Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Rise and Resurrect

Guru...... Ray's body leans.

He fell from the Yunhai Labyrinth after being seriously injured. I think I've exhausted my powers, or my consciousness is flying.

The snow moonflower clung to his body and floated.

Arcana gently hugged him as he fell. She goes straight back to the Demon King train.

Banyu Sect Lord Limpha said with relief.


The Bard Sect Master Theta had already reached out.

"Ellen and the others."


Along with a cheerful reply from the Demon King train, Ellen and the Demon King Choir came out. They flew in the air and rode on the roof of the train.

Let's go, let's go.

Following Lin Fa's signal, Theta and the Demon King Choir took a deep breath.

A momentary silence.

The next moment, a majestic song spread.

The sound resounds. The song of God.

The singing echoed far and wide, the tones were put on, and the pink particles filled the painting world.

Eventually, it starts to spread beyond the silver bubble.

Ka ka ka ka!

In the engine room of the Demon King Train, I raised my voice.

Raising his arms wide, he spun in vain on the spot.

"Success, success, great success!" This is Divine Poetry Rodwell, Part Four, a journey of unquestionable dreams!!! "

He jumped and pointed with his bishi cane at the deity that appeared on the < Remote Perspective (Limneto) > at the same time as he landed.

"Come on, come on, come on! Try shooting the silver bullet (Zoneid), Hermit Hermide."

The voice amplified by magic power was sent outside, and the Death King provoked it.

Fusion God - Hidden Hermide stared at the Demon King Train for a moment.

At that moment, a dazzling ray of light passed through the heavens and the earth.

It was indeed the magic power of the [Silver World Magic Bullet (Zoneid)] that was felt. An invisible magic bullet was fired that shot through the silver bubble.

There is nothing strange about the world of painting.

Nyali, the Death King laughed.

"I can't... I can't... I can't!" The silver world magic bullet (Zoneid) released by the hermit Hermide, flew through this painting world and in the direction of the future. Oops! "

And the king of death deliberately abandoned himself, and said unto him,

"I didn't find any evidence that you were still shooting at me."

"It's a bad song."

Telling her to throw up, the hermit Ermide sticks out her left arm.

Guilty Blade (Gezerde)

The Lebrahard that was attached pulled his sword out of his chest and retreated. The pursuing Guilty Blade (Gezerde) was struck all at once, and he took it with the Holy Sword in his hand.

But I can't kill the power. Being crushed by the blade bullet (Gezerde), the holy sword of Revrahald was blown away.

In pursuit, Ermide fired several rounds of Dugda Azbedara.

Lebrahard unfolded a magical barrier. There, the tan stars landed one after another.

The blaze swirls and cracks into the magic barrier. The next moment, the magic barrier broke and he was blown away by the explosion.

We retreated to the Holy Ship, Eltfeus, and finally came to a standstill on the hull.

Hermide reversed and went straight to the Demon King train.

Dugda Azbedara Heavy Artillery

The blue stars are disturbed and shot.

It was a Demon King train that took evasive action at full speed, but it could not be avoided, and several shots landed.

Fragmentation and collapse of the vehicle.


Flairdoll's gaze sharpened as she chased after Elmide.

If the Demon King train falls... If the singer of God Poetry Rodwell disappears, the world of painting will be shot again by "Silver World Magic Bullet (Zoneid)".

Protecting it was now our top priority.

"Sir Flairdoll, keep the Holy Conquest Hunting Path (Motes)!" If his arms and sword return, I can't put my hand on it! "

Balzarondo shouted.

The one closest to him came round and stood in front of the Demon King train.

I turned a sharp eye to the approaching Elmid.

”Don't make me do it...”

The moment I put my bow up.

Hermide's left hand pierced Balzarond's belly.


He looks down as he dyes his left hand in blood.

Even if the Archers come forward, it won't help me anymore.

Without a trace of Balzarondo, Ermide heads for the Demon King train.

The Demon King train was flying at full speed to distance, but the speed difference was too large.

In an instant, the distance is packed.

And at that time, Hermide slowed down.

It was like I was pulled from behind.

It's foolish to distance yourself from the Archers!

Ermide's left arm was wrapped with a string of light tied to an arrow, which was connected to Balzarond's hand.

It wasn't an arrow that was fired after Hermide left.

