"Hey, old man, how troublesome are you?"

"We'd like to go first. ~?"

"You think you can't even pick up the material properly? Seriously, you can't use it."

Goddamn it, you little builders.

I hope you helped me out a little.

I was desperately collecting material scattered around me, spitting so much evil inside me.

All of them are low-level drop items, one at a time won't be a big price, but with all this, you'll make money there.

It was a party of four adventurers, including me, that wiped out a herd of nearly ten Kobolts.

If it's divided by four people, it's about two to three pieces of silver per person.

... Although my share would be less than half of it at best anyway.

"Look, it's falling down here, too."

Lake, a party leader, a well-fitted swordsman, says pointing to his feet.

While I was trying to pick it up myself, I extended my left (...) hand (...) to the material.


"Whoa, evil no. My leg slipped a little."

Lake stepped on my hand.

When I looked up, I was staring down at this one with the mockery strapped to my face.

This shit... Whatever you think it is.

I accidentally glanced at him.

"Oh? Are you complaining about something?

Then it slipped backwards like it was reopening.

I think this is a beautiful occasion, but if I do that, my share will just be reduced.

"No, nothing..."

When I managed to get angry, I had to look away and blur back.

"Ha ha, I'm pitiful. I don't want to be such an old man."

Seeing that, Seaf's Saluja laughs out loud.

"Sakasa, this old man, sometimes I feel like he's looking at me giddy?

The red dot of the party, the wizard Mary snorted.

"Seriously. What's wrong with a woman?

If you hold her shoulder like that, Lake will advise me.

You two are dating.

"This guy, he's still single at this age, right? Ha ha! Tell me about Mary, she's definitely chicken every night!

"Hey, stop it. Seriously, just imagining it makes me nauseous, huh?

... I'm sorry for being such a bad character bitch like you, too.

Sure, he doesn't look bad, and his body looks like an ideal shape for a man.

For this reason, sometimes I look at my chest and butt a little bit, but I shouldn't be looking at the giraffe, and things like Saluja says - no, it could have happened once or twice......

If my memory is certain, Lake is twenty-two, Mary is twenty, and Saluja is twenty-one.

Meanwhile, my age is thirty-seven.

... often seen in the mid forties but still in his thirties.

More than once this way, younger young people ridicule me, and there is no reason not to regret it.

Originally this party was made up of three of them, but they invited me there and I joined them later.

It was about six months ago.

Many times I've thought about losing a party like this.

Still, the reason I'm still on an adventure with them is simple.

Sure, my share is small, but it's because I can still make more money being at this party.

I became an adventurer when I was eighteen, almost twenty years.

Speaking of veterans, it sounds good.

But I've been a D-rank bottom adventurer for 10,000 years since I only got promoted once shortly after I became an adventurer.

I was expected there when I was a rookie.

But when I'm nineteen, I get hit by demons, and my right hand becomes unusable for locks.

Still, when I was younger, I managed to do it, but my body was already worn out because of all the other injuries I had sustained over a decade.

My earnings are diminishing year after year.

Ancient wounds cannot be healed by healing magic or potion.

Especially since the last few years have been quite painful, when the Lakes called out to us, it was a joy to all the help of heaven.

But what I've been waiting for is every day that I have the same luggage.

They didn't expect me to be a force from the start.

It's hard for me, the adventurer, to eat at other jobs now.

Because they understand my weak position like that, they've been treating me like a slave.

My share on this day was three silver coins.

If you don't even have the luxury, this will cost you about two days of living.

Considering that in my own hands I've only defeated four demons, and unlike solos, I'm not in danger of dying, and I can keep my expenses under control, that would be a pretty good earner.

I don't feel like saving up.

Mostly, the money disappears with booze.

I almost always stopped by the tavern on my way home from the adventure and drank cheap ale.

To be honest, it's not very tasty, and I'm not that resistant to alcohol either, but it's essential for stress relief.

Nothing. It can be cheap.

Just get drunk and that's enough.

"Hey, Lucas. I drank more today than usual."

"If you don't drink, you have to do it."

The shop owner will worry about me when I'm drunk.

Now, Lucas is my name.

I drank the rest of the booze all at once.

"Another drink!

"Stop it already. Besides, it's time to close."

"Don't talk to me like that. As long as we have guests, we're not closing."

"Don't be lame."

Eventually, I was forced out of the tavern.

"Be careful and go home."

"Aye, aye."

I wave to the shopkeeper and walk out with a fumbling foothold.

"Is that it? Where am I?

I would have come to a strange place if I had noticed.

No, I've been in this city for over a decade now.

There's no place I don't know.

This is a square in the heart of the city.

But the opposite direction from my house.

Apparently, he's been walking the other way by mistake.

Well, but I felt like cooling in the night breeze a little bit, and just fine.

I come to the center of the square.

There was a giant rock there, stabbed with a straightsword of simple construction.

It's supposed to have been used by heroes.

"- Denshitsu no, Chirugi"

Lu Rhythm didn't turn......

According to one theory, that was the sword used by the legendary hero?

They've been around for a long time before this city was able to.

That would mean that at least, two or three hundred years is piercing that place.

Looks like a very ordinary sword.

However, he was exposed to windstorms for many years, but he did not rust.

In the past, an attempt was made to pull out that sword by various means.

But he said that it had ended in failure.

That stinging rock itself seems to be made of special minerals, too, and they can't destroy it.

Sometimes if you give it to me during the day, I see people trying occasionally, but now I just didn't see one person.


What floats behind my brain is a dream I had at a young age.

I was born in a rural country, but I've always admired heroes.

Become a knight serving the royal palace, improve your track record and become a Kingsguard.

But one day, evil dragons emerge, like those spoken of in mythology, depriving them of princesses to protect.

Then, along with his companions, he confronts the dragon and destroys this.

Safely help the princess to triumph and become a hero and glorified figure in both fame and fame -

That's exactly a childhood dream story.

Exactly when I got a little bigger, I never had that much of a rushing delusion, but still to take the entrance exam for the Knight Training School in Wang Capital, I swung off the surrounding opposition and popped out of the country when I was fifteen.

Despite three attempts, I ended up unable to break through.

Then I had no choice but to become an adventurer… to this day.

... At this time, I was drunk.

Forgetting the unpleasant things about the booze momentum, I felt like I was in a higher mood and could do anything for myself right now.

I couldn't even walk straight, but when I realized I was climbing a rock.

"I'm Eyu. Then you can't get through this sword!

Shout out loud and stupid things that don't turn Lu Rhythm.

If it were primitive, I'd never be this embarrassed at a good age.

Still, I was drunk now.

It was filled with a sense of almighty even though it had no basis whatsoever.

Grabbing the sword pattern with your left hand, you pull it up your mind.


- I'm out.

"Ha-ha-ha! I don't know! Look at that! Denshi, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.