, I was trying.

Apparently, doing my act has greatly increased the efficiency of the chores.

However, "Cleaning" could not be imitated as a boulder. Yeah. Well, you don't get the principle. Yeah.

At the end of the theatre department's move, Torikai and the others had just recovered the people from the family department.

… Of course, these people, inadvertently, are likely to be expelled by alien species from the Department of Family Medicine, so there are measures to be taken there.

That said, there are about 200 students in the gym, so it's huge.

So they're partitioned somewhat like households.

That's part by part, or close to each other.

So ask the native breeds of the Department of Family Medicine to wait with Mr. George and the others.

... I don't know what happened after I returned to the original world.

In the meantime, I'll protect you while you're in this world where it's easy to kill or something.

... the clever way around it, I guess I'll ask the goddess.

Well, so, with the exception of Choir/Kino-san, and all the brass clubs, we gathered where the gymnasium group was, or 2F South.

That's busy! It's so busy!

Somehow, it's a corner, so it looks like we're all playing with the wide grassland and free time.

No, it's unthinkable since I first came to this world.

... and we go back to the 2F Northeast area.

It's for an important story.

"... the culprit, what do we do?

Of this world, it's a story.

The culprit sucks his magic endlessly.

And when magic is lost, this world is doomed.

And with us here, they can compensate for their magic. I hear we interracial people are a hunk of magic.

... That's all I know so far.

… therefore, when we return as we are, the world is destroyed by the culprit.

Or, do you want to erase all the culprits and then go home, or not?

For some reason, the culprit becomes a monster when he tries to erase it.

Besides, it's a pain in the ass to get stronger.

... I don't have the right to do that in this world.

Honestly, really, no.

Of course, if you just leave us alone, well, no doubt, this world will perish.

Because even us otherworldly creatures who hesitate to fight can be defeated by people in this world who don't have the skills.

You won't be able to. So, without erasing the culprit, this world is doomed.

But to the extent that our consciences were subtly painful to abandon, we were also familiar with this world.

Mr. George... wasn't from this world, uh, Mr. Ariane, the rest of the temple, I'd rather thank the homo magician (physics), but also, well, the goddess and the demon king, and then, most importantly... Ketrami, Huntle, Glida and Marvelo. Then Mr. Terra and Mr. Sura and the kids we've caught on the new dragon hunt.

It's kind of, somehow, impossible for this world to perish more than anything I like has been made into this world.

... but if we die for it, we can't do it.

Well, that's a balance. I'm sure.

... is a discussion. This is. Hi.

"Wouldn't you be able to do another phase?

"Try the first round, I wonder... Hmm."

Gentlemen, well, as you know, gentle. If it goes bad, it's sweet.

So we're going to reduce the culprit by one, and we've already decided on that policy.

"If I were to, would it be better if Maido 'shared' the culprit next time?"

"Well, if you're about to fight an 8m monster, toddler girl, girl... um, I still feel better fighting female mannequins"

And then mature mannequins, and then old mannequins at the end?

... you're supposed to leave it.

Should I say it or should I say it?


Let's say.

Yeah. Better have a lot of information.

... I believe you can treat me like I treat you.

"Um, right. We have a report."