Before Ermide approached Balzarond, he predicted that he would leave him in an instant and let him go.

Drawing an arc, the arrow approaching from outside his sight and consciousness, Elmid delayed his reaction.

There was not only one arrow left behind.

Then, three or four arrows and the arrows of Balzarond drew an arc, and wrapped a rope of light around the five bodies of Elmid, and bound them.

Don't miss out ~!!

Guilty Blade (Gezerde)

In an instant, the strings of light are instantly cut off.

At the same time, Balzarondo's chest was pierced with a [Guilty Blade (Gezerde)].

"...... but......"

His magic power fades and falls.

I didn't even have the power to use.


Changed his blood, and Revrahald shouted.

He grabbed the Spirit Goddess Sword that was piercing the hull and grabbed it like he was obsessed.

But I couldn't get out.

He cannot let go of the holy sword.

Is Balzarond unconscious or not moving? Ermide raised her left hand mercilessly.

Destroy me.

A red light gathers in his left hand and builds a huge blade.

Balzarond was still stuck.

You can't even use counter-magic while you're unconscious.

If you take another blow with that defenseless state, your roots will surely perish.

Flairdoll, I could see the shadow on Eifel's face.

From their distance, we won't be able to make it anymore.

Lebrahard grips the handle of the Spirit Divine Sword.

"... maybe I'm wrong."

And it was strong, and mighty, and mighty enough to seep blood: and he appealed unto the holy sword.

"... I may have sinned. Still!"

Concentrating all his magic power, Lebrahard tried to pull out his Holy Sword whenever he could.

"Even if this path is a mistake now, I believe it will lead to the future someday. I can't let Balzarondo, my brother, die here!"

A crack ran through the hull of the millimeter and the Holy Sword, causing a slight leak of pale light.

"Light my way, Evans Mana!!!"

With all his might, Lebrahard pulled out his sword.


Guilty Blade (Gezerde)

A red slash strikes Balzarond. It was the moment when the blade was swung down at him, who was still unconscious.

A pale slash slashed through the blade.

It was precisely in the blink of an eye that Lebrahard, who had unleashed the Spirit God Sword, stood in front of the hermit Ermide.

Arcana seized the falling balzarondo with a snow moonflower and stored it in the Demon King train.

"I'm not going to give you a guide here, Holy King."

"This is the dialogue, Hermide the Hidden."

Levrahard's magic power was transmitted to the spirit god sword, and the pale magic power rose. When the hermit Ermide took up his position, a black shadow emerged from his blind spot.

A full-body armor wrapped in darkness, he is a recollector of the Humanoid Society.

Hermide, who was conscious of Lebrahard, was delayed for a moment. At that distance, Lecor was always looking for the perfect opportunity.

"Curse Seal (Jujuyinjin) Gavega"

If the stamped puppet is destroyed, the damage is returned to the magician. The power of the puppet emperor Bez, the god of the puppet world, Lutzendo Fort.

Just like she was aiming for, Reckol definitely captured the body of the Fusarium God and sealed the seal of the curse Gavega.

A terrible sign of the curse appeared on his entire body.

"Puppet world puppet style."

She threw it away and shot the Dugda Azbedara at close range.

An explosion broke out in the sky.

You can't destroy the gods.

In the end, the < Blade of Guilty (Gezerde) > was swung down.

The horrific special blow, the red blade, but Guren's hand was clinging to me.

Gushi and Reckol grabbed the blade and crushed it.


Hermit Elmide tries to retreat, but before that, Recall grabs Guren's head with Guren's hand.

"... who is Master...?"

As Dogon burst out, Fengyuan God's head was gripped.

"Let him be finished, Holy King"

The Levrahard was approaching the staggering Tsubaki God. A strange light overflows from the Spirit Divine Man Sword.

A spirit god, a sword, and a secret...

Countless pale sword flashes were unleashed, and the hermit Elmide was entangled.

"- Tenkatsu Blade Cutting!!"

Tsubaki God split into eight, and the power of the Spirit Divine Sword dispersed him.

Either he cut off the technique or his ability to regenerate was lost, and he was scattered in the sky of the painting world.

Then, the sign of the curse appeared in the place where Tsurugami had disappeared.

While making a creepy sound, the Curse Seal (Zhu Jingxing), which returns damage to the magician, was activated ─ ─