"Is magic like a zero-sum game?

Looks like the president was with me on what I thought.

"I mean, is the sum always equal?

I mean, if you can increase your magic and your power, there's nothing wrong with that, right? That's the story.

"No, it's not. But increasing magic... takes time"

"How much, exactly?

"To increase the number of people from different worlds… 10 years in the current state."

I mean, 3,000 years to increase the number of people. Wow, wow. It is likely to perish in the meantime.

"The current state of affairs means that there is room for improvement, right?

"Uhm.... I mean, it's the one called..."

... Hey, tell me more about it. If that's how it's gonna work, come on!

"Hey, Fiana."

"You can use all of Naruto. Naruto becomes a flower garden, but he has to stop.... then it won't take long to get there. Well, Dmitrias."

"... my body is not what it was already, Fiana. Are you going to sacrifice them?

Oh, was gardening that noisy?

... Oh, oh, could it be...

"Under the cherry blossom trees are buried the bodies of people from different worlds... the way?

When I heard it, the Demon King nodded. The goddess, cherry blossoms? and tilting his neck. Oh, I'm sorry.

"Only in this Naruto will the flowers of the sky feed and produce magic from the other worlds."

... Uh, well, that Naruto, blue flower garden...

"Now blooming in Nara, The Flowers of the Big Sky nourishes my blood and parts of my body.... I mean, there's... me and Fiana... the first place we met..."

...... Wow, wow, wow, wow! I asked you what you didn't want. Oh, oh!

Stop it! It's horror! Too horror. Whoa, whoa!

"Well, now this world is all right. Why don't we just bury it with our arms or something and blossom in it? It's easy. We've all learned the magic of recovery."

Oh, I knew it would happen, yeah.

... Yeah, I'd like to ask Suzumoto to kill me.

"... are you insane?

The Demon King is stunned.

... Well, I also feel like I'm a little off track, but isn't this the best solution?

"That's the only way, think rationally. Wouldn't it be nice if that would increase your magic? The land of Naruto is huge, so if you don't use Naruto as a flower garden and later use up the culprit, this is your game set."


Although this Naruto is wide, for about ten days, I wonder if we can all do something about it by dropping our arms and healing and burying them.

"No, I can't let you guys who are not supposed to be involved do such a torture thing. Give up on this world. We don't want to go that far either."

When the Demon King said so in a hurry, the president... floated the president smile, and suddenly, he said:

"For example, you know, Demon King. I get a lot of compensation when I get divorced because of my spouse's affair."

... Coming, Coming. Something's coming.

"Of course, you can also give them social sanctions at that time. You can drop into the other person's place of work and resign or remove them from discipline."

Oh, I could read the fall.

Suzumoto and Torikai also remained somewhat subtle faces, shifting their gaze from the president.

"But if they lose their jobs, you can't make them pay compensation. If we want to take more compensation, we have to give up social sanctions and keep feeding and killing the other person, so that we can pay compensation on an extended basis. That's what I'm saying."

... In the case of this analogy, well, it's a little different that you can't live without compensation.

"I, at least as far as I'm concerned, have no attachment to this world that much. Nothing. You can perish. But if magic and power are no longer sent from this world to our world, then our world could perish, too. Have them continue to pay for their magic without letting them perish. If that's what you're trying to do, don't bother."

... Well, that broke the Demon King in the end.

And the goddess and the demon king bowed their heads together.

"I'm sorry. As a lover of this world, I sincerely apologize. I'm so sorry. As the creator of this world... I can't even find that word of apology. Let's at least make sure this never happens again in this world.... thick, but please. … save this world"

... Come on, it's time for some fun and fun gardening!

... For once, I just talked to him for a moment before I started having fun gardening.

"We don't have to do anything alone, do we, the rest of us?

"No, even though the seniors did something with their skills, they still have a strong wind against us. You won't have to do anything to make the wind stronger again. It's just that a lot of people don't like to see blood and meat anymore. We're used to it."

Well, it will, won't it?

I don't feel responsible, but you don't bother buying grudges again.

"... Well, shall we begin?

"Right. Mr. Maido would like a seed planter."

Oh, no, no, no, no, I'm gonna be fertilizer, too, right?... and I thought, yeah, okay.

"All right, take it off."

"I can't even cut my clothes."

... I don't care, I guess they do.

"Change in a certain amount of time."

"Right. Everyone can use healing magic and earthly magic."

Speaking of which, my 'pain tolerance' went to you too.... If you think about it, well, not yet.

Then about 3 hours, I did that kind of work extensively, and we all just got laid back.

"... oh, I need to make lunch"

"There you go..."

Unlike me, who even seeded it and just gave it a little temper, the people who actually became fertilizers are in perfect condition. Yeah, I'll be the fertilizer this afternoon.

In the meantime, I'll go back in 'Metastasis' and prepare lunch.

Lunch is served with a bowl of grilled chicken, a bowl of seafood and a cow (?) Bowl menu to choose from bowls.

