My eyes don't tell me anything specific.

But that arm wasn't going to let me go.

I have no choice. Hit that head, hit your own head.

I woke up with strange heat bitterness and bitterness. Good morning. I'm still home!

That's right... Huh...

"I'm so sorry"

The cause was this guy, after all.

Suzumoto should have slept right in front of the classroom. So, I slept in the back of the classroom.

Yet when I woke up in the morning, this guy was making me a pillow and I was scared.

And when I tried to escape, the restraint grew stronger, and I finally got my spine broken.

I thought I was used to fractures already. I knew my spine was different. No, seriously, I saw the river.

I was wondering if this would die on a boulder, because Hanagasaki, who woke up with my scream, and Kabir came, managed not to... die.

"... yeah, that's enough... How are you feeling?"

"Oh, I'm fine now. You're gonna be okay."

"I think it's gonna be okay."

Hold on, this guy's gonna come and break my bones again and again, how dare you!

Is it because of this guy's poor sleep?

In the meantime, let's have breakfast.

Cook a lot of rice, then simmer the warm fish with plenty of ginger and soy sauce and sugar, then make it rice balls.

The rice balls conveyor by 40 maid dolls was spectacular.

Then, something warm, so I knew I would make a large amount of miso soup with lots of vegetables.

The miso soup conveyor by 10 maid dolls was also spectacular.

And when I say, it's an easy job to keep even making plates, crockery and chopsticks.

The maids distribute breakfast to anyone who comes by the smell.

... but at times like this, students, you don't have to say anything, it's so easy because you start lining up in front of the rice balls conveyor and the miso soup conveyor on your own. I wonder if it's wonderful Japanese.

When you're done handing out a whole meal, this way for breakfast.

At the same time, make plans for the future.

"... well. The president and Horizon."

Suzumoto gently peers through the surface of the two stones.

"Well, I'll be back alive by the end of the day."

Hanagasaki-kun seems to have been making psychic medicines all night. You look sleepy.

"I'm getting" Abyss Stone "from Mr. Shreira, so Mr. Maido's asleep."

"No, I'll start making gear. Pretty blurry, guys."

As for the intention of the bird sea, maybe it is the recovery of the contents of the glass, but there is blood and so on, and I don't think it is anything that sleeps and increases.

And the gear will probably be for about 100 people, so you should make it now.

"Don't push it."

Copy that.

Well, be conscious as a resource, I'll try not to deplete you.

...... so it's a bit awkward reunion.

"Ketramy! Huntloo! Glider! Mulberry!"

I call it using the 'loud' wand.

... Then a nostalgic wind of color blew through and the next moment Mr. Ketrami was already beside him.

I thought you left.

"There's been a lot going on."

"Maido -!"

And also reunited with Huntle, who was buried around Mr. Ketrami's neck, and with Glida and Marvelo, who came later.

Indulge in the slippery first and foremost. Oh, happiness......

And after the indulgence, I decided to have the glider thread divided, although it was quick and bad.

"... so I needed a ton of gear. Yarn, I wonder if you could divide it."

Explaining how it's been so far, Glida has had a slightly contemplative bare gesture before hanging on to these stories.

'Hey... Hey, Maido. Atashi, if I could get some more magic, I could make a strong, supple yarn for that matter.'

"Okay, I got on that story."

I look at Glida and I say, "No, no, no, no."

"Hey, are you sure it's good for you?

Every time I think, this Glida, oddly...... please don't do it. The laying is pretty low, isn't it?

"It's okay."

Use your resources! You have the least amount of spoilage!

As I did before, sending magic to Glida made Glida's body a little darker.

"... Oh, Atashi, I'm a little worried about you"

Glida wrapped the thread around the thread roll I brought her, as she bumped into me about that. He is a caretaker, Mr. Tundele.

Well, I guess this will thread for about 10 people.

In the meantime, the first step is to repair your gear.

"Hey, Maido."

Quickly, where I thought, Mr. Ketrami stopped me.


"Hi, it seems like it's time for my hair to change lately"

... oh.

'Itchy. You, you're my' husband ', aren't you? Do something.'

... There's Mr. Tundele here too.

Hurry up, make a brush with a big tree and go back to Mr. Ketrami.

"Well, comb it. By the way, Mr. Ketrami, can I have the missing hair?

"I hope you like it."

Ugh. Mr. Ketrami is sweet.

When I comb my hair, I narrow my eyes in a way that makes me feel good, but when I see it, I also think it's very nice to make a shiatsu face.

"Master Maido! Sounds thick, but so do I.!

'Me too, please!

'No, get me first!

"You must be in the torso."

