Man in Marvel, infinite devil fruit

People are in Yuli, infinite evil results Chapter 1

People are in the west, unlimited evils: Good luck 1

Qin Yu crossed, I got a system that can redeem evil fruit.

Let others eat the devil fruit, he can get fruit capabilities and the power of each other.

Sol: "Austria, I have mastered the power of Thunder!"

Ododia: "Inverter! You actually dare to eat the thunder fruit!"

Sol: "Yeah, you see now I don't have to release the thunder!"

O'Don: "Are you thunderstorm or hammer, or a fruit?"

Qin Yu: "Cool! Thunder of Thunder + the power of the thunderstorm, double the cool!"

"Ancient Master, Casillaz is not obedient, washing fruit?"

"Green Giant, the shock fruit knows?"

"Eagle eye, target can take a look?"


Chapter 1

"I decided to turn off the US weapon department of Starkee, I will take effect right away!"

Amazing message came upon broadcasting.

Tony Stark decided to close their group's weapons R & D department!

Before the TV set, a person browed.

"Qin, this is the opportunity you said?"

A strong man like a meat mountain is now in a cigar.

Jin and!

Vihalsk! Fesk!

40% of the sins of the M country can involve him.

"Yes, this is the opportunity to shoot.

Last time I have already told you that Tonistak will disappear in Afu Han.

At that time, the stock price of the Stek Industry has declined slightly.

However, compared with now, it is not worth mentioning.

So far, what I said to you has been implemented.

The stock price of Stark Group tomorrow fell 40 points.

As long as Tony Stark has not found products that can replace weapons to sell profits.

The stock price of the Stark Group will continue to fall.

Now, it is the best time to win the Stark Group's shares.

I need the shares, you need to finish it. "

Qin Yu answered the problem of gold.

The gold is finished.

"I still have a question before promise you."

"What questions?"

"I got some intelligence.

This time, the person who saves Stark is a punishment.

And punishment seems to be hired by your employment!

You know that Stark will have an accident and hire a person to save him.

Tonystak is behind the captive, will not be you? "

Jin and asked his most concerned questions.

Qin Wei looked at the gold and looked at it.

"It seems that your news network is stronger than I think.

But this thing has nothing to do with me.

I just knew some news in advance.

Behind Tony, behind the black hand, he can investigate clearly.

You only need to wait, you can get the last result. "

"Isn't it you? Then I can rest assured.

I promise you the conditions.

The hand man is in the hand to buy a good Stark Group's share.

So, as a exchange condition, do you promise me to be honored? "

Gold is calm, but the eyes are full of expectations.

"Of course, this is itself a transaction.

The devil fruit that is paired with you has been successful. "

After Qin Yu finished, his abdomen got a piece.

Then, his hand reached directly into the crafts of the abdomen.

Gold and looked at Qin Wei's movements, his eyes were full of jealous.

" ~"

A rumor in the ripple.

There was a strange thing in Qin Yu's hand.

Strange colors.

Special shape.

"Devil Fruit?"

It is out of mouth.

"Yes, this is the devil fruit!"

Qin Yan is calm.

Gold and heard the words, the look is at a positive.

"The hell kitchen has been recently passed out.

'The east's devil looks at Satan's territory'.

It seems that you are really the people of the Oriental Devil.

Now, you are gradually eating Satan's territory with this devil. "

The king and the king of the underground world have always believed in the existence of the devil.

Because he knows something that others don't know.

For example, there is a burning (evil knight) once in terms of human space.

That person is a messenger of a party.

Qin Yu, representing the demon of the East.

The Eastern Devil wants to invade the world of the West.

The devil fruit is the means of the Oriental demon gives ordinary people's strength.

Qin Wei heard the gold and his face was unchanged.

In fact, this is the rumor that he deliberately passed.

All of this is just to go out to go out to demon.

"My identity has nothing to do with you, and what you need to think is only the same.

Whether to eat this devil fruit. "

Qin Yu put the devil fruit in front of the gold.

Then look at each other calm.

"What kind of power can this devil, can I provide me?"

Gold and look at the color and shape of the devil fruit.

Asked his most concerned question.

He knows the devil, knowing the danger behind this.

However, he is not afraid!

The burning hoe once also put a Western devil.

Even the devil has never been a way.

Since the guy can do it.

He is certainly available.

Force, I want it!

Want to slave me?

no way!

Qin Qi didn't know the idea of ​​gold.

Anyway, he doesn't care about the idea of ​​the other party.

"This fruit is called bomb fruit."

chapter 2

"Bomb fruit?"

Gold and the eyes change.

Do you have this fruit?

"Yes, bomb fruit.

As the name, eat this fruit, you can make you have a big ability to bomb.

Every part of your body explodes.

Your ordinary punch can also beat the bomb.

This is a huge improving this master. "

Qin Qi briefly tells the power of this fruit.

"Every part of the body can become a bomb? How is the power?"

"As long as it is the material in your body, you can give it the power of the bomb.

Its power is depends on your application for this fruit.

The more you can develop the devil fruit, then the power you can play will be. "