Plus miso soup and shallow pickles!

Mr. Maid, the doll moves on its own, so I enjoy it a lot.

They cook rice and stuff on their own. Because it conveys instantly in my head, it conveys instructions 100%, and it's fast.

Nay, well done children.

Mr. Maid, the conveyor has begun, so we'll grab some rice over here and move to Nara.

Look, even if the arm you slashed with mysterious power is going to grow again, you should probably keep your rice.

I don't know why, but you all ate well. Hey, I'm glad you're on the side of making it. I'm not happy with the reason, though.

And if you eat dinner, it's gardening again, gardening! Gardening. I'm gardening. It's never torture or anything...

And it lasted until dinner, and the next day, and the day after that.



"You can rest now."


Full of creativity, we watched the corner of Nara, which had become a completely blue flower garden.

... Yeah, this world was saved by our hands.

Digging back into Naruto would produce tons of arm bones.

Super scary.

Well, I don't care about that anymore. We've got this figured out for now, so let's just leave that alone.

The problem is, "Ashes of Narrow Down".

We haven't cleaned this one up yet. In other words, you can take enough to bring the dead back to life first, or the culprit will have one left.

I asked the Demon King and Goddess about it.

I mean, what the hell was the raw material of the culprit? If it is available, it is also possible to have infinite Continuity from the mass production of the culprits.

"Oh, that's more than when the rest of us created this world"


I left it with Dmitrias.

Deposit the ingredients of the world with people!

"Use it on your own"

And it was used on its own!

... God in this world seems so full of shit.

No, you're saving my hair by the roughness of it, aren't you?

Otherwise, by the time the brave man was summoned, our world would be a straight line of doom, with no branches.

"So I'm sorry, but there's nothing more you call" Ashes of Narrow "."

Right. No, I already expected that.

"Then we look for the culprit, pick him up, knock him down... bring him back to life... so you go home. Just like the first plan I made?

Right. We just have to keep one culprit.

"Well, I guess I'm just gonna go look for the culprit again."

"You can tell at the temple if it's zero or not."

So, well, it's not going to be the worst.... our world sucks if we run out of culprits.

... No, I don't think so.

"Well, I'll come and get 'Naruto's Ashes' when I get rid of the culprit again"

They're all full of creativity, and I'd like to pinch the holidays if I could, but if I don't start living them back, it seems like it's time for the students' spiritual side to be the limit.

With that said, we're the only ones who've actually seen people come back to life, Kino and the Alchemy Sisters.

You won't be convinced unless you prove it. It may be the anxiety of other people that we've been here lately.

... Uh, yeah.

Well, the world could have been saved for now. Yeah. Now it's pretentious, except there's one less culprit available. Let's be positive.

... Tired!

I'm tired, but if I don't eat rice, I'll die.

So while people other than me are fighting the culprit I 'shared' with, I'll make dinner.... No, I am, because the beam is a laser pointer... it does not become a force of war.

It's almost evening on the ground. I've been in Naruto for a long time, but I've been eating rice three times, and the feeling of time hasn't gone crazy.

Well, let's eat Japanese for dinner today, shall we?

While we were in Naruto, Glida picked the fish, Ketrami picked the meat, and Marvelo and Huntle picked the vegetables.

So grilled fish today.

Big fish are also easy to beat with the "Air Slash" you gave me!

Then a stewed carrot of twisted plums that I've always wanted to do.... The ginseng in this world is white, so it won't be red plum, but I can't help it. But it feels great that in an instant the carrot ring-cut becomes a twisted plum!

And spinach dipping, fried eggplant, cucumber vinegar and miso soup!

I'm more satisfied with the number of products. I did my best.

And, well, of course, our rice comes with dessert.

Today is pumpkin tea towel squeeze. You'd love to have one last sweet dish, wouldn't you?

Desserts are... I can't make a lot of them for what it takes... I wonder if I can make milk cold weather or something. Let's try it at dinner tomorrow night.

"Well, how'd it go over there?

"Oh, it's kind of clapping out. It's going light."

The culprit sees your faces (no, I don't know if you're looking because it's a mannequin to flaunt) and waves, of course, and... disappears, even if it turns into a monster.

Most of the guys attacking me are the ones with swords and shields, or the ones with canes.

Those guys are like, 'Nice to meet you!' He tried like that, and then he attacked me.

Are you okay with that?

"It's good combat training."

Right.... I guess that one. Did the original killers know what our intentions were?

With that said, the pain of erasing the 'shared' culprits is much softer of what is still there.

"Then Maido starts tomorrow"

"Even if I know. I'll take care of the strongest cloth products."

Finally, we're ready to fight. Now you know it's going to be a fight. You can't lose anymore.

"Do we have a metal relationship?

"Um, for now, I can get a lot out of Le Ouba, but are you there?

"I want it!"

... Well, uh-huh, starting tomorrow, I've been waiting for you, sewing.

Mr. Ketrami's hair, I don't know what to do...... Ugh heh heh.