When I finished brushing Mr. Ketrami, Malvero came too, so I combed the hair (I guess this one is really for brushing) and got the hair that fell out instead.


And there was one hunt, grumpy.

"What's wrong?"

Me, too.

... No, because, you, I don't have the hair to brush... right? Just like Glida, isn't it slippery?

... Uh, yeah. Bye.

"Let me share my magic with Huntle."

"Uh, okay? For Maido's sake, isn't it gone?

"I won't use it anyway."

Huntle has stared at this one with his glittering eyes, so like Glida, I tried sending magic.

... Then.

A muscle, a bright white line floated on Huntle's black body.

About 3 rows, the scales appear to have changed white.

"Glider, fashionable? Hey, fashionable?

Isn't that okay?

Huntle, who had been with Glida for a while, was satisfied, rubbing his head against me and sweetening, so I stroke him around.

Yeah, I might have polished my slip.

"Thanks, Maido!

I don't know, it sounds like Huntle's happy too, so good. Good.

But it was also smooth and very soothing.

... Advice, life, maybe this is how you recover.

Okay, so we're going to make gear fast.

You're about to cloth the glida yarn first.

Let's weave a little thicker for gear.

We're gonna need a lot of cloth anyway. I think I'll weave it all together here.

I was weaving all over the cloth and the bird sea came back.

"Maido, are you okay?


So I would like to move quickly to the resuscitation of the president and Horizon.

If Hanagasaki-kun was faceless, and put the spirit pill on an amber stone, it turned into the president's body.

"Uh... well"

And then a needlework put 'Abyss Stone' over the president's chest and threw a throwing tool from afar to shock it.

"... I wonder if this is okay"

Although the needlework is anxious, 'Abyss Stone' is firmly discolored to gray.

"I'm successful. Well, I guess I'll just go."

Poke your head at the president's body and go to the example glass room.

The president's glass was somehow... a glass of kanji called 'right'.

Smooth, precise, cylindrical with no decoration, made of uniform thickness glass, no madness of dimensions.

That's the impression I get.

... Even though that's the impression, the legs of that glass had a sharp angular design reminiscent of the blade.

Um, sounds like a president.

Well, I can't help but move the contents of the glass.

Arrow cod and white liquid change into a light, reddish bright amber color as they enter the cylinder.

Oh, beautiful.

Looking at it for a moment, I was able to confirm that its contents were gradually increasing, so I safely left.

I "share" with the president one more time to wake up the president while enriching myself with a feeling of being done with one job.

"Bet those with broken ribs..."

"No, I don't think I'm gonna break it because I'm the president."

... was subject to betting.

As far as I'm concerned, it's a stirrup that breaks my ribs, so as soon as the president opens his eyes, he runs away.

"How's it going?

And call out from afar to the president who looks at his body strangely.

"... weird, it's a feeling. I'm dead."

Saying, it seems the president is normally getting up and moving his body a little and checking how he's doing.

"It doesn't seem like a problem. Sorry for the inconvenience."

"Look, it didn't break"

"Wow, it didn't break -"

I think it would be nice to be very dry around not being a touching reunion. Yeah. If I'm impressed with something like this all the time, it'll cause a price collapse.

"Well, let's go next, next"

Next up is Horn Three.

"Wait, Mr. Maido. You've already brought someone back to life before you bring me back to life, haven't you?

There was a stop from the president at...

"It's me. He wasn't dead."

Suzumoto gave me a name.

"Right. I'm clearly pale. Mr. Horizon, let's do it tomorrow."

"I think that's good too. Ketrami, you're back, aren't you? I want you to futon it."

... In the end, it was pushed off as it was.

Well, yeah. Resource depletion is bad. Yeah.

... sweet to your words, hey, let me dive into Mr. Ketrami's futon...

When I woke up, the sun was directly above me.

... Bye! I overslept!

I hurry back from Mr. Ketrami and run to cook lunch.

... but something smells good.

... that.

I took a peek at the lab and the maids worked for me.

They were cooking me lunch while I was asleep.

Blessed are my good men......

We expanded the lunch conveyor by the maid doll again (the rice was udon) and we started talking again about the future.

The president is back, so the story goes on.

"Again, I think the problem is the number of culprits left and the disfigurement of the time to erase the culprits"

The former has no choice but to look even. There are no improvements there.

If there is, if there isn't, it's just a story.

... but the latter, no.

Let me guess what you're all thinking.

Maybe that's it. You'd better erase the 'shared' culprit, but I don't like that to be my burden, or something.

They all seem to keep their mouths shut and think.

"... Maido"

And this is what Suzumoto said, which he thought about for a while.


"Share it with me."