Volcano Fortress Denev. Inside the Battleship.

In the past, the two sisters have listened with a serious expression.

"The Second Demon King Muto was all about fighting."

A sad voice plummeted.

That was always the case with the Ellenesian who spoke of him. The expression is sad, and the God's eye is firmly determined.

"Still, he gave me half the roots."

She clenched her hand and squeezed herself.

Her clenched fist was trembling, as if it was strong, strong, and impulsive.

"I don't know why."

"... that's..."

Lost in words, Sasha said.

"...... Muto, your mother......"

He said, "Lovely."

Ellenesia smiles sadly.

"The world order, my beloved."

Ellenesia bowed her eyes and silence continued for a while.

"... but he was able to win the battle... Without such an end, it would not be impossible to get this silver bubble intact even if he turned all of the magic bullet world into enemies with his power... he could have fulfilled his wishes at any time..."

Sasha can only mouth the words.

Indeed, with the power of the Second Demon King, as told by Elenesia, it would have been possible to acquire the world of magic bullets.

There must have been a way to fulfill the wishes of Elenesia and still be able to defeat the battle.

"... a person of his own volition..."

The trembling lips whispered smallly.


And Sasha said unto Elenesia, who was motionless.

"What Muto did... somehow I can tell..."

Erenesia raised her face and stared at Sasha.

"But there's no point in me saying that."

"That might be... that might be..."

If I hadn't spoken from the mouth of the Second Demon King Muto, I wouldn't be convinced by Erenesia.

Now that she can't do it, she has to think with her head, feel with her heart, and find it.

Even if you don't get it, just a little convincing answers.

“I want to know. And he said," I loved the world order. "However, I don't know what that thought was. I don't know how he loved this order....."

She says, chewing her lips.

"I want to understand him. No, you have to understand."

Ellenesia closed her eyes quietly and opened them slowly.

The god's eyes were completely different from hers, full of fighting spirit and courage.

I will fight the demonic archer Audus and clear the snow of the second demon king Muto.

Misha gently looks back at her mother.

Sasha said immediately.

"Then we will come with you." If the three of us join forces, we will definitely win even if we are the main gods of the magic bullet world. "

“Sure, it would be nice to have your help.”

"Though," said Ellenesia, slightly depressed.

“I can't do that. Only half of Muto's roots, and my roots to make up for them, are used in battles against Divine Magic Archers. No one else can help you. Because this is his fight. He and I".

Ellenesia looks up again.

"He was always alone, fighting only for himself. But when he gave me this root, I think he bent his mind. I'm sure it is."

Ellenesia says with preparedness.

"I can't bend any more. I can't bend it. I want to fight like him straight. Then you may know how he feels. His roots in this body may be answered. I... might be able to understand him."

With a guilty expression, Ellenesia continued to struggle.

"You might think it's stupid, but..."

I don't think so.

said Sasha.

"If there's anything we can get back, we have to get it back." If you just defeated the enemy, it's just empty. "

Ellenesia's eyes narrowed slightly.

Then he smiled thinly.

"You grew up very strong, Aberniyu."

"Ah... uh..."

Sasha looked away as if it was illuminating.

"I, my demon king is just such a person." It's so strong, so don't lose... "


Laughing warmly, Ellenesia nodded.

But that doesn't mean that Odus the Demon Archer will respond one-on-one.

Misha said faintly.

"That's... that's right..."

Sasha puts her hand around her mouth as if she were thinking.

In a magic bullet world, victory will take precedence over pride and honor. In terms of their behavior so far, this is a world where discipline and efficiency are respected.

If you have a slight chance of losing one-on-one, prepare your forces for a more assured victory.

We can't afford to play unusual games at our convenience.

Well then, we'll deal with everything except for Audus.


Sasha's offer was turned down in a soft tone by Ellenesia.

"It's okay." I challenge the Lord God Loading Battle

She explained to the questioning daughters.

"It is one of the disciplines of the magic bullet world that is enforced when changing the main god." The Divine Clan that challenges the Lord God replaces its position by victory over the Lord God. The gods cannot refuse this challenge. "

"... there's a discipline for changing gods?" I mean, the Lord God is the world itself, right? "

Sasha shouted in amazement.

"Everything in the magic bullet world is a sharp replacement consumable and a bullet to shoot at." Even the gods are just reloadable bullets. Replace any bullets that are most effective in shooting at enemies and solving problems. This world is turning in such an order. That's what the other demon archer, Audus, wants. "

I see.

Everyone's just one bullet to him, isn't he?

Therefore, the Creator God Ternness was consumed like a bullet and replaced with Ellenesia.

If the idea is that even the gods can be replaced, it's natural to use silver bubbles and residents as bullets.

"In the main god loading battle, the demon archer Audus was defeated and became the main god." Then, under the authority of the main god, he switched the head of state and recovered the roots of Muto from the Great Admiral Gigi. That's my wish. "

And Ellenesia stared straight at the two, and said:

That's why I want you to stop the [Zoneid].

Misha's eyes blinked.

She says as if she had noticed.

Even if I defeat Audus, can I still shoot the [Silver Demon Bullet (Zoneid)]?

"Yes, even if the Great Admiral Ziji and the Divine Demon Archer Audus are destroyed, the" "Silver World Magic Bullet (Zoneid)" "will continue to exist in this world." It wasn't the Führer's magic, it wasn't the power of the Lord God, it was shot from a magic turret built in this world. "

The expression on their faces grew steeper.

"... you mean you can shoot anyone?"

Sasha asks.

Ellenesia nodded quietly.

We need to destroy the artillery battery itself.

Otherwise, it may fall into someone's hands and be abused at any time. Even if Ellenesia won the Lord God Loading Battle, I couldn't rest assured.

Where are the gun batteries?

Misha asks.

Then Ellenesia reached out.

Snow and moonflowers fluttered, and a map of this volcanic fortress, Deneb, was created there. The current location, the fourth hangar, and the destination were glowing pale.

"The power section of this base." This was the entrance where the silver bullet (Zoneid) turret was hidden. I've never seen a magic turret before. "

Sasha stares at the power section of the map.

I wonder what's blue here?

"This is a magma pile." Forty percent of the ground in this First Venetian is blue magma. The blue magma possesses a wealth of magic power, which seems to be the source of the magic power of the [Silver World Magic Bullet (Zoneid)]. "

"So, this is the entrance...?"

Sasha gave Misha a gaze.

Is the silver bullet (Zoneid) in the magma?

Probably. There's a silver bullet (Zoneid) turret hidden near the center of the magic bullet universe.

In other words, you have to dive into the sea of blue magma.

Misha and Sasha could have done it, but it's going to break my bones.

"I'd like to show you around, but I don't have time anymore. Soon, it was time for the Lord God Loading Battle. I have to go."


Sasha's question pierced his mouth.

But, does the Lord God Loading Battle take place while we're trespassing?

Sasha twisted her neck.

"That is the culture of the magic bullet world, and it is also a shortcoming. Everything goes according to the rules and on time. The Divine Magic Archer never changed his schedule. Changes in schedule are perceived as a lack of ability for them. The lack of ability of the gods also indicates the significance of the change of the gods."

Even rain falls on time in the world. It may not seem easy for us, but that's natural for the inhabitants of the magic bullet world.

Not to mention that the Lord God is seen as the world itself. The rescheduling of the Lord God was nothing short of a shake in the world.

"Besides, the Divine Demon Archer thinks that the main god loading battle can be settled immediately." Grand Admiral Ziji doesn't think that the power of the Divine Magic Archer is needed to defeat the intruder. "

"... hmm. It was licked."

Sasha makes a belligerent smile.

Misha took her hand and said briefly.

Hurry up.

"Ah... yeah, that's right."


And Misha turned her eyes toward Erenesia.

"Wait. We will destroy the silver bullet (Zoneid) turret."

"Thank you."

With quiet eyes, Ellenesia looked back at the two of them.

Then I gently stretched out my palm.

A magic circle was painted at the feet of Misha and Sasha.

"One last thing. The Captain of the Army of the Abyss, Guy Ambarred, is on my side." I can't stand out and cooperate, but I'm sure you can help me. "

"All right."

When Misha answers, her vision becomes pure white.

I'll see you after your mother becomes the goddess.

"Yes, I will."

The two bodies moved outside the battleship.

Soon Misha ran, and Sasha followed.

To destroy the artillery barrage of the "Zoneid"...